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SUMAD - SketchUp Miscellaneous API Documentation


This project contains code, markdown (md) documents, and text files.

If you're viewing this at and you'd like to view the files as html, please go to ' Web' or 'RubyDoc', as linked to above. At present, the site (a copy of yard doc files) sorts the file listings, so it's a little better reference. A 'local copy' of the docs can be created from the zip at the ' .zip' link. If you'd like the .txt files, they're in the zip from the 'GitHub .zip' link.

Note: Since one of the documents shows the symbols created by SketchUp, the code uses some 'odd' naming so that it creates symbols that can be removed from the list. Hence, I normally code class, method, and variable names differently.

Project Folders

Folder Contents
docs Markdown templates and the versioned md files generated by code
su_info_txt All of the tab delimited txt files generated by (and used by) code
lib/su_info Ruby code files

Documentation Files

The documents are generated by Ruby code that runs in SketchUp, and are version specific. Seven documents are generated for each version (?? is two digit version, v8 is 08, v2014 is 14).

Markdown Files Description
Lists all collections defined by SketchUp
classes. Created by SUMD_Collections.
Lists all SketchUp constants, grouped by use,
with sample code. Created by SUMD_Guide.
Lists all SketchUp constants, grouped by type.
Created by SUMD_List.
Lists all SketchUp symbols, grouped by type.
Created by SUMD_Symbols.

Text File (tab delimited) Description
Constants are grouped by namespace, but the
namespace is not part of the string.
Created by SUMD_List.
Constants are listed with full namespace.
Created by SUMD_List, used by SUMD_Guide.
List of all SketchUp defined symbols.
Created by SUMD_Symbols.

Once the files are generated, YARD is used to document the code and render the generated md documents as html.


All of the versioned md files ('Collections', 'Constants Guide', 'Constants List', and 'Symbols') are generated from templates. Code adds all of the information as tables and some of the code snippets. Hence, if two versions of SketchUp have the same defined constants or collections, there will be no difference in the docs. The templates appear in the files list.

All of the .rb files are at least partially documented.

Generating Documentation

From the zip file at, simply load SUMD_All from the console in SketchUp. It takes some seconds, as it loops thru rendering options for some of the data. It shows a UI.messagebox when finished. Two important items:

  • All plugins / extensions need to be unloaded before running, including their load/registration files.
  • Have a new model open, as the code changes all RenderingOptions.

Thanks to Loren Segal and contributors for yard, which generated all the pages of this site.

SketchUp is a trademark of Trimble Navigation Limited

@TODO Info on some of the RenderingOptions that are Fixnum enumerations

@TODO Code framework for use with WebDialogs & observers