Method: Dalli::Client#initialize

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#initialize(servers = nil, options = {}) ⇒ Client

Dalli::Client is the main class which developers will use to interact with the memcached server. Usage:['localhost:11211:10', '', '', '/var/run/memcached/socket'],
                :threadsafe => true, :failover => true, :expires_in => 300)

servers is an Array of “host:port:weight” where weight allows you to distribute cache unevenly. Both weight and port are optional. If you pass in nil, Dalli will use the MEMCACHE_SERVERS environment variable or default to 'localhost:11211' if it is not present. Dalli also supports the ability to connect to Memcached on localhost through a UNIX socket. To use this functionality, use a full pathname (beginning with a slash character '/') in place of the “host:port” pair in the server configuration.


  • :namespace - prepend each key with this value to provide simple namespacing.

  • :failover - if a server is down, look for and store values on another server in the ring. Default: true.

  • :threadsafe - ensure that only one thread is actively using a socket at a time. Default: true.

  • :expires_in - default TTL in seconds if you do not pass TTL as a parameter to an individual operation, defaults to 0 or forever

  • :compress - defaults to false, if true Dalli will compress values larger than 1024 bytes before sending them to memcached.

  • :serializer - defaults to Marshal

  • :compressor - defaults to zlib

  • :cache_nils - defaults to false, if true Dalli will not treat cached nil values as 'not found' for #fetch operations.

  • :digest_class - defaults to Digest::MD5, allows you to pass in an object that responds to the hexdigest method, useful for injecting a FIPS compliant hash object.

# File 'lib/dalli/client.rb', line 34

def initialize(servers = nil, options = {})
  @servers = normalize_servers(servers || ENV["MEMCACHE_SERVERS"] || "")
  @options = normalize_options(options)
  @ring = nil