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Language scaffolding support for Text::Hyphen. Language hyphenation patterns are defined as instances of this class—and only this class. This is a deliberate “breaking” of Ruby's concept of duck-typing and is intended to provide an indication that the patterns have been converted from TeX encodings to other encodings (e.g., latin1 or UTF-8) that are more suitable to general text manipulations.

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if RUBY_VERSION < "1.9.1" #:nodoc:
MS = do |malay|
  malay.isocode = 'ms'
CS = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.patterns "a1\u011Fa a1\u00E7a a1\u0178a a1\u00FFa a1ca a1ja a1\u00D4a a1\u0153a a1\u00E5a a1ha a1cha a1ka a1ra a1da a1ta\na1na a1\u011Fe a1\u00E7e a1\u0178e a1\u00FFe a1ce a1je a1he a1che a1ke a1re a1de a1te a1ne a1ri\na1\u011Fi a1\u00E7i a1\u0178i a1\u00FFi a1ci a1ji a1di a1ti a1ni a1\u011Fo a1\u00E7o a1\u0178o a1\u00FFo a1co a1jo\na1\u00D4o a1\u0153o a1\u00E5o a1ho a1cho a1ko a1ro a1do a1to a1no a1\u011Fu a1\u00E7u a1\u0178u a1\u00FFu a1cu\na1ju a1\u00D4u a1\u0153u a1\u00E5u a1hu a1chu a1ku a1ru a1du a1tu a1nu a1hy a1chy a1ky a1ry\na1dy a1ty a1ny a1\u011F\u0103 a1\u00E7\u0103 a1\u0178\u0103 a1\u00FF\u0103 a1c\u0103 a1j\u0103 a1\u00D4\u0103 a1\u0153\u0103 a1\u00E5\u0103 a1h\u0103 a1ch\u0103 a1k\u0103\na1r\u0103 a1d\u0103 a1t\u0103 a1n\u0103 a1\u011F\u0106 a1\u00E7\u0106 a1\u0178\u0106 a1\u00FF\u0106 a1c\u0106 a1j\u0106 a1h\u0106 a1ch\u0106 a1k\u0106 a1r\u0106 a1d\u0106\na1t\u0106 a1n\u0106 a1\u011F\u0105 a1\u00E7\u0105 a1\u0178\u0105 a1\u00FF\u0105 a1c\u0105 a1j\u0105 a1d\u0105 a1t\u0105 a1n\u0105 a1k\u0107 a1r\u0107 a1d\u0107 a1t\u0107\na1n\u0107 a1h\u00EC a1ch\u00EC a1k\u00EC a1r\u00EC a1d\u00EC a1t\u00EC a1n\u00EC a1d\u00D8 a1t\u00D8 a1n\u00D8 e1\u011Fa e1\u00E7a e1\u0178a e1\u00FFa\ne1ca e1ja e1\u00D4a e1\u0153a e1\u00E5a e1ha e1cha e1ka e1ra e1da e1ta e1na e1\u011Fe e1\u00E7e e1\u0178e\ne1\u00FFe e1ce e1je e1he e1che e1ke e1re e1de e1te e1ne e1\u011Fi e1\u00E7i e1\u0178i e1\u00FFi e1ci\ne1ji e1di e1ti e1ni e1\u011Fo e1\u00E7o e1\u0178o e1\u00FFo e1co e1jo e1\u00D4o e1\u0153o e1\u00E5o e1ho e1cho\ne1ko e1ro e1do e1to e1no e1\u011Fu e1\u00E7u e1\u0178u e1\u00FFu e1cu e1ju e1\u00D4u e1\u0153u e1\u00E5u e1hu\ne1chu e1ku e1ru e1du e1tu e1nu e1hy e1chy e1ky e1ry e1dy e1ty e1ny e1\u011F\u0103 e1\u00E7\u0103\ne1\u0178\u0103 e1\u00FF\u0103 e1c\u0103 e1j\u0103 e1h\u0103 e1ch\u0103 e1k\u0103 e1r\u0103 e1d\u0103 e1t\u0103 e1n\u0103 e1\u011F\u0106 e1\u00E7\u0106 e1\u0178\u0106 e1\u00FF\u0106\ne1c\u0106 e1j\u0106 e1h\u0106 e1ch\u0106 e1k\u0106 e1r\u0106 e1d\u0106 e1t\u0106 e1n\u0106 e1\u011F\u0105 e1\u00E7\u0105 e1\u0178\u0105 e1\u00FF\u0105 e1c\u0105 e1j\u0105\ne1d\u0105 e1t\u0105 e1n\u0105 e1h\u00EC e1ch\u00EC e1k\u00EC e1r\u00EC e1d\u00EC e1t\u00EC e1n\u00EC e1d\u00D8 e1t\u00D8 e1n\u00D8 i1\u011Fa i1\u00E7a\ni1\u0178a i1\u00FFa i1ca i1ja i1\u00D4a i1\u0153a i1\u00E5a i1ha i1cha i1ka i1ra i1da i1ta i1na i1\u011Fe\ni1\u00E7e i1\u0178e i1\u00FFe i1ce i1je i1he i1che i1ke i1re i1de i1te i1ne i1\u011Fi i1\u00E7i i1\u0178i\ni1\u00FFi i1ci i1ji i1di i1ti i1ni i1\u011Fo i1\u00E7o i1\u0178o i1\u00FFo i1co i1jo i1\u00D4o i1\u0153o i1\u00E5o\ni1ho i1cho i1ko i1ro i1do i1to i1no i1\u011Fu i1\u00E7u i1\u0178u i1\u00FFu i1cu i1ju i1\u00D4u i1\u0153u\ni1\u00E5u i1hu i1chu i1ku i1ru i1du i1tu i1nu i1hy i1chy i1ky i1ry i1dy i1ty i1ny\ni1\u011F\u0103 i1\u00E7\u0103 i1\u0178\u0103 i1\u00FF\u0103 i1c\u0103 i1j\u0103 i1\u00D4\u0103 i1\u0153\u0103 i1\u00E5\u0103 i1h\u0103 i1ch\u0103 i1k\u0103 i1r\u0103 i1d\u0103 i1t\u0103\ni1n\u0103 i1\u011F\u0106 i1\u00E7\u0106 i1\u0178\u0106 i1\u00FF\u0106 i1c\u0106 i1j\u0106 i1h\u0106 i1ch\u0106 i1k\u0106 i1r\u0106 i1d\u0106 i1t\u0106 i1n\u0106 i1\u011F\u0105\ni1\u00E7\u0105 i1\u0178\u0105 i1\u00FF\u0105 i1c\u0105 i1j\u0105 i1d\u0105 i1t\u0105 i1n\u0105 i1k\u0107 i1r\u0107 i1h\u00EC i1ch\u00EC i1k\u00EC i1r\u00EC i1d\u00EC\ni1t\u00EC i1n\u00EC i1d\u00D8 i1t\u00D8 i1n\u00D8 o1\u011Fa o1\u00E7a o1\u0178a o1\u00FFa o1ca o1ja o1\u00D4a o1\u0153a o1\u00E5a o1ha\no1cha o1ka o1ra o1da o1ta o1na o1\u011Fe o1\u00E7e o1\u0178e o1\u00FFe o1ce o1je o1he o1che o1ke\no1re o1de o1te o1ne o1\u011Fi o1\u00E7i o1\u0178i o1\u00FFi o1ci o1ji o1di o1ti o1ni o1\u011Fo o1\u00E7o\no1\u0178o o1\u00FFo o1co o1jo o1\u00D4o o1\u0153o o1\u00E5o o1ho o1cho o1ko o1ro o1do o1to o1no o1\u011Fu\no1\u00E7u o1\u0178u o1\u00FFu o1cu o1ju o1\u00D4u o1\u0153u o1\u00E5u o1hu o1chu o1ku o1ru o1du o1tu o1nu\no1hy o1chy o1ky o1ry o1dy o1ty o1ny o1\u011F\u0103 o1\u00E7\u0103 o1\u0178\u0103 o1\u00FF\u0103 o1c\u0103 o1j\u0103 o1h\u0103 o1ch\u0103\no1k\u0103 o1r\u0103 o1d\u0103 o1t\u0103 o1n\u0103 o1\u011F\u0106 o1\u00E7\u0106 o1\u0178\u0106 o1\u00FF\u0106 o1c\u0106 o1j\u0106 o1h\u0106 o1ch\u0106 o1k\u0106 o1r\u0106\no1d\u0106 o1t\u0106 o1n\u0106 o1\u011F\u0105 o1\u00E7\u0105 o1\u0178\u0105 o1\u00FF\u0105 o1c\u0105 o1j\u0105 o1d\u0105 o1t\u0105 o1n\u0105 o1h\u00EC o1ch\u00EC o1k\u00EC\no1r\u00EC o1d\u00EC o1t\u00EC o1n\u00EC o1d\u00D8 o1t\u00D8 o1n\u00D8 u1\u011Fa u1\u00E7a u1\u0178a u1\u00FFa u1ca u1ja u1\u00D4a u1\u0153a\nu1\u00E5a u1ha u1cha u1ka u1ra u1da u1ta u1na u1\u011Fe u1\u00E7e u1\u0178e u1\u00FFe u1ce u1je u1he\nu1che u1ke u1re u1de u1te u1ne u1\u011Fi u1\u00E7i u1\u0178i u1\u00FFi u1ci u1ji u1di u1ti u1ni\nu1\u011Fo u1\u00E7o u1\u0178o u1\u00FFo u1co u1jo u1\u00D4o u1\u0153o u1\u00E5o u1ho u1cho u1ko u1ro u1do u1to\nu1no u1\u011Fu u1\u00E7u u1\u0178u u1\u00FFu u1cu u1ju u1\u00D4u u1\u0153u u1\u00E5u u1hu u1chu u1ku u1ru u1du\nu1tu u1nu u1hy u1chy u1ky u1ry u1dy u1ty u1ny u1\u011F\u0103 u1\u00E7\u0103 u1\u0178\u0103 u1\u00FF\u0103 u1c\u0103 u1j\u0103\nu1\u00D4\u0103 u1\u0153\u0103 u1\u00E5\u0103 u1h\u0103 u1ch\u0103 u1k\u0103 u1r\u0103 u1d\u0103 u1t\u0103 u1n\u0103 u1\u011F\u0106 u1\u00E7\u0106 u1\u0178\u0106 u1\u00FF\u0106 u1c\u0106\nu1j\u0106 u1h\u0106 u1ch\u0106 u1k\u0106 u1r\u0106 u1d\u0106 u1t\u0106 u1n\u0106 u1\u011F\u0105 u1\u00E7\u0105 u1\u0178\u0105 u1\u00FF\u0105 u1c\u0105 u1j\u0105 u1d\u0105\nu1t\u0105 u1n\u0105 u1h\u00EC u1ch\u00EC u1k\u00EC u1r\u00EC u1d\u00EC u1t\u00EC u1n\u00EC u1d\u00D8 u1t\u00D8 u1n\u00D8 y1\u011Fa y1\u00E7a y1\u0178a\ny1\u00FFa y1ca y1ja y1ha y1cha y1ka y1ra y1da y1ta y1na y1\u011Fe y1\u00E7e y1\u0178e y1\u00FFe y1ce\ny1je y1he y1che y1ke y1re y1de y1te y1ne y1\u011Fi y1\u00E7i y1\u0178i y1\u00FFi y1ci y1ji y1di\ny1ti y1ni y1\u011Fo y1\u00E7o y1\u0178o y1\u00FFo y1co y1jo y1\u00E5o y1ho y1cho y1ko y1ro y1do y1to\ny1no y1\u011Fu y1\u00E7u y1\u0178u y1\u00FFu y1cu y1ju y1hu y1chu y1ku y1ru y1du y1tu y1nu y1hy\ny1chy y1ky y1ry y1dy y1ty y1ny y1\u011F\u0103 y1\u00E7\u0103 y1\u0178\u0103 y1\u00FF\u0103 y1c\u0103 y1j\u0103 y1h\u0103 y1ch\u0103 y1k\u0103\ny1r\u0103 y1d\u0103 y1t\u0103 y1n\u0103 y1\u011F\u0106 y1\u00E7\u0106 y1\u0178\u0106 y1\u00FF\u0106 y1c\u0106 y1j\u0106 y1h\u0106 y1ch\u0106 y1k\u0106 y1r\u0106 y1d\u0106\ny1t\u0106 y1n\u0106 y1\u011F\u0105 y1\u00E7\u0105 y1\u0178\u0105 y1\u00FF\u0105 y1c\u0105 y1j\u0105 y1d\u0105 y1t\u0105 y1n\u0105 y1h\u00EC y1ch\u00EC y1k\u00EC y1r\u00EC\ny1d\u00EC y1t\u00EC y1n\u00EC y1d\u00D8 y1t\u00D8 y1n\u00D8 \u01031\u011Fa \u01031\u00E7a \u01031\u0178a \u01031\u00FFa \u01031ca \u01031ja \u01031\u00D4a \u01031\u0153a \u01031\u00E5a\n\u01031ha \u01031cha \u01031ka \u01031ra \u01031da \u01031ta \u01031na \u01031\u011Fe \u01031\u00E7e \u01031\u0178e \u01031\u00FFe \u01031ce \u01031je \u01031he \u01031che\n\u01031ke \u01031re \u01031de \u01031te \u01031ne \u01031\u011Fi \u01031\u00E7i \u01031\u0178i \u01031\u00FFi \u01031ci \u01031ji \u01031di \u01031ti \u01031ni \u01031\u011Fo\n\u01031\u00E7o \u01031\u0178o \u01031\u00FFo \u01031co \u01031jo \u01031\u00D4o \u01031\u0153o \u01031\u00E5o \u01031ho \u01031cho \u01031ko \u01031ro \u01031do \u01031to \u01031no\n\u01031\u011Fu \u01031\u00E7u \u01031\u0178u \u01031\u00FFu \u01031cu \u01031ju \u01031\u00D4u \u01031\u0153u \u01031\u00E5u \u01031hu \u01031chu \u01031ku \u01031ru \u01031du \u01031tu\n\u01031nu \u01031hy \u01031chy \u01031ky \u01031ry \u01031dy \u01031ty \u01031ny \u01031\u011F\u0103 \u01031\u00E7\u0103 \u01031\u0178\u0103 \u01031\u00FF\u0103 \u01031c\u0103 \u01031j\u0103 \u01031h\u0103\n\u01031ch\u0103 \u01031k\u0103 \u01031r\u0103 \u01031d\u0103 \u01031t\u0103 \u01031n\u0103 \u01031\u011F\u0106 \u01031\u00E7\u0106 \u01031\u0178\u0106 \u01031\u00FF\u0106 \u01031c\u0106 \u01031j\u0106 \u01031h\u0106 \u01031ch\u0106 \u01031k\u0106\n\u01031r\u0106 \u01031d\u0106 \u01031t\u0106 \u01031n\u0106 \u01031\u011F\u0105 \u01031\u00E7\u0105 \u01031\u0178\u0105 \u01031\u00FF\u0105 \u01031c\u0105 \u01031j\u0105 \u01031d\u0105 \u01031t\u0105 \u01031n\u0105 \u01031h\u00EC \u01031ch\u00EC\n\u01031k\u00EC \u01031r\u00EC \u01031d\u00EC \u01031t\u00EC \u01031n\u00EC \u01031d\u00D8 \u01031t\u00D8 \u01031n\u00D8 \u01061\u011Fa \u01061\u00E7a \u01061\u0178a \u01061\u00FFa \u01061ca \u01061ja \u01061\u00D4a\n\u01061\u0153a \u01061\u00E5a \u01061ha \u01061cha \u01061ka \u01061ra \u01061da \u01061ta \u01061na \u01061\u011Fe \u01061\u00E7e \u01061\u0178e \u01061\u00FFe \u01061ce \u01061je\n\u01061he \u01061che \u01061ke \u01061re \u01061de \u01061te \u01061ne \u01061\u011Fi \u01061\u00E7i \u01061\u0178i \u01061\u00FFi \u01061ci \u01061ji \u01061di \u01061ti\n\u01061ni \u01061\u011Fo \u01061\u00E7o \u01061\u0178o \u01061\u00FFo \u01061co \u01061jo \u01061\u00D4o \u01061\u0153o \u01061ho \u01061cho \u01061ko \u01061ro \u01061do \u01061to\n\u01061no \u01061\u011Fu \u01061\u00E7u \u01061\u0178u \u01061\u00FFu \u01061cu \u01061ju \u01061\u00D4u \u01061\u0153u \u01061hu \u01061chu \u01061ku \u01061ru \u01061du \u01061tu\n\u01061nu \u01061hy \u01061chy \u01061ky \u01061ry \u01061dy \u01061ty \u01061ny \u01061\u011F\u0103 \u01061\u00E7\u0103 \u01061\u0178\u0103 \u01061\u00FF\u0103 \u01061c\u0103 \u01061j\u0103 \u01061h\u0103\n\u01061ch\u0103 \u01061k\u0103 \u01061r\u0103 \u01061d\u0103 \u01061t\u0103 \u01061n\u0103 \u01061\u011F\u0106 \u01061\u00E7\u0106 \u01061\u0178\u0106 \u01061\u00FF\u0106 \u01061c\u0106 \u01061j\u0106 \u01061h\u0106 \u01061ch\u0106 \u01061k\u0106\n\u01061r\u0106 \u01061d\u0106 \u01061t\u0106 \u01061n\u0106 \u01061\u011F\u0105 \u01061\u00E7\u0105 \u01061\u0178\u0105 \u01061\u00FF\u0105 \u01061c\u0105 \u01061j\u0105 \u01061d\u0105 \u01061t\u0105 \u01061n\u0105 \u01061h\u00EC \u01061ch\u00EC\n\u01061k\u00EC \u01061r\u00EC \u01061d\u00EC \u01061t\u00EC \u01061n\u00EC \u01061d\u00D8 \u01061t\u00D8 \u01061n\u00D8 \u01051\u011Fa \u01051\u00E7a \u01051\u0178a \u01051\u00FFa \u01051ca \u01051ja \u01051\u00D4a\n\u01051\u0153a \u01051\u00E5a \u01051ha \u01051cha 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e1\u00E5\u011A \u011A1\u00E5a a1\u00E5\u011A\n\u00EC1\u00E5\u011A \u011A1vu u1v\u011A \u011A1vo o1v\u011A \u011A1v\u00D8 \u00D81v\u011A \u011A1v\u0105 \u01051v\u011A \u011A1vi i1v\u011A \u01031v\u011A \u01061v\u011A \u011A1ve e1v\u011A\n\u011A1va a1v\u011A \u00EC1v\u011A \u011A1v\u011A \u011A1vy y1v\u011A \u011A1\u0153a \u011A1tu u1t\u011A \u011A1to o1t\u011A \u011A1t\u00D8 \u00D81t\u011A \u011A1t\u0105 \u01051t\u011A\n\u01071t\u011A \u011A1ti i1t\u011A \u01031t\u011A \u01061t\u011A \u011A1te e1t\u011A \u011A1ta a1t\u011A \u00EC1t\u011A \u011A1t\u011A \u011A1ty y1t\u011A \u011A1su u1s\u011A\n\u011A1so o1s\u011A \u00D81s\u011A \u011A1s\u0105 \u01051s\u011A \u01071s\u011A \u011A1si i1s\u011A \u011A1s\u0103 \u01031s\u011A \u01061s\u011A \u011A1se e1s\u011A \u011A1sa a1s\u011A\n\u00EC1s\u011A \u011A1sy y1s\u011A \u011A1ru u1r\u011A \u011A1ro o1r\u011A \u00D81r\u011A \u01051r\u011A \u01071r\u011A i1r\u011A \u011A1r\u0103 \u01031r\u011A \u01061r\u011A \u011A1re\ne1r\u011A \u011A1ra a1r\u011A 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.nep\u00FFih2\n.nep\u00FFik2 .nep\u00FFil2 .nep\u00FFim2 .nep\u00FFip2 .nep\u00FFi\u00FF2 .nep\u00FFis2 .nep\u00FFist2 .nep\u00FFi\u00E72\n.nep\u00FFit2 .nep\u00FFiv2 .nep\u00FFiz2 .nero2z1 .nero3zum .nerozb2 .neroz\u01782 .nerozd2\n.nerozh2 .nerozk2 .nerozp2 .nerozs2 .nerozst2 .neroz\u00E72 .nerozt2 .nerozv2\n.nerozz2 .nero3z2e1 .nerozeb2 .neroze\u01782 .nerozed2 .nerozeh2 .nerozej2\n.nerozek2 .nerozel2 .nerozem2 .nerozep2 .nerozer2 .neroze\u00FF2 .nerozes2\n.nerozest2 .neroze\u00E72 .nerozet2 .nerozev2 .nerozez2 .nesou1 .nesou\u01782 .nesoud2\n.nesouh2 .nesouk2 .nesoum2 .nesous2 .nesoust2 .nesou\u00E72 .nesouv2 .nesouz2\n.neupo1 .neupos2 .neupot2 .n\u00D81k2 .ne2j1 .ne3j2du. .ne3j2de\u00E7. .ne3j2de.\n.ne3j2deme. .ne3j2dete. .ne3j2dou. .ne3j2e .ne3j2a .ne3j2sem. .ne3j2si.\n.ne3j2sme. .ne3j2ste. .ne3j2sou. .ne4j3akt .ne3j2i .ne3j2\u0105 .nejd2 .nejf2\n.nejh2 .nejk2 .nejm2 .nejp2 .nejs2 .nejst2 .nejt2 .nejv2 .nejz2 .nejne1\n.nejnep2 .nejnes2 .nejnez2 .ni1k2 .o1 .oh2 .ok2 .ok3t .okolo1 .okoloj2\n.okolos2 .om2 .op2 .op3ti .op3to .or2v .os2l .os2m .os3mo .os2n .os2p .os2tu\n.os2ty .os2t\u00EC .os2t2r .os2v .o\u00E72 .ot2r .ot3ru .ov2 .oz2 .o\u011F2 .o2b1d2 .o2b1j\n.o2b1k2 .o2b1r .o3b2ran .o3b2r\u0103n .o2b1\u00FF .o2b1s2 .o2b1\u00E72 .o2b1t2 .o2b1v2\n.o2b1z2 .o2boj1s2 .o2boj1st2r .o2boj1\u011F .o2boj1r .o2boj1n .obou1 .obous2\n.obousm2 .ob2e1 .obe2c1 .obeh2 obej2 obel2 obep2 .obes2 .obest2 .obet2\n.obez2 .od1 .odh2 .odch2 .odm2 .od2ol .odp2 .ods2 .odst2 .od\u00E72 .odt2 .odz2\n.od2e1 .odeb2 .odeh2 .odej2 .odem2 .odep2 .odes2 .ode\u00E72 .odez .od2\u00D8 .ote1v2\n.pa1h2r .pa1k2l .pa1m2l .pa1p2r .pa1t2v .pa1z2v .pa4s3tv .p\u00D8ti1 .p\u00D8ti\u01782\n.p\u00D8tih2 .p\u00D8tik2 .p\u00D8tis2 .p\u00D8tiv2 .po1 .pob2 .poc2 .po\u01782 .pof2 .pog2 .poh2\n.poch2 .po2int .poj2 .po2j\u00D4 .pok2 .po2ls .po2l\u00E7 .pom2 .po2mp .pon2 .pop2\n.po2rn .po2r1t .por2tl .pos2 .post2 .po\u00E72 .po2\u00E73t .po2\u00E73\u0153 .po3\u00E74t\u00D8v .po3\u00E74\u0153u\n.pot2 .po7u\u0178 .po7u1k2 .po7uli\u0178 .pov2 .poz2 .po2z3d\u00D8 .po2d1 .po3d2a .po3d2i\n.po3d2le. .po3d2ob .po4d3obl .po4d3oboj .po4d3obo\u0178 .po3d2rob .po3d2u .po3d2\u0103\n.po3d2\u0105 .podh2 .podk2 .podm2 .po3d2ol .po3d2ot .podp2 .po3d2r\u0103\u011Fd .po3d2ra\u011Fi\n.pods2 .podst2 .podv2 .po3d2e1 .podeb2 .podej2 .podem2 .podep2 .podes2\n.podez2 .polo1o1 .polo1p2 .polo1s2 .pra1 .pras2 .pra2s1k .pra2s1n .pra2cn\n.pra2\u0178k .pra2h1n .pra2h1l .pra2kt .pra2\u00E7t .pra2vd .pro1 .prob2 .proc2 .pro\u01782\n.prod2 .prog2 .proj2 .proh2 .proch2 .prok2 .prol2 .prom2 .prop2 .pror2\\u00FF2 .pros2 .prost2 .pro\u00E72 .prot2 .pro2u .prov2 .proz2 .pro\u011F2 proti1\nprotik2 protim2 protip2 protis2 protist2 pr\u011A1 pr\u011A2mk pr\u011Ah2 pr\u011Ak2 pr\u011Ap2 pr\u011Ar2\npr\u011As2 pr\u011At2 pr\u011Av2 pr\u011Az .p\u00FFe1 .p\u00FFeb2 .p\u00FFec2 .p\u00FFe\u01782 .p\u00FFeh2 .p\u00FFej2 .p\u00FFek2\n.p\u00FFel2 .p\u00FFem2 .p\u00FFep2 .p\u00FFer2 .p\u00FFe\u00FF2 .p\u00FFes2 .p\u00FFe2s1\u0178 .p\u00FFe2sto .p\u00FFe2sn .p\u00FFe\u00E72\n.p\u00FFet2 .p\u00FFev2 .p\u00FFez2 .p\u00FFe2d1 .p\u00FFe3d2a .p\u00FFe3d2\u0103 .p\u00FFe3d2ra .p\u00FFe3d2r\u0103\u011Fd .p\u00FFedk2\n.p\u00FFeds2 .p\u00FFedv2 .p\u00FFedz2 .p\u00FFedpo3k2 .p\u00FFe3d2e1 .p\u00FFedej2 .p\u00FFedes2 .p\u00FFedest2\n.p\u00FFede\u00E72 .p\u00FFedev2 .p\u00FFe3s2n\u0105d .p\u00FFe2s1po .p\u00FFe2s1p\u00FF .p\u00FFe2s1len .p\u00FFe2s1li .p\u00FFi1\n.p\u00FFib2 .p\u00FFic2 .p\u00FFi\u01782 .p\u00FFid2 .p\u00FFij2 .p\u00FFih2 .p\u00FFik2 .p\u00FFil2 .p\u00FFim2 .p\u00FFip2 .p\u00FFi\u00FF2\n.p\u00FFis2 .p\u00FFist2 .p\u00FFi\u00E72 .p\u00FFit2 .p\u00FFiv2 .p\u00FFiz2 p\u00FF\u01051 p\u00FF\u01052m1n p\u00FF\u0105b2 p\u00FF\u01052\u0178k p\u00FF\u01052\u0178n\np\u00FF\u0105j2 p\u00FF\u0105k2 p\u00FF\u0105m2 p\u00FF\u0105p2 p\u00FF\u0105s2 p\u00FF\u0105st2 p\u00FF\u0105\u00E72 p\u00FF\u0105t2 p\u00FF\u0105v2 p\u00FF\u0105z2 p\u011A1j2d .ro2z1\n.ro3zum .rozb2 .roz\u01782 .rozd2 .rozh2 .rozk2 .rozp2 .rozs2 .rozst2 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.uv2 .uz2 .u2z3b .u2z3d .u2z3l .u2z3m\n.u\u011F2 .u2\u011F3\u00E7\u0105 \u010D1 \u010Dc2 \u010D\u01782 \u010D2hl \u010D3h2lav \u010Dj2 \u010Dk2 \u010Dp2 \u010Ds2 \u010D2s3t \u010Ds4tn \u010D3s4tav\n\u010D3s4t2r \u010D3s4t2\u00FF \u010D4s5t3\u00FFi \u010D\u00E72 \u010Dt2 \u010Dv2 \u010D2z1k .vk2 .vp2 .vs2 .vst2 .v\u00E72 .vt2\n.vz2 .ve1 .vec2 .ved2 .v\u00D81h2l .veh2 .ve2jc .ve2j\u0178 .ve2jp .ve2kt .vem2 .ve2n1\n.ve2p3\u00FF .vep2 .ve2r .ve3ri .ves2 .ve2s3l .ve2s3m\u0105 .ve2s3n .ve2s3t .ve3s4tav\\u00E72 .ve2\u00E73k .vet2 .ve2tch .vev2 .ve2z3 .ve3zl. .ve2l1b2 .ve2l1k .ve2l1m\n.ve2l1t2 .ve2l2t3l .vele1 .vele2bn .veleh2 .veles2 .velest2 .velez2 .vodo1\n.vodot2 .vodoz2 .v\u00E7e1 .v\u00E7e2ch. .vy1 .vyb2 .vyc2 .vy\u01782 .vyd2 .vy2d1r\n.vy3d2rol .vy3d2r\u0103p .vy3d2r\u0103s .vyh2 .vyj2 .vyk2 .vyl2 .vym2 .vyn2 .vyp2\n.vyr2 .vy\u00FF2 .vys2 .vyst2 .vy\u00E72 .vy2\u00E73\u00E7 .vyt2 .vyv2 .vyz2 .v\u00EC1 .v\u00EC\u01782 .v\u00ECh2\n.v\u00ECk2 .v\u00ECm2 .v\u00ECp2 .v\u00ECr2v .v\u00ECs2 .v\u00ECst2 .v\u00EC\u00E72 .v\u00EC2\u00E73k .v\u00ECt2 .v\u00ECv2 .v\u00ECz2 .vz1h2\n.vz1p2 .vz1t2 .vze1 .vzed2 .vzep2 .vzes2 .vze\u00E72 .vzez2 .zd2 .zh2 .zch2 .zk2\n.zl2 .zm2 .zp2 .zr2 .zt2 .zv2 .zne1 .znek2 .znem2 .znep2 .zne2rv .znes2\n.zne\u00E72 .znet2 .za1 .z3a2larm .z3akti .zab2 .za\u01782 .zad2 .zah2 .zach2 .zaj2\n.zak2 .zal2 .zam2 .zap2 .zar2 .za\u00FF2 .zas2 .zast2 .za\u00E72 .zat2 .zav2 .zaz2\n.zane1 .zaned2 .zanes2 .zane\u00E72 .uza1m2 .uza1r2 .uza1v2 .z\u01031 .z\u0103b2 .z\u0103c2\n.z\u0103d2 .z\u0103h2 .z\u0103ch2 .z\u0103j2 .z\u0103k2 .nejz\u01031k2 .z\u0103m2 .z\u0103p2 .z\u0103s2 .z\u0103st2 .z\u0103\u00E72\n.z\u0103t2 .z\u0103v2 .z\u0103z2 .z2e1 .z3e2f .zed2 .ze2d1n .zej2 .zem2 .ze2ms .ze2mn .zep2\n.zes2 .zet2 .zev2 .zez2 z\u011A1 .a1e2ro .a1d2re .a1g2no .a1ch2r .a1k2l .a1k2re\n.an1es an3g2l .an2t1ar .anti1 .antik2 .antip2 an1t2ro1 .ar2ch1an .as2pek\n.a1s2t .as3t2r asym3p2t .a1t2r .aus\u00E7t2r .auto1 .abs\u00E7t2 .de1f2 .de1g2 .de1k2\n.de1p2 .de2p3ta .de2z1 .di1o .di1p2 .dis3k2v dis3k2r dis3t2r .di1u .du1p2l\n.epi1 .epig2 .ex1 .exk2 .exp2 .ext2 .ex2o ex2i1s .fyto1 .fytop2 .ide1 .ide2n\n.in1 .inc2 .inf2 .ing2 .ink2 .ins2 .int2 .inter1 .interp2 .inters2 .kom1p2\n.kon3g2 .kon3k2 .kon3s2 .konst2 .kon3t2 .kon3v2 .ko1o .hyper1 .hypert2\n.hypo1 .hypos2 .kata1k2l .ko1i .ko1e .para1 .paraf2 .parag2 .re1 .ref2 .reg2\n.re2j1 .rek2 .re2n2d .re2n2t .rep2 .re2pti .res2 .re2sp. .ret2 .sub1 .super1\n.superp2 .supers2 .supra1 .sy1s2t .te1o1 .topo1g2 .tran2s1 .tran3s2pi\n.tran3s2k2r .tran3s2c .tri1 .trip2 .tri2\u0178k .tri2st .zoo1 .zoop2 .zoos2 i1ent\nru1ov 3s2t2v\u0105 3s2t2vo. 3s2t2va. 3s2t2vu. 3s2t2ve 3s2tev. 3s2tevn 3s2t2v\u011Am.\n3s2t2vy. 3\u011Fe. .m4\u011Fe. 3hle. c4hle. 3li. 3ly. 3la. 3nout. 3nouti. i1\u0103n a1tb\ne1tb i1tb 1t2va. 1t2vy. 1t2v\u00D8. 1t2vu. 1t2vou. 1t2ev. 1t2v\u0103m. 1t2v\u0103ch.\n1t2vami. 3s2t2v a4s3t2v \u01034st3v 3k2rac 3k2rat 3k2r\u0103t. 3k2r\u0103te. 3p2lex 1t2rof\n1s2trof .a1v2\u00E7ak .atmo1s2f .ce1d1r \u0178esko3s4l \u0178esko3b4r .e1gyp2t1 .elek1t\n.elek3t1r .elek3t1\u00FF elip1s elip1t eu1k2lei1d .i1h2ned kladko1s2t2roj\nmo\u00FFe1p2lav .pe1t1r oka1m\u011Fi s2t2ran z2d2rav z\u011A1s2ta\n"
DA = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  # First, we input the patterns containing only `normal' letters (a-z).
  lang.patterns ".ae3 .an3k .an1s .be5la .be1t .bi4tr .der3i .diagno5 .her3 .hoved3 .ne4t5\n.om1 .ove4 .po1 .til3 .yd5r ab5le 3abst a3c ade5la 5adg a1e 5afg 5a4f1l af3r\naf4ri 5afs a4gef a4gi ag5in ag5si 3agti a4gy a3h ais5t a3j a5ka a3ke a5kr\naku5 a3la a1le a1li al3k 4alkv a1lo al5si a3lu a1ly am4pa 3analy an4k5r a3nu\n3anv a5o a5pe a3pi a5po a1ra ar5af 1arb a1re 5arg a1ri a3ro a3sa a3sc a1si\na3sk a3so 3a3sp a3ste a3sti a1ta1 a1te a1ti a4t5in a1to ato5v a5tr a1tu a5va\na1ve a5z 1ba ba4ti 4bd 1be be1k be3ro be5ru be1s4 be1tr 1bi bi5sk b1j 4b1n\n1bo bo4gr bo3ra bo5re 1br4 4bs bs5k b3so b1st b5t 3bu bu4s5tr b5w 1by by5s\n4c1c 1ce ce5ro 3ch 4ch. ci4o ck3 5cy 3da 4d3af d5anta da4s d1b d1d4 1de de5d\n4de4lem der5eri de4rig de5sk d1f d1g d3h 1di di1e di5l d3j d1k d1l d1m 4d1n\n3do 4dop d5ov d1p 4drett 5d4reve 3drif 3driv d5ros d5ru ds5an ds5in d1ski\nd4sm d4su dsu5l ds5vi d3ta d1te dt5o d5tr dt5u 1du dub5 d1v 3dy e5ad e3af\ne5ag e3ak e1al ea4la e3an e5ap e3at e3bl ebs3 e1ci ed5ar edde4 eddel5 e4do\ned5ra ed3re ed3rin ed4str e3e 3eff e3fr 3eft e3gu e1h e3in ei5s e3je e4j5el\ne1ka e3ke e3kl 4e1ko e5kr ek5sa 3eksem 3eksp e3ku e1kv e5ky e3lad el3ak\nel3ar e1las e3le e4lek 3elem e1li 5elim e3lo el5sa e5lu e3ly e4mad em4p5le\nem1s en5ak e4nan 4enn e4no en3so e5nu e5ol e3op e1or e3ov epi3 e1pr e3ra\ner3af e4rag e4rak e1re e4ref er5ege 5erhv e1ri e4rib er1k ero5d er5ov er3s\ner5tr e3rum er5un e5ry e1ta e1te etek4s e1ti e3tj e1to e3tr e3tu e1ty e3um\ne3un 3eur e1va e3ve e4v3erf e1vi e5x 1fa fa4ce fags3 f1b f1d 1fe fej4 fejl1\nf1f f1g f1h 1fi f1k 3fl 1fo for1en fo4ri f1p f1s4 4ft f3ta f1te f1ti f5to\nf5tvi 1fu f1v 3fy 1ga g3art g1b g1d 1ge 4g5enden ger3in ge3s g3f g1g g1h 1gi\ngi4b gi3st 5gj g3k g1l g1m 3go 4g5om g5ov g3p 1gr gs1a gsde4len g4se gsha4\ng5sla gs3or gs1p g5s4tide g4str gs1v g3ta g1te g1ti g5to g3tr gt4s g3ud gun5\ng3v 1gy g5yd 4ha. heds3 he5s 4het hi4e hi4n5 hi3s ho5ko ho5ve 4h3t hun4\nhund3 hvo4 i1a i3b i4ble i1c i3dr ids5k i1el i1en i3er i3et. if3r i3gu i3h\ni5i i5j i1ka i1ke ik1l i5ko ik3re ik5ri iks5t ik4tu i3ku ik3v i3lag il3eg\nil5ej il5el i3li i4l5id il3k i1lo il5u i3mu ind3t 5inf ings1 in3s in4sv\ninter1 i3nu i3od i3og i5ok i3ol ion4 ions1 i5o5r i3ot i5pi i3pli i5pr i3re\ni3ri ir5t i3sc i3si i4sm is3p i1ster i3sti i5sua i1ta i1te i1ti i3to i3tr\nit5re. i1tu i3ty i1u i1va i1ve i1vi j3ag jde4rer jds1 jek4to 4j5en. j5k j3le\nj3li jlmeld5 jlmel4di j3r jre5 ju3s 5kap k5au 5kav k5b kel5s ke3sk ke5st\nke4t5a k3h ki3e ki3st k1k k5lak k1le 3klu k4ny 5kod 1kon ko3ra 3kort ko3v\n1kra 5kry ks3an k1si ks3k ks1p k3ste k5stu ks5v k1t k4tar k4terh kti4e kt5re\nkt5s 3kur 1kus 3kut k4vo k4vu 5lab lad3r 5lagd la4g3r 5lam 1lat l1b\nldiagnos5 l3dr ld3st 1le. 5led 4lele le4mo 3len 1ler 1les 4leu l1f lfin4\nlfind5 l1go1 l3h li4ga 4l5ins 4l3int li5o l3j l1ke l1ko l3ky l1l l5mu lo4du\nl3op 4l5or 3lov 4l3p l4ps l3r 4ls lses1 ls5in l5sj l1ta l4taf l1te l4t5erf\nl3ti lt3o l3tr l3tu lu5l l3ve l3vi 1ma m1b m3d 1me 4m5ej m3f m1g m3h 1mi\nmi3k m5ing mi4o mi5sty m3k m1l m1m mmen5 m1n 3mo mo4da 4mop 4m5ov m1pe m3pi\nm3pl m1po m3pr m1r mse5s ms5in m5sk ms3p m3ste ms5v m3ta m3te m3ti m3tr m1ud\n1mul mu1li 3my 3na 4nak 1nal n1b n1c 4nd n3dr nd5si nd5sk nd5sp 1ne ne5a\nne4da nemen4 nement5e neo4 n3erk n5erl ne5sl ne5st n1f n4go 4n1h 1ni 4nim\nni5o ni3st n1ke n1ko n3kr n3ku n5kv 4n1l n1m n1n 1no n3ord n5p n3r 4ns n3si\nn1sku ns3po n1sta n5sti n1ta nta4le n1te n1ti ntiali4 n3to n1tr nt4s5t nt4su\nn3tu n3ty 4n1v 3ny n3z o3a o4as ob3li o1c o4din od5ri od5s od5un o1e of5r\no4gek o4gel o4g5o og5re og5sk o5h o5in oi6s5e o1j o3ka o1ke o3ku o3la o3le\no1li o1lo o3lu o5ly 1omr on3k ook5 o3or o5ov o3pi op3l op3r op3s 3opta 4or.\nor1an 3ordn ord5s o3re. o3reg o3rek o3rer o3re3s o3ret o3ri 3orient or5im\no4r5in or3k or5o or3sl or3st o3si o3so o3t o1te o5un ov4s 3pa pa5gh p5anl\np3d 4pec 3pen 1per pe1ra pe5s pe3u p3f 4p5h 1pla p4lan 4ple. 4pler 4ples p3m\np3n 5pok 4po3re 3pot 4p5p4 p4ro 1proc p3sk p5so ps4p p3st p1t 1pu pu5b p5ule\np5v 5py3 qu4 4raf ra5is 4rarb r1b r4d5ar r3dr rd4s3 4reks 1rel re5la r5enss\n5rese re5spo 4ress re3st re5s4u 5rett r1f r1gu r1h ri1e ri5la 4rimo r4ing\nringse4 ringso4r 4rinp 4rint r3ka r1ke r1ki rk3so r3ku r1l rmo4 r5mu r1n\nro1b ro3p r3or r3p r1r rre5s rro4n5 r1sa r1si r5skr r4sk5v rs4n r3sp r5stu\nr5su r3sv r5tal r1te r4teli r1ti r3to r4t5or rt5rat rt3re r5tri r5tro rt3s\nr5ty r3ud run4da 5rut r3va r1ve r3vi ry4s s3af 1sam sa4ma s3ap s1ar 1sat\n4s1b s1d sdy4 1se s4ed 5s4er se4se s1f 4s1g4 4s3h si4bl 1sig s5int 5sis 5sit\n5siu s5ju 4sk. 1skab 1ske s3kl sk5s4 5sky s1le s1li slo3 5slu s5ly s1m s4my\n4snin s4nit so5k 5sol 5som. 3somm s5oms 5somt 3son 4s1op sp4 3spec 4sper\n3s4pi s1pl 3sprog. s5r4 s1s4 4st. 5s4tam 1stan st5as 3stat 1stav 1ste. 1sted\n3stel 5stemo 1sten 5step 3ster. 3stes 5stet 5stj 3sto st5om 1str s1ud 3sul\ns3un 3sur s3ve 3s4y 1sy1s 5ta. 1tag tands3 4tanv 4tb tede4l teds5 3teg 5tekn\nteo1 5term te5ro 4t1f 6t3g t1h tialis5t 3tid ti4en ti3st 4t3k 4t1l tli4s5\nt1m t1n to5ra to1re to1ri tor4m 4t3p t4ra 4tres tro5v 1try 4ts t3si ts4pa\nts5pr t3st ts5ul 4t1t t5uds 5tur t5ve 1typ u1a 5udl ud5r ud3s 3udv u1e ue4t5\nuge4ri ugs3 u5gu u3i u5kl uk4ta uk4tr u1la u1le u5ly u5pe up5l u5q u3ra u3re\nu4r3eg u1rer u3ro us5a u3si u5ska u5so us5v u1te u1ti u1to ut5r ut5s4 5u5v\nva5d 3varm 1ved ve4l5e ve4reg ve3s 5vet v5h vi4l3in 1vis v5j v5k vl4 v3le\nv5li vls1 1vo 4v5om v5p v5re v3st v5su v5t 3vu y3a y5dr y3e y3ke y5ki yk3li\ny3ko yk4s5 y3kv y5li y5lo y5mu yns5 y5o y1pe y3pi y3re yr3ek y3ri y3si y3ti\ny5t3r y5ve zi5o .s\u00E53 .\u00E6r5i .\u00F8v3r a3t\u00F8 a5v\u00E6 br\u00F8d3 5b\u00E6 5dr\u00F8v dst\u00E54\n3d\u00E6 3d\u00F8 e3l\u00E6 e3l\u00F8 e3r\u00F8 er5\u00F8n e5t\u00E6 e5t\u00F8 e1v\u00E6 e3\u00E6 e5\u00E5 3f\u00E6 3f\u00F8\nf\u00F84r5en gi\u00F84 g4s\u00F8 g5s\u00E5 3g\u00E6 3g\u00F81 3g\u00E5 i5t\u00E6 i3\u00F8 3k\u00F8 3k\u00E5 lingeni\u00F84\nl3v\u00E6 5l\u00F8s m5t\u00E5 1m\u00E6 3m\u00F8 3m\u00E5 n3k\u00E6 n5t\u00E6 3n\u00E6 4n5\u00E6b 5n\u00F8 o5l\u00E6 or3\u00F8\no5\u00E5 5pr\u00E6 5p\u00E6d p\u00E53 r5k\u00E6 r5t\u00E6 r5t\u00F8 r3v\u00E6 r5\u00E6l 4r\u00F8n 5r\u00F8r 3r\u00E5d r5\u00E5r\ns4k\u00E5 3sl\u00E5 s4n\u00E6 5st\u00F8 1st\u00E5 1s\u00E6 4s5\u00E6n 1s\u00F8 s5\u00F8k s\u00E54r5 ti4\u00F8 3tr\u00E6k.\nt4s\u00F8 t5s\u00E5 t3v\u00E6 u3l\u00E6 3v\u00E6rd 1v\u00E6rk 5v\u00E5 y5v\u00E6 \u00E6b3l \u00E63c \u00E63e \u00E6g5a\n\u00E64gek \u00E64g5r \u00E6gs5 \u00E65i \u00E65kv \u00E6lle4 \u00E6n1dr \u00E65o \u00E61re \u00E6r4g5r \u00E63ri \u00E6r4ma\n\u00E6r4mo \u00E6r5s \u00E65si \u00E63so \u00E63ste \u00E63ve \u00F8de5 \u00F83e \u00F81je \u00F83ke \u00F83le \u00F8ms5\n\u00F8n3st \u00F8n4t3 \u00F81re \u00F83ri \u00F8rne3 \u00F8r5o \u00F81ve \u00E51d \u00E51e \u00E55h \u00E53l \u00E53re\n\u00E5rs5t \u00E55sk \u00E53t\n"
ET = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.patterns ".aa4 .aasta5 .ahe4li .al4a .al4gas .antiik5 .ap3l .ap3r .art5r .au3a .eba3\n.ee4 .eela4 .ek3l .ek5r .gu4a .hie5 .idi4 .inim5a .ise5e .is4o .ja4e .ja4t\n.ka4e .ka2o .ke5hi .kip5r .ku4pl .ku5sa .kusee4 .la4pl .le4e .le5hi .lemmik5\n.le5se .l\u00F5pp3 .ma4a .maa5a .ma5j .mi5sa .mo4e .nek3 .ni4p .nisu5 .noa3 .oa3\n.oo4 .pap4p .pea3a .raadio5 .re4a .re2o .rep3r .re5so .r\u00FC5hi .sak5r .sap3r\n.se4a .sk4 .skaa5 .so5li .sp4 .st4 .teoo4 .tet3r .tina5 .toa3 .ts4 .tsi4s\n.turba5 .tus2 .tu3sa .ul4ga .ulu4k .um2b .uu4 .vaa3l .vask3 .vere3 .\u00F5ppe5\n.\u00E4\u00E44 .\u00F5\u00F54 .\u00F6\u00F64 .\u00FChi4s .\u00FCle3e .\u00FCr2 .\u00FC\u00FC4 aaa5l a1aas 4aab aa4bi. 5aadel.\naadio5a a1ae a4aer aa4fe aa4gan aa2h aa4has aa1i aai4g aa4is a5ait aa2j\naa2la aa4lae aala4r aa4las aa4leh aa4lek aa4lel aalg4 aali4ke aal3k a5allik\naal3t4 aa2l3\u00F5 aa4l\u00FC aa4mad aa4man aa4mee a5ameer aa4m\u00F6 4aan aa4nam aa4nat\na5andm aan4duu aa5ni aant4 aa4pek aa4pen aa4ra4b aa4raf aa4raj aara4l\na5arter aa2r3\u00F5 aa4r\u00F6 aa4r\u00FC aa4sab aa4sai aa4sar aa2se4 aa4so 3aas5ta a5a4sul\naa4sut aa4s\u00FC 4aat aa4taa aa4tas aa4teh 5aatom aa4t\u00F5 aa4t\u00FCh a1au aa\u0161i5 a1b\n4a3ba a5be 3abie a4bij 5abs a1d a4dad a4deo a2der a3di adu4r adu3se a4d\u00F6\na5eali ae2d 3aed. 2aee a3ees ae4f 1aeg. ae4ga4j ae4gi 3aegn 2a1e2h 4aei 4aek\na3eks 2ael a5elani ae2le ae4lo ae4lu. 4ae2m 4aen ae4pi ae2s a3esi 4aett a1f\na4fek a1g 3a4gent agia4 a3go 5agreg agud4 1a2hi. ah4kar 5ahnu 4ai. ai2a\n5aian ai4hu ai4ke ai4kl a3ilm ai4lu ai4me. aimp4 4ain. a5inf a5inime 4ains\na3inse ai4pr ai2sa 5aistin aist4r ai4va a1j a3ja. a4jale 5ajalo a4jalu\n1a2jam 4ajo ajut4 a1k akaa4s a4kaat ak4as 3aken. a3ki ak4kis ak4kr a3klas\nak4lau a5klii a3krii ak3ro 4aks ak4te4l a2ku. aku4map a5kvali 3alald ala4mas\na4la\u00FCh ale4le al4et alet4t 5algat al4ged a3li ali4san a4liste 5allee.\nal4le4h al4luj al2l\u00FC a4lob als4 4alt 4alu. a4lud 1alun al\u00FC4h a4l\u00FCt a1m 4am.\na5ma. a4maad 3ametn amit4 am4o am4pal 5amper. 4am\u00FC 2an. 3anal\u00FC 5anatoom\nan4das an4deo an4dog 2ane a4neh a3ni a4niso 4anj an4kr 3anku an4nah 4ano\nanos4 3ansam 4anst 3anten 5antilo ao4d ao4he a3oht ao4j ao2le ao2lu ao2m\na3oma ao4nu aoo4p ao2pe a5opera ao2r a5oras a1osa ao4su a1ots a1p a2par\n5aparaa a5part a3parv a3pi a3pla a3po ap4pal ap4pin ap4pis ap3ri ap3ron\na4pru a3p\u00E4 4ara arak4k a4rase 5areng 3aretu 3arhit 2ari ari4al ari4ap 4ark\nar4kel 5armast 5armee. a4ro4l 1arst 5artikk 3arua 3arvam 5arvestus 1arvu\nar4v\u00E4\u00E4 asa4las a4same a4sau ase4ma as5ema. 1a2sen a4seos a4sese a4sett\n3a4setu as4f\u00E4 1a2si. asi4ala asi3an a4sind asip4 5asjan ask\u00F54 as4k\u00F5l a5slaav\na4sok as3ole aso4p as4pet as3pl as2po a3spor as4san ass5t 4asti 5astme\nast4rak a4su4b a4sud asui4 a4suss a5suu a1t a3ta a4ta\u017E 5ateljee atii4v\natmi4k 5atroo at4ros at4rus at4soo ats4p at4s\u00FC att4s 4atu au2a aua3l au4ba.\n4aud au4de. a3ui 4au2j au4ke aulu3 aulus4 au4p\u00FC4 a5urg aus4o au2su a3usul\n1auto 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\u00E4ri4kl \u00E4ri4sel \u00E44riste \u00E4r4kar \u00E44ro 5\u00E4rrit\n\u00E4r4ta \u00E4r2va \u00E44r\u00F5 \u00E4s4ko \u00E4s4nai \u00E4s4p \u00E4s4san \u00E4s4so \u00E4t4ri \u00E4u4d \u00E41v \u00E4vee4 \u00E4\u00E44kin\n\u00E4\u00E4o4 \u00E4\u00E44rase 5\u00E4\u00E4ris. \u00FCaa4 \u00FC1b \u00FCdame5 \u00FC1g \u00FC2h \u00FChe5i4 1\u00FChen 3\u00FChik. \u00FC3hit \u00FC1j\n\u00FCkan4 \u00FCk4kas \u00FCk3l \u00FCl2d \u00FCld5a2 \u00FC2le 3\u00FClek \u00FC5lel \u00FCle4mas 1\u00FCles \u00FCles\u00E44 \u00FCl4gav\n\u00FCl4gee \u00FC4lih \u00FClii4 3\u00FCliko \u00FC4li\u00F5 \u00FCl5kl \u00FCl5la \u00FCl4mei \u00FClo4r \u00FClp4 \u00FClt4 \u00FCma4rak\n\u00FCma4ru \u00FCmi4ko \u00FC5ne \u00FCni4s \u00FCot4 \u00FCp3l \u00FCp5p4 \u00FCp3r \u00FCpsu4 \u00FCrd4 \u00FCrik4 \u00FCs4o \u00FCs4pr\n\u00FCs4tal \u00FCs4tas \u00FCta4r \u00FCtee4l 5\u00FCtlev \u00FC4t3r \u00FCt4ru \u00FC1v \u00FC4\u00FC \u00FC\u00FC2l3a2 \u00FC\u00FC4le \u00FC\u00FC4lo\n\u00FC\u00FC4pe 1\u017Ea 4\u017Eb 1\u017Ee 5\u017Eee 5\u017Eer 4\u017Ef 1\u017Ei 4\u017Ej 4\u017Ek 4\u017El 4\u017Em 4\u017En 3\u017Eo 4\u017Ep 4\u017Et 5\u017E\u00F6 5\u017E\u00FC\n2\u017E\u017E 3\u0161a 4\u0161ak 4\u0161au 1\u0161e 3\u01614i \u0161is4k 4\u0161k 5\u0161o 4\u0161t 3\u0161u4\n"
EU = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.patterns "% Rule SR1\n% Vowels are kept together by the defaults\n\n% Rule SR2\n% Attach vowel groups to left consonant\n1ba 1be 1bo 1bi 1bu 1ca 1ce 1co 1ci 1cu 1da 1de 1do 1di 1du 1fa 1fe 1fo 1fi\n1fu 1ga 1ge 1go 1gi 1gu 1ja 1je 1jo 1ji 1ju 1ka 1ke 1ko 1ki 1ku 1la 1le 1lo\n1li 1lu 1ma 1me 1mo 1mi 1mu 1na 1ne 1no 1ni 1nu 1pa 1pe 1po 1pi 1pu 1qa 1qe\n1qo 1qi 1qu 1ra 1re 1ro 1ri 1ru 1sa 1se 1so 1si 1su 1ta 1te 1to 1ti 1tu 1va\n1ve 1vo 1vi 1vu 1wa 1we 1wo 1wi 1wu 1xa 1xe 1xo 1xi 1xu 1ya 1ye 1yo 1yi 1yu\n1za 1ze 1zo 1zi 1zu\n\n% Rule SR3\n% Build legal consonant groups, leave other consonants bound to\n% the previous group. This overrides part of the SR2 pattern\n% group.\n1l2la 1l2le 1l2lo 1l2li 1l2lu 1r2ra 1r2re 1r2ro 1r2ri 1r2ru 1t2sa 1t2se\n1t2so 1t2si 1t2su 1t2xa 1t2xe 1t2xo 1t2xi 1t2xu 1t2za 1t2ze 1t2zo 1t2zi\n1t2zu 1b2la 1b2le 1b2lo 1b2li 1b2lu 1b2ra 1b2re 1b2ro 1b2ri 1b2ru 1d2ra\n1d2re 1d2ro 1d2ri 1d2ru 1f2la 1f2le 1f2lo 1f2li 1f2lu 1f2ra 1f2re 1f2ro\n1f2ri 1f2ru 1g2la 1g2le 1g2lo 1g2li 1g2lu 1g2ra 1g2re 1g2ro 1g2ri 1g2ru\n1k2la 1k2le 1k2lo 1k2li 1k2lu 1k2ra 1k2re 1k2ro 1k2ri 1k2ru 1p2la 1p2le\n1p2lo 1p2li 1p2lu 1p2ra 1p2re 1p2ro 1p2ri 1p2ru 1t2ra 1t2re 1t2ro 1t2ri\n1t2ru\n% We now avoid some problematic breaks.\nsu2b2r su2b2l\n"
HR = do |lang|
  encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.patterns "a1a2 a1e2 a1i2 a1o2 a1u2 e1a2 e1e2 e1i2 e1o2 e1u2 i1a2 i1e2 i1i2 i1o2 i1u2\no1a2 o1e2 o1i2 o1o2 o1u2 u1a2 u1e2 u1i2 u1o2 u1u2 a1ba a1be a1bi a1bo a1bu\na1ca a1ce a1ci a1co a1cu a1\u010Da a1\u010De a1\u010Di a1\u010Do a1\u010Du a1\u0107a a1\u0107e a1\u0107i a1\u0107o a1\u0107u\na1da a1de a1di a1do a1du a1d\u017Ea a1d\u017Ee a1d\u017Ei a1d\u017Eo a1d\u017Eu a1\u0111a a1\u0111e a1\u0111i a1\u0111o\na1\u0111u a1fa a1fe a1fi a1fo a1fu a1ga a1ge a1gi a1go a1gu a1ha a1he a1hi a1ho\na1hu a1ja a1je a1ji a1jo a1ju a1ka a1ke a1ki a1ko a1ku a1la a1le a1li a1lo\na1lu a1lja a1lje a1lji a1ljo a1lju a1ma a1me a1mi a1mo a1mu a1na a1ne a1ni\na1no a1nu a1nja a1nje a1nji a1njo a1nju a1pa a1pe a1pi a1po a1pu a1ra a1re\na1ri a1ro a1ru a1sa a1se a1si a1so a1su a1\u0161a a1\u0161e a1\u0161i a1\u0161o a1\u0161u a1ta a1te\na1ti a1to a1tu a1va a1ve a1vi a1vo a1vu a1za a1ze a1zi a1zo a1zu a1\u017Ea a1\u017Ee\na1\u017Ei a1\u017Eo a1\u017Eu e1ba e1be e1bi e1bo e1bu e1ca e1ce e1ci e1co e1cu e1\u010Da e1\u010De\ne1\u010Di e1\u010Do e1\u010Du e1\u0107a e1\u0107e e1\u0107i e1\u0107o e1\u0107u e1da e1de e1di e1do e1du e1d\u017Ea e1d\u017Ee\ne1d\u017Ei e1d\u017Eo e1d\u017Eu e1\u0111a e1\u0111e e1\u0111i e1\u0111o e1\u0111u e1fa e1fe e1fi e1fo e1fu e1ga\ne1ge e1gi e1go e1gu e1ha e1he e1hi e1ho e1hu e1ja e1je e1ji e1jo e1ju e1ka\ne1ke e1ki e1ko e1ku e1la e1le e1li e1lo e1lu e1lja e1lje e1lji e1ljo e1lju\ne1ma e1me e1mi e1mo e1mu e1na e1ne e1ni e1no e1nu e1nja e1nje e1nji e1njo\ne1nju e1pa e1pe e1pi e1po e1pu e1ra e1re e1ri e1ro e1ru e1sa e1se e1si e1so\ne1su e1\u0161a e1\u0161e e1\u0161i e1\u0161o e1\u0161u e1ta e1te e1ti e1to e1tu e1va e1ve e1vi e1vo\ne1vu e1za e1ze e1zi e1zo e1zu e1\u017Ea e1\u017Ee e1\u017Ei e1\u017Eo e1\u017Eu i1ba i1be i1bi i1bo\ni1bu i1ca i1ce i1ci i1co i1cu i1\u010Da i1\u010De i1\u010Di i1\u010Do i1\u010Du i1\u0107a i1\u0107e i1\u0107i i1\u0107o\ni1\u0107u i1da i1de i1di i1do i1du i1d\u017Ea i1d\u017Ee i1d\u017Ei i1d\u017Eo i1d\u017Eu i1\u0111a i1\u0111e i1\u0111i\ni1\u0111o i1\u0111u i1fa i1fe i1fi i1fo i1fu i1ga i1ge i1gi i1go i1gu i1ha i1he i1hi\ni1ho i1hu i1ja i1je i1ji i1jo i1ju i1ka i1ke i1ki i1ko i1ku i1la i1le i1li\ni1lo i1lu i1lja i1lje i1lji i1ljo i1lju i1ma i1me i1mi i1mo i1mu i1na i1ne\ni1ni i1no i1nu i1nja i1nje i1nji i1njo i1nju i1pa i1pe i1pi i1po i1pu i1ra\ni1re i1ri i1ro i1ru i1sa i1se i1si i1so i1su i1\u0161a i1\u0161e i1\u0161i i1\u0161o i1\u0161u i1ta\ni1te i1ti i1to i1tu i1va i1ve i1vi i1vo i1vu i1za i1ze i1zi i1zo i1zu i1\u017Ea\ni1\u017Ee i1\u017Ei i1\u017Eo i1\u017Eu o1ba o1be o1bi o1bo o1bu o1ca o1ce o1ci o1co o1cu o1\u010Da\no1\u010De o1\u010Di o1\u010Do o1\u010Du o1\u0107a o1\u0107e o1\u0107i o1\u0107o o1\u0107u o1da o1de o1di o1do o1du o1d\u017Ea\no1d\u017Ee o1d\u017Ei o1d\u017Eo o1d\u017Eu o1\u0111a o1\u0111e o1\u0111i o1\u0111o o1\u0111u o1fa o1fe o1fi o1fo o1fu\no1ga o1ge o1gi o1go o1gu o1ha o1he o1hi o1ho o1hu o1ja o1je o1ji o1jo o1ju\no1ka o1ke o1ki o1ko o1ku o1la o1le o1li o1lo o1lu o1lja o1lje o1lji o1ljo\no1lju o1ma o1me o1mi o1mo o1mu o1na o1ne o1ni o1no o1nu o1nja o1nje o1nji\no1njo o1nju o1pa o1pe o1pi o1po o1pu o1ra o1re o1ri o1ro o1ru o1sa o1se o1si\no1so o1su o1\u0161a o1\u0161e o1\u0161i o1\u0161o o1\u0161u o1ta o1te o1ti o1to o1tu o1va o1ve o1vi\no1vo o1vu o1za o1ze o1zi o1zo o1zu o1\u017Ea o1\u017Ee o1\u017Ei o1\u017Eo o1\u017Eu u1ba u1be u1bi\nu1bo u1bu u1ca u1ce u1ci u1co u1cu u1\u010Da u1\u010De u1\u010Di u1\u010Do u1\u010Du u1\u0107a u1\u0107e u1\u0107i\nu1\u0107o u1\u0107u u1da u1de u1di u1do u1du u1d\u017Ea u1d\u017Ee u1d\u017Ei u1d\u017Eo u1d\u017Eu u1\u0111a u1\u0111e\nu1\u0111i u1\u0111o u1\u0111u u1fa u1fe u1fi u1fo u1fu u1ga u1ge u1gi u1go u1gu u1ha u1he\nu1hi u1ho u1hu u1ja u1je u1ji u1jo u1ju u1ka u1ke u1ki u1ko u1ku u1la u1le\nu1li u1lo u1lu u1lja u1lje u1lji u1ljo u1lju u1ma u1me u1mi u1mo u1mu u1na\nu1ne u1ni u1no u1nu u1nja u1nje u1nji u1njo u1nju u1pa u1pe u1pi u1po u1pu\nu1ra u1re u1ri u1ro u1ru u1sa u1se u1si u1so u1su u1\u0161a u1\u0161e u1\u0161i u1\u0161o u1\u0161u\nu1ta u1te u1ti u1to u1tu u1va u1ve u1vi u1vo u1vu u1za u1ze u1zi u1zo u1zu\nu1\u017Ea u1\u017Ee u1\u017Ei u1\u017Eo u1\u017Eu % b1b b1c b1\u010D b1\u0107 b1d b1d\u017E b1\u0111\nb1f b1g b1h 1bj 2bj. b1k 1bl 2bl. 2b1lj b1m b1n b1nj b1p 1br 2br. b1s b1\u0161\nb1t 1bv 2bv. b1z b1\u017E c1b c1c c1\u010D c1\u0107 c1d c1d\u017E c1\u0111 c1f c1g c1h 1cj 2cj. c1k\n1cl 2cl. 2c1lj c1m c1n c1nj c1p 1cr 2cr. c1s c1\u0161 c1t 1cv 2cv. c1z c1\u017E \u010D1b\n\u010D1c \u010D1\u010D \u010D1\u0107 \u010D1d \u010D1d\u017E \u010D1\u0111 \u010D1f \u010D1g \u010D1h 1\u010Dj 2\u010Dj. \u010D1k 1\u010Dl 2\u010Dl. 2\u010D1lj \u010D1m \u010D1n\n\u010D1nj \u010D1p 1\u010Dr 2\u010Dr. \u010D1s \u010D1\u0161 \u010D1t 1\u010Dv 2\u010Dv. \u010D1z \u010D1\u017E \u01071b \u01071c \u01071\u010D \u01071\u0107 \u01071d \u01071d\u017E \u01071\u0111\n\u01071f \u01071g \u01071h \u01071j \u01071k 1\u0107l 2\u0107l. 2\u01071lj \u01071m \u01071n \u01071nj \u01071p 1\u0107r 2\u0107r. \u01071s \u01071\u0161 \u01071t 1\u0107v\n2\u0107v. \u01071z \u01071\u017E d1b d1c d1\u010D d1\u0107 d1d d2\u017E d1\u0111 d1f 2d1g d1h 1dj 2dj. d1k 2d1l\n2d1lj d1m d1n d1nj d1p 1dr 2dr. d1s d1\u0161 d1t 1dv 2dv. d1z d\u017E1b d\u017E1c d\u017E1\u010D d\u017E1\u0107\nd\u017E1d d\u017E1d\u017E d\u017E1\u0111 d\u017E1f d\u017E1g d\u017E1h 1d\u017Ej 2d\u017Ej. d\u017E1k 1d\u017El 2d\u017El. 2d\u017E1lj d\u017E1m d\u017E1n\nd\u017E1nj d\u017E1p 1d\u017Er 2d\u017Er. d\u017E1s d\u017E1\u0161 d\u017E1t 1d\u017Ev 2d\u017Ev. d\u017E1z d\u017E1\u017E \u01111b \u01111c \u01111\u010D \u01111\u0107\n\u01111d \u01111d\u017E \u01111\u0111 \u01111f \u01111g \u01111h 1\u0111j 2\u0111j. \u01111k 1\u0111l 2\u0111l. 2\u01111lj \u01111m \u01111n \u01111nj \u01111p 1\u0111r\n2\u0111r. \u01111s \u01111\u0161 \u01111t 1\u0111v 2\u0111v. \u01111z \u01111\u017E f1b f1c f1\u010D f1\u0107 f1d f1d\u017E f1\u0111 f1f f1g f1h\n1fj 2fj. f1k 1fl 2fl. 2f1lj f1m f1n f1nj f1p 1fr 2fr. f1s f1\u0161 f1t 1fv 2fv.\nf1z f1\u017E g1b g1c g1\u010D g1\u0107 g1d g1d\u017E g1\u0111 g1f g1g g1h 1gj 2gj. g1k 1gl 2gl. 2g1lj\ng1m g1n g1nj g1p 1gr 2gr. g1s g1\u0161 g1t 1gv 2gv. g1z g1\u017E h1b h1c h1\u010D h1\u0107 h1d\nh1d\u017E h1\u0111 h1f h1g h1h 1hj 2hj. h1k 1hl 2hl. 2h1lj h1m h1n h1nj h1p 1hr 2hr.\nh1s h1\u0161 h1t 1hv 2hv. h1z h1\u017E j1b j1c j1\u010D j1\u0107 j1d j1d\u017E j1\u0111 j1f j1g j1h j1j\nj1k j1l 2j1lj j1m j1n j1nj j1p j1r j1s j1\u0161 j1t j1v j1z j1\u017E k1b k1c k1\u010D k1\u0107\nk1d k1d\u017E k1\u0111 k1f k1g k1h 1kj 2kj. k1k k1l 1k2lj 2klj. k1m k1n k1nj k1p 1kr\n2kr. k1s k1\u0161 k1t k1v k1z k1\u017E l1b l1c l1\u010D l1\u0107 l1d l1d\u017E l1\u0111 l1f l1g l1h l1k\nl1l 2l1lj l1m l1n l1nj l1p l1r l1s l1\u0161 l1t l1v l1z l1\u017E lj1b lj1c lj1\u010D lj1\u0107\nlj1d lj1d\u017E lj1\u0111 lj1f lj1g lj1h lj1k 1ljl 2ljl. lj1lj lj1m lj1n lj1nj lj1p\n1ljr 2ljr. lj1s lj1\u0161 lj1t 1ljv 2ljv. lj1z lj1\u017E m1b m1c m1\u010D m1\u0107 m1d m1d\u017E m1\u0111\nm1f m1g m1h 1mj 2mj. m1k 1ml 2ml. 2m1lj m1m m1n m1nj m1p 1mr 2mr. m1s m1\u0161\nm1t 1mv 2mv. m1z m1\u017E n1b n1c n1\u010D n1\u0107 n1d n1d\u017E n1\u0111 n1f n1g n1h 2nj. n1k 1nl\n2nl. 2n1lj n1m n1n n1nj n1p n1r n1s n1\u0161 n1t 1nv 2nv. n1z n1\u017E nj1b nj1c nj1\u010D\nnj1\u0107 nj1d nj1d\u017E nj1\u0111 nj1f nj1g nj1h 1njj 2njj. nj1k 1njl 2njl. 2nj1lj nj1m\nnj1n nj1nj nj1p 1njr 2njr. nj1s nj1\u0161 nj1t 1njv 2njv. nj1z nj1\u017E p1b p1c p1\u010D\np1\u0107 p1d p1d\u017E p1\u0111 p1f p1g 2p1h 1pj 2pj. p1k 1pl 2pl. 2p1lj p1m p1n p1nj p1p\n1pr 2pr. p1s p1\u0161 p1t 1pv 2pv. p1z p1\u017E r1b r1c r1\u010D r1\u0107 r1d r1d\u017E r1\u0111 r1f r1g\nr1h r1j r1k r1l 2r1lj r1m r1n r1nj r1p r1r r1s r1\u0161 r1t r1v r1z r1\u017E 1sb 2sb.\ns1c 1s\u010D 2s\u010D. 1s\u0107 2s\u0107. 1sd 2sd. 1sd\u017E 2sd\u017E. 1s\u0111 2s\u0111. 1sf 2sf. 1sg 2sg. 1sh\n2sh. 1sj 2sj. 1sk 2sk. s1l 1slj 2slj. 1sm 2sm. s1n 2sn. 1snj 2snj. s1p 1sr\n2sr. 1ss 2ss. 1s\u0161 2s\u0161. s1t 2st. 1sv 2sv. 1sz 2sz. 1s\u017E 2s\u017E. 1\u0161b 2\u0161b. \u01611c \u01611\u010D\n\u01611\u0107 1\u0161d 2\u0161d. 1\u0161d\u017E 2\u0161d\u017E. 1\u0161\u0111 2\u0161\u0111. 1\u0161f 2\u0161f. 1\u0161g 2\u0161g. 1\u0161h 2\u0161h. 1\u0161j 2\u0161j. 1\u0161k\n2\u0161k. \u01611l 2\u01611lj 1\u0161m 2\u0161m. \u01611n 2\u01611nj 1\u0161p 2\u0161p. 1\u0161r 2\u0161r. 1\u0161s 2\u0161s. 1\u0161\u0161 2\u0161\u0161. 1\u0161t\n2\u0161t. 1\u0161v 2\u0161v. 1\u0161z 2\u0161z. 1\u0161\u017E 2\u0161\u017E. t1b t1c t1\u010D t1\u0107 t1d t1d\u017E t1\u0111 t1f t1g t1h 1tj\n2tj. t1k 1tl 2tl. 2t1lj t1m t1n t1nj t1p 1tr 2tr. t1s t1\u0161 t1t 1tv 2tv. t1z\nt1\u017E v1b v1c v1\u010D v1\u0107 v1d v1d\u017E v1\u0111 v1f v1g v1h v1j 1v2je vj. v1k v1l 2v1lj v1m\nv1n v1nj v1p 1vr v1s v1\u0161 v1t v1v v1z v1\u017E z1b 1zc 2zc. 1z\u010D 2z\u010D. 1z\u0107 2z\u0107. z1d\n1zd\u017E 2zd\u017E. 1z\u0111 2z\u0111. 1zf 2zf. z1g 1zh 2zh. 1zj 2zj. 1zk 2zk. z1l 2z1lj z1m\nz1n 1znj 2znj. 1zp 2zp. z1r z1s 1z\u0161 2z\u0161. 1zt 2zt. 1zv 2zv. 1zz 2zz. 1z\u017E 2z\u017E.\n\u017E1b 2\u017Eb. 1\u017Ec 2\u017Ec. 1\u017E\u010D 2\u017E\u010D. 1\u017E\u0107 2\u017E\u0107. 1\u017Ed 2\u017Ed. 1\u017Ed\u017E 2\u017Ed\u017E. 1\u017E\u0111 2\u017E\u0111. 1\u017Ef 2\u017Ef.\n1\u017Eg 2\u017Eg. 1\u017Eh 2\u017Eh. \u017E1j 1\u017Ek 2\u017Ek. 1\u017El 2\u017El. \u017E1lj 1\u017Em 2\u017Em. \u017E1n 2\u017En. 2\u017E1nj 1\u017Ep\n2\u017Ep. 1\u017Er 2\u017Er. 1\u017Es 2\u017Es. 1\u017E\u0161 2\u017E\u0161. 1\u017Et 2\u017Et. 1\u017Ev 2\u017Ev. 1\u017Ez 2\u017Ez. 1\u017E\u017E 2\u017E\u017E.\n% 2d1vj 2d1vr z1g2nj \u01071s2t d1s2m j1z2g r2n1t r2z1n m2p1t 2d1vl r2t1c\nr2n1c r2\u010D1k 2s1hr z1v2l 2z1vr r2k1n r2c1n r2h1nj s2p1n j1s2l r2d1n .zg2\nr2d\u017E1b 2\u01611tv r2t1s n2t1s 2s1kr r2n1k d1\u01612k d1s2p r2t1m 1r2je k2s1p t1s2t\nl2m1s r2h1k j1s2t s1v2l r2p1c t1k2l s1k2l n2t1n 2d1ja 2rt. z1r2j d1s2t n2k1c\nr2t1k r2g1n r2h1t .na2j1 .be2z1 .iz1 .is1 .ne2o3 r2t1n r2v1n r1s2t n2s1t\nl2f1t\n"
IA = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.patterns ".ch2 .de4s .in1 .se4i a1a a1b a2b1l a3b4lo a1ca a1ce a1ch a4chr a1co a1cr\na1cu a1d 1adm 1adv ae1 a1el aero3 a1g a4g3ed 1agg a1h a1ic a1is a1iv a1j a1k\na1la a1le al3ei a1lo a1lu a1m 3anim an4sp a1o a1p a1q a1ra a1ri a1ro a1ru\na1ry a1s2h 3asth a1t atyr4 a1v a1w a1z 1ba 2b1b b3bo b1c 2b1d 1be b1h 1bi\nbi4s3a b1j b1lu b2ly b1m b1n 1bo b1p 1b2r 2b1s2 b1t 1bu bu1e bu1i b1v ca1i\n2c1c c1d 4c3enn 1chr 2chs 2cht 1chu 1ci 2c1k 1c2l 2c1m co4cl co3p2 c1q c2r\nc1s2 2c1t ctro3 cu1a cu1e cu1i 1cy cy4ne cyr2 c1z 1da 2d1d 1de de4ru des3e\nde4s3o de4su 2d1g d1he dia3s4 di3p4t di4sa di4s3e di4si di4so di4s3u 2d1j\n2d1m 1do do4l3a 4d3osm d2r dro3s4 du1a du1e du1i 2d1v dy2s e1a e2au e1b e1ca\ne1ce e3che e3chi e1co e1cr e1cu e1d e1e e1f 1eff e1g e1h e1i e1j e1k e1la\ne1le e1lo el3od e4l3om e1lu e1m e4m3ag 2enl eno3p4 e1o eo3g2 eo3p2 e1q e1ra\ne1ri e1ro 4erog ero3p4 e1ru er3ur e1ry es4em e2st es3ue e1t eu1 eu4ce e1un\ne1v e1w 1fa 2f1f 2f1h 1fi 1f2l 1fo 1f2r f1t 1fu 1ga 2g1d 1ge 4g3evi 2g1g 1gi\n4g3ima g2l 2g1m 2g1n 1go 1g2r 2g1s2 1gu1 gym2 gymn3 gy4na gy4r3a 2g1z h2e\nhec2 hect3 he3ur h3loc 2h1m h1n ho3g2 ho3p2 ho3rh h2r h1s h1t i1a ia4l3a\ni1b2 i1c i1d ido3 idop4 i1e i1f i1g i1h i1i i1k i1l i1m i4mad 1imb 1inf 1inr\nins2 1inv i1o1 io3g2 ios2 io2x i1p i1q i1ra i1ri i1ro iro3p4 ir3ur is3ac\nis3as is3au is3eq is3es is3il is3in i3s4ph i1t i1u i1v i1z ka4le ke1 kra1\n4l3alg 4l3arc l1b 2l1c 2l1d le3ch le4id 2l1f l1g 2l1h 1li 2l1k 2l1l ll3ur\n2l1m l4m3od l1n 2lod l3odo 4lopi 2l1p l1q 2l1s2 2l1t l4t3un lu1e lu1i 2lur\n2l1v 1ly ly3ch 1ma 2m1b m1c 1me me3ch me4s3e m1f 1mi mi3p2 mis4i m1j m1l\n2m1m mme4n3 2m1n mn3am mn3as mno1 mn3ob mn3op 1mo 4m3ony mo3p2 mo3rr mos4p\nmo3s4t 2m1p m3ps m1s2 1mu 2m1v 1my my4rr 1na n1ae n3alg n3ani n1a2p n1au n1b\nn1c 2n1d 1ne n1eq n1ex n1f n1g n1h 1ni n1iq ni3sp n2it n1j n1l n1m n1n2 1no\nnob4l n3o3s4p n1ox n1q n1r n1s n4s3ie n4sir n2sl ns2t n1t n4t3ah n4t3ap 1nu\nnu1a nu1e nu1i n1v 1ny n1z o1a o1b ob3lo 1obs o1c oc3le o1d o1e o1f o1g o1h\no1i o1j o1l om4na on2a ono1 onos4 ons2 o1o o1p o1q o1ra o1ri o1ro or4rh o1ru\no1s2l os4po o1t o4t3ac oto3s4 ou1 o1ug o1v oy1 o1z 1pa pan3s 1pe 1ph 1pi\n1p2l pl4a 4pl3op p1n p2n1a p2ne 1po 2p1p p4p3ia 1p2r 2p1s p4s3od 3p2sy 2p1t\n1pu pu1b2 2pu1e pu1i pyl1 py4lo qu2 qua4n 4r3alg 2raq 4r3arc r1b r1c 2r1d\n1re re3ch regi3 4r3enn re3ut r1f 2r1g 1rhi r1hu r3hyd r1j r1l 2r1m r1n r1p\nr1q r1r rr3aq r1s2 2r1t ru1a ru1e ru1i r1v r1w ry4se r1z 1sa s3abu 4s3act\n2s1af s3agr s3ann 2s1ap 2s1aq s3arg s3arm s3art 2s1b 1s2c scle4 s1d 1se 2s1f\n2s1g s1h 1si 4s3ige s3iro s1j 1sk s1l s4lav 2s1m s1n 1so sob2 s3obe s3obl\ns3occ s3odo s3ord s3org s3oss 2s1ox s1p 2spa spa4i 2spl 2spo s1q s1r 2s1s2\ns3sa s1t 1su su1a su4ba su4br su1e su1i 2s1un 2s1v 1sy 4t3alg 4t3amb 4t3art\n2t1d 4t3eco 2t1f 2t1g th1l 2thm ti3s4p t1l 2t1m tmo1 to3s4p 4t3oxy 2t1p t2r\n4tr3or 2t1s 2t1t tu1a tu1e tu1i tu4s3a ty1 2t1z u3ani u1as u1av ub3al ub1l\nub3ro u1ca u1ce uc3em u1ch u1co u1cr u1cu u1d u1el u1ib u1ic u1la u1le u1lo\nu1o1 u1ra 3urgo u1ri u1ro u1ru u2st u1t u1u u1v va1i vi3ru 2vn v2r w2n1 x1a\nx1c x1e x1h x1i x1o x1p x1q x1s2 x1t x1u xu1a x1y1 1xyl y1a y1b yc1a y1ce\nych1 y1co yc4t3a ydr1 y1e y1g y1h y1i 2yl y3lac yl3am y1le y1lo yn3an yn3eg\ny1o ypo1 ypos4 y1r yro1 yros4 ys1e y1t y1u y1z ze1 1zi 1zu1 2z1z\n"

  lang.exceptions "alc-un alc-u-nis-si-me alc-un-men-te a-lic-un a-lic-u-nis-si-me\na-lic-un-men-te mos-lem qualc-un qualc-u-nis-si-me qualc-un-men-te\n"
IS = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.patterns ".a\u00F03 .a\u00F0a4 .a\u00F0k2 .a\u00F0l4a .af3n .af3re .afr3\u00ED .af1s4 .agn5\u00FA .al3e .al4l .am4s\n.an3k .ann4e .ar2 .ar3a4b5 .arth5 .asp3 .aum5a .\u00E1m4 .\u00E1n4a .ba4 .da4 .dam5a\n.dav3 .dr4 .ds4 .du4 .dust5 .ed5ik .eftir5 .eigin5g .eink4 .ekt4 .er4m .eyf2\n.fa4 .fi4 .fj\u00E1r3 .fl4 .fla4 .fr4 .fr\u00E11 .ga2 .gar4 .gas5l .gd4 .gem5 .gja2\n.gl2 .gr4 .gu4 .her5sk .il4 .ingj5 .is4m .\u00EDs1l .ja2 .jar4 .ka4 .kal5e .kam5e\n.kap\u00ED3 .kart5 .kast3 .kn4 .kr4 .kur4 .la4 .lag5e .leik5sv .l\u00EDb5 .lu4 .ma2\n.maj5 .mak5r .mi4 .mj4 .mu4 .mynst4 .na2 .n\u00ED5f .n\u00FD5f .ol4\u00EDu. .\u00F3a4 .\u00F3\u00F05al\n.\u00F3f4 .\u00F3g2 .\u00F3k4 .\u00F3m4i .\u00F3s2 .pa4 .pl4 .ra2 .ram4 .r\u00ED4 .r\u00F3\u00F04 .r\u00FAm3 .saman5 .sk4\n.ski4 .skj4 .skr4 .sl2 .sm4 .sm\u00E13l .sn4 .snar5a .sp4 .spr4 .st4 .sta2 .ta4\n.ti2 .til3 .t\u00ED5f .tr4 .tu2 .tv\u00ED1 .ung3l .unn5usta .\u00FAr1 .\u00FAt1 .\u00FAt5s .vegg5s\n.vist3 .yfir3 .\"xvi3s .\u00F6fl3 .\u00F6gr5 .\u00F6r3s .\u00F6t3u 2a3a4 a4ab a4ad 2a1\u00E12 2a1b\nab4a 3ab\u00EDs a5by ab\"xk4l 4ac 2a1d4 a5d\u00F3 a4du 1a\u00F0 4a\u00F0a\u00F0 a\u00F03al a\u00F03ar 2a\u00F0fa\n4a\u00F0f\u00F6 a\u00F03g a\u00F03i 2a\u00F0l a\u00F04li 4a\u00F02m 2a\u00F0sh 3a\u00F0u. 2a\u00F0v 2a1e a5ei a4es 2af af3ald\naf3arn a3f\u00E1 af4fr af3g a1fj a3fl\u00F3 a1flu af5ork a1fr af3r\u00E9 afr4u a5fr\"x 4afsd\naf1sk 4afsso af2u a1ful a1fun 3afur\u00F0 2ag a3gau ag5\u00E1l ag5is a5gj agn4ara\nag2ne ag5ot a1gr ag4ra ags4i\u00F0 ag4sp ag4stj ag4ul ag3\"x\u00F0 4a1h 4ai a3i\u00F0 a4in\na\u00ED4h 2aj a3j\u00F6 2ak akaup4s a5k\u00E1 a1ke a5kinnin a5kistu a1kj ak5rei aks4l 4akss\nak3u a3kv a5ky a5k\u00FD a3k\u00F6 2al a1lag 4aland a5landi\u00F0 a5landinu alas4 al\u00E14\na4lem al3er al1f al1g 5alge 3alh alis4 al4\u00EDn al3kj alk5s al3k2u al4l\u00ED all2s\nallst4 al4l\u00FD 4alma\u00F0 al5mann al5m2i a3log a5lok al5op a5l\u00F3\u00F0 al4s\"xt al5up\nal5\u00FA al3v4 a3ly a1l\"x a1l\u00F6 2am am3ang a3mann am3ari am3ars am3a4s am3dr a3m\u00ED\nam3k am2m amm4is a1m\u00F3 am3se ams2i am1t 1an 3an. 3ana. an3ada 4anag 2anal\n4anau 2an\u00E1 4and. and1e 4an4d\u00ED andr4 4and\u00F6 4ane an5ei 2ang an4ga ang1d an4gj\nang5spi an2g3\u00F6 4anib 4ani\u00F0 an5\u00EDn 2ank ank5l ank3v 3anm ann5d 4annf 4annh\nann1k 4annl 4anns annsk4 4an4o anst4 an3sti an3t\u00ED 3anu 4an\u00FA 4an\u00FD 4an\"x 4an\u00F6\n2a3o 2a3\u00F3 2ap ap3al a3per a3pil a3po a5pre ap3te a5p4un a5p\u00F6r 1ar 3ar.\nar3afu ara5kr ar3ang 4arani ar4arp ar2as ar5ast. ar3au 2ar\u00E14 4ar\u00E1\u00F0 5ar3\u00E1k\n3ar3\u00E1r 3ar1\u00E1s ar1\u00E1t 3ard2 4ard\u00ED 4ar\u00F0. ar\u00F0ar5\u00E1 4ar\u00F0i 4ar\u00F0s 3ar\u00F0u. 2are 3ar1ef\n4aref. 5areig 5arein a3rek ar3el ar3en ar5er a3ret 4a1r\u00E9 2arf 3arfe 3arf\u00E9\narfs3k ar1fu ar3gj ar4gr\"x args4 arg3sl 4ar5i\u00F0 4arif ar3in ar4ind ar5ist.\n4a5rit 4a1r\u00ED ar3j4 4ark. ark4is ar5kj ar3kr4 4arms ar3m\u00FA 4arna. 4aro\u00F0 4arol\n4arot 2ar\u00F3 2arp 4arra arr2i arr4u ar4s\u00E1 3arse ar1sk ar4spi arst4 5arst\u00ED\nar3su ar5til artr2 ar5tra\u00F0 ar3u ar4u\u00F0 4ar4ug 5arum 2ar1\u00FA a5r\u00FAs ar3v4 ar3yf\n4ar\u00FD 2ar\"x a3r\"x\u00F0 ar5\"xv 4ar\u00F6 as2 4a1sa as3an 2a3s\u00E1 4ase 4as\u00E9 2asi a5sinna\n2asj 4a1sk 2asl a3slag 2a1sm 4asn 4aso 4as\u00F3 2asp asp\u00EDt4 4ass ass4v 1ast\n4asta\u00F0 ast4and 4astau 4aste 4ast\u00E9 4astig 4astin ast4ing 4astir\u00F0 4a1st\u00ED 4astj\nast3l 4asto 2ast\u00F3 4astr\u00E1 ast5r\u00E1\u00F0 4astr\u00ED 4a3str\"x 4astr\u00F6 4astul 4a3st4un\n4ast\u00FA 4a3sty 4ast\"x 4ast\u00F6 2a1su 2a1sv 4as4y 2as\u00FD 4as\"x 2as\u00F6 2at at3a\u00F0 a3tak\na3tal at4anv ata4r a1te at3ey 3ath a1til a3tj 3atk atns3 a4t\u00F3 atr4a at1re\n3at1ri at2sp a5t2un a1t\u00FA at4ve 3atvi a1t\u00F6 2a4u2 4au\u00F0. au\u00F05li 5au\u00F0n aug4as\nau4m aum5ba aum5un aun5dr aup5e aup3l a5upp au4s ausa5m au4t 2a1\u00FA 2a1v\nav4ar. a3vir 2ay a5yf 4az 2a1't a2't\u00F3 2a3\"x 4a5\u00F6 \u00E11a \u00E1ak4 \u00E1a5lo \u00E11b 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4ugre 4ugrj 4ugr\u00F3\nug3r\"x ug3ta 4ug\u00F6 4u1h 4ui u5i\u00F0 4u\u00ED4 2uj 2uk ukak4 uk4as u1ke u5kinnin\nukku3s u5k\u00F3 u3kv 2ul 3ul. 4u1lag ul3ar 3ulb 4ule u5lind ul4is u1l\u00ED ul3k2\nul4la 4ulln ullt4 4u3lo u3l\u00F3 ul5sv ult4i ul3us ul5v4 u3l\"x 4u1l\u00F6 3um. 2uma\numak4 u1man um4aran 2um\u00E1 um\u00E1l4ar um4ba um5b\"x um4b\u00F6 2umd 2ume um3ein 4umi\numj4 um4ki 4uml umm4a 4u5mo 2um\u00F3 4ump 2umr ums4 um3sl 3umst. um1t4 4umu\num5unn 4um\u00FA 2umy 2um\u00FD 2um\"x 2um\u00F6 un3ar1 unar5a un2as 4unat 2u1nau 2un\u00E1 2und\n4une 4unk 2unn\u00E1 4unns 2unnu unn5ug 4uno 4un\u00F3 uns4an 4unt 1unu 4unur 4un\"x\n4un\u00F6 2u3o uol4 4u\u00F3 2up upp1 upp5a uppal5 upp4i 3ur. 2ura ura4f ur5a4m ur2an\nur5anna 2ur\u00E1 ur\u00F0a5r\u00E1 2ure u1rek ur3ey 4u1r\u00E9 urf4a ur3fl urg4e ur3gj ur5in\n4urit 4ur\u00ED u3r\u00EDk ur3j4 urk4a ur1m ur3n\u00ED 4uro 4ur\u00F3 ur1sk4 ur3sna ur4sta\nur4sv\u00F6 ur5til urt4ir ur1u ur4unn 4urus ur3v4 ur4vis 4uryk 4ur\u00FD 2ur\"x 4ur\u00F6\n2usa u3sal 4us4\u00E1 2use 4us\u00ED 2usj 4u1sk 4usl 2u3s4m 2usn 4uso 4us\u00F3 4usp\nu5starf 4ust\u00E1 4uste 2ust\u00E9 2usti 2ust\u00ED 4usto 4ust\u00F3 4ustr 3ustu. 2ust\u00FA 4usty\n4ust\u00FD 4ust\"x 4ust\u00F6 u5sund 4u3sv 4usy 2us\u00FD 2us\u00F6 2ut ut3a\u00F0 ut2as u3te u5til\nu3t\u00F3 ut4st\u00F3 ut2\u00FA u1t\"x 2u3u 4u5\u00FA 4u3v 2uy u3yf 2u1't 4u\"x 2u5\u00F6 \u00FA1a \u00FAal4\n\u00FA3arf \u00FAb3an \u00FAbli3 \u00FA\u00F03ar \u00FA\u00F05g \u00FA3e \u00FAf5ar \u00FAfl2 \u00FAf5li \u00FAf5ly \u00FAfs4\u00E1 \u00FA5gala \u00FAg\u00F33\n\u00FA4g\"x 4\u00FA1i \u00FAk1l \u00FAkr1u \u00FAk4s \u00FAl5er 5\u00FAl4f \u00FAlf5al \u00FAl4\u00ED3 \u00FAl\u00EDp4 \u00FA3lo 4\u00FA2m \u00FAm4r\n\u00FAm4si \u00FA4n \u00FAnd4ug \u00FAn4g\u00F6 \u00FApl5i \u00FAr5ef \u00FAr\u00EDt4 \u00FAr5sl \u00FAr1t \u00FAr3un \u00FAr5v \u00FA3r\"x 2\u00FAs\n\u00FA4sa \u00FAs3ei \u00FAs3\u00ED \u00FAs4sti \u00FAs4sv \u00FAs1v \u00FAt3e \u00FAt2he \u00FAti5f \u00FAt2is \u00FAtj4 \u00FAt1l2 \u00FAt1r\n4\u00FA1u \u00FA1v \u00FA4va \u00FA5't v2a2 va\u00F0r5 va5fo va5h 5vallag va4n var4ma varps3 var5\u00FA\nvar4v v3ast va4t 3vax ve\u00F05l ve3fe 1veg v2ei 3vei\u00F0 vein4as 5veis 4velg 2vep\nv4er 1ver\u00F0 ver3gj 3verk ver2s v\u00E92 v5\u00E9s v3\u00E9t5 2v3h v2i 2vi. v4i\u00F0 5vi\u00F0ar vi\u00F03l\nvil4i vi3li\u00F0 3viln vi4lo vin3gj 4vip 3virk visk5un 3viss vis4v 5vita vitk5\nvit2n 4viv 4v\u00EDb 2v\u00ED\u00F0 5v\u00EDk 3v\u00EDsi v\u00EDsl3a v\u00ED1v 2vn vo3k vol4 vork4 vor4r 4vr1\n4vs 2vu v1u\u00F0 v1un 5v\"xg wa4 win4s4 x5ar x2as x3e x3f x5i xis4 x\u00ED3 x\u00EDk4 x5\u00EDu\nxt5a\u00F0 x1u4 y5ba y\u00F02s yf5a yf1i yfj5a\u00F0 yft4is y1i yj3ar yj5\u00F3 yk5e yk3i yk3su\nyk3u yk3v ylf5i ylgn4 yll5a yl4v ym3a ymp5\u00ED y4n ynj5ar ynj3\u00F3 yn4k yn4t yn5u\nyp2us yr5e yr1i yr3il yrir3 yrj3 yrkv3a yr2l yr2s yr1u y2s ysj3 ys2s yst3ug\nyt4h ytil4 yt4k y3v \u00FD5a \u00FDaf5 \u00FD5\u00E1 \u00FD\u00F02s \u00FDfl4 \u00FD3flu \u00FDg4r \u00FDg4u\u00F0 \u00FD1i \u00FDja5f4 \u00FDm4a\n\u00FDm4k \u00FDpru4 \u00FDp2s \u00FDrf4 \u00FDri3m \u00FDri5p4 \u00FDr3l \u00FD4si \u00FDsig4 \u00FDs4l \u00FDs4m \u00FD3st\u00E1 \u00FD5u \u00FD5\u00FA\n\u00FD3v \u00FD5y z\u00F34 't2a 'tam4 'tarf5a 'tar4m 4'tb 't2i 'tist3i 'tj\u00F34 'tol5a 'tor3f4\n'tor3g 'torm4 't1\u00F3l 3't\u00F3r 't\u00F3r5i 't2r2 'tra4 'tr\u00E1s4 'tris4 'tr\u00EDl4 'tr\u00ED3t\n'tru4 'tum5a 'tumb3 'tur2 't\u00FAs3 't2v 'tver5sk \"x1b \"x\u00F0n5 \"x\u00F0nis5 \"x\u00F02s\n\"x\u00F04ug 4\"xf \"xf1a \"x4fi \"xf3ust \"xg5ist \"x1i \"xj3 \"xj4al \"xjark4 \"xk1a\n\"xk1li \"xk3u \"x2l \"xl3an \"xl3e \"xl3us \"xm3a \"xm4al \"x4mundu \"xnak4 \"xn4k\n\"xr1a \"xr3e \"xrg\u00F6ng5 \"xrif4 \"xr3ist \"xri3sv \"xr3l \"xr4n \"xr2s \"xr5un \"xr1us\n\"x5r\u00FA \"xs4is \"xt5ise \"xtl5i \"x5u \"xva5g \"x5val \"xv3ar \"xv4ara \"x3ve \"xv3in\n\u00F6\u00F02 \u00F6\u00F0l3 \u00F6\u00F0m5 \u00F6\u00F03un \u00F6\u00F0v5an \u00F6\u00F0v3ar \u00F61fa \u00F6fl3\u00F3 \u00F6fn5 \u00F6fr3u \u00F6f3u \u00F64g \u00F6g3gj \u00F6ggv3\n\u00F6g1re \u00F6g2us \u00F6k5e \u00F6k5r\u00E1 \u00F6k3st \u00F6k3ul \u00F6kv3a \u00F64l \u00F6l1f4 \u00F6lk2 \u00F6lu5mi \u00F6l5un \u00F6l2v\n\u00F6lv5an \u00F6m4b \u00F6m3u \u00F6nd4l \u00F6ng5sv \u00F6ng4us \u00F6ng4v \u00F6ngv3a \u00F6nk3 \u00F6nn4l \u00F6n3ug \u00F6n5un\n\u00F6r1e \u00F6r4ge \u00F6r4lan \u00F6rm5un \u00F6r3\u00F3 \u00F6r3ug \u00F6r1un \u00F6r3und \u00F6rus4 \u00F6r2v 4\u00F6rva \u00F6rv5al\n\u00F6rv5an \u00F6rv5ar \u00F6rv4i \u00F6r1y \u00F6r5\"x \u00F64s \u00F6sk3ul \u00F6s3u \u00F6t4s \u00F63tug \u00F6t2v \u00F6tv3a \u00F65u \"4x\n\"4o '4t '4d '4a '4e '4i '4o '4u '4y\n"
IT = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.patterns ".a3p2n % After the Garzanti dictionary: a-pnea, a-pnoi-co,...\n.anti1 .anti3m2n .bio1 .ca4p3s .circu2m1 .contro1 .di2s3cine .e2x1eu\n.fran2k3 .free3 .narco1 .opto1 .orto3p2 .para1 .poli3p2 .pre1 .p2s .re1i2scr\n.sha2re3 .tran2s3c .tran2s3d .tran2s3l .tran2s3n .tran2s3p .tran2s3r .tran2s3t\n.su2b3lu .su2b3r .wa2g3n .wel2t1 '2 a1ia a1ie a1io a1iu a1uo a1ya 2at. e1iu\ne2w o1ia o1ie o1io o1iu 1b 2bb 2bc 2bd 2bf 2bm 2bn 2bp 2bs 2bt 2bv b2l b2r\n2b. 2b' 1c 2cb 2cc 2cd 2cf 2ck 2cm 2cn 2cq 2cs 2ct 2cz 2chh c2h 2chb ch2r\n2chn c2l c2r 2c. 2c' .c2 1d 2db 2dd 2dg 2dl 2dm 2dn 2dp d2r 2ds 2dt 2dv 2dw\n2d. 2d' .d2 1f 2fb 2fg 2ff 2fn f2l f2r 2fs 2ft 2f. 2f' 1g 2gb 2gd 2gf 2gg\ng2h g2l 2gm g2n 2gp g2r 2gs 2gt 2gv 2gw 2gz 2gh2t 2g. 2g' 1h 2hb 2hd 2hh\nhi3p2n h2l 2hm 2hn 2hr 2hv 2h. 2h' 1j 2j. 2j' 1k 2kg 2kf k2h 2kk k2l 2km k2r\n2ks 2kt 2k. 2k' 1l 2lb 2lc 2ld 2l3f2 2lg l2h 2lk 2ll 2lm 2ln 2lp 2lq 2lr 2ls\n2lt 2lv 2lw 2lz 2l. 2l'. 2l'' 1m 2mb 2mc 2mf 2ml 2mm 2mn 2mp 2mq 2mr 2ms 2mt\n2mv 2mw 2m. 2m' 1n 2nb 2nc 2nd 2nf 2ng 2nk 2nl 2nm 2nn 2np 2nq 2nr 2ns\nn2s3fer 2nt 2nv 2nz n2g3n 2nheit 2n. 2n' 1p 2pd p2h p2l 2pn 3p2ne 2pp p2r\n2ps 3p2sic 2pt 2pz 2p. 2p' 1q 2qq 2q. 2q' 1r 2rb 2rc 2rd 2rf r2h 2rg 2rk 2rl\n2rm 2rn 2rp 2rq 2rr 2rs 2rt r2t2s3 2rv 2rx 2rw 2rz 2r. 2r' 1s2 2shm 2s3s\ns4s3m 2s3p2n 2stb 2stc 2std 2stf 2stg 2stm 2stn 2stp 2sts 2stt 2stv 2sz 4s.\n4s'. 4s'' 1t 2tb 2tc 2td 2tf 2tg t2h t2l 2tm 2tn 2tp t2r t2s 3t2sch 2tt\nt2t3s 2tv 2tw t2z 2tzk tz2s 2t. 2t'. 2t'' 1v 2vc v2l v2r 2vv 2v. 2v'. 2v''\n1w w2h wa2r 2w1y 2w. 2w' 1x 2xb 2xc 2xf 2xh 2xm 2xp 2xt 2xw 2x. 2x' y1ou y1i\n1z 2zb 2zd 2zl 2zn 2zp 2zt 2zs 2zv 2zz 2z. 2z'. 2z'' .z2\n"
MN = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.patterns ".aa2 .in2 .o\u00EB2 .oo2 .\u00F6\u00F62 .uu2 .\u00FC\u00FC2 .\u00E4\u00E42 aa2j a1d a2di\na\u00EF2b a1p asaa3 a1t a1f a1x a1c a3c2d a1q a1\u0161 a1\u0163 a2\u0171al 1ba\nba\u00EF2du ba3mi 2b1g 1bi 2bl 2b1r bu3j 1wa w1b 2w1g 2w1d 1we we2d w1j w1z\n1wi 2w1l 2w1n 1wo 1w\u00F6 2w1r w1s 2w1t 1wu 1w\u00FC w1c 2w1\u0161 1w\u00E4 1w\u0171\n1ga g1b g1w 2g1g 2g1d 2g1j 1gi 2g1l 2g1m 2g1n 1go go2di 1g\u00F6 g1r g2ram\n3gre 2gs 2g1t 1gu guuliu2 1g\u00FC g1x g1c 2g1q 2g1\u0161 g3\u0161i 1gy 1g\u00E4\ng\u00E42n\u00FC g\u0171l3 da1wy d1b 2d1w 2d1g 2d1d 2dek 2d1j dia1 2dit 2d1l 2d1m\n2d1n 2d1r 2d1s 2d1t 3d\u00FC\u00FC. 2d1x 2d1c 2d1q 2d\u015F 2d\u0165 e1b e1w e1g2\ne1d e1z e1i e1l e1m eo1 e1p e1re e3t2ru e1x e1c eci1 e1\u0161 \u00EB1d \u00EB1z\n\u00EBo2q \u00EBx2 1ja 2j1w 2j1g 2j1d 2j1j 1ji 3jig 3jin 2j1l 2j1m 2j1n 1j\u00F6\n2j1r 2j1s 2j1t 1ju 1j\u00FC 1jy 1j\u00E4 1za 2z1w 2z1g 2z1d 2z1j 1zi 2z1l 2z1m\n2z1n 1zo 1z\u00F6 2z1r 2z1s 2z1t 1zu 1z\u00FC z1x z1c z1q 2z1\u0161 1zy 2z\u0165\n1z\u00E4 ig2ra i1d i3dal i2dy i1j i1z il2di is3p i1t i1x i1c i1\u0161 \u00EF1b\n\u00EF1w \u00EF1g \u00EF2gr \u00EF1d \u00EF1j \u00EF1p \u00EF2pl \u00EF1r \u00EF1s \u00EF1t\n\u00EF1x \u00EF1c \u00EF1q 1ka 1ke k1j 1ki k1k k1l k1n ko1o ks3p k1t 1ku 2k1c\n1k\u00E4 1la 2l1b l1w 2l1g 2l1d 1le 2l1j 2l1z 1li 2l1l lli1 2l1m 2ln 1lo lo2d\n1l\u00F6 2l1r 2l1s 2l1t 1lu 1l\u00FC 2l1x 2l1c 2lq 2l\u0161 2l\u015F 1ly 2l\u0165\n1l\u00E4 l1\u0163 1ma m1b m1g m1d 1me 1mi 2min m1k2 m1l m1n 1mo 1m\u00F6 2m1p m1r\n1mu 1m\u00FC m1f m1x m1c m1\u0161 1my 1m\u00E4 1na n1b n1w n1g n2gr ng2re n1d\n1n\u00EBwrl  % The occasional Russian loan 1ni n1k n1l n1m 1no 1n\u00F6 n1p n1s\nn3s2d n1t 1nu 1n\u00FC n1x n1c 1ny 1n\u00E4 n1\u0171 o1a o1b o1g2r o1d o1e o1j\no1ne on3st on3t o1p2 o2pe o1sp o1t o1f o1x o1c o1\u00E4 \u00F61d \u00F61j \u00F62ri\n\u00F61x \u00F61c \u00F61q 2p1d po1 po3s 2p1p 2pra p2ro 2p1t 1ra 2rab r1b r1w 2r1g\n2r1d 1ri 2r1l r1m 2r1n 1ro 1r\u00F6 r1p r1r 2r1s 2r1t 1ru 2ruk 1r\u00FC 2r1x r1c\n2rq 2r1\u0161 1ry 1r\u00E4 1sa s1b 2s1w 2s1g 2s1d 1se 2s1j s1z 1si 1sk2 2skw\n2s1l 2s1m 2s1n 1so 1s\u00F6 s1p s2pe s2pi 2s1r 2s1s 2s1t 1su 1s\u00FC s1f 2s1x\ns1c 2s1q s3\u01612t 1sy 1s\u00E4 1ta 2t1b 2t1w 2t1g 2t1d 2t1j 2t1z 1ti 2t1l 2t1m\n2t1n 1to 1t\u00F6 2t1r t2ro 1tru 2t1s 2t1t 1t\u00FC 2t1x 2t1c 2t1q 2t1\u0161 1ty\n1t\u00E4 u1d u2ji u1z u1l u1t u1f u1x u1c u1\u0161 \u00FC1d \u00FC1z \u00FC2z\u00E4\n\u00FC1l \u00FC1p \u00FCs2d \u00FC1x \u00FC1c \u00FC1\u0161 f1d f1m 1fo 1xa xaa2dy xa2\u0163\n2x1b 2x1w 2x1g 2x1d 2x1j 2x1z 1xi xi2da 2xi\u0165 2x1l 2x1m 2x1n 1xo 1x\u00F6\n2x1r 2x1s 2x1t 1xu xu3j 1x\u00FC 2x1x 2x1c 2xq 2x1\u0161 1xy 2x\u0165 1x\u00E4 1ca\n2c1w 2c1g 2c1d 2c1j 2c1l 2c1m 2c1n 2c1r 2c1s 2c1t 2c1x 2c1q 2c\u015F 1qa q1w\n2q1g 2q1d 1qi 2q1l 2q1m 2q1n 1qo 2q1r 2q1s 2q1t 1qu 1q\u00FC 2q1x 1q\u00E4\n1\u0161a \u01611b 2\u01611w 2\u01611g 2\u01611d 2\u01611j 1\u0161i 2\u01611k 2\u01611l 2\u01611m\n2\u01611n 1\u0161o 1\u0161\u00F6 2\u01611r 2\u01611s 2\u01611t 1\u0161u 1\u0161\u00FC\n\u0161\u00FC\u00FC3l\u0165 2\u01611x 2\u01611q 1\u0161\u00E4 \u015F1e2 \u015F1\u00EB2 \u015F1\u01712\ny1g y1s y1x \u01651b \u01651d \u01651k \u01651t \u01651x \u01651c \u01651q \u01651\u0161\n\u01651\u01712 \u00E41d \u00E41j \u00E41z \u00E42n\u00E4xi \u00E41x \u00E41c 2\u0163d 1\u0171a\n\u01711d \u0171n\u01612d \u01711t \u01711x \u01711\u0161\n"
PL = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.patterns ".\u0107\u01078 .\u0107\u01428 .\u0107\u01448 .\u0107\u015B8 .\u0107\u017A8 .\u0107\u017C8 .\u01078 .\u0107b8 .\u0107c8 .\u0107d8 .\u0107f8 .\u0107g8 .\u0107h8 .\u0107j8 .\u0107k8\n.\u0107l8 .\u0107m8 .\u0107n8 .\u0107p8 .\u0107r8 .\u0107s8 .\u0107t8 .\u0107v8 .\u0107w8 .\u0107wier2\u01073 .\u0107x8 .\u0107z8 .\u0142\u01078 .\u0142\u01428\n.\u0142\u01448 .\u0142\u015B8 .\u0142\u017A8 .\u0142\u017C8 .\u01428 .\u0142b8 .\u0142c8 .\u0142d8 .\u0142f8 .\u0142g8 .\u0142h8 .\u0142j8 .\u0142k8 .\u0142l8 .\u0142m8\n.\u0142n8 .\u0142p8 .\u0142r8 .\u0142s8 .\u0142t8 .\u0142v8 .\u0142w8 .\u0142x8 .\u0142z8 .\u0144\u01078 .\u0144\u01428 .\u0144\u01448 .\u0144\u015B8 .\u0144\u017A8 .\u0144\u017C8\n.\u01448 .\u0144b8 .\u0144c8 .\u0144d8 .\u0144f8 .\u0144g8 .\u0144h8 .\u0144j8 .\u0144k8 .\u0144l8 .\u0144m8 .\u0144n8 .\u0144p8 .\u0144r8 .\u0144s8\n.\u0144t8 .\u0144v8 .\u0144w8 .\u0144x8 .\u0144z8 .\u015B\u01078 .\u015B\u01428 .\u015B\u01448 .\u015B\u015B8 .\u015B\u017A8 .\u015B\u017C8 .\u015B8 .\u015Bb8 .\u015Bc8 .\u015Bd8\n.\u015Bf8 .\u015Bg8 .\u015Bh8 .\u015Bj8 .\u015Bk8 .\u015Bl8 .\u015Bm8 .\u015Bn8 .\u015Bp8 .\u015Br\u00F32d5 .\u015Br\u00F3dr2 .\u015Br8 .\u015Bs8 .\u015Bt8\n.\u015Bv8 .\u015Bw8 .\u015Bwiat\u0142o3w2 .\u015Bx8 .\u015Bz8 .\u017A\u01078 .\u017A\u01428 .\u017A\u01448 .\u017A\u015B8 .\u017A\u017A8 .\u017A\u017C8 .\u017A8 .\u017Ab8 .\u017Ac8\n.\u017Ad\u017A8 .\u017Ad8 .\u017Af8 .\u017Ag8 .\u017Ah8 .\u017Aj8 .\u017Ak8 .\u017Al8 .\u017Am8 .\u017An8 .\u017Ap8 .\u017Ar8 .\u017As8 .\u017At8 .\u017Av8\n.\u017Aw8 .\u017Ax8 .\u017Az8 .\u017C\u01078 .\u017C\u01428 .\u017C\u01448 .\u017C\u015B8 .\u017C\u017A8 .\u017C\u017C8 .\u017C8 .\u017Cb8 .\u017Cc8 .\u017Cd8 .\u017Cf8 .\u017Cg8\n.\u017Ch8 .\u017Cj8 .\u017Ck8 .\u017Cl8 .\u017Cm8 .\u017Cn8 .\u017Cp8 .\u017Cr8 .\u017Cs8 .\u017Ct8 .\u017Cv8 .\u017Cw8 .\u017Cx8 .\u017Cz8\n.a2b2s3t .a2d3 .ad4a .ad4e .ad4i .ad4o .ad4u .ad4y .ad5apt .ad5iu .ad5op\n.ad5or .ae3ro .aeroa2 .aeroe2 .aeroi2 .aeroo2 .aerou2 .antya2 .antye2\n.antyi2 .antyo2 .antyu2 .arcy3\u01422 .arcy3b2 .arcy3bz2 .arcy3k2 .arcy3m2\n.arcya2 .arcye2 .arcyi2 .arcyo2 .arcyu2 .au3g2 .au3k2 .au3t2 .auto3ch2\n.autoa2 .autoe2 .autoi2 .autoo2 .autotran2s3 .autou2 .b\u01078 .b\u01428 .b\u01448 .b\u015B8\n.b\u017A8 .b\u017C8 .b8 .bb8 .bc8 .bd8 .be2z3 .be3z4an .be3z4ec .be3z4ik .bezch2\n.bezm2 .bezo2 .bezo2b1j .bezw2 .bezzw2 .bf8 .bg8 .bh8 .bj8 .bk8 .bl8 .bm8\n.bn8 .bp8 .br8 .brz8 .bs8 .bt8 .bv8 .bw8 .bx8 .bz8 .c\u01078 .c\u01428 .c\u01448 .c\u015B8 .c\u017A8\n.c\u017C8 .c8 .ca\u0142o3\u015B2 .ca\u0142o3k2 .cb8 .cc8 .cd8 .cf8 .cg8 .ch8 .chrz8 .cienko3w2\n.ciep\u0142o3kr2 .cj8 .ck8 .cl8 .cm8 .cn8 .cp8 .cr8 .cs8 .ct8 .cv8 .cw8 .cx8 .cz8\n.czarno3k2 .czk8 .cztere2ch3 .czterechse2t3 .cztero3\u015B2 .czw\u00F32r3 .czw\u00F33r4\u0105\n.czw\u00F33r4\u0119 .czw\u00F33r4a .czw\u00F33r4e .czw\u00F33r4o .d\u01078 .d\u01428 .d\u0142ugo3tr2 .d\u0142ugo3w2 .d\u01448\n.d\u015B8 .d\u017A8 .d\u017C8 .d8 .daleko3w2 .db8 .dc8 .dd8 .de2z3 .de3z4a3bil .de3z4a3wu\n.de3z4el .de3z4er .de3z4y .deza2 .dezo2 .df8 .dg8 .dh8 .dj8 .dk8 .dl8 .dm8\n.dn8 .do3\u01072 .do3\u01422 .do3\u015B2 .do3\u017A2 .do3\u017C2 .do3b2 .do3c2 .do3d2 .do3f2 .do3g2\n.do3h2 .do3k2 .do3l2 .do3m2 .do3p2 .do3r2 .do3s2 .do3t2 .do3w2 .do3z2\n.do4\u01423k .do4k3t .do4l3n .do4m3k .do4r3s .do4w3c .do5m4k2n .dobr2 .dobrz2\n.doch2 .docz2 .dod\u017A2 .dod\u017C2 .dodz2 .dogrz2 .dopch2 .doprz2 .dor\u017C2 .dorz2\n.dosch2 .dosm2 .dosz2 .dotk2 .dotr2 .dp8 .dr8 .drogo3w2 .drz8 .ds8 .dt8 .dv8\n.dw\u00F32j3 .dw\u00F33j4\u0105 .dw\u00F33j4\u0119 .dw\u00F33j4a .dw\u00F33j4e .dw\u00F33j4o .dw8 .dx8 .dy2s3 .dy2z3\n.dy3s4e .dy3s4o .dy3s4ta .dy3s4y .dy3sz .dy3z4e .dyzu2 .dz8 .dziesi\u0119cio3\u015B2\n.dziewi\u0119\u0107se2t3 .dziewi\u01192\u01073 .dziewi\u0119cio3\u015B2 .e2k2s3 .e2m3e2s5ze2t .e2s1e2s1ma\n.e2s1ha .e2s1t .egoa2 .egoe2 .egoi2 .egoo2 .egou2 .eks4y .elektroa2\n.elektroe2 .elektroi2 .elektroo2 .elektrou2 .f\u01078 .f\u01428 .f\u01448 .f\u015B8 .f\u017A8 .f\u017C8\n.f8 .fb8 .fc8 .fd8 .ff8 .fg8 .fh8 .fj8 .fk8 .fl8 .fm8 .fn8 .fp8 .fr8 .fs8\n.ft8 .fv8 .fw8 .fx8 .fz8 .g\u01078 .g\u01428 .g\u01448 .g\u015B8 .g\u017A8 .g\u017C8 .g8 .gb8 .gc8 .gd8\n.ge2o3 .gf8 .gg8 .gh8 .gj8 .gk8 .gl8 .gm8 .gn8 .go2u3 .gp8 .gr8 .grubo3w2\n.grz8 .gs8 .gt8 .gv8 .gw8 .gx8 .gz8 .h\u01078 .h\u01428 .h\u01448 .h\u015B8 .h\u017A8 .h\u017C8 .h8 .hb8\n.hc8 .hd8 .hf8 .hg8 .hh8 .hipe2r3 .hipe3r4o .hipera2 .hipere2 .hj8 .hk8 .hl8\n.hm8 .hn8 .hp8 .hr8 .hs8 .ht8 .hv8 .hw8 .hx8 .hz8 .i2n3 .i2s3l .i3n4ic\n.i3n4o .i3n4u .i4n5o2k .in4f3lan .ino3w2 .izoa2 .izoe2 .izoi2 .izoo2 .izou2\n.j\u01078 .j\u01428 .j\u01448 .j\u015B8 .j\u017A8 .j\u017C8 .j8 .jad\u0142o3w2 .jb8 .jc8 .jd8 .jf8 .jg8 .jh8\n.jj8 .jk8 .jl8 .jm8 .jn8 .jp8 .jr8 .js8 .jt8 .jv8 .jw8 .jx8 .jz8 .k\u01078 .k\u01428\n.k\u01448 .k\u015B8 .k\u017A8 .k\u017C8 .k8 .kb8 .kc8 .kd8 .kf8 .kg8 .kh8 .kilkuse2t3\n.kilkuseto2 .kj8 .kk8 .kl8 .km8 .kn8 .ko\u0142o3w2 .kon2t2r3 .kon3tr4a .kon3tr4e\n.kon3tr4o3l .kon3tr4o3w .kon3tr4y .kon4tr5a2gi .kon4tr5a2se .kon4tr5a2sy\n.kon4tr5a2ta .kon4tr5adm .kon4tr5akc .kon4tr5alt .kon4tr5arg .kontro2\n.kontru2 .kp8 .kr\u00F3tko3tr2 .kr\u00F3tko3w2 .kr8 .kro2\u01073 .krz8 .ks8 .kt8 .kv8 .kw8\n.kx8 .kz8 .l\u01078 .l\u01428 .l\u01448 .l\u015B8 .l\u017A8 .l\u017C8 .l8 .lb8 .lc8 .ld8 .lf8 .lg8 .lh8\n.lj8 .lk8 .ll8 .lm8 .ln8\n.lp8\n.lr8 .ls8 .lt8 .ludo3w2 .lv8 .lw8 .lx8 .lz8 .m\u01078 .m\u01428 .m\u01448 .m\u015B8 .m\u017A8 .m\u017C8\n.m8 .mb8 .mc8 .md8 .mf8 .mg8 .mh8 .mili3amp .mj8 .mk8 .ml8 .mm8 .mn8\\u017Cno3w2 .mp8 .mr8 .ms8 .mt8 .mv8 .mw8 .mx8 .mz8 .n\u01078 .n\u01428 .n\u01448 .n\u015B8 .n\u017A8\n.n\u017C8 .n8 .na2d2 .na2j .na3\u01072 .na3\u01422 .na3\u015B2 .na3\u017A2 .na3\u017C2 .na3b2 .na3c2\n.na3d\u0105 .na3d\u0119 .na3d\u017A2 .na3d4\u0142ub .na3d4ir .na3d4much .na3d4r\u0119cz .na3d4r2w\n.na3d4repcz .na3d4rept .na3d4ruk .na3d4rz .na3d4worn .na3daj .na3de .na3do\n.na3dy .na3dzi .na3f2 .na3g2 .na3h2 .na3j\u0105 .na3j\u0119 .na3jazd .na3je .na3k2\n.na3l2 .na3m2 .na3p2 .na3r2 .na3s2 .na3t2 .na3u2 .na3w2 .na3z2 .na4d3o2b2\u0142\n.na4d3o2bojcz .na4d3o2bowi .na4d3o2brot .na4d3o2drz .na4d3o2kien .na4d3olbrz\n.na4d5rz\u0105 .na4d5rz\u0119 .na4d5rzecz .na4d5rzy .na4d5ziem .na4f3c .na4f3t\n.na4j3e2f .na4j3e2g .na4j3e2k2s .na4j3e2ko .na4j3e2n .na4j3e2r .na4j3e2s\n.na4j3e2w .na4j3emf .na4j3eu .na4r3c .na4r3d .na4r3k .na4r3r .na4r3t .nabrz2\n.nach2 .nacz2 .nad\u015Brod5ziem .nad3\u01072 .nad3\u01422 .nad3\u015B2 .nad3b2 .nad3c2 .nad3d2\n.nad3e2tat .nad3f2 .nad3g2 .nad3h2 .nad3i2 .nad3j2 .nad3k2 .nad3l2 .nad3m2\n.nad3n2 .nad3p2 .nad3r2 .nad3s2 .nad3t2 .nad3u2 .nad3w2 .nad5\u017C2 .nad5z\u00F3\n.nad5z2mys .nad5zo .nad5zwycz .nadch2 .nadcz2 .nadd\u017A2 .nade3\u01072 .nade3\u01422\n.nade3\u015B2 .nade3\u017A2 .nade3\u017C2 .nade3b2 .nade3c2 .nade3d2 .nade3f2 .nade3g2\n.nade3h2 .nade3k2 .nade3l2 .nade3m2 .nade3p2 .nade3r2 .nade3s2 .nade3t2\n.nade3w2 .nade3z2 .nade4p3c .nade4p3n .nade4p3t .nadech2 .nadecz2 .naded\u017A2\n.naded\u017C2 .nadedz2 .nader\u017C2 .naderz2 .nadesz2 .nadsz2 .nadtr2 .nadz2 .nagrz2\n.naj3\u01072 .naj3\u01422 .naj3\u015B2 .naj3\u017A2 .naj3\u017C2 .naj3akt .naj3au .naj3b2 .naj3c2\n.naj3d2 .naj3f2 .naj3g2 .naj3h2 .naj3i2 .naj3k2 .naj3l2 .naj3m2 .naj3o2\n.naj3o2\u01072 .naj3o2\u01422 .naj3o2\u015B2 .naj3o2\u017A2 .naj3o2\u017C2 .naj3o2b2 .naj3o2c2\n.naj3o2d2 .naj3o2f2 .naj3o2g2 .naj3o2h2 .naj3o2k2 .naj3o2l2 .naj3o2m2\n.naj3o2p2 .naj3o2r2 .naj3o2s2 .naj3o2t2 .naj3o2w2 .naj3o2z2 .naj3p2 .naj3r2\n.naj3ro2z3 .naj3s2 .naj3t2 .naj3u2 .naj3w2 .naj3z2 .najbe2z3 .najbezw2\n.najch2 .najcz2 .najd\u017A2 .najd\u017C2 .najdo3\u01072 .najdo3\u01422 .najdo3\u015B2 .najdo3\u017A2\n.najdo3\u017C2 .najdo3b2 .najdo3c2 .najdo3d2 .najdo3f2 .najdo3g2 .najdo3h2\n.najdo3k2 .najdo3l2 .najdo3m2 .najdo3p2 .najdo3r2 .najdo3s2 .najdo3t2\n.najdo3w2 .najdo3z2 .najdoch2 .najdocz2 .najdod\u017A2 .najdod\u017C2 .najdodz2\n.najdorz2 .najdosz2 .najdotk2 .najdz2 .najkr2 .najob3\u01072 .najob3\u01422 .najob3\u015B2\n.najob3\u017A2 .najob3\u017C2 .najob3c2 .najob3d2 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.ponad3j2 .ponad3k2\n.ponad3l2 .ponad3p2 .ponad3s2 .ponad3t2 .ponadz2 .ponarz2 .ponasm2 .ponasz2\n.ponaz3m2 .ponazw2 .ponie3k2 .ponie3w2 .popch2 .popo3w2 .poprz2 .por4t1w\n.por4tf .por4tm .poro2z3 .poro3z4u .porz2 .posch2 .posm2 .posz2 .potk2\n.potr2 .poz4m2 .poza3u2 .pozw2\n.pp8\n.pr8 .pra3s2 .pra3w2nu .pra3w2z .prapra3w2nu .predy2s3po .prz8 .prze\u0142k2\n.prze2d2 .prze3\u01072 .prze3\u01422 .prze3\u015B2 .prze3\u017A2 .prze3\u017C2 .prze3b2 .prze3c2\n.prze3d\u0105 .prze3d\u0119 .prze3d\u017A2 .prze3d4\u0142u\u017C .prze3d4much .prze3d4o3br\n.prze3d4o3st .prze3d4o3zo .prze3d4ramat .prze3d4ruk .prze3d4ryl .prze3d4rz2\n.prze3d4um .prze3dy .prze3dz2 .prze3e2k2s3 .prze3f2 .prze3g2 .prze3h2\n.prze3k2 .prze3l2 .prze3m2 .prze3n2 .prze3p2 .prze3r2 .prze3s2 .prze3t2\n.prze3u2 .prze3w2 .prze3z2 .prze4d5\u0142u\u017Cyc .prze4d5\u017C2 .prze4d5o4stat\n.prze4d5za .prze4d5zg2 .prze4d5zim .prze4d5zj .prze4d5zl .prze4d5zw2r\n.prze4d5zwoj .przebr2 .przebrz2 .przech2 .przechrz2 .przeci2w3 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.x\u01428 .x\u01448 .x\u015B8 .x\u017A8\n.x\u017C8 .x8 .xb8 .xc8 .xd8 .xf8 .xg8 .xh8 .xj8 .xk8 .xl8 .xm8 .xn8 .xp8 .xr8\n.xs8 .xt8 .xv8 .xw8 .xx8 .xz8 .z\u01078 .z\u01428 .z\u0142o3w2 .z\u01448 .z\u015B8 .z\u017A8 .z\u017C8 .z8\n.za3\u01072 .za3\u01422 .za3\u015B2 .za3\u017A2 .za3\u017C2 .za3b2 .za3c2 .za3d2 .za3f2 .za3g2 .za3h2\n.za3k2 .za3l2 .za3m2 .za3o2b3r .za3o2b3s .za3p2 .za3r2 .za3s2 .za3t2 .za3u2\n.za3w2 .za3z2 .za4k3t .za4l3g .za4l3k .za4l3t .za4m3k .za4r3ch .za4uto\n.za5m4k2n .zabr2 .zabrz2 .zach2 .zacz2 .zad\u017A2 .zad\u017C2 .zado\u015B\u0107u4 .zado2\u015B\u01073\n.zadr2 .zady2s3po .zadz2 .zagrz2 .zai2n3 .zai2zo .zain4ic .zakl2 .zakr2\n.zakrz2 .zanie3d2 .zar\u017C2 .zarz2 .zasch2 .zasm2 .zasz2 .zatk2 .zatr2 .zb8\n.zc8 .zd8 .zde2z3 .zde3z4awu .zde3z4el .zde3z4er .zde3z4y .zdy2s3kont\n.zdy2s3kred .zdy2s3kwal .ze3\u01072 .ze3\u01422 .ze3\u015B2 .ze3\u017A2 .ze3\u017C2 .ze3b2 .ze3c2\n.ze3d2 .ze3f2 .ze3g2 .ze3h2 .ze3k2 .ze3l2 .ze3m2 .ze3p2 .ze3r2 .ze3s2 .ze3t2\n.ze3tk2 .ze3w2 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2b1\u0107 2b1\u0144 2b1\u015B 2b1\u017A 2b1\u017C 2b1c 2b1d 2b1f 2b1g 2b1k 2b1m 2b1n 2b1p 2b1s\n2b1t 2b1z 2brn 2c1\u0107 2c1\u0144 2c1\u015B 2c1\u017A 2c1\u017C 2c1b 2c1d 2c1f 2c1g 2c1k 2c1l 2c1m\n2c1n 2c1p 2c1s 2c1t 2ch1\u0107 2ch1\u0144 2ch1\u015B 2ch1\u017A 2ch1\u017C 2ch1b 2ch1c 2ch1d 2ch1f\n2ch1g 2ch1k 2ch1m 2ch1n 2ch1p 2ch1s 2ch1t 2ch1z 2cz1\u0107 2cz1\u0144 2cz1\u015B 2cz1\u017A\n2cz1\u017C 2cz1b 2cz1c 2cz1d 2cz1f 2cz1g 2cz1k 2cz1l 2cz1m 2cz1n 2cz1p 2cz1s\n2cz1t 2cz1z 2d\u0142b 2d\u0142sz 2d\u017A1\u0107 2d\u017A1\u0144 2d\u017A1\u015B 2d\u017A1\u017A 2d\u017A1\u017C 2d\u017A1b 2d\u017A1c 2d\u017A1d 2d\u017A1f\n2d\u017A1g 2d\u017A1k 2d\u017A1m 2d\u017A1n 2d\u017A1p 2d\u017A1s 2d\u017A1t 2d\u017A1z 2d\u017C1\u0107 2d\u017C1\u0144 2d\u017C1\u015B 2d\u017C1\u017A\n2d\u017C1\u017C 2d\u017C1b 2d\u017C1c 2d\u017C1d 2d\u017C1f 2d\u017C1g 2d\u017C1k 2d\u017C1m 2d\u017C1n 2d\u017C1p 2d\u017C1s 2d\u017C1t\n2d\u017C1z 2d1\u0107 2d1\u0144 2d1\u015B 2d1b 2d1c 2d1f 2d1g 2d1k 2d1m 2d1n 2d1p 2d1s 2d1t 2drn\n2dz1\u0107 2dz1\u0144 2dz1\u015B 2dz1\u017A 2dz1\u017C 2dz1b 2dz1c 2dz1d 2dz1f 2dz1g 2dz1k 2dz1l\n2dz1m 2dz1n 2dz1p 2dz1s 2dz1t 2dz1z 2f1c 2f1k 2f1m 2f1n 2g\u0142b 2g1\u0107 2g1\u0144 2g1\u015B\n2g1\u017A 2g1\u017C 2g1b 2g1c 2g1d 2g1f 2g1k 2g1m 2g1p 2g1s 2g1t 2g1z 2h1\u0107 2h1\u0142 2h1\u0144\n2h1\u015B 2h1\u017A 2h1\u017C 2h1b 2h1c 2h1d 2h1f 2h1g 2h1j 2h1k 2h1l 2h1m 2h1n 2h1p 2h1r\n2h1s 2h1t 2h1w 2h1z 2j1\u0107 2j1\u0142 2j1\u0144 2j1\u015B 2j1\u017A 2j1\u017C 2j1b 2j1c 2j1d 2j1f 2j1g\n2j1h 2j1k 2j1l 2j1m 2j1n 2j1p 2j1r 2j1s 2j1t 2j1w 2j1z 2k\u0142b 2k1\u0107 2k1\u0144 2k1\u015B\n2k1\u017A 2k1\u017C 2k1b 2k1c 2k1d 2k1f 2k1g 2k1m 2k1n 2k1p 2k1s 2k1sz 2k1t 2k1z 2l1\u0107\n2l1\u0142 2l1\u0144 2l1\u015B 2l1\u017A 2l1\u017C 2l1b 2l1c 2l1d 2l1f 2l1g 2l1h 2l1j 2l1k 2l1m 2l1n\n2l1p 2l1r 2l1s 2l1t 2l1w 2l1z 2m1\u0107 2m1\u0142 2m1\u0144 2m1\u015B 2m1\u017A 2m1\u017C 2m1b 2m1c 2m1d\n2m1f 2m1g 2m1h 2m1j 2m1k 2m1l 2m1n 2m1p 2m1r 2m1s 2m1t 2m1w 2m1z 2n1\u0107 2n1\u0142\n2n1\u0144 2n1\u015B 2n1\u017A 2n1\u017C 2n1b 2n1c 2n1d 2n1f 2n1g 2n1h 2n1j 2n1k 2n1l 2n1m 2n1p\n2n1r 2n1s 2n1t 2n1w 2n1z 2ntn 2p1\u0107 2p1\u0144 2p1\u015B 2p1\u017A 2p1\u017C 2p1b 2p1c 2p1d 2p1f\n2p1g 2p1k 2p1m 2p1n 2p1s 2p1sz 2p1t 2p1z 2pln 2r1\u0107 2r1\u0142 2r1\u0144 2r1\u015B 2r1\u017A 2r1\u017C\n2r1b 2r1c 2r1d 2r1f 2r1g 2r1h 2r1j 2r1k 2r1l 2r1m 2r1n 2r1p 2r1s 2r1t 2r1w\n2rz1\u0107 2rz1\u0142 2rz1\u0144 2rz1\u015B 2rz1\u017A 2rz1\u017C 2rz1b 2rz1c 2rz1d 2rz1f 2rz1g 2rz1h\n2rz1j 2rz1k 2rz1l 2rz1m 2rz1n 2rz1p 2rz1r 2rz1s 2rz1t 2rz1w 2s\u0142b 2s1\u017A 2s1\u017C\n2s1b 2s1d 2s1f 2s1g 2s1s 2snk 2stk 2stn 2stsz 2sz1\u0107 2sz1\u015B 2sz1c 2sz1f 2sz1k\n2sz1l 2sz1m 2sz1n 2sz1p 2sz1s 2sz1t 2sz1w 2sz1z 2szln 2t1\u0107 2t1\u0144 2t1\u015B 2t1\u017A\n2t1\u017C 2t1b 2t1c 2t1d 2t1f 2t1g 2t1k 2t1m 2t1n 2t1p 2t1s 2t1z 2tln 2trk 2trzn\n2w1\u0107 2w1\u0142 2w1\u0144 2w1\u015B 2w1\u017A 2w1\u017C 2w1b 2w1c 2w1d 2w1f 2w1g 2w1j 2w1k 2w1l 2w1m\n2w1n 2w1p 2w1r 2w1s 2w1t 2w1z 2z1\u0107 2z1\u015B 2z1c 2z1d 2z1f 2z1k 2z1p 2z1s 2z1t\n2zdk 2zdn 3d2niow 3k2sz2t 3m2k2n 3m2nest 3m2nezj 3m2sk2n 3p2neu 3w2\u0142ad\n3w2\u0142os 3w2czas 4\u01073\u0107 4\u01423\u0142 4\u017A3\u017A 4\u017C3\u017C 4b3b 4c3c 4d3d 4f3f 4g3g 4h3h 4j3j 4k3k\n4l3l 4m3m 4n3n 4p3p 4r3r 4t3t 4w3w 4z3z 8\u0107. 8\u0107\u0107. 8\u0107\u0142. 8\u0107\u0144. 8\u0107\u015B. 8\u0107\u017A. 8\u0107\u017C.\n8\u0107b. 8\u0107c. 8\u0107d. 8\u0107f. 8\u0107g. 8\u0107h. 8\u0107j. 8\u0107k. 8\u0107l. 8\u0107m. 8\u0107n. 8\u0107p. 8\u0107r. 8\u0107s. 8\u0107t.\n8\u0107v. 8\u0107w. 8\u0107x. 8\u0107z. 8\u0142. 8\u0142\u0107. 8\u0142\u0142. 8\u0142\u0144. 8\u0142\u015B. 8\u0142\u017A. 8\u0142\u017C. 8\u0142b. 8\u0142c. 8\u0142d. 8\u0142f.\n8\u0142g. 8\u0142h. 8\u0142j. 8\u0142k. 8\u0142l. 8\u0142m. 8\u0142n. 8\u0142p. 8\u0142r. 8\u0142s. 8\u0142t. 8\u0142v. 8\u0142w. 8\u0142x. 8\u0142z.\n8\u0144. 8\u0144\u0107. 8\u0144\u0142. 8\u0144\u0144. 8\u0144\u015B. 8\u0144\u017A. 8\u0144\u017C. 8\u0144b. 8\u0144c. 8\u0144d. 8\u0144f. 8\u0144g. 8\u0144h. 8\u0144j. 8\u0144k.\n8\u0144l. 8\u0144m. 8\u0144n. 8\u0144p. 8\u0144r. 8\u0144s. 8\u0144t. 8\u0144v. 8\u0144w. 8\u0144x. 8\u0144z. 8\u015B. 8\u015B\u0107. 8\u015B\u0142. 8\u015B\u0144.\n8\u015B\u015B. 8\u015B\u017A. 8\u015B\u017C. 8\u015Bb. 8\u015Bc. 8\u015Bd. 8\u015Bf. 8\u015Bg. 8\u015Bh. 8\u015Bj. 8\u015Bk. 8\u015Bl. 8\u015Bm. 8\u015Bn. 8\u015Bp.\n8\u015Br. 8\u015Bs. 8\u015Bt. 8\u015Bv. 8\u015Bw. 8\u015Bx. 8\u015Bz. 8\u017A. 8\u017A\u0107. 8\u017A\u0142. 8\u017A\u0144. 8\u017A\u015B. 8\u017A\u017A. 8\u017A\u017C. 8\u017Ab.\n8\u017Ac. 8\u017Ad. 8\u017Af. 8\u017Ag. 8\u017Ah. 8\u017Aj. 8\u017Ak. 8\u017Al. 8\u017Am. 8\u017An. 8\u017Ap. 8\u017Ar. 8\u017As. 8\u017At. 8\u017Av.\n8\u017Aw. 8\u017Ax. 8\u017Az. 8\u017C. 8\u017C\u0107. 8\u017C\u0142. 8\u017C\u0144. 8\u017C\u015B. 8\u017C\u017A. 8\u017C\u017C. 8\u017Cb. 8\u017Cc. 8\u017Cd. 8\u017Cf. 8\u017Cg.\n8\u017Ch. 8\u017Cj. 8\u017Ck. 8\u017Cl. 8\u017Cm. 8\u017Cn. 8\u017Cp. 8\u017Cr. 8\u017Cs. 8\u017Ct. 8\u017Cv. 8\u017Cw. 8\u017Cx. 8\u017Cz. 8b.\n8b\u0107. 8b\u0142. 8b\u0144. 8b\u015B. 8b\u017A. 8b\u017C. 8bb. 8bc. 8bd. 8bf. 8bg. 8bh. 8bj. 8bk. 8bl.\n8bm. 8bn. 8bp. 8br. 8brz. 8bs. 8bt. 8bv. 8bw. 8bx. 8bz. 8c. 8c\u0107. 8c\u0142. 8c\u0144.\n8c\u015B. 8c\u017A. 8c\u017C. 8cb. 8cc. 8cd. 8cf. 8cg. 8ch. 8ch\u0142. 8chrz. 8chw. 8cj. 8ck.\n8cl. 8cm. 8cn. 8cp. 8cr. 8cs. 8ct. 8cv. 8cw. 8cx. 8cz. 8czt. 8d. 8d\u0107. 8d\u0142.\n8d\u0144. 8d\u015B. 8d\u017A. 8d\u017C. 8db. 8dc. 8dd. 8df. 8dg. 8dh. 8dj. 8dk. 8dl. 8dm. 8dn.\n8dp. 8dr. 8drz. 8ds. 8dt. 8dv. 8dw. 8dx. 8dz. 8f. 8f\u0107. 8f\u0142. 8f\u0144. 8f\u015B. 8f\u017A.\n8f\u017C. 8fb. 8fc. 8fd. 8ff. 8fg. 8fh. 8fj. 8fk. 8fl. 8fm. 8fn. 8fp. 8fr. 8fs.\n8ft. 8fv. 8fw. 8fx. 8fz. 8g. 8g\u0107. 8g\u0142. 8g\u0144. 8g\u015B. 8g\u017A. 8g\u017C. 8gb. 8gc. 8gd.\n8gf. 8gg. 8gh. 8gj. 8gk. 8gl. 8gm. 8gn. 8gp. 8gr. 8gs. 8gt. 8gv. 8gw. 8gx.\n8gz. 8h. 8h\u0107. 8h\u0142. 8h\u0144. 8h\u015B. 8h\u017A. 8h\u017C. 8hb. 8hc. 8hd. 8hf. 8hg. 8hh. 8hj.\n8hk. 8hl. 8hm. 8hn. 8hp. 8hr. 8hs. 8ht. 8hv. 8hw. 8hx. 8hz. 8j. 8j\u0107. 8j\u0142.\n8j\u0144. 8j\u015B. 8j\u017A. 8j\u017C. 8jb. 8jc. 8jd. 8jf. 8jg. 8jh. 8jj. 8jk. 8jl. 8jm. 8jn.\n8jp. 8jr. 8js. 8jt. 8jv. 8jw. 8jx. 8jz. 8k. 8k\u0107. 8k\u0142. 8k\u0144. 8k\u015B. 8k\u017A. 8k\u017C.\n8kb. 8kc. 8kd. 8kf. 8kg. 8kh. 8kj. 8kk. 8kl. 8km. 8kn. 8kp. 8kr. 8ks. 8kst.\n8kt. 8kv. 8kw. 8kx. 8kz. 8l. 8l\u0107. 8l\u0142. 8l\u0144. 8l\u015B. 8l\u017A. 8l\u017C. 8lb. 8lc. 8ld.\n8lf. 8lg. 8lh. 8lj. 8lk. 8ll. 8lm. 8ln. 8lp. 8lr. 8ls. 8lt. 8lv. 8lw. 8lx.\n8lz. 8m. 8m\u0107. 8m\u0142. 8m\u0144. 8m\u015B. 8m\u017A. 8m\u017C. 8mb. 8mc. 8md. 8mf. 8mg. 8mh. 8mj.\n8mk. 8ml. 8mm. 8mn. 8mp. 8mr. 8ms. 8mst. 8mt. 8mv. 8mw. 8mx. 8mz. 8n. 8n\u0107.\n8n\u0142. 8n\u0144. 8n\u015B. 8n\u017A. 8n\u017C. 8nb. 8nc. 8nd. 8nf. 8ng. 8nh. 8nj. 8nk. 8nl. 8nm.\n8nn. 8np. 8nr. 8ns. 8nt. 8nv. 8nw. 8nx. 8nz. 8p. 8p\u0107. 8p\u0142. 8p\u0144. 8p\u015B. 8p\u017A.\n8p\u017C. 8pb. 8pc. 8pd. 8pf. 8pg. 8ph. 8pj. 8pk. 8pl. 8pm. 8pn. 8pp. 8pr. 8prz.\n8ps. 8pt. 8pv. 8pw. 8px. 8pz. 8r. 8r\u0107. 8r\u0142. 8r\u0144. 8r\u015B. 8r\u017A. 8r\u017C. 8rb. 8rc.\n8rd. 8rf. 8rg. 8rh. 8rj. 8rk. 8rl. 8rm. 8rn. 8rp. 8rr. 8rs. 8rsz. 8rt. 8rv.\n8rw. 8rx. 8rz. 8rz\u0142. 8s. 8s\u0107. 8s\u0142. 8s\u0144. 8s\u015B. 8s\u017A. 8s\u017C. 8sb. 8sc. 8sch. 8sd.\n8sf. 8sg. 8sh. 8sj. 8sk. 8skrz. 8sl. 8sm. 8sn. 8sp. 8sr. 8ss. 8st. 8str.\n8strz. 8stw. 8sv. 8sw. 8sx. 8sz. 8szcz. 8szczb. 8szk. 8szn. 8szt. 8sztr. 8t.\n8t\u0107. 8t\u0142. 8t\u0144. 8t\u015B. 8t\u017A. 8t\u017C. 8tb. 8tc. 8td. 8tf. 8tg. 8th. 8tj. 8tk. 8tl.\n8tm. 8tn. 8tp. 8tr. 8trz. 8ts. 8tt. 8tv. 8tw. 8tx. 8tz. 8v. 8v\u0107. 8v\u0142. 8v\u0144.\n8v\u015B. 8v\u017A. 8v\u017C. 8vb. 8vc. 8vd. 8vf. 8vg. 8vh. 8vj. 8vk. 8vl. 8vm. 8vn. 8vp.\n8vr. 8vs. 8vt. 8vv. 8vw. 8vx. 8vz. 8w. 8w\u0107. 8w\u0142. 8w\u0144. 8w\u015B. 8w\u017A. 8w\u017C. 8wb.\n8wc. 8wd. 8wf. 8wg. 8wh. 8wj. 8wk. 8wl. 8wm. 8wn. 8wp. 8wr. 8ws. 8wt. 8wv.\n8ww. 8wx. 8wz. 8x. 8x\u0107. 8x\u0142. 8x\u0144. 8x\u015B. 8x\u017A. 8x\u017C. 8xb. 8xc. 8xd. 8xf. 8xg.\n8xh. 8xj. 8xk. 8xl. 8xm. 8xn. 8xp. 8xr. 8xs. 8xt. 8xv. 8xw. 8xx. 8xz. 8z.\n8z\u0107. 8z\u0142. 8z\u0144. 8z\u015B. 8z\u017A. 8z\u017C. 8zb. 8zc. 8zd. 8zdr. 8zdrz. 8zf. 8zg. 8zh.\n8zj. 8zk. 8zl. 8zm. 8zn. 8zp. 8zr. 8zs. 8zt. 8zv. 8zw. 8zx. 8zz. a1 a2u a2y\naa2 ae2 ai2 ao2 be2eth be2f3sz2 be2k1hend bi2n3o2ku bi2sz3kop bi2z3ne2s3m\nbi2z3nes birmin2g1ham blo2k1hauz bo2s3ma br2d bro2a2d3way bu2sz3me\nbuk2sz3pan busine2ss3m busines2s c4h c4z cal2d1well ch2\u0142 ch2j ch2l ch2r ch2w\nchus1t cu2r7zon d\u017C2\u0142 d\u017C2j d\u017C2l d\u017C2r d\u017C2w d\u017Ce4z3b d\u017Ce4z3m d4\u017A d4\u017C d4z\ndeut4sch3land drz2w du2sz3past e1 e2r5zac e2u e2y e3u2sz ea2 ee2 ei2 eo2\nfi2s3harm fi2sz3bin fo2k2s3t fo2r5zac fol2k1lor fos2f1a2zot ga3d2get\ngado3p2ta gol2f3s golfsz2 gran2d1ilo gro4t3r hi2sz3p hu2cz1w hu2x3ley i1 i2\u0105\ni2\u0119 i2\u00F3 i2a i2e i2i i2o i2u i2y in4nsbruck in4sbruc j2t1\u0142 j2t1r ja4z4z3b\nja4z4z3m karl2s1kron karl2s1ruhe kir2chhoff kongre2s3m led1w lu2ft3waffe\nlu2ks1fer ly2o ma2r5z\u0142 ma2r5zl ma2r5zn mi2sz1masz mie2r5z\u0142 mie2r5zi\nmon2t3real moza2i3k mu2r7zasich3l na4\u01423kows na4r3v o1 o2y oa2 och3mistrz oe2\nof2f3set oi2 oo2 ou2 pa2n3a2mer pa2s3cal pa2s3ch po\u0142u3d2ni po3d4nieprz\npo3m2n\u0105 po3m2n\u0119 po3m2ni po4rt2s3mo2uth po4rt3land poli3e2t poli3u2re\npowsze3d2ni pr2chal pre2sz3pa r4z ro2e3nt2gen ro2k3rocz ro2s3to3c2k s4z\nse2t3le sko2r5zoner sm2r sowi3z2 sy2n3opt sy2s1tem sza2sz1\u0142y sze2z1long\nsze4\u015B\u0107 szto2k1holm szyn2k1was to3y2o3t turboo2d3rzut tygo3d2ni u1 u2y ua2\nue2 ui2 uo2 uu2 vo2lk2s3 we2e2k1end we4st3f we4st3m y1 ya2 ye2 yi2 yo2 yu2\nze4p3p\n"

  lang.exceptions "be-zach be-zami by-naj-mniej gdzie-nie-gdzie ina-czej na-dal ni-gdy ni-gdzie\nniech-\u017Ce niech-by ow-szem p\u00F3-\u0142ach p\u00F3-\u0142ami p\u00F3-\u0142ek pod-\u00F3w-czas przy-naj-mniej\nsk\u0105d-in\u0105d tr\u00F3-jach tr\u00F3-jami tr\u00F3-jek\n"
PT = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.patterns "1ba 1be 1bi 1bo 1bu 1by 1b2l 1b2r o2b3long 1ca 1ce 1ci 1co 1cu 1cy 1c2k 1ch\n1c2l 1c2r 1da 1de 1di 1do 1du 1dy 1d2l 1d2r e1e 1fa 1fe 1fi 1fo 1fu 1fy 1f2l\n1f2r 1ga 1ge 1gi 1go 1gu 1gy 1g2l 1g2r ba1hia 1j 1ka 1ke 1ki 1ko 1ku 1ky\n1k2l 1k2r 1la 1le 1li 1lo 1lu 1ly 1lh 1ma 1me 1mi 1mo 1mu 1my m2n m1h 1na\n1ne 1ni 1no 1nu 1ny 1nh o1o 1pa 1pe 1pi 1po 1pu 1py 1ph 1p2l 1p2r 1p2neu\n1p2sic 1qu 1ra 1re 1ri 1ro 1ru 1ry 1sa 1se 1si 1so 1su 1sy 1ta 1te 1ti 1to\n1tu 1ty 1th 1t2l 1t2r 1va 1ve 1vi 1vo 1vu 1vy 1v2l 1v2r w2 1xa 1xe 1xi 1xo\n1xu 1xy 1z\n"

  lang.exceptions "hard-ware soft-ware\n"
RU = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.patterns ".\u0430\u04311\u0440 .\u0430\u04331\u0440\u043E .\u0430\u0434\u04382 .\u0430\u04382 .\u0430\u043A1\u0440 .\u0430\u043B\u044C3\u044F .\u0430\u04402\u04421\u043E2 .\u0430\u04411\u0442\u043E .\u0430\u0441\u04421\u0440 .\u0430\u04432 .\u0431\u04382\u043E\n.\u0432\u043E2\u04313\u043B .\u0432\u043E3\u04362\u0434 .\u0433\u043E2\u0444 .\u0434\u0435\u043A2 .\u0434\u04351\u043A\u0432 .\u0434\u04382\u0430\u043A .\u0434\u04381\u043E .\u0434\u043E3\u043F .\u0434\u043E3\u04422 .\u0435\u043F\u04383\n.\u0437\u0430\u04322\u0440 .\u0437\u04303\u043C2\u043D .\u0437\u04303\u043F .\u0438\u04331\u0440 .\u0438\u0437\u04332 .\u0438\u04373\u043D .\u0438\u04382 .\u0438\u043A1\u0440 .\u0438\u043E2 .\u0438\u043E4\u043D\u0430 .\u0438\u04413\n.\u043B\u04352\u043E .\u043B\u04352\u043F3\u0440 .\u043B\u0435\u04411\u043A .\u043B\u044C2 .\u043B\u044E\u0441\u04421 .\u043C\u04352\u04361\u04432 .\u043C\u04381\u043E\u043C .\u043C\u043E2\u043A1 .\u043C\u04432\u0448\u04421 .\u043D\u04301\u0432\n.\u043D\u04303\u0442 .\u043D\u04303\u04482 .\u043D\u04353\u0432\u043D .\u043D\u04351\u0434\u0440 .\u043D\u04351\u04372 .\u043D\u04351\u0441\u043B .\u043D\u04351\u04412\u0446 .\u043D\u04353\u0442 .\u043D\u043E\u04411\u043A .\u043D\u0443\u043A1\u043B\n.\u043E\u0431\u043E3\u04362 .\u043E\u0432\u043E1 .\u043E\u04333\u043D .\u043E\u04374 .\u043E\u04412\u043A\u0430 .\u043E\u04412\u043F .\u043E\u04413\u043F\u0438 .\u043E\u04421\u0432 .\u043E\u04421\u0440\u043E .\u043E\u04421\u0440\u0443\n.\u043E\u04421\u0443\u0436 .\u043F\u043E3\u04322 .\u043F\u043E3\u04362 .\u043F\u043E\u04372\u043D .\u043F\u0440\u043E\u04412 .\u0440\u04302\u04413\u0442 .\u0440\u04352\u0431\u0440 .\u0440\u04352\u04373\u0432 .\u0440\u04382\u0441\u043A .\u0440\u04382\u0447\n.\u0440\u043E2\u04373\u0432 .\u0440\u043E2\u04413\u043B .\u0440\u043E2\u0445 .\u0441\u0435\u043F\u04422 .\u0441\u043A2 .\u0441\u04422 .\u0441\u04432\u0436 .\u0442\u04352\u043E3 .\u0442\u0438\u04303 .\u0442\u04382\u0433 .\u0442\u0438\u04331\u0440\n.\u0442\u04382\u043E .\u0443\u04312 .\u0443\u04342 .\u0443\u04352 .\u0443\u04372\u043D\u0430 .\u0443\u043A2 .\u0443\u043C2\u0447 .\u0443\u043E3 .\u0443\u043F2 .\u0443\u04402\u0432 .\u0443\u04412 .\u0443\u04422\u0440 .\u0443\u044E2\n.\u0445\u043E2\u04403\u0432 .\u0447\u04352\u04411\u043A .\u044E\u04411 4\u04303\u0430 \u0430\u04302\u043F \u0430\u04302\u0440 \u0430\u04302\u0446 \u04301\u0431 \u0430\u0431\u04353\u0441\u0442 \u04303\u0431\u043B\u0430 \u0430\u04312\u043B\u044E \u0430\u04311\u0440\u0438\n\u04303\u0431\u0443 \u0430\u04321\u0432 \u04301\u0432\u0435 \u0430\u04323\u0437\u043E \u04301\u0432\u0438 \u0430\u0432\u04382\u0430 \u04301\u0432\u043E \u0430\u0432\u043E1\u0441 \u04302\u0432\u043E\u0442 \u0430\u04321\u0440\u0430 \u0430\u04322\u0441\u0435 \u04302\u0432\u0442 \u04301\u0432\u0443\n\u04302\u0432\u0445 \u04303\u04322\u0447\u0435 2\u0430\u0433\u0430 \u0430\u0433\u04301\u04412 \u04302\u0433\u0434 \u04302\u0433\u0438\u0442\u0438 \u04302\u0433\u043B\u0435 \u0430\u04332\u043B\u0438 \u04302\u0433\u043B\u043E\u0441 \u0430\u04332\u043B\u043E\u0442 2\u0430\u0433\u043E\n\u04303\u0433\u0443 \u04301\u0434 2\u0430\u0434\u0432 \u04302\u0434\u0432\u0435 \u0430\u04342\u0436\u0438 \u0430\u0434\u04382\u043E\u0434 \u04302\u0434\u043B \u04302\u04341\u043E\u0431\u043B \u0430\u04341\u0440\u043E \u04302\u04341\u0440\u0443 \u0430\u0434\u04433\u0447 \u0430\u04342\u0446\n\u04302\u0434\u044B\u043D \u04301\u0435 \u0430\u04352\u0433\u043E \u0430\u04352\u0434\u0438 \u0430\u04352\u043B \u04302\u0435\u043F \u0430\u04352\u0440\u0435 \u0430\u04352\u0441 \u0430\u0437\u04304\u04483 \u0430\u0437\u04322 \u0430\u04373\u0432\u0435\u0437 \u0430\u04371\u0432\u043B\n\u0430\u0437\u04332 \u0430\u04371\u0434\u0440 \u0430\u04371\u043E\u0431 \u0430\u04372\u043E1\u0431\u0440 \u04302\u0437\u043E\u0432\u044C \u04302\u0437\u043E\u043B\u044C \u04301\u0437\u043E\u0440\u0438 \u0430\u04372\u043E1\u0441 \u0430\u04371\u0440 \u04301\u0438 \u0430\u04382\u04331\n\u0430\u04383\u0433\u043B \u04302\u0438\u0445 \u04301\u043A \u0430\u043A1\u0432 1\u0430\u043A\u043A \u0430\u043A2\u043B \u0430\u043A3\u043B\u0435\u043C \u0430\u043A\u043E1\u04312 2\u0430\u043A\u043E\u043D\u0441 \u0430\u043A\u043E3\u0442 2\u0430\u043A\u0440\u0438 \u0430\u043A1\u0441\n\u04301\u043B\u0430 \u04303\u043B\u0430\u0433 \u04301\u043B\u0435 2\u0430\u043B\u0435\u043A \u04303\u043B\u0438 \u0430\u043B\u043E1\u0437 \u04301\u043B\u0443 \u0430\u043B\u04432\u0448 \u0430\u043B\u0443\u04481\u0442 \u04301\u043B\u044B \u04302\u043B\u044C\u0449 \u04301\u043B\u044E\n2\u0430\u043C\u0430 \u0430\u043C\u04314 2\u0430\u043C\u0435\u0442 \u04302\u043C\u0438\u043D\u0442 \u0430\u043C2\u043D\u0435\u0442 2\u0430\u043C\u043E \u0430\u043C\u043E1\u04372 \u0430\u043C\u043E\u04382 \u04302\u043C\u0447 \u0430\u043D\u04302\u0434\u0446 \u04302\u043D1\u04302\u043C\u0435\n\u04302\u043D\u0430\u0444 \u0430\u043D2\u0434\u0440\u0430 \u04302\u043D1\u043E2\u0431 \u0430\u043D1\u043E2\u0445\u0440 \u0430\u043D1\u0440 \u0430\u043D2\u0441\u043F \u0430\u043D\u04411\u0443 \u0430\u043D2\u0441\u0443\u0440 \u04302\u043D1\u0443\u0437 \u04301\u043D\u044C 2\u04301\u043E\n\u0430\u043E2\u0434 \u0430\u043E2\u043A \u0430\u043E2\u0440 \u0430\u043E2\u0441 \u0430\u043E\u0441\u04421 \u04303\u043F\u043B\u0430 \u0430\u043F2\u043B\u043E\u043C 2\u0430\u043F\u043E \u0430\u043F\u043E4\u0432\u0441 \u0430\u043F\u043E3\u04472\u0442 \u0430\u043F2\u0440\u0430\n\u0430\u043F1\u0440\u0435\u043B \u04301\u0440\u0430 \u0430\u0440\u04302\u0441\u0442 \u0430\u04402\u0431\u043E\u043A \u0430\u04402\u0432\u0430\u043B 1\u0430\u0440\u0433\u0443 \u04301\u0440\u0435 \u0430\u0440\u04351\u0434\u0432 \u0430\u0440\u04351\u043E\u043B \u0430\u04402\u0436\u0430 \u04301\u0440\u0438\n\u04301\u0440\u043E \u0430\u04402\u0442\u043E\u0440 \u0430\u04402\u04421\u0440 \u04301\u0440\u0443 \u0430\u04401\u0445 \u04301\u0440\u044B \u04301\u0440\u044E \u04301\u0440\u044F 2\u0430\u04411\u043A \u0430\u04413\u043C\u0438 \u0430\u04413\u043D\u043E 1\u0430\u0441\u0441\u0438\u0433\n\u0430\u0441\u04421\u0432\u0443 \u0430\u04413\u0442\u0435\u043C \u0430\u04412\u0442\u0438\u043D \u0430\u04412\u0442\u0438\u044F \u0430\u04411\u0442\u043E\u043E \u0430\u04411\u0442\u0443\u0445 \u04301\u0441\u0442\u044C\u0435 \u0430\u04412\u0448\u0435\u0434 \u0430\u04412\u0448\u0435\u0441 \u04301\u0441\u044C\u0438\n\u04301\u0442\u0430 1\u0430\u0442\u0430\u043A \u0430\u04423\u0432\u0430 \u0430\u04421\u0432\u0438 \u0430\u04421\u0432\u0443 2\u0430\u0442\u0435\u0437 \u04301\u0442\u0438 \u04301\u0442\u043E \u0430\u04421\u043E\u0431\u0435 \u04302\u0442\u043E\u043C\u043D \u0430\u0442\u043E2\u0448\n\u0430\u04421\u0440\u0430\u0445 \u0430\u04421\u0440\u0438 \u04301\u0442\u0443 \u0430\u04422\u0445 \u04301\u0442\u044B \u04301\u0442\u044C\u0435 \u04303\u0442\u044C\u044E \u04303\u0442\u044C\u044F \u04301\u0442\u044E \u04301\u0442\u044F \u04301\u0443 \u04302\u0443\u0431 \u0430\u04432\u0434\n\u0430\u04433\u0434\u043E \u04302\u0443\u043B\u0435 \u0430\u0443\u04421\u0440 \u0430\u04432\u0445 \u0430\u04432\u0447 \u0430\u04433\u0447\u044C \u0430\u0443\u044D1 \u04302\u04441\u043B \u0430\u04452\u0430 \u0430\u0445\u043C\u04382 \u0430\u04453\u0441 \u04301\u0447 2\u0430\u0447\u0430\n\u04302\u0447\u043B \u0430\u04471\u0442 \u04302\u0448\u043B \u0430\u044D2\u043B\u0438 \u04302\u044D\u0440 \u0430\u044E1\u0442\u0430 \u04301\u044F \u0430\u044F2\u0431 \u0430\u044F2\u0432 \u0430\u044F2\u0437 1\u0431\u0430 \u0431\u04302\u0431\u0432 \u0431\u04302\u04331\u0440\n\u0431\u04302\u0434\u0440 \u0431\u04301\u0437 \u0431\u04303\u0437\u0443 \u0431\u0430\u043B\u044E1 \u0431\u04302\u043E \u0431\u0430\u04413\u043C \u0431\u04301\u0441\u0442 \u0431\u04301\u0442\u0440 2\u04311\u0431 \u04311\u0432 \u0431\u0432\u044B2 \u0431\u04332 2\u04311\u0434\n1\u0431\u0435 3\u0431\u0435\u0432 \u0431\u04352\u0433\u043B \u0431\u04352\u0433\u043D \u0431\u04352\u04341\u0440 3\u0431\u0435\u0435 3\u0431\u04352\u0437 \u0431\u0435\u04371\u04302 \u0431\u0435\u04375\u04344 \u0431\u04353\u0437\u0438 \u0431\u0435\u04373\u043D\n\u0431\u0435\u04371\u043E2 \u0431\u0435\u04371\u0440 \u0431\u04352\u04411\u043A \u0431\u0435\u04413\u043F \u0431\u04352\u04411\u0442 \u0431\u0435\u04413\u0442\u0435 \u0431\u0435\u04413\u0442\u0438 3\u0431\u0435\u0446 2\u0431\u0435\u0449 2\u0431\u0436 \u04311\u04372 1\u04312\u0438\n3\u0431\u0438\u0430 \u0431\u04382\u0431 2\u0431\u0438\u0436 3\u0431\u0438\u043A \u0431\u0438\u043B\u04383\u04422 3\u0431\u0438\u043E \u0431\u04382\u043E\u0431 \u0431\u04382\u043E\u0434 \u0431\u04382\u043E\u043D \u0431\u04382\u043E\u0440 \u0431\u04382\u0442\u0432 \u0431\u04381\u0445\n2\u04313\u043A \u04311\u043B 1\u0431\u043B\u0430\u0433 1\u04312\u043B\u0430\u0437 \u04313\u043B\u0430\u0437\u0438 \u04312\u043B\u0430\u043D 1\u04312\u043B\u0435\u0435 \u04313\u043B\u0435\u043D \u04312\u043B\u0435\u04411\u043A 1\u04312\u043B\u0435\u044F \u04312\u043B\u0443\u0434\n1\u04312\u043B\u0443\u0436 2\u0431\u043B\u044B 2\u04312\u043B\u044C 2\u04313\u043B\u044E.  \u04312\u043B\u044E\u0434 \u04312\u043B\u044E\u0435 \u04312\u043B\u044E\u043B 2\u04313\u043B\u044E\u0441\u044C 2\u0431\u043B\u044F 2\u04313\u043D 1\u0431\u043E\n\u0431\u043E1\u0431\u0440\u0430 \u0431\u043E3\u0432\u0448 \u0431\u043E2\u0433\u0434 \u0431\u043E1\u0434\u0440\u0430 \u0431\u043E1\u04372 \u0431\u043E1\u043B2\u0436 \u0431\u043E1\u043B\u044C\u0441 \u0431\u043E3\u043C2\u043B \u0431\u043E2\u043C\u0447 \u0431\u043E3\u043C\u0448 \u0431\u043E\u043D\u04431\n\u0431\u043E1\u0440\u0443 \u0431\u043E2\u0441\u0430 \u0431\u043E1\u0441\u043A \u0431\u043E3\u0441\u043A\u043E \u0431\u043E3\u0441\u0442\u0438 3\u0431\u043E\u0442 \u0431\u043E2\u0442\u0432 \u0431\u043E\u04422\u0440 \u0431\u043E\u044F2\u0440 2\u0431\u0440.  \u04313\u0440\u0430\u0431\n\u04312\u0440\u0430\u0432 \u0431\u0440\u04301\u0437\u043E 1\u04312\u0440\u0430\u043B 2\u04311\u0440\u0430\u043C \u04312\u0440\u0430\u043D 1\u0431\u0440\u0430\u0441 \u04312\u0440\u0430\u0442\u044C \u04311\u0440\u0430\u0445 1\u04312\u0440\u0430\u0447 2\u04313\u0440\u0430\u044F\n1\u04312\u0440\u0435\u0434 \u04311\u0440\u0435\u0439 \u04311\u0440\u0435\u043A \u04312\u0440\u0435\u043C \u04312\u0440\u0435\u0445 \u04312\u0440\u0438\u0434 \u04312\u0440\u0438\u0442\u043E \u04312\u0440\u0438\u0442\u044B 1\u04312\u0440\u043E\u0434\u0438 \u04311\u0440\u043E\u043B\n\u04311\u0440\u043E\u043C.  1\u04312\u0440\u043E\u0441\u0438 \u0431\u0440\u043E2\u04411\u043A 2\u0431\u0440\u0441 \u04311\u0440\u0443 3\u0431\u0440\u0443\u043A\u0441 2\u0431\u0440\u044C 1\u04312\u0440\u044E 2\u04313\u0440\u044E.  \u04311\u0440\u044F 2\u04311\u04412\n\u04313\u0441\u043A \u0431\u04414\u043B \u04311\u0442 1\u04312\u0443 \u0431\u04432\u04331\u0440 \u0431\u0443\u043A1\u043B \u0431\u04431\u0441 2\u0431\u0444 2\u04311\u0445 2\u0431\u0446 2\u04311\u0447 2\u0431\u0448 2\u0431\u0449 1\u0431\u044B\n\u0431\u044B2\u04331 \u0431\u044B2\u0441 \u0431\u044B\u04411\u043A \u0431\u044B\u0441\u04421 1\u0431\u044C 2\u0431\u044C.  2\u0431\u044C\u0441 2\u0431\u044C\u0442 \u0431\u044D1\u0440 3\u04312\u044E \u0431\u044E1\u0442\u0430 1\u0431\u044F 1\u0432\u0430\n\u0432\u04302\u0431\u0440 3\u0432\u0430\u0433 \u0432\u04302\u04341\u0440 \u0432\u0430\u0434\u044C2 \u0432\u04303\u04362\u0434 \u0432\u04301\u0437 \u0432\u0430\u043D\u04412 \u0432\u04301\u0441\u0442 \u0432\u04302\u0441\u0442\u0440 \u0432\u04301\u0442\u0440 \u0432\u0430\u04451 3\u0432\u0430\u0446\n3\u0432\u0430\u044F 2\u04321\u0431 \u04321\u0432\u0438 \u04321\u0432\u0440 2\u0432\u04332 \u04321\u0434 \u04322\u0434\u043E\u0445 1\u0432\u0435\u0432 3\u0432\u0435\u0433 \u0432\u0435\u04341\u0440 \u0432\u04353\u0434\u0443 1\u0432\u0435\u0435 1\u0432\u0435\u0437\n3\u0432\u0435\u0437\u0435 3\u0432\u0435\u0437\u043B \u0432\u0435\u04372\u0443 1\u0432\u0435\u0439.  \u0432\u04352\u043F1 2\u0432\u0435\u0440\u0434 1\u0432\u0435\u0441 \u0432\u04352\u04411\u043A \u0432\u04352\u0441\u04421\u0432 \u0432\u0435\u04423\u0440 1\u0432\u0435\u0446\n1\u0432\u0435\u044E 1\u0432\u0435\u044F 1\u04322\u04372 \u0432\u0437\u04332 \u0432\u0437\u04342 \u0432\u0437\u043E1\u0431 \u0432\u0437\u044A2 \u0432\u0437\u044A\u04353\u0434 \u0432\u04382\u0430\u0437 \u0432\u04382\u0430\u043A \u0432\u04382\u0430\u0440 \u0432\u04382\u04301\u04412\n\u0432\u0438\u04301\u0442 \u0432\u04383\u0430\u0444 \u0432\u04382\u0433\u0432 \u0432\u04382\u0433\u043B 1\u0432\u0438\u0437 1\u0432\u0438\u043D\u0442 1\u0432\u0438\u043D\u0447 \u0432\u04381\u043E \u0432\u04381\u04412\u043D\u0438 \u0432\u0438\u04433 \u0432\u04382\u0444 2\u04321\u043A\n\u0432\u043A2\u043B 3\u04322\u043A\u0443\u0441 \u04321\u043B \u04322\u043B\u0430 2\u04323\u043B\u0430\u0431 \u04322\u043B\u0435\u0432 \u04322\u043B\u0435\u043A \u04322\u043B\u0435\u0442 \u04322\u043B\u0435\u0447 2\u0432\u043B\u0438 \u04322\u043B\u0438\u044F 2\u0432\u043B\u044E\n\u04322\u043B\u044E\u0431 2\u0432\u043B\u044F 2\u0432\u043C 1\u0432\u043C\u0435 2\u04321\u043D 4\u04323\u043D\u0430 \u04322\u043D\u0435\u0441 \u0432\u043D\u043E1 \u04323\u043D\u0443.  3\u04322\u043D\u0443\u043A 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\u04321\u0440\u0438\u0438 \u04321\u0440\u0438\u043A \u04321\u0440\u0438\u043B \u04321\u0440\u0438\u0441 \u04321\u0440\u0438\u0442 2\u04321\u0440\u043E\n\u0432\u0440\u043E3\u04422 2\u04321\u0440\u044B 1\u0432\u0440\u044E \u04321\u0440\u044F 2\u04321\u04412 3\u0432\u0441\u04353 \u04323\u0441\u043A\u0430\u044F 4\u04323\u0441\u043A\u0438 4\u04323\u0441\u043A\u0443 3\u04322\u0441\u043F 3\u04322\u0441\u044E\n\u04321\u04422 \u0432\u0442\u043E1\u04312 \u0432\u0442\u043E3\u0448 1\u0432\u0443\u0430 \u0432\u04433\u0433 1\u0432\u04431\u0437 2\u0432\u0443\u0438 2\u0432\u04431\u043A \u0432\u04433\u043F \u0432\u04431\u04412 \u0432\u04432\u04451\u0430 \u0432\u0443\u04453\u0432\n\u0432\u04431\u0447\u043B \u0432\u04442 1\u0432\u0445\u043E 2\u0432\u0446 2\u04321\u0447 2\u0432\u0448 3\u04322\u0448\u0438\u0432 2\u0432\u0449 \u0432\u044A2 1\u0432\u044B \u0432\u044B3\u04332 \u0432\u044B3\u0437\u043D \u0432\u044B\u043F2 \u0432\u044B3\u04422\n\u0432\u044B\u04452 \u0432\u044B3\u04482\u043B 2\u0432\u044C.  1\u0432\u044C\u0435 1\u0432\u044C\u0438\u043D 2\u0432\u044C\u0441 2\u0432\u044C\u0442 1\u0432\u044C\u044E 1\u0432\u044C\u044F 1\u04322\u044D1 1\u04322\u044E 1\u0432\u044F 1\u0433 \u04332\u0430\n\u0433\u04301\u0437 \u0433\u04301\u0441\u04422 \u0433\u04302\u0443 2\u04333\u0431 \u0433\u0431\u04302 \u04331\u0432\u0438 2\u0433\u0433 \u04333\u0434\u0430\u043D 2\u04333\u0434\u0438 3\u0433\u0435.  \u0433\u04352\u04311 \u0433\u0435\u043D\u043E1\n\u0433\u04352\u043E\u0431 \u0433\u04352\u043E\u0434 \u0433\u04351\u043E\u0440 2\u04333\u0436 2\u04331\u0437 \u04332\u0438 \u0433\u04382\u0431\u043B \u0433\u04383\u0431\u0440 \u0433\u04382\u0433\u0440 \u0433\u04381\u0441\u043B \u0433\u0438\u0441\u04422 2\u04331\u043A\n2\u0433\u043B\u0430.  \u04332\u043B\u0430\u0432 \u04331\u043B\u0430\u0439 \u04331\u043B\u0430\u043C\u0438 2\u0433\u043B\u0430\u0441\u044C 2\u0433\u043B\u0430\u044F \u04331\u043B\u0435 \u04332\u043B\u0435\u0442 2\u0433\u043B\u0438.  \u04332\u043B\u0438\u043D 3\u04332\u043B\u0438\u0444\n2\u0433\u043B\u043E.  \u04333\u043B\u043E\u0431\u043B 2\u0433\u043B\u043E\u0432 2\u0433\u043B\u043E\u0433 2\u0433\u043B\u043E\u0435 2\u0433\u043B\u043E\u0439 2\u0433\u043B\u043E\u044E 2\u0433\u043B\u0443\u044E 2\u04331\u043B\u044B \u04332\u043B\u044F\u0436 2\u0433\u043B\u044F\u043A\n2\u04333\u043C \u04332\u043D\u0430\u0432 \u04332\u043D\u0430\u043D \u04333\u043D\u0435.  \u04332\u043D\u0435\u0432 \u04333\u043D\u0435\u043D \u04333\u043D\u0435\u043F \u04333\u043D\u0435\u0441 \u04332\u043D\u0438\u0440 \u0433\u043D\u0438\u04422\u0440 \u04332\u043D\u043E\u0435\n\u04332\u043D\u043E\u0438 \u04332\u043D\u043E\u0441 \u04333\u043D\u044F \u0433\u043E1\u04312 \u0433\u043E2\u0432\u043B \u0433\u043E3\u04362\u0434 \u0433\u043E1\u0437 \u0433\u043E2\u0437\u043B \u0433\u043E\u04372\u043D \u0433\u043E\u0438\u04332 3\u0433\u043E\u0439 \u04332\u043E\u043B\n\u0433\u043E\u043C\u04382 \u0433\u043E2\u04411\u0430 \u0433\u043E2\u0441\u0434 \u0433\u043E1\u0441\u043A\u043B 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4\u04343\u043D\u043E1\n\u0434\u043D\u043E3\u04342 \u0434\u043D\u043E\u04412 4\u04343\u043D\u044B 3\u04342\u043D\u044F\u0448 1\u0434\u043E 2\u04341\u043E2\u0431\u0435\u0434 \u0434\u043E2\u0431\u043B 2\u04341\u043E\u0431\u043B\u0430 \u0434\u043E1\u04312\u0440\u0430 \u0434\u043E\u04322\u043B\n\u0434\u043E3\u04322\u043C \u0434\u043E1\u04342 \u0434\u043E3\u0434\u043D \u0434\u043E3\u04362\u0434 \u0434\u043E1\u0437 \u0434\u043E\u04372\u043D \u0434\u043E\u04382\u0440 2\u0434\u043E\u043A\u0442 2\u0434\u043E\u043B\u0438\u043C \u0434\u043E2\u043C1\u0440 \u0434\u043E\u043F2\n\u0434\u043E3\u043F\u043B 2\u0434\u043E\u043F\u043B\u0435 \u0434\u043E2\u043F\u0440\u0435 \u0434\u043E2\u0440\u0443\u0431 \u0434\u043E1\u0441 \u04341\u043E2\u0441\u0435\u043D \u04341\u043E2\u0441\u0438\u043D 2\u04341\u043E\u0441\u043D\u043E \u0434\u043E\u04412\u043F 2\u0434\u043E\u0442\u0434\n2\u0434\u043E\u0442\u043B \u0434\u043E\u04422\u0440\u0438 2\u04341\u043E\u0442\u0440\u044F 2\u0434\u043E\u0442\u044A \u0434\u043E3\u0442\u044C 3\u0434\u043E\u0445\u043B \u0434\u043E2\u04483\u0432 \u0434\u043E3\u04482\u043A \u0434\u043E2\u0448\u043B\u044B \u0434\u043E2\u0449\u0443 2\u0434\u043F\n2\u0434\u0440.  \u04341\u0440\u0430\u0431 1\u0434\u0440\u0430\u0432\u0448 2\u0434\u0440\u0430\u0437\u0432 1\u04342\u0440\u0430\u0437\u043D \u04341\u0440\u0430\u043D\u0435 \u04341\u0440\u0430\u0440 \u04341\u0440\u04302\u04413 \u04341\u0440\u0430\u0445 \u04341\u0440\u0430\u0447\n\u04342\u0440\u0430\u044E \u04341\u0440\u0435 \u04342\u0440\u0435\u0431 2\u04343\u0440\u0435\u0436 2\u0434\u0440\u0435\u0437 \u04342\u0440\u0435\u043B \u04342\u0440\u0435\u043C 1\u0434\u0440\u0435\u043C\u0430 1\u0434\u0440\u0435\u043C\u043B \u0434\u0440\u0435\u043C3\u043D 1\u0434\u0440\u0435\u043C\u044B\n2\u04343\u0440\u0435\u043D \u0434\u0440\u04352\u0441\u043A \u04342\u0440\u0435\u0441\u0441 \u04341\u0440\u0438 \u04342\u0440\u0438\u0439 2\u0434\u0440\u0438\u043D \u04342\u0440\u0438\u043F \u04342\u0440\u0438\u0445 \u0434\u0440\u043E2\u04333\u043D \u04341\u0440\u043E\u0434 \u04341\u0440\u043E\u0435\n1\u04342\u0440\u043E\u0436 2\u04343\u0440\u043E\u0437 \u04341\u0440\u043E\u0439 \u04341\u0440\u043E\u043B \u04341\u0440\u043E\u043D \u04341\u0440\u043E\u0441 \u04341\u0440\u043E\u0442 \u04341\u0440\u043E\u044E \u04341\u0440\u0443\u0431 1\u0434\u0440\u0443\u0433 1\u0434\u0440\u0443\u0436\n\u04341\u0440\u0443\u043C \u04341\u0440\u0443\u044E \u04341\u0440\u044B 2\u0434\u0440\u044B\u0432 1\u04342\u0440\u044B\u0433 \u04341\u0440\u044F \u04342\u0440\u044F\u0431 1\u04342\u0440\u044F\u0433 \u04342\u0440\u044F\u0445 2\u04341\u04412 \u0434\u0441\u043A2 \u0434\u04413\u043A\u043D\n2\u04341\u0442 1\u0434\u0443 \u0434\u0443\u04313\u0440 \u0434\u04433\u0433 2\u04341\u0443\u0434 \u0434\u04432\u0434\u0430 \u0434\u04432\u043E \u0434\u0443\u043F1\u043B \u0434\u0443\u04411\u043A \u04341\u0443\u0441\u043B \u0434\u04431\u0441\u0442 \u0434\u04432\u0441\u0442\u0430\n2\u0434\u0443\u04421\u0440 \u0434\u04431\u0445 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2\u0435\u0432\u0435\u0440 \u04351\u0432\u0438\n\u04353\u04322\u043C\u0435 \u0435\u04322\u043D\u0438\u043C \u0435\u04322\u043D\u044F\u0442 \u04351\u0432\u043E 2\u0435\u0432\u043E\u043B \u0435\u0432\u0440\u04301\u0441 2\u04351\u0432\u0440\u0435 \u0435\u04321\u0440\u0435\u0435 \u0435\u04321\u0440\u0435\u0439 \u0435\u04321\u0440\u0435\u044F\n\u0435\u04321\u0440\u0438 \u04352\u0432\u0442 \u04351\u0432\u0443 \u04351\u0432\u0445 \u0435\u04322\u0445\u043E \u04351\u0432\u044C \u0435\u0433\u04301\u04412 \u0435\u04332\u0434 \u04352\u0433\u043B\u0430\u043D \u04352\u0433\u043B\u0435 \u04352\u0433\u043B\u0438 \u04352\u0433\u043B\u043E\n\u0435\u04332\u043D\u0430 \u0435\u04332\u043D\u043E 2\u0435\u04332\u0440 \u0435\u04341\u0432\u043E \u0435\u04342\u0436 \u04351\u0434\u0436\u0435 \u04351\u04342\u043B\u0438\u043D \u0435\u0434\u043D\u043E\u04433 \u0435\u04341\u043E\u043F\u0440 \u04352\u0434\u043E\u0442\u0432 \u04352\u0434\u043E\u0445\n\u04352\u04341\u043E\u0449 \u04351\u0434\u0440\u0443 \u04352\u0434\u0440\u0443.  \u04352\u0434\u04432\u0431 \u0435\u04341\u0443\u0431\u043E \u04352\u0434\u0443\u0432\u0435 \u04352\u0434\u0443\u0433 \u04352\u0434\u0443\u0441 \u0435\u04341\u0443\u0441\u0442 2\u04353\u0434\u0443\u0448\n\u04352\u0434\u044B\u043D \u04351\u0435 \u04352\u0435\u0432\u0438\u0434 \u0435\u04352\u04321\u0440 \u0435\u04352\u0433\u0438 \u0435\u04351\u04412 \u0435\u04352\u0441\u0442 \u0435\u0435\u0441\u04421\u0440 \u0435\u04352\u0445 \u04352\u0436\u0433 \u04354\u0436\u0434\u0435\u0432\n\u0435\u04363\u0434\u0438 2\u0435\u0436\u0435 \u04352\u04361\u0440 \u0435\u0437\u04302\u0432\u0440 \u0435\u0437\u0430\u04433 \u04351\u04372\u0432\u0430 \u0435\u0437\u04341\u0440 \u04353\u0437\u0435 \u0435\u0437\u0437\u04433 \u04353\u0437\u0438\u0442 \u0435\u04371\u043E\u0431\n\u0435\u04371\u043E2\u0433 \u04351\u0437\u043E\u043C \u0435\u04371\u043E\u043F \u0435\u04371\u043E2\u0440 \u0435\u04371\u043E\u0442 \u0435\u04371\u043E\u0448 \u0435\u04372\u0440\u044F \u0435\u04371\u04432\u0434 \u0435\u04371\u04432\u043A \u0435\u04371\u0443\u043F \u0435\u04371\u0443\u0441\n\u0435\u0437\u04432\u0441\u043E \u0435\u0437\u04432\u0441\u044B \u0435\u04371\u04432\u0445 \u0435\u04371\u0443\u0447\u0430 \u04353\u0437\u044F \u04351\u0438 \u0435\u04382\u04331 \u0435\u04382\u0434 \u0435\u04382\u043C \u0435\u04382\u043E \u0435\u0438\u04411\u043B \u0435\u0438\u04411\u0442\u0440\n\u04351\u043A\u0430 \u0435\u043A\u04302\u0431 \u0435\u043A2\u0437 \u04351\u043A\u0438 2\u04351\u043A\u043E 2\u04351\u043A\u0440 \u0435\u043A2\u0440\u043E \u0435\u043A1\u0441\u043A \u0435\u043A1\u0441\u0442\u0435 \u04351\u043A\u0443 \u04351\u043B\u0430 \u04351\u043B\u0435\n\u0435\u043B\u04353\u0441\u043A \u0435\u043B\u04351\u0441\u0446 \u04351\u043B\u0443 \u04351\u043B\u044B \u04351\u043B\u044E \u04353\u043B\u044F \u0435\u043C\u04383\u04342 \u0435\u043C\u04383\u043A \u0435\u043C\u043E1\u0441 2\u0435\u043C\u0443\u0436 \u04352\u043C\u0447 2\u0435\u043C\u044B\u0441\n\u04353\u043D\u0430 \u0435\u043D2\u04341\u0440 2\u04351\u043D\u0440 \u0435\u043D\u04412 \u0435\u043D3\u04482 \u04351\u043D\u044D 2\u0435\u043E \u04351\u043E2\u0431 \u0435\u043E\u04312\u0440\u043E \u04352\u043E3\u0433\u043B \u0435\u043E2\u0433\u0440\u043E \u04351\u043E\u0434\n\u0435\u043E3\u0434\u0430 \u0435\u043E2\u0434\u0435 \u0435\u043E\u0434\u04353\u0437 \u0435\u043E2\u0434\u043E \u04351\u043E2\u0436 \u04352\u043E\u0438 \u0435\u043E3\u043A\u043B \u04351\u043E\u043B.  \u04351\u043E\u043B\u0430 \u0435\u043E3\u043B\u0438 \u04351\u043E\u043B\u043A\n\u04351\u043E\u043B\u044B \u04351\u043E\u043B\u044C \u04352\u043E\u043C \u04351\u043E\u043D.  \u04352\u043E\u043D\u0430 \u04352\u043E\u043D\u0438 \u0435\u043E3\u043D\u043E \u04351\u043E\u043D\u0441 \u0435\u043E\u043F2 \u04351\u043E\u043F\u0435 \u0435\u043E2\u043F\u0440 \u0435\u043E4\u043F\u0443\n\u04352\u043E3\u0440\u043E \u0435\u043E\u04412 \u04351\u043E2\u0441\u0432\u0438 \u0435\u043E1\u0441\u043A \u04351\u043E\u0441\u043C \u04351\u043E\u0441\u043D \u0435\u043E\u0441\u04421\u0440 \u0435\u043E3\u0441\u0445 \u04351\u043E\u0442\u043B \u0435\u043E\u04422\u0440\u0443 \u04351\u043E2\u0447\n\u04351\u043E2\u0449 \u0435\u043F\u0430\u04422 \u0435\u043F\u04301\u0442\u0440 2\u0435\u043F\u0435 \u0435\u043F\u0438\u04412\u043A \u04352\u043F\u043B \u04353\u043F\u043B\u0430 \u0435\u043F1\u043B\u0435\u0448 \u04353\u043F2\u043B\u043E\u0434 \u0435\u043F1\u043B\u0443 \u04353\u043F\u043B\u044B\n\u0435\u043F1\u043B\u044E\u0449 \u04354\u043F\u043D 2\u0435\u043F\u043E \u04354\u043F3\u0441 \u04354\u043F\u0442 \u04351\u0440\u0430 \u0435\u04401\u0430\u043A\u0442 \u04352\u0440\u0432 \u0435\u04401\u0432\u0435 \u04351\u0440\u0435 \u04353\u0440\u0435.  \u0435\u0440\u04353\u0434\u043E\n\u0435\u0440\u04351\u0434\u0440 \u0435\u0440\u04351\u043A2 \u0435\u0440\u04353\u043C2\u043D \u0435\u0440\u04353\u043F \u0435\u0440\u04351\u04454 \u04351\u0440\u0438 \u0435\u0440\u0438\u043E3\u0437 \u04351\u0440\u043E \u0435\u0440\u043E2\u0431 \u0435\u04401\u043E\u0431\u043B\n2\u0435\u0440\u043E\u0432\u0438 2\u0435\u0440\u043E\u043A\u0440 2\u0435\u0440\u043E\u043B \u0435\u0440\u043E3\u04442 \u0435\u04403\u0441\u043A \u04351\u0440\u0443 \u04352\u04401\u04432\u043F \u04351\u0440\u044B \u04351\u0440\u044E \u04351\u0440\u044F \u04353\u04412\u0430\n\u0435\u04412\u0431\u0430 \u04351\u0441\u0433 \u04351\u0441\u043A \u04352\u04411\u043A\u0430.  \u0435\u04411\u043A\u0430\u043B \u04352\u0441\u043A\u0435 \u04352\u0441\u043A\u043E\u0432 \u04354\u04411\u043A\u0443.  2\u0435\u0441\u043B \u0435\u04411\u043B\u0430\u0441\n\u0435\u04412\u043B\u0438\u043D \u0435\u04412\u043B\u043E\u0432 \u0435\u04412\u043B\u043E\u043C \u04351\u0441\u043B\u0443 \u04351\u0441\u043B\u044B \u04351\u04414\u043C \u04353\u0441\u043E 2\u0435\u0441\u043F \u0435\u04412\u043F\u0435\u043A \u0435\u04413\u043F\u043E\u043B \u04352\u0441\u043F\u0443\n\u04351\u0441\u0442 \u0435\u04412\u0442\u0430\u043D \u04352\u0441\u0442\u043B \u04353\u0441\u0442\u0443 \u0435\u04412\u0447\u0435\u0442 \u04351\u0442\u0430 \u0435\u04421\u0432\u0435 \u0435\u04421\u0432\u0438 \u04351\u0442\u0432\u043E 2\u0435\u0442\u0435\u0447 \u04351\u0442\u0438 \u04351\u0442\u043E\n\u0435\u0442\u043E1\u0441 \u0435\u04421\u0440 \u0435\u04422\u0440\u044F \u04351\u0442\u0443 \u04351\u0442\u044B \u04351\u0442\u044C\u0435 \u04353\u0442\u044C\u044E \u04353\u0442\u044C\u044F \u04351\u0442\u044E \u04351\u0442\u044F \u04351\u04432 2\u0435\u0443\u0431 \u0435\u0443\u04313\u0440\n\u0435\u0443\u04372 \u0435\u0443\u043A2\u043B\u043E \u0435\u0444\u04383\u04312 \u0435\u04442\u043B \u0435\u04441\u0440\u0435 \u0435\u0445\u04302\u0442 \u0435\u04451\u0430\u0442\u043E \u0435\u04453\u0432\u0430\u043B \u0435\u04453\u043B\u043E\u043F \u0435\u04451\u043E\u0431 \u0435\u04451\u043E\u043F\u043E\n\u0435\u04451\u0440\u0435 \u0435\u04451\u0440\u0443 \u0435\u04451\u04432\u0447 2\u0435\u0446\u0432 \u04351\u0447\u043B \u04352\u0448\u043B \u0435\u044D2 \u0435\u044E2\u0433 \u04351\u044F \u0435\u044F2\u0437 1\u0436 \u0436\u04302\u0431\u043B \u0436\u04302\u0431\u0440\n\u0436\u04301\u0437 \u0436\u0430\u04421\u0432 2\u04361\u04312 2\u04361\u0432 \u0436\u04332 2\u0436\u0433\u0430 \u04362\u0433\u0438 3\u04362\u0433\u043B \u04362\u0433\u0443 2\u04361\u0434 \u04362\u0434\u0430\u043A \u04362\u0434\u0430\u0447 3\u04362\u0434\u0435\u043B\n4\u0436\u0434\u0435\u043C\u0435 \u04362\u0434\u0435\u043F \u04362\u0434\u0438 4\u04362\u0434\u043B \u0436\u0434\u043E3 \u0436\u0434\u04431 4\u0436\u0434\u044C 3\u04362\u0434\u044F 3\u0436\u0435\u0432 \u0436\u04353\u04342 \u0436\u04351\u043A2\u0432 \u0436\u04351\u043A\u043B\n\u0436\u04351\u043E2 \u0436\u04353\u043F2 \u0436\u04351\u04412 \u0436\u04353\u0441\u043A 2\u0436\u0436\u0430 \u04362\u0436\u0435 2\u0436\u0436\u0435\u0432 2\u04361\u04372 \u0436\u04381\u043E 2\u0436\u0438\u0440\u0440 2\u04361\u043A 2\u04361\u043B \u04362\u043C\n\u04363\u043C\u0430 2\u04363\u043C\u043E 2\u04361\u043D \u0436\u043D\u043E1 2\u04361\u043E\u0431 2\u04361\u043E2\u04421 \u0436\u043E\u04433 \u0436\u043E\u04431\u0441 2\u0436\u043F2 \u0436\u043F\u043E1 \u04362\u0440\u0443 2\u04361\u0441 2\u0436\u0444\n2\u0436\u0446 2\u04361\u0447 2\u0436\u044A 2\u0436\u044C.  2\u0436\u044C\u0441 2\u0436\u044C\u0442 1\u0437\u04301 \u0437\u0430\u04302 \u0437\u0430\u04312 \u0437\u04302\u04321\u0440\u0438 \u0437\u04302\u0432\u0440\u0443 \u04371\u0430\u0432\u0443 \u0437\u0430\u04334\n\u04371\u0430\u0434\u0440 \u0437\u0430\u04352\u0434 \u0437\u0430\u04352\u0445 \u0437\u04303\u04362\u0434 \u0437\u04303\u04372 \u04371\u0430\u043A\u0442 \u0437\u04303\u043C\u043D\u0435 3\u04372\u0430\u043D \u0437\u04303\u043D\u0430 \u0437\u0430\u043D\u04412 \u0437\u0430\u043F2\n\u0437\u0430\u04402\u0432 \u0437\u04303\u04402\u0434 \u0437\u0430\u04402\u0436 \u0437\u0430\u04412 \u0437\u0430\u0441\u04422 \u0437\u0430\u04422 \u0437\u04303\u0442\u043A \u0437\u0430\u04432 \u0437\u0430\u04452 \u0437\u0430\u04472\u0442 \u0437\u04303\u04482 \u0437\u0430\u044F2\n\u04371\u04312 2\u04373\u0432\u0430.  \u04372\u0432\u0430\u0432 \u04373\u0432\u0430\u043B\u044C \u04372\u0432\u0430\u043D 2\u0437\u0432\u0430\u044F \u04371\u0432\u0435 \u04372\u0432\u0435\u0437 \u04371\u0432\u0438 \u04373\u04322\u043A \u04371\u0432\u043B\u0430 \u04371\u0432\u043E\n2\u0437\u0432\u043E\u043B 1\u04372\u0432\u043E\u043D \u04371\u0432\u0440 1\u0437\u0432\u0443 2\u04371\u0432\u0443\u044E \u04371\u0432\u044C 2\u0437\u0433 \u04373\u0433\u0430 \u04372\u0433\u043B\u0438 \u0437\u04332\u043D\u0430 \u04372\u0433\u043D\u0443 \u04371\u04342\u0432\n\u04372\u0434\u0435\u0448 \u0437\u0434\u043E\u04363 1\u0437\u0435 \u0437\u04352\u04311 \u0437\u04352\u0435\u0432 \u0437\u04352\u043E\u0434 2\u0437\u04362 \u04373\u04372 1\u0437\u0438 3\u0437\u0438.  3\u0437\u0438\u0439.  \u04371\u0438\u043D\u0442\n\u0437\u04382\u043E\u0437 \u0437\u04382\u043E\u043D\u043E \u0437\u04381\u043E\u043F 3\u0437\u0438\u0441 \u0437\u04383\u04422\u0440 \u0437\u0438\u04433\u043C 3\u0437\u0438\u0447 2\u04371\u043A \u0437\u043A\u043E1 \u0437\u043A\u043E3\u043F2 \u04371\u043B \u04372\u043B\u0430\u0449\n\u04372\u043B\u043E\u0431 \u04372\u043B\u043E\u043F \u04372\u043B\u043E\u0440 \u04372\u043B\u044E\u0449 2\u0437\u043C2 \u04373\u043C\u043D \u04371\u043D 2\u0437\u043D\u0430.  \u04372\u043D\u0430\u0432 \u04372\u043D\u0430\u0435 \u04372\u043D\u0430\u0439 \u04372\u043D\u0430\u043A\n\u04372\u043D\u0430\u043D \u04372\u043D\u0430\u0442 \u04372\u043D\u0430\u044E 2\u0437\u043D\u0430\u044F 2\u0437\u043D\u0435 2\u04373\u043D\u0438 2\u0437\u043D\u043E 2\u0437\u043D\u0443 2\u04373\u043D\u044B \u04372\u043E\u0431\u0435 \u0437\u043E2\u0431\u0438 1\u0437\u043E\u0432\n\u0437\u043E3\u04322\u043C \u0437\u043E2\u0433\u043B \u0437\u043E1\u0434\u0440 1\u0437\u043E\u0435 \u0437\u043E1\u04372 1\u0437\u043E\u0438 1\u0437\u043E\u0439.  1\u0437\u043E\u043A.  \u04371\u043E\u043A\u0441 1\u0437\u043E\u043B2 \u0437\u043E1\u043B\u0433\n\u0437\u043E1\u043B\u0436 \u0437\u043E3\u043C2 1\u0437\u043E\u043C.  2\u0437\u043E\u043C\u043D 1\u0437\u043E\u043D 2\u0437\u043E\u043D\u0440 1\u0437\u043E\u043E \u0437\u043E2\u043E3\u043F \u0437\u043E2\u043E\u0441 \u0437\u043E2\u043F\u0430 \u04372\u043E\u043F\u043B\n\u04372\u043E\u043F\u0440 \u04371\u043E\u0440\u0433 1\u04372\u043E3\u0440\u0435 \u0437\u043E\u04412 \u04371\u043E\u0441\u043D \u0437\u043E1\u0441\u043F \u0437\u043E2\u0442\u0432 \u04372\u043E\u0442\u0435 \u04371\u043E\u0442\u043A \u04372\u043E\u0442\u043E \u0437\u043E\u04422\u0440\u0435\n\u0437\u043E\u04422\u0440\u0438 1\u0437\u043E\u0445 \u0437\u043E\u04482 \u0437\u043E2\u0448\u0438 1\u0437\u043E\u044D 1\u0437\u043E\u044E \u04371\u0440\u0430 \u04372\u0440\u0430\u043A \u0437\u0440\u04302\u0441 \u04372\u0440\u0430\u0447 \u04372\u0440\u0435\u043D \u04371\u0440\u0435\u0441\n\u04372\u0440\u0438\u0448 \u04371\u0440\u043E \u0437\u0440\u043E2\u04413 \u04371\u0440\u0443 \u04372\u0440\u044E \u04371\u0440\u044F 2\u04371\u0441 2\u0437\u0442 \u04371\u0442\u0438 1\u0437\u0443 3\u0437\u0443.  2\u04371\u04432\u0431\u0435\n\u0437\u04432\u04313\u0440 \u0437\u04431\u0432 2\u0437\u0443\u0432\u0435 2\u0437\u04432\u0433 3\u0437\u0443\u0435 2\u04371\u0443\u04373 2\u0437\u04431\u043A 3\u0437\u0443\u043C\u0435 \u04371\u04432\u043C\u043E 2\u0437\u0443\u043F \u0437\u04432\u043F\u0440\n\u04371\u0443\u0440\u0431 \u04371\u04432\u0442\u0435 \u0437\u04432\u0447\u0430\u0441 2\u0437\u0446 \u04371\u0447 2\u0437\u0448 \u0437\u044A\u04352\u043C 1\u0437\u044B 2\u0437\u044B2\u04331 \u0437\u044B2\u0437 2\u0437\u044B\u043C\u0435 2\u0437\u044B\u043C\u0447\n2\u0437\u044B2\u04411 2\u0437\u044B\u0449 1\u0437\u044C\u0435 1\u0437\u044C\u0438 1\u0437\u044C\u044E 3\u0437\u044C\u044F 1\u04372\u044E 1\u0437\u044F \u04381\u0430 \u04382\u0430\u0431 \u04382\u0430\u0432 \u0438\u0430\u04332 \u04382\u0430\u0433\u0440\n\u04382\u0430\u0434\u0435 \u04382\u0430\u0434\u0438 \u0438\u04302\u0437\u043E\u0432 \u0438\u04302\u043C\u0443 \u04383\u0430\u043D\u0430 \u0438\u04302\u043D\u0430\u043B \u0438\u0430\u043D\u04342 \u0438\u0430\u043E2 \u04382\u0430\u043F \u0438\u04301\u04412\u043A \u0438\u04301\u0441\u0442\u0430\n\u0438\u04301\u0441\u0442\u043E \u0438\u0430\u04421\u0440\u043E \u04383\u0430\u0442\u0443 \u04382\u0430\u0444 \u04382\u04301\u0445 \u0438\u04302\u0446\u0435 2\u04381\u0431 \u04382\u04311\u0440 2\u0438\u0432\u0430\u0436 2\u04381\u0432\u0435 \u04382\u04323\u0437 \u04381\u0432\u0438\n2\u04381\u0432\u043E \u04381\u04322\u0440 \u04383\u04322\u0441 \u04381\u0432\u0443 \u0438\u04322\u0445\u043E 2\u0438\u0432\u044B \u0438\u04332\u0434 \u04383\u0433\u0435 2\u0438\u0433\u043B \u04382\u0433\u043B\u0435 \u04382\u0433\u043B\u0438 \u04382\u0433\u043D\n\u0438\u0433\u043D\u04383 \u0438\u04331\u0440\u0435\u043D \u0438\u04331\u0440\u043E \u0438\u04331\u0440\u0443 \u0438\u04331\u0440\u044B \u04382\u04331\u0440\u044F \u04381\u0434\u0432 \u04382\u0434\u0435\u0439 \u04381\u04342\u0436 \u0438\u0434\u04381\u043E\u043C \u0438\u0434\u04381\u043E\u0442\n\u0438\u04341\u0440 \u04381\u0434\u044C \u04381\u0435 \u04382\u0435\u0432\u043E\u0434 \u0438\u04352\u0433 \u0438\u04352\u0434 \u0438\u04353\u0434\u0435 \u0438\u04352\u0437\u0443 \u04383\u0435\u043D\u0438 \u0438\u04351\u043E2 \u0438\u0435\u043F\u04381 \u0438\u04352\u0440\n\u04383\u04362\u0434 \u0438\u04371\u04322 \u0438\u04372\u0433\u043D\u0435 1\u0438\u04371\u0434 \u0438\u04372\u043D\u0430\u043B \u04381\u0437\u043E \u0438\u0437\u043E2\u043E \u0438\u04371\u0440 \u04381\u0438 \u0438\u0439\u04412 \u04381\u043A \u04383\u043A2\u0430\n\u0438\u043A\u04301\u04412 \u0438\u043A2\u0432\u0430 \u04382\u043A\u0432\u0438 \u04382\u043A\u043B\u044F \u04383\u043A\u043E \u0438\u043A1\u0440\u043E \u0438\u043A1\u0441\u043A \u0438\u043A2\u04411\u0442 \u04383\u043A\u0443 \u04381\u043B \u04382\u043B1\u04302\u0446\n\u0438\u043B\u043E1\u0441\u043A \u0438\u043B\u043F2 \u04382\u043B1\u04432\u043F \u04382\u043B\u044C \u0438\u043B\u044C\u04422 2\u0438\u043C\u0430 \u04382\u043C\u0435\u043D\u043E \u04382\u043C\u0435\u043D\u0443 2\u0438\u043C\u0435\u043D\u044C \u04383\u043C\u0438 \u0438\u043C\u043E\u04382\n\u0438\u043C3\u043F\u043B \u04382\u043C1\u0440 \u04382\u043C\u0447 \u0438\u043C2\u0447\u0430 \u0438\u043D\u04342 1\u0438\u043D\u0436 \u0438\u043D\u043E2\u043A3\u043B \u0438\u043D\u043E3\u043F2\u043B \u0438\u043D\u043E1\u0441 \u0438\u043D\u04412 1\u0438\u043D\u0441\u043F\n1\u0438\u043D\u0441\u0442\u0438 1\u0438\u043D\u0441\u0443 1\u0438\u043D\u0444 1\u0438\u043D\u044A \u04381\u043E\u0431 \u0438\u043E2\u0431\u043E \u0438\u043E2\u0432\u0440 \u04382\u043E\u0433 \u04381\u043E\u0434 \u0438\u043E2\u0434\u0435 \u04381\u043E\u0437 \u0438\u043E3\u0437\u043E\n\u04381\u043E\u043A\u0441 \u04381\u043E\u043B\u0435 \u04381\u043E\u043D \u04383\u043E\u043D\u043E\u0432 \u04381\u043E\u043F\u0442 \u04381\u043E\u0440 \u04383\u043E\u0440\u0430 \u0438\u043E1\u0440\u0443 \u0438\u043E2\u0441\u0430 \u0438\u043E3\u0441\u043A\u043B \u0438\u043E1\u04412\u043F\n\u04381\u043E\u0442\u0430 \u0438\u043E2\u04421\u0432 \u04381\u043E\u0442\u043A \u04381\u043E\u0442\u0441 \u0438\u043E\u0443\u04332 \u0438\u043E2\u0445\u043E \u04381\u043E\u0448 2\u0438\u043F \u0438\u043F\u0430\u04422 \u0438\u043F\u04301\u0442\u0440 \u0438\u043F2\u043B\u044F \u0438\u043F3\u043D\n\u0438\u043F\u043E3\u043A2 \u04381\u0440 \u0438\u0440\u04302\u0441\u0442 \u04382\u04401\u0430\u0443 \u04382\u0440\u0432 \u04382\u0440\u0436 \u0438\u0440\u04382\u0441\u043A \u0438\u0440\u0438\u04433 \u0438\u0440\u043E1\u04372 1\u0438\u0440\u0440 \u0438\u0441\u0430\u043D2\u04341\n\u04382\u0441\u0431 \u04382\u0441\u0434 \u0438\u04411\u043A \u0438\u04413\u043A\u0430.  \u0438\u04413\u043A\u0430\u043C \u0438\u04413\u043A\u0430\u0445 \u0438\u04413\u043A\u0435 \u0438\u04413\u043A\u0438 \u0438\u04413\u043A\u043E\u0432 \u0438\u04413\u043A\u0443.  \u04382\u0441\u043B\u0430\u043C\n\u0438\u04411\u043B\u044B \u0438\u04413\u043C\u0435 \u0438\u04413\u043C\u0443 \u0438\u04413\u043D\u043E \u0438\u0441\u043E2\u0441\u043A \u04382\u04413\u043F\u0440 \u04384\u0441\u0441 \u04381\u0441\u0442 \u04382\u0441\u04421\u0432 \u04382\u0441\u0442\u043B \u0438\u04411\u0442\u044F\u0437\n\u04381\u0441\u044C\u0438 \u04381\u0442 \u0438\u0442\u04302\u0432 \u0438\u04423\u0432\u0430 \u04382\u04421\u0432\u0435 \u0438\u04421\u0432\u0438 \u0438\u04421\u0432\u0443 \u04382\u0442\u043C \u04382\u04421\u0440 \u0438\u04422\u0440\u0435\u0441 \u0438\u04423\u0440\u043E\u043C\n\u04382\u04421\u0443\u0447 \u04383\u0442\u044C\u044E \u04383\u0442\u044C\u044F \u04381\u04432 \u0438\u04433\u043F \u0438\u04441\u043B \u0438\u04442\u043B\u044E \u04382\u0444\u0440 \u0438\u0445\u04303\u0434 \u04382\u04451\u0430\u0441 \u0438\u04452\u043B\u043E2\n\u0438\u0445\u043B\u043E\u04401 \u04383\u04452\u043E \u0438\u0445\u043E3\u043A \u0438\u04451\u0440\u0435 \u0438\u04451\u0440\u0438 \u04381\u0445\u0443 \u04381\u0447 \u0438\u04482\u043B\u0438 \u04382\u0448\u043B\u044B \u04382\u0448\u0442 \u0438\u044E4\u043B \u0438\u044E2\u043D\n\u0438\u044E2\u0442 \u0438\u044E3\u0442\u0430 \u04381\u044F \u0438\u044F2\u0434 2\u04391 \u0439\u04342 \u04392\u04343\u0432 \u0439\u043D\u043E1 \u04392\u043E1\u0441 \u0439\u043E2\u0442\u0440 \u0439\u043F2\u043B \u04392\u0441\u0431 \u04393\u0441\u043A\u0430\n\u0439\u04412\u043A\u0435 \u0439\u04414\u043C\u043E \u04392\u04413\u043C\u0443 \u04392\u0441\u043D \u04392\u04413\u0444 \u04392\u0441\u0448 \u04392\u0442\u043C \u04392\u0445\u043C \u0439\u04452\u04413 \u0439\u044F1 \u043A\u04302\u0431\u043B \u043A\u04302\u0431\u0440\u0438\n1\u043A\u0430\u0432 \u043A2\u0430\u0434 \u043A\u04303\u0434\u043D\u0435 \u043A\u04302\u04341\u0440 1\u043A\u0430\u0435 \u043A\u0430\u04373\u043D \u043A\u04301\u0437\u043E 1\u043A\u0430\u0439 1\u043A\u0430\u043B.  1\u043A\u0430\u043B\u043E 1\u043A\u0430\u043B\u0441 1\u043A\u0430\u043C\n1\u043A\u0430\u043D \u043A\u04302\u043F1\u043B \u043A\u04302\u043F\u0440\u0435 \u043A\u0430\u04403\u0442\u0440 3\u043A2\u0430\u0441 \u043A\u04301\u0441\u0442 1\u043A\u0430\u0442 \u043A\u04301\u04422\u0440 1\u043A\u0430\u0445 \u043A\u04302\u04481\u0442 1\u043A\u0430\u044E\n2\u043A1\u0431 \u043A2\u0432\u0430\u043A \u043A2\u0432\u0430\u0441 \u043A2\u0432\u0430\u0448 \u043A1\u0432\u0438 \u043A2\u0432\u043E\u0437 \u043A1\u0432\u0443 2\u043A\u0433 2\u043A1\u0434 \u043A\u0434\u04302 1\u043A\u0435 2\u043A\u0435\u0430 \u043A\u04352\u0433\u043B\n\u043A\u0435\u04341\u0440 \u043A\u04352\u04411\u043A \u043A\u04352\u0441\u04421 2\u043A1\u0437 1\u043A\u0438\u0432 \u043A\u04381\u043E \u043A\u0438\u043E\u04411 \u043A\u04382\u043F\u043B \u043A\u04381\u04412\u043D\u0438 1\u043A\u0438\u0442 2\u043A1\u043A2 \u043A\u043A3\u0441\n2\u043A3\u043B\u0430.  2\u043A3\u043B\u0430\u0441\u044C 2\u043A3\u043B\u0435.  2\u043A\u043B\u0435\u043C \u043A3\u043B\u0435\u043C.  \u043A3\u043B\u0435\u043D \u043A1\u043B\u0435\u043E 2\u043A3\u043B\u0438.  2\u043A3\u043B\u0438\u0432 \u043A2\u043B\u0438\u043A\n\u043A2\u043B\u0438\u043D 2\u043A3\u043B\u0438\u0441 \u043A3\u043B\u0438\u044F 2\u043A3\u043B\u043E.  \u043A2\u043B\u043E\u0437 \u043A3\u043B\u043E\u043C 2\u043A3\u043B\u043E\u0441 \u043A\u043B\u043E3\u0442 1\u043A\u043B\u0443\u043A \u043A3\u043B\u044B 2\u043A\u043B\u044C\n1\u043A\u043B\u044E 2\u043A3\u043B\u044E.  2\u043A\u043B\u044F.  2\u043A\u043B\u044F\u043C 2\u043A\u043B\u044F\u0445 2\u043A\u043C 2\u043A1\u043D 3\u043A2\u043D\u0438\u0436 \u043A2\u043D\u043E\u043F 3\u043A2\u043D\u044F\u0436 \u043A2\u043E\n\u043A\u043E1\u04312\u0440\u0438 1\u043A\u043E\u0432 3\u043A\u043E\u0432\u0430 1\u043A\u043E\u0434 \u043A\u043E1\u0434\u0440 1\u043A\u043E\u0437 1\u043A\u043E\u043B\u044C\u0441 2\u043A\u043E\u043C\u0438\u043D 3\u043A\u043E\u043D\u0441 \u043A\u043E\u043F2\u0440 \u043A\u043E2\u04403\u0432\n\u043A\u043E1\u0440\u0443 1\u043A\u043E\u0441 \u043A\u043E1\u0441\u043A \u043A\u043E\u04413\u043C \u043A\u043E1\u0441\u043F 1\u043A\u043E\u0442\u043D \u043A\u043E2\u0444\u0440 \u043A\u043E\u0445\u043E2\u04403 1\u043A\u043E\u0448 2\u043A\u043F 2\u043A\u0440.  \u043A1\u0440\u0435\u043B\n\u043A\u0440\u04351\u043E \u043A\u0440\u04352\u0441\u043B \u043A1\u0440\u0435\u0447 1\u043A\u0440\u0438\u0431 \u043A1\u0440\u0438\u0434 \u043A2\u0440\u0438\u0437 \u043A\u0440\u04382\u043E3 \u043A2\u0440\u0438\u0442 \u043A1\u0440\u0438\u0445 \u043A1\u0440\u043E\u0430 \u043A1\u0440\u043E\u0431\n\u043A2\u0440\u043E\u0435 \u043A1\u0440\u043E\u043A \u043A1\u0440\u043E\u043E \u043A1\u0440\u043E\u0440 \u043A1\u0440\u043E\u0441 \u043A1\u0440\u043E\u0444 \u043A1\u0440\u043E\u0445 \u043A1\u0440\u043E\u044D \u043A\u0440\u04431\u0441 \u043A1\u0440\u044F\u0434 2\u043A\u0441 \u043A\u0441\u0430\u043D\u04342\n\u043A2\u04413\u0432 \u043A\u04413\u0433 \u043A2\u04413\u0434 \u043A2\u0441\u0438\u0431 \u043A1\u0441\u043A\u0438 \u043A\u04411\u043A\u043B \u043A1\u0441\u043A\u043E \u043A\u04413\u043C \u043A3\u0441\u043E \u043A1\u0441\u0442\u0430\u043C \u043A1\u0441\u0442\u0430\u043D \u043A\u04413\u0442\u0435\n\u043A1\u0441\u0442\u043E \u043A\u04411\u0442\u0440 \u043A1\u0441\u0442\u0443 \u043A3\u0441\u0443 2\u043A1\u0442 \u043A\u0442\u04302\u043A 3\u043A2\u0442\u043E.  \u043A\u0442\u043E1\u0441 \u043A\u04422\u0440 \u043A2\u0443 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\u043B\u04302\u0441\u04421\u0440 \u043B\u04301\u0441\u0442\u0443 \u043B\u04301\u0441\u0442\u044F \u043B\u04301\u04422\u0440 \u043B\u0430\u04431 \u043B\u04302\u0443\u0441\n\u043B\u04302\u0444\u0440 1\u043B\u04301\u0445 1\u043B\u0430\u044F 2\u043B\u0431 \u043B1\u0431\u0440 \u043B1\u0432\u0435 \u043B1\u0432\u0438 \u043B1\u0432\u043E \u043B1\u0432\u0443 1\u043B2\u0433\u0430\u043B \u043B2\u0433\u043B \u043B\u0433\u043E1 2\u043B3\u04342\n1\u043B\u0435.  \u043B\u04351\u0432\u043B \u043B\u0435\u04321\u0440\u0430 \u043B\u04352\u04331\u043B \u043B\u04351\u0434\u0436 \u043B\u04353\u0434\u043E \u043B\u04351\u04372\u043E3 \u043B\u04351\u0437\u0440 \u043B\u0435\u043A1\u043B 2\u043B\u0435\u043C\u043D 1\u043B\u0435\u043D\n\u043B\u04351\u043E\u043D\u0442 \u043B\u04351\u043E2\u0441 \u043B\u04352\u0441\u0431 \u043B\u04352\u0441\u043A \u043B\u04354\u0441\u043A\u0430 \u043B\u04351\u04412\u043B \u043B\u04351\u0441\u043F\u0435 \u043B\u04351\u0442\u0432 \u043B\u04351\u04422\u0440 1\u043B\u0435\u0445 \u043B\u04351\u0445\u0440\n\u043B1\u0437\u043E 1\u043B\u0438 \u043B\u0438\u04302\u043C 3\u043B\u0438\u0432\u043E 3\u043B\u0438\u0432\u044B \u043B\u0438\u04332\u043B \u043B\u04382\u0433\u0440\u043E \u043B\u0438\u04353\u0440 \u043B\u04382\u043A\u0432 2\u043B\u0438\u043C\u043F \u043B\u0438\u043E1\u0441 \u043B\u04382\u043F\u043B\n\u043B\u0438\u04413\u043C 2\u043B1\u0438\u0441\u043F \u043B\u04382\u0442\u0432 \u043B\u0438\u04433\u043C \u043B\u04382\u04453\u0432 \u043B\u04381\u0445\u043B \u043B\u04381\u0445\u0440 2\u043B1\u043A \u043B\u043A2\u0432 \u043B2\u043A1\u043B 2\u043B1\u043B \u043B2\u043B\u044C\n\u043B\u043B\u044E1 2\u043B\u043C 2\u043B1\u043D \u043B\u043D\u04382\u0435 1\u043B\u043E \u043B\u043E2\u0431\u043B \u043B\u043E1\u04312\u0440 2\u043B\u043E\u0432\u0438\u044F \u043B\u043E2\u0432\u043B 3\u043B\u043E\u0432\u043E\u0434 \u043B\u043E2\u04333\u0434 \u043B\u043E\u0433\u043E1\u0441\n\u043B\u043E1\u0434\u0440 2\u043B\u043E\u0435\u043D \u043B\u043E1\u0437\u0432 \u043B\u043E2\u043A1\u04302\u0443 \u043B\u043E2\u043A\u043B \u043B\u043E\u043A3\u043B\u0430 3\u043B\u043E\u043F\u0430\u0441 \u043B\u043E2\u0440\u0432 2\u043B1\u043E\u0440\u0433 \u043B\u043E1\u0440\u0443\n\u043B\u043E\u04411\u043A \u043B\u043E1\u04412\u043F 2\u043B\u043E\u0442\u0434 \u043B\u043E\u04422\u0440 \u043B\u043E2\u0448\u043B 2\u043B\u043F 2\u043B1\u04412 \u043B\u04413\u0431 \u043B1\u0442 1\u043B\u0443.  \u043B\u04431\u0431\u0440 \u043B\u04431\u0432\n\u043B\u04433\u0433 \u043B\u04431\u04344\u0440 1\u043B\u0443\u0435 \u043B\u04431\u0437\u043D \u043B\u04431\u043A\u0440 1\u043B\u0443\u043D \u043B\u0443\u043E2\u0434 \u043B\u04433\u043F2\u043B\u043E \u043B\u04431\u0441 \u043B\u04433\u0442\u044C 1\u043B\u0443\u044E 2\u043B3\u04442\n2\u043B1\u04452 \u043B2\u04453\u0432 2\u043B\u0446 \u043B1\u0447 1\u043B\u044B.  1\u043B\u044B\u0435 1\u043B\u044B\u0436 1\u043B\u044B\u0439 1\u043B\u044B\u043C 1\u043B\u044B\u0445.  4\u043B\u044C.  2\u043B\u044C\u0434 3\u043B\u044C\u0435\n3\u043B\u044C\u0438 2\u043B\u044C\u043A 2\u043B\u044C\u043C 2\u043B\u044C\u043D 3\u043B\u044C\u043E 2\u043B\u044C\u0441\u043A 1\u043B\u044C\u0441\u0442\u0438 1\u043B\u044C\u0441\u0442\u044F 2\u043B\u044C\u0442 2\u043B\u044C\u0446 2\u043B\u044C\u0447 1\u043B\u044C\u0449\u0430\n1\u043B\u044C\u0449\u0435 1\u043B\u044C\u0449\u0443 3\u043B\u044C\u044E 3\u043B\u044C\u044F \u043B2\u044E 1\u043B\u044E.  1\u043B\u044E\u0436 1\u043B\u044E\u0441\u044C \u043B\u044E1\u0442\u0430 1\u043B\u044F 3\u043B\u044F.  \u043B\u044F1\u0432\u0438 3\u043B\u044F\u0432\u043E\n3\u043B\u044F\u0432\u044B 2\u043B\u044F\u0434 3\u043B\u044F\u043C \u043B\u044F1\u0440\u0435 \u043B\u044F1\u0440\u0443 3\u043B\u044F\u0445 1\u043C \u043C\u04302\u0432\u0437 3\u043C\u0430\u0433 \u043C\u04302\u0433\u043D \u043C\u04302\u0434\u0440 \u043C\u04302\u0434\u044C \u043C\u04301\u0437\u043E\n\u043C\u04302\u043A1\u0440 2\u043C1\u0430\u043B\u043B \u043C\u0430\u043D2\u04341\u0440 \u043C\u0430\u04413\u043B \u043C\u04301\u04414\u0442 \u043C\u04302\u0442\u043E\u0431 \u043C\u04302\u04421\u0440 \u043C\u04302\u0443 \u043C\u0430\u04442 3\u043C\u0430\u0447 \u043C\u04302\u0447\u0442\n4\u043C1\u0431 \u043C3\u0431\u0438 \u043C\u04312\u043B \u043C3\u0431\u043B\u044F 2\u043C3\u04322 2\u043C\u04332 3\u043C2\u0433\u043B 2\u043C1\u0434 \u043C\u0435\u0430\u043D2 \u043C\u04352\u0435\u0433 \u043C\u04352\u0435\u043B \u043C\u04352\u04361\u0430\u0442\n\u043C\u04351\u0437\u043E \u043C\u04352\u04411\u043A \u043C\u04352\u0441\u04421\u0440 \u043C\u0435\u04471\u0442 2\u043C\u0436 2\u043C1\u04372 \u043C\u04382\u0433\u0440\u0435 \u043C\u04381\u0437\u0432 2\u043C\u0438\u0437\u0434 \u043C\u04381\u0437\u043D \u043C\u04382\u043A\u0440\n\u043C\u0438\u043A1\u0440\u0438 \u043C\u04382\u043E\u0437 \u043C\u04381\u043E\u043F\u0438 \u043C\u04382\u043E\u0440 \u043C\u04381\u04412\u043B 2\u043C1\u043A2 3\u043C\u043A\u043D 2\u043C1\u043B \u043C2\u043B\u0435\u0435 \u043C2\u043B\u0435\u043B 2\u043C\u043C 2\u043C1\u043D\n4\u043C3\u043D\u0430 \u043C\u043D\u04351\u0434 3\u043C2\u043D\u0435\u0448 4\u043C\u043D\u043E\u0435 \u043C2\u043D\u043E\u0436 4\u043C\u043D\u043E\u0439 4\u043C\u043D\u043E\u043C \u043C2\u043D\u043E\u0440 4\u043C\u043D\u043E\u044E \u043C2\u043D\u0443\u0442 4\u043C3\u043D\u044B\n\u043C\u043E1\u04312 \u043C\u043E3\u0432\u043B 3\u043C\u043E\u0434 \u043C\u043E1\u0434\u0440 \u043C\u043E2\u0436\u0436 \u043C\u043E1\u0437\u0432 \u043C\u043E1\u0437\u0440 \u043C\u043E\u0438\u04411\u0442 \u043C\u043E2\u043A3\u0432 \u043C\u043E3\u043C2 3\u043C\u043E\u043D 3\u043C\u043E\u043F\n\u043C\u043E1\u0440\u0443 \u043C\u043E\u04411\u043A\u0430 \u043C\u043E1\u0441\u043C \u043C\u043E1\u0441\u043D \u043C\u043E1\u04412\u043F 3\u043C\u043E\u0442\u0438 \u043C\u043E2\u04421\u0440 3\u043C\u043E\u0444 2\u043C\u043F \u043C\u043F2\u043B \u043C1\u0440\u0430\u0431 2\u043C\u0440\u0438\n2\u043C1\u0440\u043E \u043C1\u0440\u044B 2\u043C1\u0441 \u043C\u04412\u043A \u043C\u04412\u043D \u043C2\u04411\u043E\u0440 3\u043C2\u0441\u0442\u0438 2\u043C1\u0442 \u043C\u04431\u04412\u043A \u043C\u04431\u04414\u043B \u043C\u04431\u0441\u0442 \u043C\u0443\u04421\u0440\n\u043C\u04433\u0442\u044C 2\u043C\u0444 \u043C\u0444\u04383 2\u043C1\u0445 2\u043C\u0446 \u043C2\u0447\u0430\u0432 \u043C2\u0447\u0430\u043B \u043C2\u0447\u0438\u0442 \u043C2\u0447\u0438\u0448 2\u043C\u04482 2\u043C\u0449 3\u043C2\u0449\u0435 \u043C\u044B\u043C1\n\u043C\u044B2\u043C\u0440 \u043C\u044B2\u0441 2\u043C\u044C.  2\u043C\u044C\u0441 \u043C\u044C\u044E1 2\u043C\u044D \u043C\u044D1\u0440 \u043C2\u044E \u043C\u044F1\u0440 \u043C\u044F1\u0441\u0442 1\u043D\u0430 \u043D\u0430\u0431\u04381\u043E \u043D\u0430\u04312\u0440\n\u043D\u04301\u04322\u0440 \u043D\u0430\u04332\u043D \u043D\u04303\u0436\u0434 \u043D\u04301\u04372 \u043D\u04302\u0438\u043B \u043D\u04302\u0438\u043D \u043D\u04302\u04381\u04412 4\u043D\u0430\u043A\u043A \u043D\u04303\u043C2\u043D \u043D\u0430\u043F2\u043B \u043D\u04301\u0440\u0432\u0430\n\u043D\u04301\u04402\u0432\u0438 \u043D\u04301\u04412 \u043D\u04301\u0442\u0432 \u043D\u04301\u04422\u0440 \u043D1\u04302\u0444\u0440 \u043D\u04301\u04452 2\u043D\u0430\u0447 \u043D\u04303\u04482\u043B 2\u043D\u0430\u0449 \u043D\u0430\u044D1\u0440 3\u043D\u0430\u044F\n2\u043D1\u04312 2\u043D1\u0432 2\u043D\u0433 \u043D2\u04331\u0432 \u043D\u0433\u04382\u043E \u043D\u04334\u043B \u043D\u0433\u043E1\u0441 \u043D\u04332\u0440 2\u043D1\u0434 \u043D2\u0434\u0430\u043A \u043D2\u04341\u0432 \u043D\u0434\u04353\u0437\n\u043D\u0434\u04352\u0441 \u043D\u04342\u0436 \u043D3\u04342\u0437 \u043D2\u0434\u043B \u043D\u04341\u0440\u0430\u0433 \u043D\u04341\u0440\u0430\u0436 \u043D\u04342\u0440\u0435 \u043D\u04342\u0440\u0438\u0430 \u043D2\u0434\u0440\u044F \u043D\u04342\u0441\u043F \u043D2\u0434\u0446 1\u043D\u0435\n\u043D\u04351\u04312 \u043D\u04351\u04322\u0434 2\u043D\u0435\u0432\u043D \u043D\u04353\u0432\u043D\u044F \u043D\u0435\u04332 3\u043D\u0435\u0434 \u043D\u04351\u04342\u043B \u043D\u0435\u04342\u043E \u043D\u04352\u0434\u0440\u0430 \u043D\u04351\u0434\u0440\u043E \u043D\u04353\u0434\u0443\n\u043D\u04353\u0435 \u043D\u0435\u04352\u0434 \u043D\u04353\u04362\u0434 \u043D\u04351\u0437\u0432 \u043D\u04351\u04372\u043B \u043D\u04351\u0437\u043D \u043D\u04351\u0437\u043E \u043D\u04351\u0437\u0440 \u043D\u0435\u04382 \u043D\u04351\u043A2\u0432 \u043D\u04351\u043A\u043B\n\u043D\u04353\u043C2\u043D 3\u043D\u04351\u043E2 \u043D\u04352\u043E\u0434\u0430 \u043D\u04352\u043E\u043B \u043D\u04353\u043F2 \u043D\u04351\u04402\u0436 \u043D\u04352\u04401\u043E\u0442 \u043D\u0435\u04412\u043A \u043D\u04353\u04412\u043D \u043D\u04351\u04412\u043F\n\u043D\u0435\u0441\u04422 \u043D\u04351\u04412\u0445 \u043D\u04351\u04412\u0447 \u043D\u04351\u04422\u0432 \u043D\u04353\u04422\u043B \u043D\u04351\u04422\u0440 3\u043D\u0435\u0443 \u043D\u04352\u0444\u0440 \u043D\u04351\u0445\u0440 \u043D\u04353\u0448\u043A \u043D\u0435\u044F2\n2\u043D1\u04372 \u043D\u0437\u043E1\u0441 1\u043D\u0438 \u043D\u04383\u04312 \u043D\u04382\u0435\u043D 3\u043D\u0438\u0439 \u043D\u04382\u043A\u043B \u043D\u0438\u043B\u04302 \u043D\u04382\u043B1\u0430\u043B \u043D\u04382\u043B1\u0430\u043C 2\u043D\u0438\u043D\u0441\u043F\n2\u043D1\u0438\u043D\u0441\u0442 \u043D\u04381\u0441\u043B \u043D\u0438\u04413\u043F \u043D\u0438\u0441\u04422\u0440 \u043D\u0438\u04433 \u043D\u04381\u0445 3\u043D\u0438\u0446 3\u043D\u0438\u0449 2\u043D1\u043A \u043D\u043A2\u0432 \u043D\u043A2\u043B \u043D\u043A\u043E\u04312\n\u043D\u043A\u043E3\u043F2 \u043D2\u043A1\u0440\u043E \u043D\u043A1\u0441 \u043D1\u043B 2\u043D1\u043D \u043D\u043D\u043E3\u043F2 1\u043D\u043E \u043D\u043E\u04312 \u043D\u043E1\u0431\u0440 \u043D\u043E2\u0432\u043B \u043D\u043E1\u0434\u0432 \u043D\u043E1\u0434\u0440\n\u043D\u043E2\u0435\u0440 \u043D\u043E1\u0437\u0432 \u043D\u043E2\u0437\u0434 \u043D\u043E3\u04372\u043E \u043D\u043E1\u0437\u0440 \u043D\u043E3\u043A\u043D 3\u043D\u043E\u043C\u0435 \u043D\u043E\u043C3\u0448 \u043D\u043E2\u0440\u0432 \u043D\u043E1\u0440\u0443 \u043D\u043E1\u0441\u043A\u043B\n\u043D\u043E2\u0441\u043B\u0438 \u043D\u043E1\u04412\u043F \u043D\u043E2\u0441\u0447 2\u043D\u043E\u0442\u0434 \u043D\u043E3\u04442 \u043D\u043E\u044D2 \u043D3\u043F2 2\u043D1\u0440\u0435 2\u043D1\u0440\u0438 \u043D1\u0440\u043E 2\u043D1\u0441 \u043D2\u04413\u0432\n\u043D2\u0441\u0433 \u043D\u04412\u043A\u0435 \u043D2\u0441\u043A\u043E\u043D \u043D2\u0441\u043B \u043D3\u0441\u043B\u0430 \u043D2\u04413\u043C \u043D2\u0441\u043D \u043D2\u04411\u043E\u043A \u043D3\u04412\u043F\u0435 \u043D\u0441\u04422\u0440 \u043D\u0441\u04432\u0440\n\u043D2\u04413\u0444 \u043D2\u0441\u044A3 2\u043D1\u0442 \u043D2\u04421\u0432 \u043D\u0442\u04381\u043E2\u043A \u043D2\u0442\u043C \u043D\u04422\u0440\u0430 \u043D2\u0442\u04401\u04302\u0433 \u043D\u0442\u04401\u0430\u0436 \u043D2\u0442\u0440\u0430\u0440\n\u043D\u0442\u0440\u0430\u04412 \u043D\u04422\u0440\u0435 \u043D2\u0442\u0440\u0438\u0432 \u043D2\u0442\u0440\u043E\u043A \u043D\u04422\u0440\u0443 \u043D\u0442\u04401\u0443\u0434 \u043D\u04422\u0440\u044B \u043D2\u04421\u0440\u044F 1\u043D\u0443 \u043D\u0443\u04421\u0440 \u043D\u04431\u0445\n3\u043D\u0443\u044E 2\u043D\u04442 \u043D1\u0445 \u043D\u0445\u043E1 2\u043D\u0446 2\u043D1\u0447 \u043D2\u0447\u043B 2\u043D\u0448 \u043D\u04482\u0442 2\u043D\u0449 1\u043D\u044B 3\u043D\u044B.  2\u043D\u044C.  1\u043D\u044C\u0435\n1\u043D\u044C\u0438 2\u043D\u044C\u043A 1\u043D\u044C\u043E 2\u043D\u044C\u0441 2\u043D\u044C\u0442 2\u043D\u044C\u0447 1\u043D\u044C\u044E 1\u043D\u044C\u044F \u043D2\u044D 1\u043D2\u044E 2\u043D3\u044E2\u0440 1\u043D\u044F \u043D\u044F1\u0432\u0438\n2\u043E1\u04302 \u043E3\u0430\u0432 \u043E\u0430\u043F1 2\u043E\u0431\u0430 2\u043E\u0431\u0438\u043E \u043E\u04312\u043B\u0435\u0432 \u043E\u04312\u043B\u0435\u043C \u043E1\u0431\u043B\u044E 1\u043E\u0431\u043C \u043E\u0431\u043E1\u043B2\u0433 \u043E\u0431\u043E3\u043C2\n\u043E\u0431\u043E2\u0441 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\u043E\u04341\u0440\u0430\u0436 \u043E\u04341\u0440\u0430\u0437 \u043E\u04341\u0440\u0430\u043A\n\u043E1\u0434\u0440\u0430\u043B \u043E\u04343\u0440\u0435\u0431 \u043E1\u0434\u0440\u043E\u0431 \u043E\u04341\u0440\u043E\u0432 \u043E2\u04341\u04432\u0447 \u043E2\u0434\u044B\u043C\u0430 \u043E2\u0434\u044B\u043C\u0443 \u043E2\u0434\u044B\u043D \u043E1\u0434\u044C \u043E2\u0434\u044C\u0431 \u043E1\u0435\n\u043E\u04351\u0431 \u043E2\u04351\u0432\u043B \u043E\u04352\u0434 \u043E3\u0435\u0436\u0435\u043A \u043E\u04352\u0436\u0438 \u043E\u04351\u043E \u043E\u04351\u04412 \u043E\u04352\u0441\u0442 \u043E2\u0435\u0442\u043E \u043E\u04352\u0446 \u043E3\u0436\u0434\u0438 \u043E3\u04362\u0434\u0443\n\u043E\u0437\u04302\u04313\u0432 2\u043E\u0437\u0430\u0432 \u043E1\u04372\u0432\u0430 \u043E\u04372\u0432\u0435\u043D \u043E\u04372\u0432\u0438 \u043E1\u04372\u0432\u044F \u043E\u04372\u0433\u043B\u043E \u043E\u04372\u0434\u043E\u0440 \u043E1\u0437\u0434\u0440 \u043E\u0437\u04351\u043E\n\u043E\u04373\u043D\u043E \u043E1\u0437\u043E \u043E2\u04371\u043E\u0431 2\u043E\u0437\u043E\u043D \u043E2\u0437\u043E\u043F \u043E\u0437\u043E1\u0440\u0443 \u043E\u04371\u0443\u0433 \u043E2\u0437\u044B\u043C \u043E3\u0437\u044B\u0441 \u043E3\u0438 \u043E\u04382\u04331 \u043E\u0438\u04332\u043D\n\u043E\u0438\u04353 \u043E\u04382\u0437 \u043E\u04382\u043C \u043E\u04383\u043C\u043E \u043E\u04382\u043E 2\u043E\u0439 \u043E\u0439\u04412 \u043E1\u043A 2\u043E3\u043A\u0430\u043D \u043E\u043A2\u0432 2\u043E\u043A2\u043B \u043E3\u043A\u043B\u044E \u043E\u043A\u043E1\u0431\n2\u043E3\u043A\u043E\u043B \u043E\u043A\u043E3\u043F2\u043B \u043E\u043A1\u0441\u043A 1\u043E\u043A\u0442 2\u043E\u043A\u0442\u0438 2\u043E\u043A\u0443\u043C \u043E3\u043B\u0430 \u043E\u043B2\u0433\u0430\u043D \u043E1\u043B\u0435 1\u043E\u043B\u0438\u043C\u043F \u043E3\u043B\u043E\n\u043E1\u043B\u0443 \u043E\u043B\u04433\u04342 \u043E1\u043B\u044B \u043E1\u043B\u044E \u043E3\u043B\u044F \u043E3\u043C\u0430 \u043E\u043C2\u0431\u043B 2\u043E\u043C\u0435 \u043E3\u043C2\u043D\u0435\u043C \u043E3\u043C2\u043D\u0435\u0442 \u043E3\u043C\u043D\u043E\u0436\n\u043E\u043C1\u0440\u0438 \u043E\u043C2\u0447 \u043E\u043C2\u0448\u0435 \u043E2\u043C\u044C \u043E3\u043C\u044C\u044F \u043E3\u043D\u0430 \u043E\u043D\u04342 \u043E\u043D\u04353\u04442 \u043E\u043D\u043E1\u0431 \u043E1\u043D\u0440 \u043E\u043D\u04412 \u043E\u043D2\u0442\u0440\u0443\n\u043E1\u043E2 \u043E2\u043E\u043B \u043E\u043E3\u043F\u0441 \u043E\u043E\u04413\u043C \u043E\u043E\u0441\u04421\u0440 \u043E2\u043E\u0442\u0438 \u043E2\u043E\u0444 \u043E3\u043F\u0430\u043A \u043E3\u043F\u0430\u0440 \u043E2\u043F\u043B\u0435.  \u043E2\u043F1\u043B\u0435\u0439\n\u043E2\u043F\u043B\u0438 \u043E\u043F2\u043B\u0438\u0442 \u043E\u043F2\u043B\u043E \u043E\u043F3\u043B\u044E.  \u043E2\u043F\u043B\u044F \u043E3\u043F\u043B\u044F\u0441 \u043E\u043F\u043E4\u0432\u0441 \u043E\u043F\u043E\u04372\u043D \u043E\u043F\u043E2\u04483\u043B \u043E\u043F2\u0440\u0438\n\u043E3\u043F2\u0442\u0435 \u043E\u043F2\u0442\u043E \u043E1\u0440\u0430 \u043E\u0440\u04302\u04413 \u043E\u04402\u04313\u043B \u043E1\u04402\u0432 \u043E1\u0440\u0435 2\u043E3\u0440\u0435\u0433 \u043E\u0440\u04352\u0441\u043A \u043E1\u0440\u0438 \u043E\u04401\u0438\u0441\u043F\n\u043E1\u0440\u043E \u043E\u0440\u043E2\u04413\u043B \u043E\u04402\u0442\u0440 \u043E1\u0440\u0443\u0435 \u043E1\u0440\u0443\u043A \u043E\u04401\u0443\u043A\u0441 \u043E1\u0440\u0443\u0441 2\u043E\u0440\u0446 \u043E1\u0440\u044B \u043E1\u0440\u044E \u043E1\u0440\u044F \u043E3\u0441\u0430\u0434\n\u043E\u0441\u04303\u04362 \u043E\u04412\u0431 \u043E2\u04413\u0431\u0430 \u043E2\u04411\u043A\u0430.  \u043E\u04413\u043A\u0430\u0440 \u043E\u0441\u043A1\u0432\u043E \u043E2\u0441\u043A\u0435 \u043E\u04411\u043A\u0438 \u043E2\u0441\u043A\u0438.  \u043E2\u0441\u043A\u043E\u0432\n\u043E\u04411\u043A\u043E\u0439 \u043E\u04411\u043A\u043E\u043C \u043E1\u04412\u043A\u043E\u043F \u043E\u04411\u043A\u043E\u044E \u043E2\u04411\u043A\u0443.  \u043E\u04411\u043A\u0443\u044E \u043E1\u04412\u043B \u043E\u04413\u043B\u0435\u0439 \u043E\u04413\u043B\u043E\u0433\n\u043E\u04413\u043B\u044B\u0445 \u043E\u04413\u043C\u0438 \u043E\u04413\u043C\u043E\u0441 \u043E1\u04412\u043D\u0438\u043C \u043E\u04412\u043D\u044F\u043B \u043E\u04412\u043F\u0430\u0441 \u043E1\u04412\u043F\u0443 \u043E\u04412\u043F\u044F \u043E\u04412\u0441\u0432 \u043E\u04412\u04413\u043C\n\u043E1\u0441\u0442 \u043E\u04412\u0442\u0430 \u043E3\u0441\u0442\u0440\u0430 \u043E2\u0441\u0443\u0447 2\u043E\u0441\u0445 \u043E\u04412\u0446\u0435\u043D \u043E1\u04412\u0447 \u043E1\u04412\u0448\u0438\u0432 \u043E1\u0442 \u043E\u0442\u04322 \u043E\u04423\u0432\u0430 \u043E\u04421\u0432\u0435\n\u043E\u04421\u0432\u0438 \u043E\u04421\u0432\u043B 1\u043E\u0442\u0433 1\u043E\u0442\u0434 2\u043E3\u0442\u0435\u043A \u043E3\u0442\u0435\u0440 2\u043E3\u0442\u0435\u0445 \u043E3\u0442\u0438 \u043E3\u0442\u043A\u0430\u043B \u043E2\u0442\u043C \u043E\u04421\u0440\u0430\u0431\n\u043E\u04421\u0440\u0430\u0434 \u043E\u04421\u0440\u0430\u0437 \u043E\u0442\u0440\u04302\u0441 \u043E\u04421\u0440\u0435\u0436 \u043E\u04421\u0440\u0435\u043A \u043E\u04421\u0440\u0435\u0447 \u043E\u04421\u0440\u0435\u0448 \u043E\u04421\u0440\u0438 \u043E\u04421\u0440\u043E\u0434 \u043E\u04421\u0440\u043E\u0435\n\u043E\u04421\u0440\u043E\u043A \u043E\u04421\u0440\u043E\u0441 \u043E\u04421\u0440\u043E\u0447 \u043E\u04421\u0440\u0443\u0433 \u043E\u04423\u0441\u043C \u043E\u0442\u04432\u0430 \u043E\u04421\u04432\u0447 1\u043E\u0442\u0445 \u043E3\u0442\u044C\u044E \u043E3\u0442\u044C\u044F \u043E1\u04432\n\u043E\u0443\u043F2 \u043E\u0443\u04412\u043A \u043E\u04433\u0442\u0430 \u043E\u04433\u0442\u043E 2\u043E\u0444\u0430\u0448 \u043E3\u0444\u0435 2\u043E\u0444\u0438\u0442 2\u043E\u0444\u043E\u043D \u043E2\u0444\u043E\u0440\u0438 2\u043E\u0444\u043E\u0442 \u043E2\u0444\u0440\u0438 2\u043E\u0445\u0438\n\u043E\u04451\u043B\u044B \u043E2\u0445\u043B\u044F \u043E\u04452\u043C\u0435 2\u043E\u0445\u043E\u0440 \u043E1\u0445\u0440 \u043E1\u0445\u0443 \u043E2\u0446\u043E \u043E\u0447\u04301\u0441 \u043E\u04472\u043B \u043E\u04471\u043B\u0435 \u043E3\u0447\u043B\u0438 \u043E1\u0447\u0442\n\u043E2\u04471\u0442\u043E \u043E\u04483\u0432\u0430 \u043E\u04482\u043B\u0430 \u043E\u0448\u043F\u04302\u043A3 \u043E\u04482\u0442 \u043E\u044D1\u0442\u0438 2\u043E\u044E \u043E1\u044F \u043E\u044F2\u0432 \u043E\u044F2\u0434 \u043E\u044F2\u0437 \u043E\u044F2\u0440\u0438 1\u043F\n\u043F\u0430\u0432\u04383 \u043F\u0430\u04323\u043B \u043F\u04302\u0432\u044C \u043F\u04302\u0434\u0440 \u043F\u04302\u0435\u043D \u043F\u04301\u0437\u043E \u043F\u0430\u04411\u043B \u043F\u0430\u04411\u0442\u0430 \u043F\u04301\u0441\u0442\u0435 \u043F\u0430\u04411\u0442\u043E \u043F\u0430\u04411\u0442\u0443\n\u043F\u04302\u04411\u0442\u044B \u043F\u04301\u0442\u0440\u043E \u043F\u04302\u0443\u043D \u043F\u04303\u0444 \u043F\u04301\u0445\u0443 \u043F\u04302\u0448\u0442 2\u043F1\u04322 2\u043F1\u0434 \u043F\u04351 \u043F\u04352\u0434\u0432 \u043F\u04352\u04341\u0438\u043D\n\u043F\u04352\u0437 \u043F\u04353\u0437\u0430 \u043F\u04353\u0437\u043E \u043F\u04352\u043A1\u043B\u0430 \u043F\u04352\u043B\u044C \u043F\u04354\u043F\u043B \u043F\u0435\u0440\u04381\u043E \u043F\u04352\u04411\u043A \u043F\u04352\u0441\u043D \u043F\u04352\u0441\u04421\u0440 \u043F\u04352\u0441\u0446\n\u043F\u04352\u0441\u0447 \u043F\u04352\u0442\u0440 \u043F\u04352\u0448\u0442 \u043F\u0438\u0430\u0441\u04421 \u043F\u04382\u04363\u043C \u043F\u04382\u043A1\u0440 3\u043F\u0438\u043D\u043A 3\u043F\u0438\u0441\u044F 4\u043F3\u043A 2\u043F\u043B.  4\u043F\u043B\u0430.\n\u043F\u043B\u04301\u0441 \u043F1\u043B\u0435\u043C.  \u043F1\u043B\u0435\u043C\u0441 2\u043F\u043B\u0435\u043D \u043F2\u043B\u0435\u043D\u043A \u043F1\u043B\u04352\u043E \u043F\u043B\u0435\u04411\u043A \u043F1\u043B\u0435\u044E 2\u043F\u043B\u0438\u0432 3\u043F2\u043B\u0438\u043A\n2\u043F\u043B\u043E.  2\u043F\u043B\u043E\u0432 2\u043F\u043B\u043E\u0433 2\u043F\u043B\u044B\u0439 2\u043F\u043B\u044B\u043C \u043F1\u043B\u044B\u043D \u043F1\u043B\u044B\u0445 2\u043F\u043B\u044E.  \u043F1\u043B\u044E\u0442 \u043F2\u043B\u044F\u0441 \u043F2\u043B\u044F\u0448\n2\u043F1\u043D \u043F3\u043D\u0430 \u043F3\u043D\u043E1 \u043F3\u043D\u044B \u043F\u043E1\u04312 \u043F\u043E3\u0432\u043B \u043F\u043E3\u04322\u0441 \u043F\u043E\u04341\u0432\u043E \u043F\u043E2\u04341\u043E2\u043A \u043F\u043E\u0434\u043E3\u043C2 \u043F\u043E\u04352\u043B\n\u043F\u043E\u04352\u0445 \u043F\u043E1\u0437\u0432\u0435 \u043F\u043E1\u0437\u0434\u043E \u043F\u043E1\u04372\u043B \u043F\u043E1\u0437\u043D \u043F\u043E\u04382\u0449 3\u043F\u043E\u0439 3\u043F\u043E\u043B\u043A \u043F\u043E3\u043C\u043D\u043E \u043F\u043E3\u043C\u043D\u0443 3\u043F\u043E3\u043F2\n\u043F1\u043E\u0440\u0433 \u043F\u043E\u04402\u0436 \u043F\u043E1\u0440\u0443 \u043F\u043E1\u04414 3\u043F\u043E\u0441\u043B \u043F\u043E3\u0441\u0441 \u043F\u043E\u04422\u0432 \u043F\u043E\u04422\u0440 \u043F\u043E1\u04452 \u043F\u043E2\u0448\u043B\u043E \u043F\u043E2\u0448\u043B\u044B\n\u043F\u043E2\u0448\u043B\u044F \u043F\u043E\u044D3\u043C 2\u043F\u043F2 \u043F\u043F\u043E1\u0434 2\u043F\u0440.  3\u043F\u0440\u0435\u0432 \u043F\u0440\u04351\u0437 \u043F\u0440\u0435\u04392 \u043F\u0440\u04351\u043B \u043F\u0440\u04351\u043E\u0433 3\u043F\u0440\u0435\u0442\n\u043F\u0440\u04381 \u043F\u0440\u04383\u0432 \u043F\u0440\u0438\u04332 \u043F\u0440\u04383\u04342 \u043F\u0440\u04383\u043A \u043F\u0440\u04383\u043B \u043F\u0440\u0438\u043B\u044C2 \u043F\u0440\u0438\u043F2 \u043F2\u0440\u0438\u0446 \u043F\u0440\u043E1\u0431\u043B \u043F\u0440\u043E\u04342\u043B\n\u043F\u0440\u043E3\u04362 \u043F\u0440\u043E1\u04372 \u043F1\u0440\u043E\u0437\u043E 3\u043F\u0440\u043E\u0438 \u043F\u0440\u043E3\u043F \u043F\u0440\u043E\u0444\u043E2 2\u043F\u0440\u0441 \u043F2\u0440\u0443 2\u043F1\u04412 3\u043F2\u0441\u0430\u043B \u043F3\u0441\u0438\u043D\n3\u043F2\u0441\u0438\u0445 \u043F3\u0441\u043E 2\u043F1\u0442 \u043F2\u04423\u0432 3\u043F2\u0442\u0438\u0445 \u043F3\u0442\u0443 3\u043F\u0443\u0431 \u043F\u0443\u04333\u043D \u043F\u0443\u04411\u043A\u0443 \u043F\u04431\u0441\u0442 \u043F\u04433\u0442\u044C 2\u043F\u04442\n\u043F\u04452 2\u043F\u0446 4\u043F3\u0447 2\u043F\u0448 2\u043F\u0449 2\u043F\u044C.  2\u043F\u044C\u0442 \u043F\u044D1\u0440\u0430 \u043F2\u044E1 1\u0440\u0430.  \u0440\u0430\u04302 \u0440\u04302\u0431\u043B 1\u0440\u0430\u0431\u043E\n\u0440\u04302\u04311\u0440 1\u0440\u0430\u0432\u043D\u044F \u0440\u04302\u0433\u0432 \u0440\u04302\u0433\u043B \u0440\u0430\u04342\u0436 \u0440\u0430\u0434\u043E1\u04312 \u0440\u04302\u0434\u0446 \u0440\u04302\u0436\u0443\u0440 \u0440\u04302\u0437\u0438\u0439 \u0440\u04302\u0437\u0443\u0431\n\u0440\u0430\u043A2\u0432 1\u0440\u0430\u043A\u0438\u0437 \u0440\u04302\u043A3\u043B 1\u0440\u0430\u043B\u0433 1\u0440\u0430\u043C\u043A 1\u0440\u0430\u043C\u043D \u0440\u04302\u043D\u043E\u0445 \u0440\u0430\u043D2\u0441\u0446 \u0440\u04302\u043F1\u043B \u0440\u0430\u04413\u043A2\n1\u0440\u0430\u0441\u043B \u0440\u0430\u04413\u043F \u0440\u0430\u04411\u0442 1\u0440\u0430\u0441\u0442\u0430 \u0440\u0430\u04413\u04422\u043B \u0440\u04302\u0442\u0430\u043A \u0440\u0430\u04421\u0432 \u0440\u04301\u04422\u0440 2\u0440\u0430\u0445\u0438 1\u0440\u0430\u0449\u0438 1\u0440\u0430\u044E\n1\u0440\u0430\u044F 2\u0440\u0430\u044F\u0442 2\u04401\u0431 \u0440\u04312\u043B\u0430 \u04402\u0431\u043B\u0435 \u0440\u04312\u043B\u043E \u0440\u04312\u043B\u044E \u0440\u0431\u043E3\u0441 1\u04402\u0432\u0430\u0432 \u04403\u0432\u0430\u043A \u04403\u0432\u0430\u0440\n\u04403\u0432\u0430\u0442\u0430 \u04403\u0432\u0435\u0436 \u04402\u0432\u0435\u043E 1\u0440\u0432\u0435\u0442 \u04401\u0432\u0438 \u04403\u0432\u0438\u043D \u04402\u0432\u0438\u0442 \u04401\u0432\u043E \u0440\u0432\u043E1\u04372\u0434 \u04401\u0432\u044C 2\u0440\u0433 \u04402\u0433\u0432\n\u04402\u04331\u043B \u04402\u0433\u043D \u0440\u04332\u0440 2\u04401\u0434 \u0440\u0434\u04301\u0441 \u04402\u04341\u0432 \u0440\u04342\u0436 \u0440\u0434\u04382\u0430 \u04402\u0434\u043B \u0440\u0434\u043E\u04412 \u04402\u0434\u0446 1\u0440\u0435.\n\u0440\u04351\u0432\u0440 \u0440\u0435\u04332\u043B\u044F \u0440\u0435\u04332\u043D \u0440\u04352\u04341\u043E2\u043F \u0440\u04352\u0434\u043E\u0441 \u0440\u0435\u04352\u0432 \u0440\u0435\u04352\u0434 \u0440\u0435\u04352\u043B \u0440\u04353\u04362\u0434 1\u0440\u0435\u0437\u043A\n\u0440\u04351\u04372\u043B \u0440\u04351\u0437\u043D\u0430 1\u0440\u04351\u0437\u043E \u0440\u04351\u0437\u0440 \u0440\u0435\u04372\u0443 1\u0440\u0435\u0439\u0448 \u0440\u04351\u043A2\u043B 1\u0440\u0435\u043A\u0448 \u0440\u04353\u043C\u043D\u043E 3\u0440\u0435\u043C\u043E\n\u0440\u0435\u043C\u043E2\u04333 1\u0440\u0435\u043D\u043A 1\u0440\u0435\u043D\u044C \u0440\u04351\u043E\u043D \u0440\u04351\u043E\u043F \u0440\u04351\u043E2\u0440 \u0440\u04351\u043E2\u0444 \u0440\u04351\u043E\u0445 \u0440\u04351\u043E2\u0446 1\u0440\u0435\u043F\u044C \u0440\u04353\u04402\n\u0440\u0435\u04411\u043A\u0438 \u0440\u04351\u0441\u043B \u0440\u04351\u04412\u043F \u0440\u0435\u04412\u04413\u043C \u0440\u04353\u0441\u0442\u0430 \u0440\u04353\u0441\u0442\u043E \u0440\u04351\u0441\u0447 \u0440\u04351\u0442\u0432 \u0440\u04351\u04422\u0440 \u0440\u0435\u0443\u04473\u0442\n\u0440\u04351\u0447\u0442 \u0440\u04353\u0448\u043B \u04403\u0436\u0430.  \u04403\u0436\u0430\u043C \u04403\u0436\u0430\u043D \u04403\u04362\u0434 2\u0440\u0437 \u04401\u04372\u0432 \u04401\u0437\u043E \u0440\u04383\u0430 \u0440\u0438\u04312 \u0440\u04383\u0431\u0440\n\u0440\u04383\u04322\u043D 2\u0440\u0438\u0433\u0438 \u0440\u04382\u0433\u043B\u043E \u0440\u04383\u04332\u043D 2\u0440\u0438\u0434\u0436 \u0440\u04381\u04342\u0440 \u0440\u0438\u04352\u043B \u0440\u0438\u04353\u0440 \u0440\u0438\u04372\u0432 \u0440\u0438\u043A2\u0440 \u0440\u04383\u043C2\u043D\n\u0440\u04383\u043C2\u0447 \u04402\u0438\u043D 1\u0440\u0438\u043D\u0441 \u0440\u0438\u043E2\u0437 \u0440\u0438\u043E2\u0441 \u0440\u04381\u043E\u0442 \u0440\u04383\u04402 \u0440\u04381\u04412 \u0440\u04383\u0441\u0431 2\u0440\u0438\u0441\u043F \u0440\u04383\u0441\u0442\u0432\n\u0440\u04383\u04422\u0440 1\u0440\u0438\u0443 \u0440\u04382\u0444\u043B \u0440\u04383\u0444\u0440 \u0440\u04381\u0445\u043B 1\u0440\u0438\u0446 1\u0440\u0438\u0448 \u0440\u0438\u044D\u0442\u04382 2\u04401\u043A \u04402\u043A\u0432 \u04402\u043A1\u043B \u0440\u043A1\u0441\n2\u04401\u043B2 \u04402\u043B\u044C \u0440\u043B\u044E1 \u04403\u043B\u044F 2\u0440\u043C \u04402\u043C\u0447 2\u04401\u043D \u0440\u043D\u0430\u04414 \u0440\u043D\u04353\u043E \u0440\u043D\u04351\u04412 \u0440\u043D\u043E3\u0441\u043B 1\u0440\u043E.\n\u0440\u043E2\u0431\u043B\u044E \u0440\u043E1\u04312\u0440 \u0440\u043E2\u0432\u043B 1\u0440\u043E\u0433\u043E\u043B 1\u0440\u043E\u0433\u0440\u0443 \u0440\u043E1\u0434\u0432 \u0440\u043E3\u04342\u0437 \u0440\u043E1\u0434\u043B \u0440\u043E\u04342\u043B\u0435 \u0440\u043E2\u04341\u043E\u0442\n\u0440\u043E1\u0434\u0440 1\u0440\u043E\u0434\u044C \u0440\u043E\u04352\u043B \u0440\u043E\u04352\u043C \u0440\u043E\u04352\u0445 1\u0440\u043E\u0437\u0430\u0440 \u0440\u043E1\u04372\u0432 \u0440\u043E1\u0437\u0440 3\u0440\u043E\u0437\u044B\u0441 \u0440\u043E\u04382\u04413 1\u0440\u043E\u043A\u043E\u043D\n1\u0440\u043E\u043A\u0440 1\u0440\u043E\u043B\u0438\u0441 1\u0440\u043E\u043B\u0438\u0446 1\u0440\u043E\u043C\u043E\u0440 1\u0440\u043E\u043D\u0430\u0436 1\u0440\u043E\u043D\u0430\u043F 1\u0440\u043E\u043D\u043E\u0441 \u0440\u043E\u043E\u043F1\u0440 \u0440\u043E2\u043F\u043B\u044E \u0440\u043E3\u043F\u0441\n2\u04401\u043E\u0440\u0433 \u0440\u043E1\u04402\u0436 \u0440\u043E1\u0440\u0443 \u0440\u043E1\u0441\u043A \u0440\u043E2\u0441\u043A\u0438 \u0440\u043E2\u0441\u043A\u0443 1\u0440\u043E\u0441\u043B \u0440\u043E1\u0441\u043C \u0440\u043E1\u04412\u043F \u0440\u043E\u04412\u0444 1\u0440\u043E\u0441\u0448\n1\u0440\u043E\u0441\u044E 1\u0440\u043E\u04422\u0432 1\u0440\u043E\u0442\u043A \u0440\u043E\u04422\u0440\u0438 1\u0440\u043E\u0443 \u0440\u043E\u0443\u04332 \u0440\u043E2\u04441\u0430\u043A \u0440\u043E2\u0444\u0440 \u0440\u043E1\u0445\u043B \u0440\u043E\u04482\u043B \u0440\u043E3\u0448\u043D\n1\u0440\u043E\u044F\u0437 2\u0440\u043F \u0440\u043F2\u043B\u043E \u04402\u043F\u043B\u044E 2\u04401\u0440 4\u04401\u0441 \u0440\u04412\u043A \u04402\u0441\u043D \u0440\u04412\u043F \u0440\u0441\u0442\u04322 \u04403\u0441\u0442\u0432\u043B 2\u04401\u0442\n\u04402\u0442\u0430\u043A\u043A \u04402\u04421\u0430\u043A\u0442 \u04402\u04421\u0432 \u0440\u04423\u0432\u0430 \u0440\u04422\u0432\u043B \u04402\u0442\u043C \u04402\u04421\u043E\u0431 \u0440\u04421\u043E\u0440\u0433 \u0440\u04421\u0440\u0430 \u0440\u04422\u0440\u0430\u043D \u0440\u04421\u0440\u0435\n\u0440\u04421\u0440\u0438 \u0440\u0442\u0443\u04411 \u04402\u04421\u04432\u0447\u0438 \u04403\u0442\u044C\u044E \u0440\u04421\u044F\u0447 1\u0440\u0443.  1\u0440\u0443\u0431\u0430 \u0440\u0443\u04333\u043D \u0440\u04432\u0434\u0430\u0440 1\u0440\u0443\u0436\u0435\u0439 2\u0440\u0443\u043A\u0441\n1\u0440\u0443\u043B \u0440\u0443\u04411\u043A \u0440\u0443\u04413\u043B \u0440\u04431\u0441\u0442\u0430 \u0440\u0443\u0441\u04421\u0440 \u0440\u04433\u0442\u044C 1\u0440\u0443\u0445\u0430 1\u0440\u0443\u0445\u043E 1\u0440\u0443\u0447\u043D 2\u0440\u0444 \u0440\u04442\u043B 2\u0440\u0445\n\u04402\u0445\u0432 \u04402\u04451\u0438\u043D \u0440\u04451\u043B \u04401\u04452\u043B\u043E \u04402\u04451\u043E\u043F \u0440\u04451\u0440 2\u0440\u0446 \u04402\u0446\u0432 2\u04401\u0447 \u04402\u0447\u043B \u04402\u0447\u043C 2\u0440\u0448 \u04403\u04482\u043C\n\u0440\u04482\u0442 2\u0440\u0449 2\u0440\u044A 1\u0440\u044B.  1\u0440\u044B\u0431 \u0440\u044B2\u0434\u0432 2\u0440\u044B\u0437 \u0440\u044B2\u043A\u043B 1\u0440\u044B\u043C \u0440\u044B2\u04411\u043A \u0440\u044B2\u04451 2\u0440\u044C.  1\u0440\u044C\u0435\n1\u0440\u044C\u0438 2\u0440\u044C\u043A 2\u0440\u044C\u0441 2\u0440\u044C\u0442 1\u0440\u044C\u044E 1\u0440\u044C\u044F \u0440\u044D1\u043B \u04402\u044E 1\u0440\u044E.  1\u0440\u044E\u0441 \u0440\u044F1\u0432\u0438 1\u0440\u044F\u044E 1\u0441\u0430 \u0441\u04302\u0431\u043B\n\u0441\u04302\u0434\u044C \u0441\u04302\u043A\u0432 \u0441\u04302\u043A\u043B 2\u04411\u0430\u043B\u044C\u043F \u04411\u0430\u043F\u043F 2\u04411\u0430\u0440\u043A 2\u04411\u0430\u0442\u043B \u0441\u04301\u0442\u0440 \u0441\u04302\u0443\u043D \u0441\u04302\u04441\u0440 \u0441\u04301\u04452\n1\u0441\u04312 2\u0441\u0431\u04353\u04372 \u0441\u0431\u0435\u0437\u043E3 \u0441\u0431\u04353\u04412 2\u04413\u0431\u0443 \u04412\u0431\u044B 2\u0441\u0431\u044E 1\u04412\u0432 2\u04413\u0432\u0435\u043D \u0441\u04332 \u04412\u0433\u0438 \u04412\u0433\u043D\n\u04412\u0433\u043E 1\u0441\u04342 \u04412\u0434\u0430 \u04412\u0434\u0435 \u04413\u0434\u0438 \u04412\u0434\u043E 1\u04412\u0435 \u0441\u0435\u04332\u043D \u0441\u04351\u04372 \u0441\u04351\u043A\u0432 \u0441\u0435\u043A1\u043B \u0441\u04352\u043A1\u0440\n\u0441\u0435\u043A\u04414 \u0441\u0435\u043C\u04381 \u0441\u0435\u0440\u04352\u0431 \u0441\u04352\u0441\u043A \u0441\u04352\u0441\u0442 \u0441\u04353\u0441\u0442\u0430 \u0441\u04353\u0441\u0442\u0435 \u0441\u0435\u0441\u04421\u0440 1\u04412\u0436 \u04411\u0437 1\u04412\u0438 3\u0441\u0438\u0437\n\u0441\u04381\u043E\u043C \u0441\u04381\u043E\u043F \u0441\u04382\u043F\u043B \u0441\u04381\u0445 4\u0441\u043A.  2\u0441\u043A\u0430\u043C \u04412\u043A\u0430\u043D\u0434 1\u04412\u043A\u0430\u0444 2\u0441\u043A\u0430\u0445 \u0441\u043A2\u0432\u0430 \u04412\u043A\u0432\u0438\n3\u0441\u043A\u0438\u043D\u043E \u0441\u043A2\u043B \u04412\u043A\u043B\u044F \u0441\u043A3\u043B\u044F\u0432 2\u0441\u043A\u043D \u04411\u043A\u043E\u043D 2\u0441\u043A\u043E\u043D\u0430 \u04412\u043A\u043E\u043F\u0441 2\u0441\u043A\u043E\u0448 \u0441\u043A2\u0440 \u04411\u043A\u0440\u0430\n2\u0441\u043A\u0440\u0438\u0431 \u0441\u043A1\u0441 2\u0441\u043A\u0443\u0435 2\u04413\u043B\u0430.  1\u0441\u043B\u0430\u0432 1\u0441\u043B\u0430\u0434 \u04411\u043B\u0430\u043C 2\u04413\u043B\u0430\u044F \u04413\u043B\u0435\u0432 \u04413\u043B\u0435\u0435 \u04411\u043B\u0435\u0439\n\u0441\u043B\u0435\u043E2 \u04411\u043B\u0435\u0442 \u04413\u043B\u0435\u044E 2\u04413\u043B\u0438.  2\u0441\u043B\u0438\u0446 2\u04413\u043B\u043E.  \u04412\u043B\u043E\u0436 \u04413\u043B\u043E\u043C\u0443 2\u04413\u043B\u043E\u0441 2\u04413\u043B\u0443\u044E\n2\u04413\u043B\u044B\u0435 2\u04413\u043B\u044B\u0439 2\u04413\u043B\u044B\u043C 2\u0441\u043B\u044C \u04411\u043B\u044E\u0441 2\u04413\u043B\u044F \u04412\u043C 1\u0441\u043C\u0435\u0441 \u04414\u043C\u0435\u044F \u04413\u043C\u0443\u0440 \u04411\u043D 1\u04412\u043D\u0430\u0431\n\u04412\u043D\u0430\u0441 2\u0441\u043D\u0430\u044F 1\u04412\u043D\u0435\u0436 2\u04413\u043D\u0438\u043A 2\u0441\u043D\u043E \u0441\u043D\u043E1\u04372 2\u0441\u043D\u0443\u044E 2\u04413\u043D\u044B 1\u0441\u043E \u0441\u043E1\u04312\u0440 \u04412\u043E\u0432\n\u0441\u043E\u04322\u0440 \u0441\u043E1\u0434 \u0441\u043E1\u04372 \u0441\u043E1\u043B2\u0433 \u0441\u043E3\u043C2 \u0441\u043E2\u0440\u0438\u0435 \u0441\u043E1\u0440\u0443 \u0441\u043E1\u0441\u043A \u0441\u043E1\u04412\u043F \u0441\u043E2\u0441\u044C \u0441\u043E\u04422\u0440\n\u0441\u043E1\u0447\u043B \u0441\u043E\u04482\u043B \u0441\u043F2 \u04412\u043F\u0430\u0432 \u04412\u043F\u0435\u0435 \u04412\u043F\u0435\u043B \u04412\u043F\u0435\u043D \u04412\u043F\u0435\u0445 1\u04412\u043F\u0435\u0446 \u04412\u043F\u0435\u0448 \u04412\u043F\u0435\u044E \u04412\u043F\u0438\u043C\n2\u0441\u043F\u0438\u0441\u044F \u04413\u043F\u043D \u0441\u043F\u043E1\u04372 2\u0441\u043F\u043E\u043B \u04412\u043F\u043E\u0441 2\u0441\u043F\u044C 1\u0441\u0440 2\u0441\u0440.  \u04412\u0440\u0430\u0431 \u0441\u0440\u04302\u0441 \u04411\u0440\u0430\u0442 \u0441\u0440\u04352\u04311\n\u0441\u0440\u04353\u0434\u043E 2\u04411\u0441 \u0441\u0441\u0430\u043D\u04342 \u04412\u0441\u0431 \u0441\u04413\u0432\u043E 4\u04415\u0441\u0438 \u04413\u04412\u043A \u0441\u04412\u043B \u04412\u0441\u043D \u04413\u04412\u043D\u0435 \u04412\u0441\u043E\u0440\u0438 \u0441\u04412\u043F\n\u0441\u0441\u04422 \u0441\u04412\u0447 2\u0441\u0442.  1\u0441\u0442\u0430.  2\u0441\u0442\u0431 4\u0441\u0442\u0432.  \u0441\u04421\u0432\u0435\u0440 2\u0441\u0442\u0432\u043B \u0441\u04422\u0432\u043E\u043B \u0441\u04422\u0432\u044F \u04412\u0442\u0435\n1\u04414\u0442\u0435.  1\u0441\u0442\u0435\u0439 1\u0441\u0442\u0435\u043B 1\u0441\u0442\u0435\u043D.  \u04413\u0442\u0435\u0442.  \u04413\u0442\u0435\u0442\u0435 \u0441\u0442\u04353\u0445 \u04413\u0442\u0435\u0448 1\u0441\u0442\u0438 \u04412\u0442\u0438\u0435\n\u04412\u0442\u0438\u0438 2\u0441\u0442\u0438\u043C\u043F 2\u0441\u0442\u0438\u043D\u0434 2\u0441\u0442\u0438\u043D\u0444 2\u0441\u0442\u0438\u043D\u044A \u04412\u0442\u0438\u0447 \u04412\u0442\u0438\u0448\u043A \u04412\u0442\u0438\u044E 2\u0441\u0442\u043A \u0441\u04422\u043B\u0430 \u04413\u04422\u043B\u0435\n2\u0441\u0442\u043B\u0438 \u0441\u04422\u043B\u0438\u043B \u0441\u04422\u043B\u0438\u0442 2\u0441\u0442\u043B\u044F 2\u0441\u0442\u043C 2\u0441\u0442\u043D 1\u0441\u0442\u043E.  \u04412\u0442\u043E1\u0431 1\u0441\u0442\u043E\u0432 1\u0441\u0442\u043E\u0433 \u0441\u0442\u043E2\u04333\u043D\n1\u0441\u0442\u043E\u0434 1\u0441\u0442\u043E\u0435 3\u04412\u0442\u043E\u0438 1\u0441\u0442\u043E\u043A 1\u0441\u0442\u043E\u043C 1\u0441\u0442\u043E\u043D 2\u0441\u0442\u043E\u0440\u0433 2\u0441\u0442\u043E\u0440\u0436 2\u0441\u0442\u043E\u0440\u0441 1\u0441\u0442\u043E\u0441 1\u0441\u0442\u043E\u0442\n\u04412\u0442\u043E\u0446 1\u0441\u0442\u043E\u044E 2\u0441\u0442\u043F 2\u0441\u0442\u0440.  \u0441\u0442\u0440\u0430\u04412 4\u0441\u0442\u0440\u0430\u044F 2\u0441\u0442\u0440\u0435\u0434 \u0441\u04421\u0440\u0435\u0439 2\u0441\u0442\u0440\u0438\u0432 \u0441\u04421\u0440\u0438\u0437\n2\u0441\u0442\u0440\u0438\u043B 2\u0441\u0442\u0440\u0438\u0449 \u0441\u04421\u0440\u043E\u0430 \u04414\u04421\u0440\u043E\u0432 \u0441\u04421\u0440\u043E\u0434 \u0441\u04421\u0440\u043E\u0445 \u0441\u04422\u0440\u0443\u0431 \u0441\u04421\u0440\u0443\u0448 2\u0441\u0442\u0441 \u04411\u0442\u0443\u0442\n1\u0441\u0442\u0443\u044E 2\u0441\u0442\u0444 2\u0441\u0442\u0446 1\u0441\u0442\u044B \u04412\u0442\u044B\u0432 \u04414\u0442\u044C 2\u0441\u0442\u044C.  2\u0441\u0442\u044C\u0441 3\u0441\u0442\u044C\u044E 1\u0441\u0442\u044C\u044F 1\u0441\u0442\u044F\u043C 1\u0441\u0442\u044F\u0445\n1\u0441\u0443 \u0441\u04432\u0431 \u0441\u0443\u04311\u04302 \u0441\u0443\u04311\u043E \u0441\u04431\u0432 \u0441\u04433\u0433\u043B \u0441\u04432\u0435\u0432 \u0441\u04432\u0437 \u0441\u04431\u043A\u0440 \u0441\u0443\u043C\u04301 \u0441\u0443\u043F\u04352 \u0441\u0443\u04413\u043B\n\u0441\u0443\u04413\u043F \u0441\u04431\u0441\u0442 \u0441\u0443\u04421\u0440 \u0441\u04432\u04443 \u0441\u04431\u0445 1\u04412\u0444\u0435 \u04411\u04452 1\u04412\u0445\u0435 2\u0441\u0446\u0430 \u04412\u0446\u0435\u043D\u0430 2\u04413\u0446\u0438 2\u0441\u0446\u043E\n\u0441\u04472 1\u0441\u0447\u0430 \u04412\u0447\u0430\u0441 \u0441\u0447\u04352\u04411\u043A \u04413\u0447\u0438\u0432 2\u0441\u0447\u0438\u043A \u04412\u0447\u0438\u0442 \u04411\u0447\u043B 2\u0441\u0447\u043E \u0441\u04482 \u04413\u0448\u043D 1\u0441\u044A2 \u0441\u044A\u04353\u0434\n\u0441\u044A\u04353\u043B 1\u0441\u044B \u0441\u044B2\u04331 \u0441\u044B2\u0437 \u0441\u044B2\u043F1\u043B \u0441\u044B2\u0441 \u0441\u044B\u04411\u043A\u0430 2\u0441\u044C.  1\u0441\u044C\u0435 2\u0441\u044C\u043A 2\u0441\u044C\u0442 1\u0441\u044C\u044E 1\u0441\u044C\u044F\n\u0441\u044D1\u0440 \u04412\u044D\u0441 1\u04412\u044E \u0441\u044E1\u0441 1\u0441\u044F 2\u0441\u044F\u0437 \u0441\u044F3\u0442\u044C \u0442\u04302\u0431\u043B \u0442\u0430\u04312\u0440 \u0442\u04301\u0432\u0440\u0438 1\u0442\u0430\u0433 \u0442\u04302\u0433\u043D \u0442\u04301\u04372\n\u0442\u0430\u043A3\u043B\u0435 \u04422\u0430\u043D \u0442\u04302\u043F\u043B 1\u0442\u0430\u0441 \u0442\u04301\u0441\u0442 \u0442\u04301\u0442\u0440 1\u0442\u0430\u0449 2\u04421\u04312 2\u0442\u0432.  2\u04422\u0432\u0430 \u04421\u0432\u0435\u0439 \u04421\u0432\u0435\u043B\n\u04421\u0432\u0435\u0442 2\u0442\u0432\u0438 \u04421\u0432\u043E\u0435 \u04421\u0432\u043E1\u0437 2\u04421\u0432\u043E\u0439 \u04421\u0432\u043E\u0441 2\u0442\u0432\u043E\u044E 2\u04421\u0432\u0440 2\u0442\u0432\u0443 2\u0442\u0432\u044B 2\u0442\u0432\u044F 2\u0442\u0433\n2\u04421\u0434 1\u04422\u0435 \u0442\u04352\u0433\u043D \u0442\u04351\u0434 \u0442\u04351\u0437\u043E 3\u0442\u0435\u043A\u0430 \u0442\u0435\u043A1\u043B 3\u0442\u0435\u043A\u0448 \u0442\u0435\u043B\u04351\u043E \u0442\u0435\u043C2\u04311 \u0442\u04352\u043E3\u0434\n\u0442\u04351\u043E\u0445 \u0442\u04354\u043F1\u043B \u0442\u04352\u0440\u0430\u043A \u0442\u0435\u0440\u04352\u043E 3\u0442\u0435\u0440\u0437 \u0442\u0435\u04403\u043A 3\u0442\u0435\u0440\u044F \u0442\u04352\u0441\u043A\u0430 \u0442\u04352\u04411\u043A\u0438 \u0442\u04352\u04411\u043A\u043E\n\u0442\u04352\u0441\u043A\u0443 \u0442\u0435\u0441\u04422 \u0442\u04352\u0445\u043E 2\u0442\u0436 2\u04421\u0437 \u0442\u0438\u04302\u043C \u0442\u04382\u0431\u043B \u0442\u04383\u04342 \u0442\u04381\u0437\u043D\u0430 \u0442\u0438\u04382 \u0442\u0438\u0438\u04411 \u0442\u0438\u043A2\n\u0442\u0438\u043B\u04302\u043C \u04421\u0438\u043C\u043F 2\u04421\u0438\u043D\u0432 \u04421\u0438\u043D\u0434 2\u0442\u0438\u043D\u0436 2\u0442\u0438\u043D\u0444 \u0442\u04381\u04412\u043B \u0442\u04383\u0441\u0442\u0432 \u0442\u04383\u04442\u0440 \u0442\u04381\u0445\u0440 2\u04421\u043A2\n3\u04422\u043A\u0430\u0432 3\u04422\u043A\u0430\u043D 3\u04422\u043A\u0435\u0442 3\u0442\u043A\u043D 2\u04421\u043B \u0442\u043B\u043E2\u0431 \u04422\u043B\u044C \u0442\u043C2 \u0442\u043C\u04382\u0441 \u0442\u043C\u0438\u0441\u04421 \u04423\u043C\u0449 2\u04421\u043D\n\u0442\u043E2\u0431\u0435\u0441 \u0442\u043E1\u04312\u043B 2\u0442\u043E\u0431\u044A \u0442\u043E2\u0432\u043B \u0442\u043E1\u0434 \u0442\u043E3\u04342\u0440 \u0442\u043E1\u04372 \u0442\u043E\u043A2\u0440 2\u04421\u043E\u043C\u043C 2\u0442\u043E\u043C\u0441 2\u0442\u043E\u043D\u0433\n1\u0442\u043E\u0440\u0433 1\u0442\u043E\u0440\u0436 1\u0442\u043E\u0440\u0441 \u0442\u043E1\u0440\u0443 1\u0442\u043E\u0440\u0448 \u0442\u043E1\u04412\u043D \u0442\u043E1\u04412\u043F \u0442\u043E1\u04412\u0446 2\u0442\u043E\u0442\u0434 \u0442\u043E3\u0442\u043A 1\u0442\u043E\u0449\n2\u0442\u043F2 \u0442\u043F\u04301\u0442 \u04421\u0440\u0430\u0433\u0430 2\u04421\u0440\u0430\u0436 2\u0442\u0440\u0431 2\u0442\u0440\u0432 2\u0442\u0440\u0433 2\u0442\u0440\u0434 \u0442\u0440\u0434\u043E2 \u04421\u0440\u0435\u0430 1\u0442\u0440\u0435\u0431\u043E 1\u0442\u0440\u0435\u0431\u0443\n\u04421\u0440\u0435\u0431\u044C \u04421\u0440\u0435\u0432\u0435 \u04421\u0440\u0435\u0432\u0448 \u04421\u0440\u0435\u0433 \u04421\u0440\u0435\u0434 \u04421\u0440\u0435\u0435 \u04421\u0440\u0435\u0437\u0430 \u04421\u0440\u0435\u0437\u043D \u0442\u0440\u0435\u043F1\u043B 3\u0442\u0440\u04352\u0441\n\u0442\u0440\u0435\u04411\u043A \u04421\u0440\u0435\u0441\u0442 \u04421\u0440\u0435\u0442\u0443 3\u04422\u0440\u04352\u0445 \u04421\u0440\u0435\u0446 \u04422\u0440\u0435\u0448\u044C \u04421\u0440\u0435\u044E 1\u0442\u0440\u0438\u0431 \u04421\u0440\u0438\u0432 \u0442\u0440\u04382\u04331\u043B\n\u04421\u0440\u0438\u043B \u04421\u0440\u0438\u043C 4\u0442\u0440\u0438\u043D\u0441 \u0442\u0440\u04381\u043E \u04421\u0440\u0438\u0442 \u0442\u0440\u04383\u0444 \u04421\u0440\u0438\u0449 2\u0442\u0440\u043C 2\u0442\u0440\u043D \u04421\u0440\u043E\u0433\u043B \u04421\u0440\u043E\u0438\u0434\n2\u0442\u0440\u043E\u0439 \u0442\u0440\u043E3\u043F\u043B \u04421\u0440\u043E\u0440 \u04421\u0440\u043E\u0441\u043E \u0442\u0440\u043E3\u0442 4\u04423\u0440\u043E\u0446 2\u0442\u0440\u043E\u044E 2\u0442\u0440\u043F 2\u0442\u0440\u0440 1\u0442\u0440\u0443\u0431 \u04422\u0440\u0443\u0434\n2\u0442\u0440\u0443\u043A \u04422\u0440\u0443\u043C \u04422\u0440\u0443\u0442 2\u0442\u0440\u0444 2\u0442\u0440\u0449 2\u0442\u0440\u044A \u04421\u0440\u044B \u04421\u0440\u044F.  \u04421\u0440\u044F\u0432 2\u04421\u0440\u044F\u0434 \u04421\u0440\u044F\u0435 \u04421\u0440\u044F\u0436\n\u04421\u0440\u044F\u0439 \u04423\u0440\u044F\u043A \u04421\u0440\u044F\u0442 \u04421\u0440\u044F\u0449 \u04421\u0440\u044F\u044F 4\u04421\u04412 \u04422\u0441\u0431 \u04422\u04413\u0434 \u0442\u0441\u0435\u043F2 \u04422\u04413\u043C \u04422\u04413\u043F 2\u04421\u0442\n\u04422\u0442\u043C \u0442\u04432\u0433\u0440 \u0442\u04432\u0436\u0438\u043D 2\u04421\u04432\u043F\u0440 \u0442\u04431\u0441\u043B \u0442\u04431\u0441\u0442 \u0442\u04432\u0444\u043B 1\u0442\u0443\u0448\u0430 1\u0442\u0443\u0448\u043E 1\u0442\u0443\u0448\u044C 1\u0442\u0443\u0449 2\u0442\u0444\n2\u04421\u0445 4\u0442\u0446 2\u04421\u0447 2\u0442\u04482 2\u0442\u0449 2\u0442\u044A \u0442\u044B2\u04331 \u0442\u044B2\u04411\u043A 2\u0442\u044C 4\u0442\u044C.  3\u0442\u044C\u0435 3\u0442\u044C\u0438 \u0442\u044C2\u043C 4\u0442\u044C\u0442\n\u0442\u044C\u044E1 2\u0442\u044D \u04422\u044E \u0442\u044E1\u0442 1\u0442\u044F\u0433 1\u0442\u044F\u0436 1\u0442\u044F\u043F 2\u0442\u044F2\u0447 \u04431\u0430 \u04432\u0430\u043B\u0435 \u04432\u0430\u0441 \u04433\u0431\u0435\u043B \u0443\u0431\u043E1\u0434\n\u0443\u0431\u043E\u04412 \u0443\u04311\u0440 1\u0443\u0431\u0440\u0430 \u0443\u04313\u0440\u044E 1\u04432\u0431\u044B\u0442 \u04431\u0432\u0435.  \u04431\u0432\u0438 \u0443\u04322\u043B \u04431\u0432\u043E \u04431\u0432\u0443 \u04432\u0433\u0432 \u04432\u0433\u043B\n\u04432\u0433\u043D \u0443\u04332\u043D\u0430 \u0443\u04332\u043D\u0435 \u0443\u04331\u0440\u0435 \u0443\u04331\u0440\u044F \u0443\u0434\u04301\u0441 \u0443\u04342\u0432 \u0443\u04341\u0440\u0430\u043C \u0443\u04341\u0440\u043E \u04433\u0434\u0443 \u04431\u0435 \u0443\u04352\u0434\n\u0443\u04352\u043B \u0443\u04351\u0441 \u0443\u04352\u04411\u043A \u0443\u0435\u04412\u043B \u0443\u04352\u0445 \u04432\u0436\u0436 \u04431\u04372\u0432 \u04431\u0437\u043E \u0443\u0437\u043E3\u043F \u04431\u0438 \u04431\u043A\u0430 \u0443\u043A1\u0432 \u04431\u043A\u0438\n\u04431\u043A\u043E \u0443\u043A\u043E1\u0431 \u04431\u043A\u04431 \u04431\u043B\u0430 \u04431\u043B\u0435 \u04431\u043B\u0443 \u04431\u043B\u044B\u0445 \u04431\u043B\u044E \u04432\u043C\u0447 \u04433\u043D\u0430 \u0443\u043D2\u04341\u0440 \u04431\u043D\u044C \u04431\u043E\n\u0443\u043E2\u0431 \u0443\u043E2\u0432 \u04432\u043E\u0437\u0430 \u0443\u043E2\u043A \u0443\u043E2\u043F \u0443\u043E2\u0441 \u0443\u043E\u0441\u04421 \u0443\u043E2\u04421 \u0443\u043E2\u0444 \u04432\u043F\u043B \u0443\u043F1\u043B\u044E \u04433\u043F\u0440\u043E \u04431\u0440\u0430\n\u04431\u0440\u0435 \u0443\u0440\u04352\u04423\u0440 \u04431\u0440\u0438 \u0443\u0440\u043A\u04353 \u04431\u0440\u043E \u04432\u0440\u043E\u0434 \u0443\u0440\u043E2\u0434\u043B \u0443\u0440\u04422\u0440 \u04433\u0440\u0443 \u04431\u0440\u044B \u04431\u0440\u044E \u04431\u0440\u044F\n\u04432\u0441\u0430\u0434 \u04431\u0441\u0433 \u0443\u04411\u043A\u0430 \u0443\u04411\u043A\u0438 \u0443\u0441\u043A3\u043B \u0443\u04411\u043A\u043E\u043C \u04431\u0441\u043A\u0440 \u0443\u04411\u043A\u0443.  \u0443\u04412\u043B \u0443\u0441\u043B\u04304\u04363 \u0443\u04413\u043B\u0438\n\u04431\u0441\u043C \u04432\u0441\u043D \u0443\u04412\u043F \u0443\u04413\u0441 \u04431\u0441\u0442\u0435 \u04431\u0441\u0442\u044F \u04431\u0441\u0444 2\u0443\u0441\u0446 \u04432\u0441\u0447 \u04432\u0441\u044C \u04433\u0441\u044C\u044F \u04431\u0442\u0430 \u04433\u0442\u0435\u0440\n\u04431\u0442\u0438 \u0443\u04422\u043B\u044F \u04431\u0442\u043E \u0443\u0442\u043E3\u043F2\u0441 \u0443\u04421\u0440\u0438 \u04431\u0442\u0443 \u04431\u0442\u044B \u04431\u0442\u044C\u0435 \u04433\u0442\u044C\u044E 1\u0443\u0442\u044E \u04431\u0442\u044F \u04431\u0443 \u0443\u0443\u04332\n\u0443\u04432\u0441 \u04433\u0444\u0438 \u0443\u04441\u043B \u0443\u04442\u043B\u044F \u04432\u0444\u0440 \u0443\u04451\u0430\u0434 \u0443\u0445\u04302\u0442 \u04432\u0445\u0432 \u04433\u04454\u0432\u043E \u0443\u04451\u043B \u0443\u04453\u043B\u044F \u0443\u04451\u0440\n\u04432\u0447\u0435\u0431 1\u0443\u0447\u0440 \u04431\u0447\u044C \u04433\u0448\u0435 \u04433\u0448\u0438 \u04432\u0448\u043B \u0443\u04481\u043B\u0430 \u04432\u0448\u043F 2\u0443\u044D \u04431\u044F \u0443\u044F2\u0437 1\u0444 \u0444\u04302\u04311 \u0444\u04302\u0433\u043D\n\u0444\u04301\u0437\u043E \u0444\u0430\u043D2\u0434 \u0444\u0430\u043D\u04341\u0440 \u0444\u04301\u0442\u0440 \u0444\u04302\u0445 3\u0444\u0430\u0448 \u0444\u0430\u044D1 2\u04441\u0431 2\u04441\u0432 2\u0444\u0433 2\u04441\u0434 \u0444\u0435\u04321\u0440 \u0444\u0435\u04341\u0440\n\u0444\u04351\u043E3 \u0444\u04352\u04411\u043A \u04444\u0438 \u0444\u0438\u04302\u043A1 \u0444\u04382\u0433\u043B \u0444\u04382\u0436 \u0444\u04382\u0437\u043E \u0444\u04382\u043D\u0438\u043D \u0444\u04381\u043E 3\u0444\u0438\u0442 2\u04441\u043A \u04442\u043B\u0430\n\u04442\u043B\u0438 \u04442\u043B\u043E 2\u0444\u043C 2\u04441\u043D 2\u0444\u043E\u0431\u044A 3\u0444\u043E\u043D \u0444\u043E2\u0440\u0432 2\u04441\u043E\u0440\u0433 \u0444\u043E\u04403\u0442\u0440 \u0444\u043E1\u0440\u0443 \u0444\u043E\u04411\u043A 3\u0444\u043E\u0442\n\u0444\u043E\u0442\u043E3\u043F \u04441\u0440\u0430\u0431 \u0444\u0440\u04301\u0437 \u0444\u0440\u04301\u0441 \u04441\u0440\u0430\u0442 \u04442\u0440\u0435\u043D \u0444\u0440\u04352\u0441 \u04441\u0440\u0438 \u04442\u0440\u0438\u0436 \u04442\u0440\u0438\u0437 \u04441\u0440\u043E \u04442\u0440\u043E\u043D\n\u04441\u0440\u0443 2\u04443\u0441 2\u04441\u0442 \u04442\u0442\u043C \u04442\u0442\u043E\u0440 2\u04441\u04432\u043F \u0444\u04433\u0442\u043B 2\u0444\u0443\u0444 2\u0444\u0444 2\u04441\u0447 2\u0444\u04482 2\u0444\u044C.  \u04442\u044E1\n1\u0445\u0430 \u0445\u04302\u0431\u043B \u0445\u04302\u0434 2\u04451\u0430\u043A \u0445\u0430\u043D2\u0434 \u0445\u0430\u043E3 \u04451\u0430\u0440\u0448 2\u04451\u0431 1\u04452\u0432 2\u04453\u0432\u0435 2\u04453\u0432\u0438 \u04453\u0432\u044B 2\u0445\u0433\n\u04453\u04342 1\u0445\u0435 \u0445\u0435\u043E3 \u04451\u04372 1\u0445\u0438 \u0445\u0438\u0430\u04421 \u0445\u0438\u04352 2\u04451\u0438\u0437\u044B \u0445\u04381\u04412 \u04451\u043A2 \u04451\u043B\u0430\u0432 \u04451\u043B\u0430\u0441 \u04451\u043B\u0430\u0442\n\u04451\u043B\u0430\u0446 1\u0445\u043B\u0435\u0431 \u04452\u043B\u0435\u0441 \u04451\u043B\u0435\u0442 \u04453\u043B\u043E.  \u04452\u043B\u043E\u043F 1\u04452\u043B\u043E\u0440 \u04451\u043B\u0443 1\u04452\u043C\u0443 2\u04451\u043D 3\u04452\u043D\u044B 1\u0445\u043E\n2\u04451\u043E2\u043A \u0445\u043E\u043F2 \u0445\u043E2\u043F\u0435 \u0445\u043E2\u043F\u043E\u0440 \u0445\u043E1\u0440\u0443 \u04451\u043E\u0441\u043C 2\u04451\u043E\u0441\u043D \u0445\u043E\u04442 \u0445\u043E\u04451\u043B \u0445\u043E\u044F2 \u0445\u043F2 \u04451\u0440\u0430\u0437\n1\u0445\u0440\u0430\u043D \u04451\u0440\u04301\u04412 \u04451\u0440\u0435\u0439 \u0445\u0440\u04382\u043F\u043B \u04452\u0440\u0438\u0441 \u04451\u0440\u043E\u0432 1\u0445\u0440\u043E\u043C \u0445\u0440\u043E2\u043C\u0447 \u04451\u0440\u044B \u04451\u0440\u044F 2\u04451\u04412\n2\u04451\u0442 1\u0445\u0443.  \u04451\u04432\u0433 2\u0445\u0443\u0435 2\u0445\u0443\u0439 1\u0445\u0443\u043D \u04451\u04432\u0440 \u0445\u04433\u0440\u0430 1\u0445\u0443\u0441 1\u0445\u0443\u0448 2\u0445\u0443\u044E \u04451\u04452 2\u04451\u04472\n2\u0445\u0448 \u0445\u044C\u044E1 1\u0446 \u0446\u04301 3\u0446\u0430.  3\u0446\u0430\u043C \u0446\u04302\u043F\u043B 3\u0446\u0430\u0445 2\u04461\u0431 \u04462\u0432\u0435 2\u0446\u0432\u044B 2\u0446\u0433 2\u04461\u0434 \u0446\u04351\u0437\n\u0446\u04351\u043A \u0446\u04351\u043E\u0442 \u0446\u0435\u043F1\u043B \u0446\u0435\u04412\u043B \u0446\u04351\u0442 2\u0446\u0435\u0442\u0430\u0442 2\u04461\u0437 \u0446\u04381 \u0446\u04382\u043A1 \u0446\u0438\u043A3\u043B \u0446\u04382\u043E\u043B \u0446\u0438\u043F2\n\u0446\u04382\u0441\u043A \u0446\u0438\u04433 \u0446\u0438\u04441\u0440 2\u04461\u043A2 2\u04461\u043B 2\u0446\u043C 2\u04461\u043D \u04461\u043E2\u0431 2\u04461\u043E2\u0434 2\u04461\u043E\u0442 2\u0446\u043F2 2\u04461\u0440 2\u04461\u0441\n2\u04461\u0442 3\u0446\u0443 2\u0446\u0446 2\u04463\u04482 3\u0446\u044B \u0446\u044B2\u043F \u0446\u044B\u043F3\u043B \u0446\u044E1 1\u0447\u0430 \u0447\u04302\u0434\u0440 \u0447\u04302\u0434\u0446 \u0447\u04302\u0435\u0432\u043E \u0447\u04302\u0435\u0432\u044B\n\u0447\u04302\u0435\u0440 \u0447\u0430\u0441\u04421\u0432 \u0447\u04301\u0441\u0442\u0435 \u0447\u04301\u0441\u0442\u0443 \u0447\u04301\u0441\u0442\u044F 3\u0447\u0430\u0442\u043E 3\u0447\u0430\u0442\u044B 2\u04471\u0431 \u04471\u0432 2\u04471\u0434 1\u0447\u0435 \u0447\u04351\u0432\u043B\n\u0447\u04352\u0433\u043B \u0447\u04351\u043E \u0447\u0435\u04402\u0441 \u0447\u0435\u0440\u0441\u04421 \u0447\u04351\u0441\u043B \u04472\u0436 \u0447\u0436\u043E2 1\u0447\u0438 3\u0447\u0438\u043A 3\u0447\u0438\u0446 2\u04471\u043A 1\u04472\u043B\u0430 \u04472\u043B\u0435\n\u04473\u043B\u0435\u0433 \u04473\u043B\u0435\u0436 2\u0447\u043B\u0438 \u04472\u043B\u0438.  1\u04472\u043B\u043E 1\u0447\u043C 2\u0447\u043C\u0430 2\u0447\u043C\u0435 \u04472\u043C\u043E 2\u04471\u043D 3\u0447\u043E 2\u04471\u0441 2\u04471\u0442\u0430\n\u04472\u0442\u0435 2\u0447\u0442\u043C 1\u0447\u0443 3\u0447\u0443\u043A \u04472\u0445 2\u04471\u0447 2\u0447\u044C.  1\u0447\u044C\u0435 1\u0447\u044C\u0438 2\u0447\u044C\u0441 2\u0447\u044C\u0442 1\u0447\u044C\u044E 1\u0447\u044C\u044F 1\u0448\n\u0448\u04302\u0431\u043B \u0448\u04302\u0433\u043D \u0448\u04302\u04331\u0440 \u0448\u04302\u0434\u0440 \u0448\u0430\u043D2\u043A\u0440 \u0448\u0430\u04403\u04422 \u0448\u04301\u0441\u0442 \u0448\u04301\u0442\u0440\u043E 2\u04481\u0431 \u04482\u0432 \u04483\u0432\u0435\u043D\n\u0448\u04352\u0433\u043B \u0448\u04351\u043A \u0448\u04351\u043E2 \u0448\u04353\u043F\u043B \u0448\u04351\u04412 \u0448\u04382\u0431\u043B \u0448\u04382\u043F\u043B \u0448\u0438\u04441\u0440 2\u04481\u043A2 3\u04482\u043A\u043E\u043B 2\u04481\u043B\u0435\u0439\n2\u0448\u043B\u0435\u043D \u04482\u043B\u0438.  2\u0448\u043B\u0438\u0432 2\u0448\u043B\u0438\u043B \u04482\u043B\u0438\u043D \u04482\u043B\u0438\u0441 \u04482\u043B\u0438\u0442\u0435 \u04482\u043B\u0438\u0444 \u04482\u043B\u043E.  2\u0448\u043B\u043E\u0432 \u04482\u043B\u043E\u0433\n\u04481\u043B\u044B \u04482\u043B\u044E 2\u0448\u043B\u044F\u0435 2\u0448\u043B\u044F\u043A \u04482\u043B\u044F\u043F 2\u0448\u043B\u044F\u0442 2\u0448\u043B\u044F\u0447 2\u0448\u043B\u044F\u044E 2\u0448\u043C 3\u04482\u043C\u044B 4\u04483\u043C\u044B.  2\u04481\u043D\n4\u0448\u043D\u0438 \u04482\u043D\u0443\u0440 \u04482\u043F2 \u04483\u043F\u0440 2\u04481\u0440 2\u04481\u0441 \u04481\u0442\u0438 2\u0448\u0442\u0441 \u0448\u04432\u0435\u0432 \u0448\u0443\u0441\u04421 2\u0448\u0444 \u04481\u0445 2\u0448\u0446 2\u04481\u0447\n2\u0448\u044C 4\u0448\u044C.  3\u0448\u044C\u0435 3\u0448\u044C\u0438 3\u0448\u044C\u044E 3\u0448\u044C\u044F \u04482\u044E1 1\u0449 2\u04493\u04322 \u0449\u04351\u04312\u043B \u0449\u04352\u0433\u043B \u0449\u0435\u04341\u0440 \u0449\u0435\u04382\n\u0449\u0435\u0438\u04411 \u0449\u04351\u0441 \u0449\u04351\u0445 \u0449\u0435\u04482 \u0449\u04353\u0448\u043A \u0449\u04382\u043F1\u043B 2\u0449\u043C 2\u04491\u043D 2\u04491\u0440 2\u0449\u044C.  \u044A1 \u044A\u04352\u0433 \u044A\u04352\u0434\n\u044A\u04353\u0434\u043E \u044A\u04352\u043B \u044A2\u04352\u0440 \u044A\u04352\u0441 \u044A\u04352\u0445\u0438 \u044A\u044E2 \u044A\u044F2 \u044A\u044F3\u043D \u044B1 \u044B2\u0431\u043B \u044B3\u0433\u0430 \u044B3\u0433\u0438 \u044B\u04332\u043B \u044B2\u0433\u043D\n\u044B2\u0434\u043B \u044B\u04342\u0440\u0435 \u044B2\u04341\u0440\u043E \u044B2\u0434\u0440\u044F \u044B\u04352 \u044B3\u04362\u0434 \u044B\u04372\u0432\u0430 \u044B\u04372\u0434 \u044B2\u0437\u043B \u044B2\u0437\u043D \u044B\u04372\u043D\u0430 \u044B\u04382 \u044B\u0438\u04331\n\u044B2\u043A1\u0432 \u044B\u043A2\u043B \u044B2\u043A3\u043B\u043E \u044B\u043A\u043E1\u0437 \u044B\u043A1\u0441 \u044B2\u043B\u044C \u044B2\u043C\u0447 \u044B\u043D\u043E\u04413\u043B \u044B3\u043F\u043E \u044B\u0440\u04302\u04413 \u044B\u04402\u0432 \u044B\u0440\u04352\u0445\n\u044B3\u0441\u0430 \u044B3\u0441\u0435 \u044B\u04411\u043A\u0438 \u044B\u04411\u043A\u0443 \u044B2\u0441\u043D \u044B3\u0441\u043E \u044B\u04412\u043F \u044B2\u0441\u0445 \u044B\u04412\u0447 \u044B2\u0441\u0448 \u044B\u04421\u0432\u0438 \u044B\u04422\u0440 \u044B3\u0442\u044C\u044E\n\u044B3\u0442\u044C\u044F \u044B\u04432 \u044B2\u04481\u043B \u044B3\u0448\u044C \u044C1 \u044C\u04312 \u044C2\u0432\u044F \u044C2\u0434\u0446 \u044C2\u0435 \u044C\u04351\u0437\u043E \u044C\u04351\u043A \u044C\u04352\u04411\u043A \u044C2\u0437\u043D \u044C2\u04381\n\u044C2\u043A\u043B \u044C\u043C\u04383\u0434 \u044C\u043C\u04383\u043A \u044C\u043C\u043E1 \u044C\u043D\u04352\u043E \u044C2\u043E \u044C2\u043F1\u043B \u044C3\u043F2\u0442\u043E \u044C\u04412\u043A \u044C2\u0441\u043D \u044C2\u0441\u0442\u0438 \u044C2\u0441\u0442\u044F\n\u044C2\u04421\u0430\u043C\u043F \u044C\u0442\u04383\u043C \u044C2\u0442\u043C \u044C2\u0442\u043E\u0442 \u044C2\u0442\u0440\u0430\u0431 \u044C\u04422\u0440\u0435 \u044C\u04422\u0440\u0443 \u044C\u04422\u0440\u044B \u044C\u0445\u043E2 \u044C\u0445\u043E\u04371 \u044C2\u0449\u0430 \u044C2\u0449\u0435\n\u044C2\u0449\u0443 \u044C2\u044E \u044C2\u044F \u044C\u044F1\u0432 \u044C3\u044F\u0433\u0441 1\u044D \u044D1\u0432 \u044D\u04321\u0440 2\u044D\u0433 \u044D\u04341\u0440 \u044D\u043A1\u043B \u044D\u043A\u04411 \u044D\u043A2\u0441\u0442 \u044D\u043B\u04351\u043E \u044D2\u043C\n\u044D3\u043C\u0430 \u044D2\u043D \u044D3\u043D\u044C \u044D\u043E2\u0437 \u044D2\u043F \u044D\u043F\u04383\u043A \u044D1\u0440\u0435 \u044D1\u0440\u0438 \u044D\u0440\u04384\u0442\u0440 \u044D\u0440\u043E1\u04412 \u044D1\u0440\u0443 \u044D1\u0440\u044B \u044D\u04411\n\u044D\u0441\u043A2 \u044D\u04413\u043C \u044D2\u0441\u043E \u044D\u04413\u0442\u0435 \u044D\u04412\u04421\u0440 \u044D2\u0442\u0435 \u044D\u0442\u0438\u043B1\u0430 \u044D\u04421\u0440\u0430 \u044D2\u0444 \u044D\u04452 \u044D\u0445\u043E3 \u044D2\u0446 \u044D\u044F2 1\u044E\n\u044E1\u0430 \u044E1\u0431 \u044E2\u0431\u0432 \u044E2\u0431\u043B \u044E2\u04311\u0440\u0435 \u044E1\u0432 \u044E1\u0434\u044C \u044E1\u0435 \u044E\u04372\u0433 \u044E\u0437\u04382\u043A \u044E1\u0437\u043E \u044E1\u0438 \u044E2\u0438\u0434\u0430\u043B \u044E1\u043A\n\u044E2\u043A1\u0432 \u044E1\u043B\u0430 \u044E1\u043B\u0435 \u044E2\u043B\u0438 \u044E1\u043B\u044E 2\u044E\u043C \u044E2\u043C\u0447 \u044E2\u043D\u044C \u044E1\u043E1 \u044E1\u0440\u0430 \u044E1\u0440\u0435 \u044E\u0440\u04354\u043C \u044E1\u0440\u0438\n\u044E\u0440\u04382\u0441\u043A \u044E1\u0440\u043E \u044E1\u0440\u0443 \u044E1\u0440\u044B \u044E2\u04411\u043A \u044E1\u0441\u0442\u0430 \u044E1\u0441\u0442\u0435 \u044E1\u0441\u0442\u043E \u044E1\u0441\u0442\u044F \u044E1\u0442\u0438 \u044E1\u0442\u043E \u044E1\u0442\u0443\n\u044E1\u0442\u044B \u044E1\u0445 \u044E\u0445\u04301\u0441 \u044E1\u0447 \u044E2\u0449\u044C \u044E1\u044F \u044F2\u0431\u0440 \u044F\u04311\u0440\u0430 \u044F\u04313\u0440\u0435 \u044F\u04311\u0440\u0438 \u044F\u04313\u0440\u044E 3\u044F\u0432\u0438\u043A\u0441 \u044F1\u0432\u043E\n\u044F1\u0432\u0443 \u044F1\u04322\u0445 \u044F2\u04331\u043B \u044F2\u0433\u043D \u044F\u04341\u0432 \u044F\u04341\u0440 \u044F1\u0435 \u044F\u04372\u0433\u043D \u044F1\u0437\u043E \u044F1\u0438 \u044F1\u043A \u044F2\u043A1\u0432 \u044F2\u043A1\u043B\n\u044F\u043A1\u0441 \u044F1\u043B \u044F2\u043B\u044C \u044F\u043C2\u04313\u043B \u044F2\u043C\u044C \u044F3\u043D\u0430 \u044F\u043D\u04412 \u044F1\u0440\u0430 \u044F1\u0440\u0438 \u044F1\u0440\u043E \u044F1\u0440\u044C \u044F\u04411\u043A \u044F\u04411\u043B \u044F\u04412\u0442\n\u044F\u0441\u04423\u0432 \u044F1\u0441\u0442\u043E \u044F\u0441\u04421\u0440 \u044F1\u0442\u0430 \u044F\u04423\u0432 \u044F3\u0442\u0438 \u044F\u0442\u04381\u0437 \u044F1\u0442\u043E \u044F1\u0442\u0443 \u044F1\u0442\u044B \u044F3\u0442\u044C\u044E \u044F3\u0442\u044C\u044F \u044F1\u0442\u044F\n\u044F1\u0443 \u044F\u04451\u043B \u044F1\u0445\u0443 \u044F\u0446\u04351 \u044F2\u0448\u043B 2\u044F\u044E.  2\u044F1\u044F % .\u0431\u043E2\u0434\u0440\u0430 .\u0432\u0441\u04422\u0440 .\u0434\u043E\u04312\u0440\u0435\u043B .\u0434\u043E1\u04312\u0440\u0438\n.\u043E\u04312\u043B\u044E\u044E .\u043E\u04312\u0440\u0435\u0435 .\u043E\u04312\u0440\u0435\u0439 .\u043E\u04312\u0440\u0435\u044E .\u043E\u04312\u0440\u0438\u0432 .\u043E\u04312\u0440\u0438\u043B .\u043E\u04312\u0440\u0438\u0442 .\u043F\u04302\u043D1\u0438\u0441\n.\u043F\u043E\u043C2\u043D\u0443 .\u0440\u0435\u04302\u043D .\u0440\u043E2\u04413\u043F\u0438 .\u0441\u043E2\u043F\u043B\u0430 \u04302\u043D\u044C\u0448 \u0430\u0442\u0440\u043E2\u0441\u043A \u0431\u0435\u0437\u04432\u0441 \u0431\u0438\u043D\u043E2\u0441\u043A \u0432\u0438\u04372\u0433\u043D\n\u0432\u044B\u04312\u0440\u0435 \u0433\u0441\u04424\u0440 \u0434\u04381\u04412\u043B\u043E\u0432 \u0434\u043E\u04412\u043D\u044F \u0434\u0440\u043E2\u04363\u0436 2\u0434\u0440\u0443\u0436\u0435\u0439 \u04352\u043C\u044C\u0434 \u04352\u043E3\u043F\u043B\u0430\u0442\u043E \u04352\u043E3\u043F\u043E\u0437\u0438\n\u0435\u0440\u04353\u04412\u0441\u043E 4\u04363\u0434\u0438\u043A 4\u04363\u0434\u0438\u0447 \u0437\u0430\u04382\u043B \u0437\u0430\u043E2\u0437 2\u04371\u04302\u0445\u0430\u0432 \u0437\u0430\u044E2\u043B \u04372\u0440\u044F\u0442 \u0437\u04432\u043C\u044C 6\u0437\u044C.\n\u04382\u043B1\u04302\u043C\u0438\u043D \u0438\u043B\u043B\u043E3\u043A2 \u04392\u043A\u044C \u043B\u04302\u04311\u0440 \u043B\u04433\u04414\u043D \u043C\u04352\u0434\u0438\u043D\u0441 \u043C\u04352\u04341\u043E2\u0441\u043C \u043C\u0435\u0442\u04382\u043B1\u0430\u043C\n\u043C\u0438\u04414\u04413\u043D \u043D\u0430\u04402\u0432\u0430\u0442 \u043D\u04352\u043E3\u0440\u0435 \u043D\u04381\u04412\u043A\u043E\u043B \u043D\u04384\u0441\u044C.  \u043D\u043E4\u043B1\u04302\u043C\u0438\u043D \u043D2\u0442\u0440\u0430\u0441\u0441 \u043E2\u04341\u043E2\u0431\u043E\u043B\n\u043E4\u04363\u0434\u0435\u0432 \u043E1\u04382\u04411\u0442\u0440 \u043E\u0439\u04414\u043A\u043E\u0432 \u043E2\u043C3\u0447\u0435.  \u043E\u043D\u04383\u043B2\u0430\u043C \u043E\u043D2\u0442\u0440\u0430\u0442 \u043E2\u043F\u043B\u044E\u0441 \u043E\u0441\u043E4\u043C3\u043D\n\u043E\u0442\u04384\u0434\u043D \u043F\u0435\u0440\u04351\u04412\u043D \u043F\u043E2\u0434\u043E\u0434\u0435 \u043F\u043E2\u04341\u04432\u0440\u043E \u043F\u043E\u04352\u0436 \u043F\u043E2\u0441\u0442\u0438\u043D \u043F\u0440\u0435\u043C2\u043D\u043E \u043F\u0440\u0438\u0447\u04352\u04411\u043A\n\u043F\u0442\u04384\u0434\u043D \u0440\u0435\u0434\u043E4\u043F\u043B \u0440\u0435\u04364\u0434\u0438 \u0440\u043D\u04383\u043B2\u04303\u043C \u0440\u043E\u04312\u043B\u0435\u044E 2\u0441\u0431\u0440\u0443\u043A1 \u0441\u043E2\u0441\u0442\u0440\u0438\u0442 \u0441\u043E3\u04422\u043A\u0430\u043B\n2\u0441\u0442\u0447\u0435.  2\u0441\u0442\u044C\u0442 \u0441\u044B2\u043C\u0438\u0442 2\u0441\u044C\u0441\u044F.  6\u0442\u0440.  \u0442\u0440\u043E2\u0435\u0442\u0435\u0441 6\u0445\u0443\u044F.  \u044B2\u0440\u044C\u043C \u044B\u044F2\u0432\u044F \u044C\u0431\u0430\u04422\n"

  lang.exceptions "\u0430\u0441-\u0431\u0435\u0441\u0442 \u0431\u0435\u0437\u0434\u043D \u0431\u0438\u0437-\u043D\u0435\u0441-\u043C\u0435\u043D \u0431\u0443\u0439-\u043D\u0430\u043A-\u0441\u043A\u0435 \u0432\u0431\u043B\u0438-\u0437\u0438 \u0432\u0437\u0431\u0430-\u043B\u0430-\u043C\u0443\u0442\u044C-\u0441\u044F\n\u0432\u0437\u0434\u0440\u0435\u043C-\u043D\u0435\u0448\u044C \u0432\u043E-\u0434\u043E-\u0441\u043B\u0438-\u0432\u043E\u043C \u0432\u043E\u043B\u0436-\u0441\u043A\u0435 \u0432\u043E\u043F-\u043B\u0435\u043C \u0432\u043E\u043F\u043B\u044C \u0432\u043E\u0441\u0442-\u0440\u0430 \u0432\u043E-\u0442\u043A\u0430\u0442\u044C\n\u0432\u043E-\u0442\u043A\u0435\u043C \u0432\u043E-\u0442\u043A\u0435\u0448\u044C \u0432\u043E-\u0442\u043A\u0443 \u0432\u043E-\u0442\u043A\u0443\u0442 \u0432\u043F\u043E\u043B-\u043E\u0431\u043E-\u0440\u043E-\u0442\u0430 \u0432\u043F\u043E\u043B-\u0443\u0445\u0430 \u0432\u0441\u0435-\u0432\u043E-\u043B\u043E\u0436-\u0441\u043A\u0435\n\u0432\u0446\u0441\u043F\u0441 \u0433\u0430-\u0440\u0435\u043C-\u043D\u043E-\u0433\u043E \u0433\u043E-\u043B\u043E-\u0434\u0440\u0430-\u043D\u0435\u0446 \u0433\u0440\u044D\u0441 \u0434\u0432\u0443-\u0437\u0443-\u0431\u0435\u0446 \u0434\u043D\u0435\u043F\u0440 \u0434\u043E\u0431\u0440\u0435-\u0435\u043C\n\u0434\u043E-\u0431\u0440\u0435-\u0435\u043C-\u0441\u044F \u0434\u043E\u0431\u0440\u0435-\u0435\u0442 \u0434\u043E\u0431\u0440\u0435-\u0435-\u0442\u0435 \u0434\u043E-\u0431\u0440\u0435-\u0435-\u0442\u0435\u0441\u044C \u0434\u043E-\u0431\u0440\u0435-\u0435\u0442-\u0441\u044F \u0434\u043E\u0431\u0440\u0435-\u0435\u0448\u044C\n\u0434\u043E-\u0431\u0440\u0435-\u0435\u0448\u044C-\u0441\u044F \u0434\u043E\u0431\u0440\u0435\u044E \u0434\u043E-\u0431\u0440\u0435-\u044E\u0441\u044C \u0434\u043E\u0431\u0440\u0435-\u044E\u0442 \u0434\u043E-\u0431\u0440\u0435-\u044E\u0442-\u0441\u044F \u0434\u043E-\u0431\u0440\u0435-\u0441\u0442\u0438\n\u0434\u043E-\u0431\u0440\u043E-\u0434\u044F\u0442 \u0434\u043E-\u0431\u0440\u043E\u0441\u044C \u0434\u043E-\u0431\u0440\u043E\u0441\u044C-\u0442\u0435 \u0434\u043E-\u0431\u0440\u043E-\u0441\u044F\u0442 \u0434\u043E-\u0431\u0440\u043E-\u0448\u0443 \u0434\u043E\u043C\u043D\u0443 \u0434\u043E\u043F-\u043F\u0435\u043B\u044C\n\u0434\u0440\u0430\u0445-\u043C\u0443 \u0434\u0440\u0435\u0439\u0444-\u043B\u044E \u0434\u0440\u0435\u0439\u0444\u044C-\u0442\u0435 \u0435\u0434\u0438-\u043D\u043E-\u0436\u0434\u044B \u0437\u0430\u0432-\u0441\u0435\u043A-\u0442\u043E-\u0440\u043E\u043C \u0437\u0430-\u043C\u0440\u0443 \u0437\u0430-\u0447\u043B\u0438\u0441\u044C\n\u0438\u0437-\u0434\u0440\u0435\u0432-\u043B\u0435 \u0438\u0437\u043E-\u0442\u0440\u0443 \u0438\u043D-\u043A\u043E\u0433-\u043D\u0438-\u0442\u043E \u0438\u0441\u043A\u0440 \u043A\u0430-\u0437\u0430-\u0448\u0435\u043A \u043A\u0430\u0437\u043D\u044C \u043A\u043E\u043B\u044C\u0434-\u043A\u0440\u0435-\u043C\u043E\u043C\n\u043A\u043E\u0440\u043D-\u043F\u0430-\u043F\u0438\u0440 \u043A\u0441\u0435\u043D\u0434\u0437 \u043B\u0438\u043A-\u0431\u0435-\u0437\u043E\u043C \u043B\u043E-\u0448\u0430\u0434\u044C-\u043C\u0438 \u043B\u044E\u0434\u044C-\u043C\u0438 \u043B\u044E-\u044D-\u0441\u043E\u043C \u043C\u0430-\u0437\u0443-\u0442\u0435\n\u043C\u0435-\u0442\u0438-\u043B\u0430\u043C \u043C\u0435-\u0442\u0438-\u043B\u0430-\u043C\u0438 \u043C\u043D\u043E-\u0433\u0430-\u0436\u0434\u044B \u043C\u043E\u0440\u0449\u044C-\u0442\u0435 \u043D\u0430-\u0431\u0435-\u043A\u0440\u0435\u043D\u044C \u043D\u0430\u0432\u0437-\u043D\u0438\u0447\u044C\n\u043D\u0430-\u0432\u0441\u043A\u0438\u0434-\u043A\u0443 \u043D\u0430-\u0432\u0441\u0442\u0440\u0435-\u0447\u0443 \u043D\u0430\u0433\u043B \u043D\u0430-\u0438\u0437\u0443\u0441\u0442\u044C \u043D\u0430-\u0438\u0441-\u043A\u043E-\u0441\u043E\u043A \u043D\u0430\u0438-\u043C\u0435-\u043D\u0435\u0435\n\u043D\u0430-\u0438\u0441-\u043A\u043E\u0441\u044C \u043D\u0430-\u043E\u0431\u043E-\u0440\u043E\u0442 \u043D\u0430-\u043E\u0442-\u0440\u0435\u0437 \u043D\u0430-\u0441\u0443\u043F\u044C-\u0441\u044F \u043D\u0430-\u0443\u0433\u0430\u0434 \u043D\u0430-\u0443\u0433\u043E\u043B\u044C-\u043D\u0438\u043A\n\u043D\u0435-\u043E\u0441\u0442-\u0440\u0430 \u043D\u0435\u0441-\u043B\u0430\u0441\u044C \u043D\u0435\u0441-\u043B\u0438\u0441\u044C \u043D\u0435\u0442-\u0442\u043E \u043D\u0435-\u0443\u0434\u0443 \u043E\u0431\u0438\u0434\u044C-\u0441\u044F \u043E\u0431\u043E-\u0448\u043B\u043E\u0441\u044C \u043E\u0431-\u0440\u0430-\u0441\u0442\u0438\n\u043E\u0434-\u043D\u0430-\u0436\u0434\u044B \u043E\u0441\u043B\u0430\u0431-\u043B\u0430 \u043E\u0442\u043E-\u043C\u0441\u0442\u044F\u0442 \u043E\u0442\u043E-\u043C\u0449\u0443 \u043E\u0442\u043E-\u0442\u0440\u0443 \u043E\u0442\u0440\u0443 \u043E\u0442\u0440\u0443\u0441\u044C \u043F\u0430\u0431-\u043B\u0438-\u0441\u0438-\u0442\u0438\n\u043F\u0430-\u043D\u0430-\u043C\u0435 \u043F\u0430-\u043D\u0430-\u043C\u0435\u0446 \u043F\u0430-\u0440\u0430-\u0442\u0430\u043A-\u0441\u0438\u0441 \u043F\u0435-\u0440\u0435-\u0432\u0440\u0443 \u043F\u0435-\u0440\u0435-\u043C\u0435-\u0436\u0430\u0442\u044C\n\u043F\u0435-\u0440\u0435-\u043C\u0435-\u0436\u0430\u0442\u044C-\u0441\u044F \u043F\u0435-\u0440\u0435-\u0448\u043B\u0430 \u043F\u0438\u0441-\u0447\u0430\u044F \u043F\u043E-\u0432\u0441\u0435-\u0434\u043D\u0435-\u0432\u0435\u043D \u043F\u043E-\u0433\u0440\u0435-\u043C\u043E\u043A \u043F\u043E-\u0434\u043E-\u0442\u0440\u0443\n\u043F\u043E-\u0438\u0441-\u0442\u0438-\u043D\u0435 \u043F\u043E-\u043B\u0443-\u0442\u043E-\u0440\u0430-\u0441\u0442\u0430 \u043F\u043E-\u043B\u0443-\u044F\u0432\u044C\u044E \u043F\u043E-\u043C\u043B\u0430\u0434-\u0448\u0435 \u043F\u043E\u043C\u043D\u0438 \u043F\u043E-\u043C\u043D\u0438\u0441\u044C\n\u043F\u043E\u043C\u043D\u0438-\u0442\u0435 \u043F\u043E-\u043C\u043D\u0438-\u0442\u0435\u0441\u044C \u043F\u043E-\u043C\u043D\u043E-\u0433\u0443 \u043F\u043E-\u043C\u0440\u0443 \u043F\u043E\u043B-\u0432\u0442\u043E-\u0440\u043E-\u0433\u043E \u043F\u043E\u043B-\u0448\u043A\u0430-\u0444\u0430\n\u043F\u043E-\u043D\u0430-\u0434\u043E\u0431-\u043B\u044E\u0441\u044C \u043F\u043E-\u0442\u0440\u0430\u0444\u044C-\u0442\u0435 \u043F\u0440\u0435\u0436-\u0434\u0435 \u043F\u0440\u0438\u0434-\u0442\u0438 \u043F\u0440\u0438-\u0448\u043B\u0430 \u043F\u0440\u0438-\u0448\u043B\u043E\u0441\u044C \u043F\u0440\u043E-\u0442\u0440\u0443\n\u043F\u0440\u043E-\u0445\u043B\u0430\u0434-\u0446\u0430 \u043F\u0441\u043A\u043E-\u0432\u0430 \u043F\u044B\u043B-\u0447\u0435 \u0440\u0430\u0437-\u043E\u0440\u0435\u043C-\u0441\u044F \u0440\u0430\u0437-\u043E\u0440\u0435-\u0442\u0435\u0441\u044C \u0440\u0430\u0437-\u043E\u0440\u0435\u0442-\u0441\u044F\n\u0440\u0430\u0437-\u043E\u0440\u0435\u0448\u044C-\u0441\u044F \u0440\u0430\u0437\u043E-\u0442\u0440\u0443 \u0440\u0430-\u0437\u0443-\u043C\u043E\u043C \u0440\u0435\u0437\u0432-\u043B\u044E\u0441\u044C \u0440\u0441\u0444\u0441\u0440 \u0441\u0430\u043D-\u0443\u0437\u0435\u043B \u0441\u0434\u0440\u0435\u0439\u0444-\u043B\u044E\n\u0441\u0435-\u0433\u043E-\u0434\u043D\u044F \u0441\u043C\u0435-\u0436\u0430\u0442 \u0441\u043E-\u0431\u043B\u044E-\u0441\u0442\u0438 \u0441\u043E-\u043B\u0436\u0435\u0448\u044C \u0441\u043E\u0441\u0442-\u0440\u0438\u043C \u0441\u043E\u0441\u0442-\u0440\u0438\u0448\u044C \u0441\u043E\u0441\u0442-\u0440\u044E\n\u0441\u043E\u0441\u0442-\u0440\u044F\u0442 \u0441\u043E-\u0442\u043A\u0430\u0442\u044C \u0441\u043E-\u0442\u043A\u0435\u043C \u0441\u043E-\u0442\u043A\u0435\u0448\u044C \u0441\u043E\u0442\u043A\u0443 \u0441\u043E-\u0442\u043A\u0443\u0442 \u0441\u0440\u043E\u0441-\u043B\u0430\u0441\u044C \u0441\u0440\u043E\u0441-\u043B\u0438\u0441\u044C\n\u0441\u0442\u0440\u0435\u043C-\u0433\u043B\u0430\u0432 \u0442\u0430\u043A-\u0436\u0435 \u0442\u0432\u0435-\u0440\u0435-\u0437\u043E-\u0433\u043E \u0442\u0435-\u043B\u0435-\u0430\u0442\u0435-\u043B\u044C\u0435 \u0442\u0435\u0440-\u043D\u043E-\u0441\u043B\u0438-\u0432\u043E\u043C \u0442\u0440\u043E\u043F-\u043B\u044E\n\u0442\u044C\u0444\u0443 \u0443\u0437\u0443-\u0444\u0440\u0443\u043A\u0442 \u0443\u043C\u043D\u0435\u043C \u0443\u043C\u043D\u0435\u0442 \u0443\u043C\u043D\u0435\u0442\u0435 \u0443\u043C\u043D\u0443 \u0443\u043C\u0440\u0443 \u0443\u0441\u043B\u044B\u0448\u044C-\u0442\u0435 \u0443\u0448\u043B\u0430\n\u0444\u043E-\u0442\u043E-\u043F\u043B\u0435-\u043D\u043E\u043A \u0446\u0430-\u0440\u0435-\u0434\u0432\u043E-\u0440\u0435\u0446 \u0447\u0435-\u0440\u0435\u0441-\u0447\u0443\u0440 \u0447\u0435\u0440-\u043D\u043E-\u0441\u043B\u0438-\u0432\u043E\u043C \u0447\u0440\u0435\u0441\u043B \u0447\u0443\u0436-\u0434\u043E\u0441\u0442\u044C\n\u0448\u0435\u0441\u0442\u044C-\u0434\u0435-\u0441\u044F\u0442 \u044E\u0441\u043E\u043C \u044F\u0434\u043E-\u0437\u0443-\u0431\u0435 \u044F\u0440\u0435\u043C-\u043D\u043E-\u0433\u043E\n"
CA = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.patterns "% Attach vowel groups to left consonant\n1ba 1be 1bi 1bo 1bu 1ca 1ce 1ci 1co 1cu 1da 1de 1di 1do 3du 1fa 1fe 1fi 1fo\n1fu 1ga 1ge 1gi 1go 1gu 1ha 1he 1hi 1ho 1hu 1ja 1je 1ji 1jo 1ju 1la 1le 1li\n1lo 1lu 1ma 1me 1mi 1mo 1mu 1na 1ne 3ni 1no 1nu 1pa 3pe 3pi 3po 1pu 1qu 1ra\n1re 1ri 1ro 1ru 1sa 1se 1si 1so 1su 1ta 1te 1ti 1to 1tu 1va 1ve 1vi 1vo 1vu\n1xa 1xe 1xi 1xo 1xu 1za 1ze 1zi 1zo 1zu 1b\u00E9 1b\u00ED 1b\u00F3 1b\u00FA 1b\u00E0 1b\u00E8 1b\u00F2 1c\u00E9 1c\u00ED\n1c\u00F3 1c\u00FA 1c\u00E0 1c\u00E8 1c\u00F2 1\u00E7o 1\u00E7a 1\u00E7u 1\u00E7\u00F3 1\u00E7\u00FA 1\u00E7\u00E0 1\u00E7\u00F2 1d\u00E9 1d\u00ED 1d\u00F3 1d\u00FA 1d\u00E0 1d\u00E8 1d\u00F2\n1f\u00E9 1f\u00ED 1f\u00F3 1f\u00FA 1f\u00E0 1f\u00E8 1f\u00F2 1g\u00E9 1g\u00ED 1g\u00F3 1g\u00FA 1g\u00E0 1g\u00E8 1g\u00F2 1g\u00FC 1h\u00E9 1h\u00ED 1h\u00F3 1h\u00FA\n1h\u00E0 1h\u00E8 1h\u00F2 1j\u00E9 1j\u00ED 1j\u00F3 1j\u00FA 1j\u00E0 1j\u00E8 1j\u00F2 1l\u00E9 1l\u00ED 1l\u00F3 1l\u00FA 1l\u00E0 1l\u00E8 1l\u00F2 1m\u00E9 1m\u00ED\n1m\u00F3 1m\u00FA 1m\u00E0 1m\u00E8 1m\u00F2 1n\u00E9 1n\u00ED 1n\u00F3 1n\u00FA 1n\u00E0 1n\u00E8 1n\u00F2 1p\u00E9 1p\u00ED 1p\u00F3 1p\u00FA 1p\u00E0 1p\u00E8 1p\u00F2\n1q\u00FC 1r\u00E9 1r\u00ED 1r\u00F3 1r\u00FA 1r\u00E0 1r\u00E8 1r\u00F2 1s\u00E9 1s\u00ED 1s\u00F3 1s\u00FA 1s\u00E0 1s\u00E8 1s\u00F2 1t\u00E9 1t\u00ED 1t\u00F3 1t\u00FA\n1t\u00E0 1t\u00E8 1t\u00F2 1v\u00E9 1v\u00ED 1v\u00F3 1v\u00FA 1v\u00E0 1v\u00E8 1v\u00F2 1x\u00E9 1x\u00ED 1x\u00F3 1x\u00FA 1x\u00E0 1x\u00E8 1x\u00F2 1z\u00E9 1z\u00ED\n1z\u00F3 1z\u00FA 1z\u00E0 1z\u00E8 1z\u00F2\n\n% Build legal consonant groups, leave other consonants bound to\n% the previous group. This overrides part of the previous pattern\n% group.\n3l2la 1l2le 1l2li 3l2lo 1l2lu 1b2la 1b2le 1b2li 1b2lo 1b2lu 1b2ra 1b2re\n1b2ri 1b2ro 1b2ru 1c2la 1c2le 1c2li 1c2lo 1c2lu 1c2ra 1c2re 1c2ri 1c2ro\n1c2ru 1d2ra 1d2re 1d2ri 1d2ro 1d2ru 1f2la 1f2le 1f2li 1f2lo 1f2lu 1f2ra\n1f2re 1f2ri 1f2ro 1f2ru 1g2la 1g2le 1g2li 1g2lo 1g2lu 1g2ra 1g2re 1g2ri\n1g2ro 1g2ru 1p2la 1p2le 1p2li 1p2lo 1p2lu 1p2ra 1p2re 1p2ri 1p2ro 1p2ru\n1t2ra 1t2re 1t2ri 1t2ro 1t2ru 1n2ya 1n2ye 1n2yi 1n2yo 1n2yu 1l2l\u00E9 1l2l\u00ED\n1l2l\u00F3 1l2l\u00FA 1l2l\u00E0 1l2l\u00E8 1l2l\u00F2 1b2l\u00E9 1b2l\u00ED 1b2l\u00F3 1b2l\u00FA 1b2l\u00E0 1b2l\u00E8 1b2l\u00F2\n1b2r\u00E9 1b2r\u00ED 1b2r\u00F3 1b2r\u00FA 1b2r\u00E0 1b2r\u00E8 1b2r\u00F2 1c2l\u00E9 1c2l\u00ED 1c2l\u00F3 1c2l\u00FA 1c2l\u00E0\n1c2l\u00E8 1c2l\u00F2 1c2r\u00E9 1c2r\u00ED 1c2r\u00F3 1c2r\u00FA 1c2r\u00E0 1c2r\u00E8 1c2r\u00F2 1d2r\u00E9 1d2r\u00ED 1d2r\u00F3\n1d2r\u00FA 1d2r\u00E0 1d2r\u00E8 1d2r\u00F2 1f2l\u00E9 1f2l\u00ED 1f2l\u00F3 1f2l\u00FA 1f2l\u00E0 1f2l\u00E8 1f2l\u00F2 1f2r\u00E9\n1f2r\u00ED 1f2r\u00F3 1f2r\u00FA 1f2r\u00E0 1f2r\u00E8 1f2r\u00F2 1g2l\u00E9 1g2l\u00ED 1g2l\u00F3 1g2l\u00FA 1g2l\u00E0 1g2l\u00E8\n1g2l\u00F2 1g2r\u00E9 1g2r\u00ED 1g2r\u00F3 1g2r\u00FA 1g2r\u00E0 1g2r\u00E8 1g2r\u00F2 1p2l\u00E9 1p2l\u00ED 1p2l\u00F3 1p2l\u00FA\n1p2l\u00E0 1p2l\u00E8 1p2l\u00F2 1p2r\u00E9 1p2r\u00ED 1p2r\u00F3 1p2r\u00FA 1p2r\u00E0 1p2r\u00E8 1p2r\u00F2 1t2r\u00E9 1t2r\u00ED\n1t2r\u00F3 1t2r\u00FA 1t2r\u00E0 1t2r\u00E8 1t2r\u00F2 1n2y\u00E9 1n2y\u00ED 1n2y\u00F3 1n2y\u00FA 1n2y\u00E0 1n2y\u00E8 1n2y\u00F2\n\n% Vowels are kept together by the defaults. We break here diphthongs and\n% the like.\na1a a1e a1o e1a e1e e1o i1a i1e i1o o1a o1e o1o u1a u1e u1o a1\u00E9 a1\u00ED a1\u00F3 a1\u00FA\na1\u00E0 a1\u00E8 a1\u00F2 a1\u00EF a1\u00FC e1\u00E9 e1\u00ED e1\u00F3 e1\u00FA e1\u00E0 e1\u00E8 e1\u00F2 e1\u00EF e1\u00FC i1\u00E9 i1\u00ED i1\u00F3 i1\u00FA i1\u00E0\ni1\u00E8 i1\u00F2 i1\u00EF i1\u00FC o1\u00E9 o1\u00ED o1\u00F3 o1\u00FA o1\u00E0 o1\u00E8 o1\u00F2 o1\u00EF o1\u00FC u1\u00E9 u1\u00ED u1\u00F3 u1\u00FA u1\u00E0 u1\u00E8\nu1\u00F2 u1\u00EF u1\u00FC \u00E91a \u00E91e \u00E91o \u00E91\u00EF \u00E91\u00FC \u00ED1a \u00ED1e \u00ED1o \u00ED1\u00EF \u00ED1\u00FC \u00F31a \u00F31e \u00F31o \u00F31\u00EF \u00F31\u00FC \u00FA1a\n\u00FA1e \u00FA1o \u00FA1\u00EF \u00FA1\u00FC \u00E01a \u00E01e \u00E01o \u00E01\u00EF \u00E01\u00FC \u00E81a \u00E81e \u00E81o \u00E81\u00EF \u00E81\u00FC \u00F21a \u00F21e \u00F21o \u00F21\u00EF \u00F21\u00FC\n\u00EF1a \u00EF1e \u00EF1o \u00EF1\u00E9 \u00EF1\u00ED \u00EF1\u00F3 \u00EF1\u00FA \u00EF1\u00E0 \u00EF1\u00E8 \u00EF1\u00F2 \u00EF1i \u00FC1a \u00FC1e \u00FC1o \u00FC1\u00E9 \u00FC1\u00ED \u00FC1\u00F3 \u00FC1\u00FA \u00FC1\u00E0\n\u00FC1\u00E8 \u00FC1\u00F2\n\n% We consider here i and u as semiconsonants\na1i2a a1i2e a1i2o a1i2u a1u2a a1u2e a1u2i a1u2o a1u2u e1i2a e1i2e e1i2o\ne1i2u e1u2a e1u2e e1u2i e1u2o e1u2u i1i2a i1i2e i1i2o i1i2u i1u2a i1u2e\ni1u2i i1u2o i1u2u o1i2a o1i2e o1i2o o1i2u o1u2a o1u2e o1u2o o1u2i o1u2u\nu1i2a u1i2e u1i2o u1i2u u1u2a u1u2e u1u2i u1u2o u1u2u a1i2\u00E9 a1i2\u00ED a1i2\u00F3\na1i2\u00FA a1i2\u00E0 a1i2\u00E8 a1i2\u00F2 a1u2\u00E9 a1u2\u00ED a1u2\u00F3 a1u2\u00FA a1u2\u00E0 a1u2\u00E8 a1u2\u00F2 e1i2\u00E9\ne1i2\u00ED e1i2\u00F3 e1i2\u00FA e1i2\u00E0 e1i2\u00E8 e1i2\u00F2 e1u2\u00E9 e1u2\u00ED e1u2\u00F3 e1u2\u00FA e1u2\u00E0 e1u2\u00E8\ne1u2\u00F2 i1i2\u00E9 i1i2\u00ED i1i2\u00F3 i1i2\u00FA i1i2\u00E0 i1i2\u00E8 i1i2\u00F2 i1u2\u00E9 i1u2\u00ED i1u2\u00F3 i1u2\u00FA\ni1u2\u00E0 i1u2\u00E8 i1u2\u00F2 o1i2\u00E9 o1i2\u00ED o1i2\u00F3 o1i2\u00FA o1i2\u00E0 o1i2\u00E8 o1i2\u00F2 o1u2\u00E9 o1u2\u00ED\no1u2\u00F3 o1u2\u00FA o1u2\u00E0 o1u2\u00E8 o1u2\u00F2 u1i2\u00E9 u1i2\u00ED u1i2\u00F3 u1i2\u00FA u1i2\u00E0 u1i2\u00E8 u1i2\u00F2\nu1u2\u00E9 u1u2\u00ED u1u2\u00F3 u1u2\u00FA u1u2\u00E0 u1u2\u00E8 u1u2\u00F2 \u00E91i2a \u00E91i2e \u00E91i2o \u00E91i2u \u00E91u2a\n\u00E91u2e \u00E91u2o \u00E91u2i \u00E91u2u \u00ED1i2a \u00ED1i2e \u00ED1i2o \u00ED1i2u \u00ED1u2a \u00ED1u2e \u00ED1u2o \u00ED1u2i\n\u00ED1u2u \u00F31i2a \u00F31i2e \u00F31i2o \u00F31i2u \u00F31u2a \u00F31u2e \u00F31u2o \u00F31u2i \u00F31u2u \u00FA1i2a \u00FA1i2e\n\u00FA1i2o \u00FA1i2u \u00FA1u2a \u00FA1u2e \u00FA1u2o \u00FA1u2i \u00FA1u2u \u00E01i2a \u00E01i2e \u00E01i2o \u00E01i2u \u00E01u2a\n\u00E01u2e \u00E01u2o \u00E01u2i \u00E01u2u \u00E81i2a \u00E81i2e \u00E81i2o \u00E81i2u \u00E81u2a \u00E81u2e \u00E81u2o \u00E81u2i\n\u00E81u2u \u00F21i2a \u00F21i2e \u00F21i2o \u00F21i2u \u00F21u2a \u00F21u2e \u00F21u2o \u00F21u2i \u00F21u2u \u00EF1i2a \u00EF1i2e\n\u00EF1i2o \u00EF1i2\u00E9 \u00EF1i2\u00ED \u00EF1i2\u00F3 \u00EF1i2\u00FA \u00EF1i2\u00E0 \u00EF1i2\u00E8 \u00EF1i2\u00F2 \u00EF1i2u \u00EF1u2a \u00EF1u2e \u00EF1u2o\n\u00EF1u2\u00E9 \u00EF1u2\u00ED \u00EF1u2\u00F3 \u00EF1u2\u00FA \u00EF1u2\u00E0 \u00EF1u2\u00E8 \u00EF1u2\u00F2 \u00EF1u2i \u00EF1u2u \u00FC1i2a \u00FC1i2e \u00FC1i2o\n\u00FC1i2\u00E9 \u00FC1i2\u00ED \u00FC1i2\u00F3 \u00FC1i2\u00FA \u00FC1i2\u00E0 \u00FC1i2\u00E8 \u00FC1i2\u00F2 \u00FC1i2u \u00FC1u2a \u00FC1u2e \u00FC1u2o \u00FC1u2\u00E9\n\u00FC1u2\u00ED \u00FC1u2\u00F3 \u00FC1u2\u00FA \u00FC1u2\u00E0 \u00FC1u2\u00E8 \u00FC1u2\u00F2 \u00FC1u2i \u00FC1u2u\n\n% Semiconsonants at the beginning of word\n.hi2a .hi2e .hi2o .hi2u .hu2a .hu2e .hu2i .hu2o .i2\u00E8 .i2\u00F2 .u2\u00E8 .u2\u00F2 .hi2\u00E9\n.hi2\u00F3 .hi2\u00FA .hi2\u00E0 .hi2\u00E8 .hi2\u00F2 .hu2\u00E9 .hu2\u00ED .hu2\u00F3 .hu2\u00E0 .hu2\u00E8 .hu2\u00F2\n\n% And now the crescent diphtongs\ngu2a gu2e gu2i gu2o qu2a qu2e qu2i qu2o gu2\u00E9 gu2\u00ED gu2\u00F3 gu2\u00E0 gu2\u00E8 gu2\u00F2 qu2\u00E9\nqu2\u00ED qu2\u00F3 qu2\u00E0 qu2\u00E8 qu2\u00F2 g\u00FC2e g\u00FC2\u00E9 g\u00FC2\u00ED g\u00FC2\u00E8 g\u00FC2i q\u00FC2e q\u00FC2\u00E9 q\u00FC2\u00ED q\u00FC2\u00E8 q\u00FC2i\n\n% We add here some exceptions to the rules for diaeresis\na1isme. e1isme. i1isme. o1isme. u1isme. a1ista. e1ista. i1ista. o1ista.\nu1ista. a1um. e1um. i1um. o1um. u1um.\n\n% disallow hyphenation on possible prefixes\n.antihi2 .be2n .be2s .bi2s .ca2p .ce2l .cla2r .co2ll .co2n .co2r .de2s .di2s\n.en3a .hipe2r .hiperm2n .in3ac .in3ad .in3ap .in3es .in3o .inte2r .ma2l\n.mal1t2hus .pa2n .pe2r .pe3ri .pos2t .psa2l .rebe2s .re2d .su2b .sub3o\n.subde2s .supe2r .tran2s\n\n% Avoid hyphenation on some intra-word groups\ng2no p2si p2se p2neu g2n\u00F2 p2s\u00ED\n\n% Avoid wrong hyphenation on some foreign-origin words\n.ch2 .th2 ein1s2tein ru1t2herford ni2etz1sc2he\n\n% Add some good patterns found by patgen\n3exp 3nef 3nei 3pr 3ser a3ne a3ri bi3se des3ag des3ar des3av des3enc e3ism\ne3le e3rio e3ris es3aco es3af es3ap es3arr es3as es3int ig3n in3ex n3si o3ro\nqui3e s3emp s3esp sub3a ui3et o3gn\u00F2\n"

  lang.exceptions "% Finally, add exception list\ncu-rie cu-ries gei-sha gei-shes goua-che goua-ches hip-py hip-pies hob-by\nhob-bies jeep jeeps joule joules klee-nex klee-nexs lar-ghet-ti lar-ghet-to\nlied lieder nos-al-tres % me-nhir me-nhirs\nro-yal-ties ro-yal-ty vos-al-tres whis-ky whis-kies\n"
ES = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.patterns "1\u00F1 1b 2bb 2bc 2bd 2bf 2bg 2b1h 2bj 2bk b2l 2bl. 2bm 2bn 2bp 2bq b2r 2br. 2bs\n2bt 2bv 2bx 2by 2bz 1c 2cb 2cc 2cd 2cf 2cg c4h 2cj c2k c2l 2cl. 2cm 2cn 2cp\n2cq c2r 2cr. 2cs 2ct 2cv 2cx 2cy 2cz 1d 2db 2dc 2dd 2df 2dg 2d1h 2dj 2dk 2dl\n2dm 2dn 2dp 2dq d2r 2dr. 2ds 2dt 2dv 2dx 2dy 2dz 1f 2fb 2fc 2fd 2ff 2fg 2f1h\n2fj 2fk f2l 2fl. 2fm 2fn 2fp 2fq f2r 2fr. 2fs 2ft 2fv 2fx 2fy 2fz 1g 2gb 2gc\n2gd 2gf 2gg 2g2h 2gj 2gk g2l 2gl. 2gm 2gn 2gp 2gq g2r 2gr. 2gs 2gt 2gv 2gx\n2gy 2gz 2hb 2hc 2hd 2hf 2hg 2h1h 2hj 2hk 2hl 2hm 2hn 2hp 2hq 2hr 2hs 2ht 2hv\n2hx 2hy 2hz 1j 2jb 2jc 2jd 2jf 2jg 2j1h 2jj 2jk 2jl 2jm 2jn 2jp 2jq 2jr 2js\n2jt 2jv 2jx 2jy 2jz 1k 2kb 2kc 2kd 2kf 2kg 2k2h 2kj 2kk k2l 2kl. 2km 2kn 2kp\n2kq k2r 2kr. 2ks 2kt 2kv 2kx 2ky 2kz 1l 2lb 2lc 2ld 2lf 2lg 2l1h 2lj 2lk l4l\n2ll. 2lm 2ln 2lp 2lq 2lr 2ls 2lt 2lv 2lx 2ly 2lz 1m 2mb 2mc 2md 2mf 2mg 2m1h\n2mj 2mk 2ml 2mm 2mn 2mp 2mq 2mr 2ms 2mt 2mv 2mx 2my 2mz 1n 2nb 2nc 2nd 2nf\n2ng 2n1h 2nj 2nk 2nl 2nm 2nn 2np 2nq 2nr 2ns 2nt 2nv 2nx 2ny 2nz 1p 2pb 2pc\n2pd 2pf 2pg 2p1h 2pj 2pk p2l 2pl. 2pm 2pn 2pp 2pq p2r 2pr. 2ps 2pt 2pv 2px\n2py 2pz 1q 2qb 2qc 2qd 2qf 2qg 2q1h 2qj 2qk 2ql 2qm 2qn 2qp 2qq 2qr 2qs 2qt\n2qv 2qx 2qy 2qz 1r 2rb 2rc 2rd 2rf 2rg 2r1h 2rj 2rk 2rl 2rm 2rn 2rp 2rq r2r\n2rr. 2rs 2rt 2rv 2rx 2ry 2rz 1s 2sb 2sc 2sd 2sf 2sg 2s1h 2sj 2sk 2sl 2sm 2sn\n2sp 2sq 2sr 2ss 2st 2sv 2sx 2sy 2sz 1t 2tb 2tc 2td 2tf 2tg 2t1h 2tj 2tk 2tm\n2tn 2tp 2tq t2r 2tr. 2ts 2tt 2tv t2x 2ty 2tz 1v 2vb 2vc 2vd 2vf 2vg 2v1h 2vj\n2vk v2l 2vl. 2vm 2vn 2vp 2vq v2r 2vr. 2vs 2vt 2vv 2vx 2vy 2vz 4w 1x 2xb 2xc\n2xd 2xf 2xg 2x1h 2xj 2xk 2xl 2xm 2xn 2xp 2xq 2xr 2xs 2xt 2xv 2xx 2xy 2xz 1y\n2yb 2yc 2yd 2yf 2yg 2y1h 2yj 2yk 2yl 2ym 2yn 2yp 2yq 2yr 2ys 2yt 2yv 2yx 2yy\n2yz 1z 2zb 2zc 2zd 2zf 2zg 2z1h 2zj 2zk 2zl 2zm 2zn 2zp 2zq 2zr 2zs 2zt 2zv\n2zx 2zy 2zz 2t2l 2no. .no2 4caca4 4cago4 4caga4 4cagas. 4teta. 4tetas.\n4puta4 4puto4 .hu4mea .hu4meo .he4mee 4meo. 4meable. 4meables. 4pedo4 4culo4\na4i3go a4es a4e3mos a4\u00E9is a4en a4\u00EDas a4\u00EDa a4\u00EDa3mos a4\u00EDais a4\u00EDan a4er\u00E9\na4e3r\u00E1s a4e3r\u00E1 a4e3remos a4e3r\u00E9is a4e3r\u00E1n a4i3ga a4ai3gan a4e3r\u00EDa a4edme\na4edl a4eos 4er. a4erme a4\u00E9rme a4erte a4\u00E9rte a4erle a4erse a4\u00E9rse a4erlo\na4erla a4ernos a4\u00E9rnos a4eros 4\u00EDdo. 4\u00EDda. 4\u00EDdos. 4\u00EDdas. 4as 4amos 4\u00E1is 4an\n4\u00E1steis 4aron 4ar\u00E9 4ar\u00E1 4ara 4\u00E1ramos 4\u00E1rais 4aran 4are 4\u00E1remos 4\u00E1reis 4aren\n4adme 4adl 4aos 4ar. 4arme 4\u00E1rme 4arte 4\u00E1rte 4arle 4arse 4\u00E1rse 4arlo 4arla\n4arnos 4\u00E1rnos 4aros 4ado. 4ada. 4ados. 4adas. acto1a2 acto1e2 acto1i2\nacto1o2 acto1u2 acto1h acto1\u00E12 acto1\u00E92 acto1\u00ED2 acto1\u00F32 acto1\u00FA2 afro1a2\nafro1e2 afro1i2 afro1o2 afro1u2 afro1h afro1\u00E12 afro1\u00E92 afro1\u00ED2 afro1\u00F32\nafro1\u00FA2 .a2 .an2a2 .an2e2 .an2i2 .an2o4 .an2u2 .an2\u00E12 .an2\u00E92 .an2\u00ED2 .an2\u00F32\n.an2\u00FA2 .ana3l\u00ED .an\u00E13li .ana3li .an3aero .an3e2pigr .an3h .an3i2so .anua3l\n.anu3bl .anu3da .anu3l aero1a2 aero1e2 aero1i2 aero1o2 aero1u2 aero1h\naero1\u00E12 aero1\u00E92 aero1\u00ED2 aero1\u00F32 aero1\u00FA2 anfi1a2 anfi1e2 anfi1i2 anfi1o2\nanfi1u2 anfi1h anfi1\u00E12 anfi1\u00E92 anfi1\u00ED2 anfi1\u00F32 anfi1\u00FA2 anglo1a2 anglo1e2\nanglo1i2 anglo1o2 anglo1u2 anglo1h anglo1\u00E12 anglo1\u00E92 anglo1\u00ED2 anglo1\u00F32\nanglo1\u00FA2 ante1a2 ante1e2 ante1i2 ante1o2 ante1u2 ante1h ante1\u00E12 ante1\u00E92\nante1\u00ED2 ante1\u00F32 ante1\u00FA2 .ante2o3je .anti1a2 .anti1e2 .anti1i2 .anti1o2\n.anti1u2 .anti1h .anti1\u00E12 .anti1\u00E92 .anti1\u00ED2 .anti1\u00F32 .anti1\u00FA2 ti2o3qu\nti2o3co archi1a2 archi1e2 archi1i2 archi1o2 archi1u2 archi1h archi1\u00E12\narchi1\u00E92 archi1\u00ED2 archi1\u00F32 archi1\u00FA2 auto1a2 auto1e2 auto1i2 auto1o2 auto1u2\nauto1h auto1\u00E12 auto1\u00E92 auto1\u00ED2 auto1\u00F32 auto1\u00FA2 biblio1a2 biblio1e2 biblio1i2\nbiblio1o2 biblio1u2 biblio1h biblio1\u00E12 biblio1\u00E92 biblio1\u00ED2 biblio1\u00F32\nbiblio1\u00FA2 bio1a2 bio1e2 bio1i2 bio1o2 bio1u2 bio1h bio1\u00E12 bio1\u00E92 bio1\u00ED2\nbio1\u00F32 bio1\u00FA2 bi1u2n\u00ED cardio1a2 cardio1e2 cardio1i2 cardio1o2 cardio1u2\ncardio1h cardio1\u00E12 cardio1\u00E92 cardio1\u00ED2 cardio1\u00F32 cardio1\u00FA2 cefalo1a2\ncefalo1e2 cefalo1i2 cefalo1o2 cefalo1u2 cefalo1h cefalo1\u00E12 cefalo1\u00E92\ncefalo1\u00ED2 cefalo1\u00F32 cefalo1\u00FA2 centi1a2 centi1e2 centi1i2 centi1o2 centi1u2\ncenti1h centi1\u00E12 centi1\u00E92 centi1\u00ED2 centi1\u00F32 centi1\u00FA2 ciclo1a2 ciclo1e2\nciclo1i2 ciclo1o2 ciclo1u2 ciclo1h ciclo1\u00E12 ciclo1\u00E92 ciclo1\u00ED2 ciclo1\u00F32\nciclo1\u00FA2 cito1a2 cito1e2 cito1i2 cito1o2 cito1u2 cito1h cito1\u00E12 cito1\u00E92\ncito1\u00ED2 cito1\u00F32 cito1\u00FA2 3c2neor cnico1a2 cnico1e2 cnico1i2 cnico1o2 cnico1u2\ncnico1h cnico1\u00E12 cnico1\u00E92 cnico1\u00ED2 cnico1\u00F32 cnico1\u00FA2 .co1a2 .co1e2 .co1i2\n.co1o2 .co1u2 .co1h .co1\u00E12 .co1\u00E92 .co1\u00ED2 .co1\u00F32 .co1\u00FA2 .co2 co4\u00E13gul co4acci\nco4acti co4adju co4a3dun co4adyu co4a3gul co4a3lic co4aptac co4art co4\u00E1rt\nco4e3fic co4erc co4e3t\u00E1 co4imbr co4inci co4i3to co4o3per co4o3p\u00E9r co4opt\nco4ord con1imbr con1urb cripto1a2 cripto1e2 cripto1i2 cripto1o2 cripto1u2\ncripto1h cripto1\u00E12 cripto1\u00E92 cripto1\u00ED2 cripto1\u00F32 cripto1\u00FA2 crono1a2 crono1e2\ncrono1i2 crono1o2 crono1u2 crono1h crono1\u00E12 crono1\u00E92 crono1\u00ED2 crono1\u00F32\ncrono1\u00FA2 contra1a2 contra1e2 contra1i2 contra1o2 contra1u2 contra1h\ncontra1\u00E12 contra1\u00E92 contra1\u00ED2 contra1\u00F32 contra1\u00FA2 deca1a2 deca1e2 deca1i2\ndeca1o2 deca1u2 deca1h deca1\u00E12 deca1\u00E92 deca1\u00ED2 deca1\u00F32 deca1\u00FA2 4e3dro.\n4e3dros. 4\u00E93drico. 4\u00E93dricos. 4\u00E93drica. 4\u00E93dricas. deca2i3mient decimo1\n.des1a2 .des1e2 .des1i2 .des1o2 .des1u2 .des1\u00E12 .des1\u00E92 .des1\u00ED2 .des1\u00F32\n.des1\u00FA2 des2a2 des2e2 3sa. 3sas. de2s3\u00F3rde de2s3orde de2s3abast de2s3aboll\nde2s3aboto de2s3abr desa3brid de2s3abroch de2s3aceit de2s3aceler desa3cert\ndesa3ciert de2s3acobar de2s3acomod de2s3acomp de2s3acons de2s3acopl\nde2s3acorr de2s3acostum de2s3acot desa3craliz desa3credit de2s3activ\nde2s3aderez de2s3adeud de2s3adorar de2s3adormec de2s3adorn de2s3advert\ndesa3f\u00ED de2s3aferr desa3fi de2s3afic de2s3afil de2s3afin de2s3afor desa3g\u00FC\ndesa3garr de2s3agraci desa3grad de2s3agravi de2s3agreg de2s3agrup de2s3agu\ndesa3guisado de2s3aherr de2s3ahij de2s3ajust de2s3alagar de2s3alent\nde2s3alfom de2s3alfor de2s3ali\u00F1 desa3lin de2s3alien de2s3aline desa3liv\nde2s3alm de2s3almid desa3loj de2s3alquil de2s3alter de2s3alumbr desa3marr\ndesa3mobl de2s3amold de2s3amort de2s3amuebl de2s3and de2s3angel de2s3anid\nde2s3anim de2s3an\u00EDm de2s3anud desa3pa\u00F1 desa3pacib de2s3apadr de2s3apare\ndesa3parec desa3paric desa3peg desa3percib de2s3aplic de2s3apolill de2s3apoy\ndesa3prens de2s3apret de2s3apriet de2s3aprob de2s3apropi 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dodeca1a2 dodeca1e2 dodeca1i2 dodeca1o2 dodeca1u2\ndodeca1h dodeca1\u00E12 dodeca1\u00E92 dodeca1\u00ED2 dodeca1\u00F32 dodeca1\u00FA2 ecano1a2 ecano1e2\necano1i2 ecano1o2 ecano1u2 ecano1h ecano1\u00E12 ecano1\u00E92 ecano1\u00ED2 ecano1\u00F32\necano1\u00FA2 eco1a2 eco1e2 eco1i2 eco1o2 eco1u2 eco1h eco1\u00E12 eco1\u00E92 eco1\u00ED2\neco1\u00F32 eco1\u00FA2 ectro1a2 ectro1e2 ectro1i2 ectro1o2 ectro1u2 ectro1h ectro1\u00E12\nectro1\u00E92 ectro1\u00ED2 ectro1\u00F32 ectro1\u00FA2 endo1a2 endo1e2 endo1i2 endo1o2 endo1u2\nendo1h endo1\u00E12 endo1\u00E92 endo1\u00ED2 endo1\u00F32 endo1\u00FA2 ento1a2 ento1e2 ento1i2\nento1o2 ento1u2 ento1h ento1\u00E12 ento1\u00E92 ento1\u00ED2 ento1\u00F32 ento1\u00FA2 entre1a2\nentre1e2 entre1i2 entre1o2 entre1u2 entre1h entre1\u00E12 entre1\u00E92 entre1\u00ED2\nentre1\u00F32 entre1\u00FA2 euco1a2 euco1e2 euco1i2 euco1o2 euco1u2 euco1h euco1\u00E12\neuco1\u00E92 euco1\u00ED2 euco1\u00F32 euco1\u00FA2 euro1a2 euro1e2 euro1i2 euro1o2 euro1u2\neuro1h euro1\u00E12 euro1\u00E92 euro1\u00ED2 euro1\u00F32 euro1\u00FA2 fono1a2 fono1e2 fono1i2\nfono1o2 fono1u2 fono1h fono1\u00E12 fono1\u00E92 fono1\u00ED2 fono1\u00F32 fono1\u00FA2 foto1a2\nfoto1e2 foto1i2 foto1o2 foto1u2 foto1h foto1\u00E12 foto1\u00E92 foto1\u00ED2 foto1\u00F32\nfoto1\u00FA2 gastro1a2 gastro1e2 gastro1i2 gastro1o2 gastro1u2 gastro1h gastro1\u00E12\ngastro1\u00E92 gastro1\u00ED2 gastro1\u00F32 gastro1\u00FA2 geo1a2 geo1e2 geo1i2 geo1o2 geo1u2\ngeo1h geo1\u00E12 geo1\u00E92 geo1\u00ED2 geo1\u00F32 geo1\u00FA2 gluco1a2 gluco1e2 gluco1i2 gluco1o2\ngluco1u2 gluco1h gluco1\u00E12 gluco1\u00E92 gluco1\u00ED2 gluco1\u00F32 gluco1\u00FA2 hecto1a2\nhecto1e2 hecto1i2 hecto1o2 hecto1u2 hecto1h hecto1\u00E12 hecto1\u00E92 hecto1\u00ED2\nhecto1\u00F32 hecto1\u00FA2 helio1a2 helio1e2 helio1i2 helio1o2 helio1u2 helio1h\nhelio1\u00E12 helio1\u00E92 helio1\u00ED2 helio1\u00F32 helio1\u00FA2 hemato1a2 hemato1e2 hemato1i2\nhemato1o2 hemato1u2 hemato1h hemato1\u00E12 hemato1\u00E92 hemato1\u00ED2 hemato1\u00F32\nhemato1\u00FA2 hemo1a2 hemo1e2 hemo1i2 hemo1o2 hemo1u2 hemo1h hemo1\u00E12 hemo1\u00E92\nhemo1\u00ED2 hemo1\u00F32 hemo1\u00FA2 2al. 2ales. hexa1a2 hexa1e2 hexa1i2 hexa1o2 hexa1u2\nhexa1h hexa1\u00E12 hexa1\u00E92 hexa1\u00ED2 hexa1\u00F32 hexa1\u00FA2 hidro1a2 hidro1e2 hidro1i2\nhidro1o2 hidro1u2 hidro1h hidro1\u00E12 hidro1\u00E92 hidro1\u00ED2 hidro1\u00F32 hidro1\u00FA2\nhipe2r1a2 hipe2r1e2 hipe2r1i2 hipe2r1o2 hipe2r1u2 hipe2r3r hipe2r1\u00E12\nhipe2r1\u00E92 hipe2r1\u00ED2 hipe2r1\u00F32 hipe2r1\u00FA2 per4emia histo1a2 histo1e2 histo1i2\nhisto1o2 histo1u2 histo1h histo1\u00E12 histo1\u00E92 histo1\u00ED2 histo1\u00F32 histo1\u00FA2\nhomo1a2 homo1e2 homo1i2 homo1o2 homo1u2 homo1h homo1\u00E12 homo1\u00E92 homo1\u00ED2\nhomo1\u00F32 homo1\u00FA2 icono1a2 icono1e2 icono1i2 icono1o2 icono1u2 icono1h\nicono1\u00E12 icono1\u00E92 icono1\u00ED2 icono1\u00F32 icono1\u00FA2 infra1a2 infra1e2 infra1i2\ninfra1o2 infra1u2 infra1h infra1\u00E12 infra1\u00E92 infra1\u00ED2 infra1\u00F32 infra1\u00FA2\n.inte2r1a2 .inte2r1e2 .inte2r1i2 .inte2r1o2 .inte2r1u2 .inte2r3r .inte2r1\u00E12\n.inte2r1\u00E92 .inte2r1\u00ED2 .inte2r1\u00F32 .inte2r1\u00FA2 .in3ter2e3sa .in3ter2e3se\n.in3ter2e3so .in3ter2e3s\u00E1 .in3ter2e3s\u00E9 .in3ter2e3s\u00F3 .in3te2r3ino\n.in3te2r3ina .in3te2r3inidad .in3te3r4rog .in3te3r4rupc .in3te3r4rupt\n.in3te3r4rump intra1a2 intra1e2 intra1i2 intra1o2 intra1u2 intra1h intra1\u00E12\nintra1\u00E92 intra1\u00ED2 intra1\u00F32 intra1\u00FA2 iso1a2 iso1e2 iso1i2 iso1o2 iso1u2 iso1h\niso1\u00E12 iso1\u00E92 iso1\u00ED2 iso1\u00F32 iso1\u00FA2 kilo1a2 kilo1e2 kilo1i2 kilo1o2 kilo1u2\nkilo1h kilo1\u00E12 kilo1\u00E92 kilo1\u00ED2 kilo1\u00F32 kilo1\u00FA2 macro1a2 macro1e2 macro1i2\nmacro1o2 macro1u2 macro1h macro1\u00E12 macro1\u00E92 macro1\u00ED2 macro1\u00F32 macro1\u00FA2 mal2\nma4l3h .ma4l3edu bien2 bien3h maxi1a2 maxi1e2 maxi1i2 maxi1o2 maxi1u2 maxi1h\nmaxi1\u00E12 maxi1\u00E92 maxi1\u00ED2 maxi1\u00F32 maxi1\u00FA2 megalo1a2 megalo1e2 megalo1i2\nmegalo1o2 megalo1u2 megalo1h megalo1\u00E12 megalo1\u00E92 megalo1\u00ED2 megalo1\u00F32\nmegalo1\u00FA2 mega1a2 mega1e2 mega1i2 mega1o2 mega1u2 mega1h mega1\u00E12 mega1\u00E92\nmega1\u00ED2 mega1\u00F32 mega1\u00FA2 micro1a2 micro1e2 micro1i2 micro1o2 micro1u2 micro1h\nmicro1\u00E12 micro1\u00E92 micro1\u00ED2 micro1\u00F32 micro1\u00FA2 mini1a2 mini1e2 mini1i2 mini1o2\nmini1u2 mini1h mini1\u00E12 mini1\u00E92 mini1\u00ED2 mini1\u00F32 mini1\u00FA2 2o. 2os. 2oso. 2osos.\nmulti1a2 multi1e2 multi1i2 multi1o2 multi1u2 multi1h multi1\u00E12 multi1\u00E92\nmulti1\u00ED2 multi1\u00F32 multi1\u00FA2 miria1a2 miria1e2 miria1i2 miria1o2 miria1u2\nmiria1h miria1\u00E12 miria1\u00E92 miria1\u00ED2 miria1\u00F32 miria1\u00FA2 mono1a2 mono1e2 mono1i2\nmono1o2 mono1u2 mono1h mono1\u00E12 mono1\u00E92 mono1\u00ED2 mono1\u00F32 mono1\u00FA2 2ico. 2icos.\nnamo1a2 namo1e2 namo1i2 namo1o2 namo1u2 namo1h namo1\u00E12 namo1\u00E92 namo1\u00ED2\nnamo1\u00F32 namo1\u00FA2 necro1a2 necro1e2 necro1i2 necro1o2 necro1u2 necro1h\nnecro1\u00E12 necro1\u00E92 necro1\u00ED2 necro1\u00F32 necro1\u00FA2 neo1a2 neo1e2 neo1i2 neo1o2\nneo1u2 neo1h neo1\u00E12 neo1\u00E92 neo1\u00ED2 neo1\u00F32 neo1\u00FA2 neto1a2 neto1e2 neto1i2\nneto1o2 neto1u2 neto1h neto1\u00E12 neto1\u00E92 neto1\u00ED2 neto1\u00F32 neto1\u00FA2 norte1a2\nnorte1e2 norte1i2 norte1o2 norte1u2 norte1h norte1\u00E12 norte1\u00E92 norte1\u00ED2\nnorte1\u00F32 norte1\u00FA2 octo1a2 octo1e2 octo1i2 octo1o2 octo1u2 octo1h octo1\u00E12\nocto1\u00E92 octo1\u00ED2 octo1\u00F32 octo1\u00FA2 octa1a2 octa1e2 octa1i2 octa1o2 octa1u2\nocta1h octa1\u00E12 octa1\u00E92 octa1\u00ED2 octa1\u00F32 octa1\u00FA2 oligo1a2 oligo1e2 oligo1i2\noligo1o2 oligo1u2 oligo1h oligo1\u00E12 oligo1\u00E92 oligo1\u00ED2 oligo1\u00F32 oligo1\u00FA2\nomni1a2 omni1e2 omni1i2 omni1o2 omni1u2 omni1h omni1\u00E12 omni1\u00E92 omni1\u00ED2\nomni1\u00F32 omni1\u00FA2 i2o. i2os. paleo1a2 paleo1e2 paleo1i2 paleo1o2 paleo1u2\npaleo1h paleo1\u00E12 paleo1\u00E92 paleo1\u00ED2 paleo1\u00F32 paleo1\u00FA2 para1a2 para1e2 para1i2\npara1o2 para1u2 para1h para1\u00E12 para1\u00E92 para1\u00ED2 para1\u00F32 para1\u00FA2 penta1a2\npenta1e2 penta1i2 penta1o2 penta1u2 penta1h penta1\u00E12 penta1\u00E92 penta1\u00ED2\npenta1\u00F32 penta1\u00FA2 piezo1a2 piezo1e2 piezo1i2 piezo1o2 piezo1u2 piezo1h\npiezo1\u00E12 piezo1\u00E92 piezo1\u00ED2 piezo1\u00F32 piezo1\u00FA2 pluri1a2 pluri1e2 pluri1i2\npluri1o2 pluri1u2 pluri1h pluri1\u00E12 pluri1\u00E92 pluri1\u00ED2 pluri1\u00F32 pluri1\u00FA2\nproto1a2 proto1e2 proto1i2 proto1o2 proto1u2 proto1h proto1\u00E12 proto1\u00E92\nproto1\u00ED2 proto1\u00F32 proto1\u00FA2 radio1a2 radio1e2 radio1i2 radio1o2 radio1u2\nradio1h radio1\u00E12 radio1\u00E92 radio1\u00ED2 radio1\u00F32 radio1\u00FA2 ranco1a2 ranco1e2\nranco1i2 ranco1o2 ranco1u2 ranco1h ranco1\u00E12 ranco1\u00E92 ranco1\u00ED2 ranco1\u00F32\nranco1\u00FA2 rmano1a2 rmano1e2 rmano1i2 rmano1o2 rmano1u2 rmano1h rmano1\u00E12\nrmano1\u00E92 rmano1\u00ED2 rmano1\u00F32 rmano1\u00FA2 retro1a2 retro1e2 retro1i2 retro1o2\nretro1u2 retro1h retro1\u00E12 retro1\u00E92 retro1\u00ED2 retro1\u00F32 retro1\u00FA2 romo1a2\nromo1e2 romo1i2 romo1o2 romo1u2 romo1h romo1\u00E12 romo1\u00E92 romo1\u00ED2 romo1\u00F32\nromo1\u00FA2 sobre1a2 sobre1e2 sobre1i2 sobre1o2 sobre1u2 sobre1h sobre1\u00E12\nsobre1\u00E92 sobre1\u00ED2 sobre1\u00F32 sobre1\u00FA2 semi1a2 semi1e2 semi1i2 semi1o2 semi1u2\nsemi1h semi1\u00E12 semi1\u00E92 semi1\u00ED2 semi1\u00F32 semi1\u00FA2 i2a. i2as. 2\u00F3tic emi2o2\nseudo1a2 seudo1e2 seudo1i2 seudo1o2 seudo1u2 seudo1h seudo1\u00E12 seudo1\u00E92\nseudo1\u00ED2 seudo1\u00F32 seudo1\u00FA2 o2os. socio1a2 socio1e2 socio1i2 socio1o2\nsocio1u2 socio1h socio1\u00E12 socio1\u00E92 socio1\u00ED2 socio1\u00F32 socio1\u00FA2 a3rio. a3rios.\n4\u00F3n. 4ones. 4i4er. 4o2ide. 4o2ides. 4i2dal. 4i2dales. 4i3deo. 4i3deos.\nsub1a2 sub1e2 sub1i2 sub1o2 sub1u2 sub1\u00E12 sub1\u00E92 sub1\u00ED2 sub1\u00F32 sub1\u00FA2 su2b\n.sub2ast sub2i1ll sub2i1mien sub2intra sub2lev sub2lim sub3ray supe2r1a2\nsupe2r1e2 supe2r1i2 supe2r1o2 supe2r1u2 supe2r3r supe2r1\u00E12 supe2r1\u00E92\nsupe2r1\u00ED2 supe2r1\u00F32 supe2r1\u00FA2 supra1a2 supra1e2 supra1i2 supra1o2 supra1u2\nsupra1h supra1\u00E12 supra1\u00E92 supra1\u00ED2 supra1\u00F32 supra1\u00FA2 talmo1a2 talmo1e2\ntalmo1i2 talmo1o2 talmo1u2 talmo1h talmo1\u00E12 talmo1\u00E92 talmo1\u00ED2 talmo1\u00F32\ntalmo1\u00FA2 termo1a2 termo1e2 termo1i2 termo1o2 termo1u2 termo1h termo1\u00E12\ntermo1\u00E92 termo1\u00ED2 termo1\u00F32 termo1\u00FA2 tetra1a2 tetra1e2 tetra1i2 tetra1o2\ntetra1u2 tetra1h tetra1\u00E12 tetra1\u00E92 tetra1\u00ED2 tetra1\u00F32 tetra1\u00FA2 topo1a2\ntopo1e2 topo1i2 topo1o2 topo1u2 topo1h topo1\u00E12 topo1\u00E92 topo1\u00ED2 topo1\u00F32\ntopo1\u00FA2 tropo1a2 tropo1e2 tropo1i2 tropo1o2 tropo1u2 tropo1h tropo1\u00E12\ntropo1\u00E92 tropo1\u00ED2 tropo1\u00F32 tropo1\u00FA2 ultra1a2 ultra1e2 ultra1i2 ultra1o2\nultra1u2 ultra1h ultra1\u00E12 ultra1\u00E92 ultra1\u00ED2 ultra1\u00F32 ultra1\u00FA2 xeno1a2\nxeno1e2 xeno1i2 xeno1o2 xeno1u2 xeno1h xeno1\u00E12 xeno1\u00E92 xeno1\u00ED2 xeno1\u00F32\nxeno1\u00FA2 inter4\u00E9s inter4esar inter4in inter4ino inter4ior mili4ar mili4ario\nmini4atur para4\u00EDso para4ulata poli4\u00E1rq poli4\u00E9ste poli4andr poli4antea\npoli4arq poli4omiel post4\u00EDn post4\u00F3ni post4a post4al post4e post4elero\npost4emero post4erga post4eri post4eta post4ila post4ill post4ine post4izo\npost4or post4ul post4ura pos4t3rom pos4t3ope pos4t3rev pro4emio pro4eza\nsuper4able super4aci\u00F3n super4ar super4ior tele4ol\u00F3tico tele4olog\u00EDa tran4sacc\ntrans4ar trans4e\u00FAnte trans4iber trans4ici\u00F3n trans4ido trans4igen trans4igir\ntrans4istor trans4itab trans4it trans4itorio trans4ubsta ultra4\u00EDsmo wa3s4h\n.bi1anual .bi1aur .bien1and .bien1apa .bien1ave .bien1est .bien1int .bi1ox\n.bi1\u00F3x .bi1un .contra1a .contra1ind .en1aceit .en1aciy .en1aguach .en1aguaz\n.en1anch .en1apa .en1arb .en1art .en2artr .en1ej .hepta1e .intra1o .intra1u\n.mal1acon .mal1acos .mala1e .mal1andant .mal1andanz .mal1est .mal1int\n.pan1ame .pan1esl .pan1eur .pan1isl .pan1\u00F3pt 1p2ter\u00EDneo 3p2sic 3p2siq .re1a\n.re2al .re3alc .re3aleg .re3alq .re3alz .re1e .re1im .re1inc .re1ing .re1ins\n.re1int .re1ob .re1oc .re1oj .re1org .re1unt .retro1a .so1a .sud1afr\n.sud1ame .sud1est sud1oes .sur1ame .sur1est .sur1oes .tele1imp .tele1obj\n.tras1a .tras1o .tras2o\u00F1 .tran2s1alp .tran2s1and .tran2s1atl .tran2s1oce\n.tran2s1ur .tri1\u00F3x\n"
FI = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.patterns "1ba 1be 1bi 1bo 1bu 1by 1da 1de 1di 1do 1du 1dy 1d\u00E4 1d\u00F6 1fa 1fe 1fi 1fo 1fu\n1fy 1ga 1ge 1gi 1go 1gu 1gy 1g\u00E4 1g\u00F6 1ha 1he 1hi 1ho 1hu 1hy 1h\u00E4 1h\u00F6 1ja 1je\n1ji 1jo 1ju 1jy 1j\u00E4 1j\u00F6 1ka 1ke 1ki 1ko 1ku 1ky 1k\u00E4 1k\u00F6 1la 1le 1li 1lo 1lu\n1ly 1l\u00E4 1l\u00F6 1ma 1me 1mi 1mo 1mu 1my 1m\u00E4 1m\u00F6 1na 1ne 1ni 1no 1nu 1ny 1n\u00E4 1n\u00F6\n1pa 1pe 1pi 1po 1pu 1py 1p\u00E4 1p\u00F6 1ra 1re 1ri 1ro 1ru 1ry 1r\u00E4 1r\u00F6 1sa 1se 1si\n1so 1su 1sy 1s\u00E4 1s\u00F6 1ta 1te 1ti 1to 1tu 1ty 1t\u00E4 1t\u00F6 1va 1ve 1vi 1vo 1vu 1vy\n1v\u00E4 1v\u00F6\n\n% ------- Some common words borrowed from other languages -------\n% ------- This part could be updated from time to time    -------\n1st2r % -stressi, -strategia etc.\n\n%  ------ Some special cases occuring with compound words only ----\n%  ------ There still remains well known problem as 'kaivos\\-aukko' etc.\n%a1y   (common in borrowed words)\n\u00E42y y1a2 y1o2 o1y \u00F62y u1y2 y1u2 \u00F63a2 \u00F63o2 \u00E43a2 \u00E43o2 \u00E41u2 \u00F61u2\na1\u00E4 % (a1\u00E42 ei mahdollinen!)\na1\u00F6 o1\u00E4 o1\u00F6 u1\u00E42 u1\u00F62 \u00E42\u00E4 \u00F62\u00F6 \u00E42\u00F6 \u00F62\u00E4\n%    lyhyt/pitka -vokaalipareja, tavallisesti sanarajalla\naa1i2 % maa-ikkuna\naa1e2 aa1o2 % maa-ottelu\naa1u2 % uraa-uurtava\nee1a2 % tee-astia\nee1i2 % tee-istutus\nee1u2 % varietee-uusinta\nee1y2 ii1a2 ii1e2 ii1o2 uu1a2 uu1e2 % puu-esine\nuu1o2 % puu-osa\nuu1i2 % puu-istutus\ne1aa i1aa o1aa u1aa u1ee a1uu % kala-uuni\ni1uu % ravi-uutiset\ne1uu % virhe-uutinen\no1uu % radio-uutiset\n\u00E4\u00E41i \u00E4\u00E41e \u00E4\u00E43y i1\u00E4\u00E4 e1\u00E4\u00E4 y1\u00E4\u00E4 i1\u00F6\u00F6 % yhti-\u00F6\u00F6n etc.\n%i1eu % keski-eurooppalainen\n\n%          vokaalikolmikkoja etc.  yhdyssanojen rajoissa\n% -------- vowel triples by Fred Karlsson\na1ei a1oi e1ai % e1oi % ambiguous for ex. video-ilme (8.3.89)\ni1au % u1oi % ambiguous    (8.3.89)\ny1ei ai1a ai1e ai1o ai1u au1a au1e eu1a ie1a ie1o %ie1u % ambiguous\nie1y io1a2 io1e2 iu1a iu1e iu1o oi1a oi1e oi1o oi1u\no1ui % veto-uistin, himo-uimari, etc.\nou1e ou1o ue1a ui1e uo1a % uo1i % ambiguous\nuo1u\n%   ---------------- End of vowel triples --------------------\ne1\u00F62 \u00F61e2 .\u00E42 % don't hyphenate  \u00E4-lyllinen etc.\n\n% The following patterns contain no general scientific rule. They are\n% selected more or less intuitively to solve problems with common and\n% frequently appearing compound words. However, every pattern resolves more\n% than only one hyphenation problem.\nu2s % estaa virheita yhdyssanojen yhteydessa\nyli1o2p % yli-opisto etc.\nali1a2v % ali-avaruus etc.\n1sp2li % kuutio-splini etc.\nalous1 keus1 % oikeus-oppinut etc.\nrtaus1 2s1ohje % -sohjelma   etc.\n2s1a2sia % nais-asianainen etc.\n1a2sian % neuvottelu-asian  etc.\n1a2siat % koti-asian  (ei kotia-sian)\n1a2sioi % talous-asioita etc.\nr2as l2as % tikku-rasia  etc\n2s1o2pisk % xs-opiskelija  etc\n2n1o2pet 2s1a2loi 2n1o2pist % kansan-opisto etc.\n2s1o2pist 2s1o2sa % xxs-osakas etc.\n2n1o2sa % asian-osainen etc.\nalkei2s1 perus1 2s1i2dea. 2s1i2dean 2s1e2sity % xs-esitys etc\n2n1e2dus % kansan-edustaja etc.\n2s1ajatu % -ajatus etc.\n2s1ase 2s1apu 2s1y2rit % yhteis-yritys etc.\n.ydi2n1 .suu2r1a2 % suur-ajot etc.\n2s1y2hti 2n1otto 2n1oton 2n1anto 2n1anno 2n1a2jan 2n1aika 2n1o2mai 2n1y2lit\n2s1a2len 2n1a2len 1a2siaka2s1 ulo2s1 % ulos-ajo\n2n1a2jo % kiven-ajo\n2s1a2jo\n\n% *** The following rules may be used on user's responsibility ***\n% *** for example, may be needed with narrow columns           ***\n%       >>>>>>>>>>>  a1e a1o e1o o1a u1a  <<<<<<<<<<<\n\n% ----- Some districting rules by Professor Fred Karlsson's ideas   ------\nb2l 1b2lo bib3li b2r 1b2ri 1b2ro 1b2ru d2r 1d2ra f2l 1f2la f2r 1f2ra 1f2re\ng2l 1g2lo g2r 1g2ra k2l 1k2ra 1k2re 1k2ri 1k2v 1k2va p2l p2r 1p2ro c2l q2v\n1q2vi sc2h ts2h ch2r\n"
FR = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.patterns "% *, phonetic\n2'2\n\n% a, phonetic\n.a4 'a4 .\u00E24 '\u00E24\nab2h % df-bg 1998/02/07 for abhorrer\nad2h % df-bg 1998/02/07 for adh\u00E8sion & co\n% a, etymological\n.ab3r\u00E9a 'ab3r\u00E9a a1\u00E82dre .ae3s4ch 'ae3s4ch 1alcool a2l1algi .amino1a2c\n'amino1a2c .ana3s4tr 'ana3s4tr 1a2nesth\u00E9si .anti1a2 'anti1a2 .anti1e2\n'anti1e2 .anti1\u00E92 .anti2enne 'anti2enne 'anti1\u00E92 .anti1s2 'anti1s2 .apo2s3ta\n'apo2s3ta apo2s3tr archi1\u00E92pis .as2ta 'as2ta a2s3tro\n\n% b, phonetic\n1ba 1b\u00E2 1be 1b\u00E9 1b\u00E8 1b\u00EA 4be. 4bes.\n2bent. % mute syllable: tombent (df) 22/02/94\n1bi 1b\u00EE 1b2l 4ble. 4bles.\n2blent. % mute syllable: troublent (df) 28/02/94\n1bo 1b\u00F4 1b2r 4bre. 4bres.\n2brent. % mute syllable: palabrent (df) 28/02/94\n1bu 1b\u00FB 1by\n% b, etymological\n.bai2se3main % hyphen disappeared from french  5/2/94\n.bi1a2c .bi1a2t % like .tri1a2t for tri-athlon bg 12/27/93\n.bi1au .bio1a2 .bi2s1a2 .bi1u2\n\n% c, phonetic\n1\u00E7 1ca 1c\u00E2 1ce 1c\u00E9 1c\u00E8 1c\u00EA 4ce. 4ces.\n% words ending with -cent (df) 22/02/94\n2cent. ja3cent. ac3cent. \u00E93cent. munifi3cent. r\u00E9ti3cent. privatdo3cent.\ninno3cent. es3cent. acquies4cent. is3cent. immis4cent. .ch4 1c2h 4ch. 2chb\n4che. 4ches. 2chent. % mute syllable: touchent (df) 22/02/94\nca3ou3t2 % for caoutchou... added 3/1/94 df-bg\n2chg ch2l 4chle. 4chles. 2chm 2chn 2chp ch2r 4chre. 4chres. 2chs 2cht 2chw\n1ci 1c\u00EE 1c2k 4ck. 2ckb 4cke. 4ckes.\n2ckent. % mute syllable: stockent (df) 22/02/94\n2ckf 2ckg 2ck3h 2ckp 2cks 2ckt 1c2l 4cle. 4cles.\n2clent. % mute syllable: encerclent (df) 28/02/94\n1co 1c\u00F4 1c\u009C0 % final zero essential to terminate cs\n1c2r 4cre. 4cres. 2crent. % mute syllable: massacrent (df) 28/02/94\n1cu 1c\u00FB 1cy .cul4 % -- as .con4 .cons4 (march 92)\n% c, etymological\\u00E82vre3feuille % hyphen disappeared from french 5/2/94\nchlo2r3a2c chlo2r3\u00E92t .ci2s1alp co1acc co1acq co1a2d co1ap co1ar co1assoc\nco1assur co1au co1ax co1\u00E92 co1ef co1en co1ex .con4 % missing from nb list\n.cons4 % missing from nb list\n.contre1s2c .contre3ma\u00EEtre % hyphen disappeared from french 5/2/94\nco2nurb .co1o2 .co2o3lie\n\n% d, phonetic\n1d' 1da 1d\u00E2 d1d2h 1de 1d\u00E9 1d\u00E8 1d\u00EA 4de. 4des. 1di 1d\u00EE\n2dlent. % mute syllable: jodlent (df) 28/02/94\n1do 1d\u00F4 1d2r 4dre. 4dres.\n2drent. % mute syllable: engendrent (df) 28/02/94\nd1s2 1du 1d\u00FB 1dy\n% d, etymological\n.dacryo1a2 .d\u00E91a2 .d\u00E91io .d\u00E91o2\n.d\u00E92s % originaly in JD file\n%.d\u00E92s1a2 removed 09/17/92 because wrong for the original JD 500 words test\n.d\u00E93s2a3cr .d\u00E9s2a3m % .d\u00E9s2a2mi introduced 09/17/92 bec. i can't see why\n% d\u00E9samidonner ran in JD. Moved to .d\u00E9s2a3m df 12/27/93.\n.d\u00E93s2a3tell .d\u00E93s2astr .d\u00E93s2c % 1 moved 3 due to .d\u00E92s 09/17/92\n%.d\u00E92s1e2 removed 09/17/92 because wrong for the original JD 500 words test\n.d\u00E92s1\u00E92 .d\u00E93s2\u00E93gr .d\u00E93s2ensib .d\u00E93s2ert .d\u00E93s2exu\n%.d\u00E92s3h removed 09/17/92 because wrong for the original JD 500 words test\n.d\u00E92s1i2 .d\u00E93s2i3d .d\u00E93s2i3gn .d\u00E93s2i3li .d\u00E93s2i3nen .d\u00E93s2invo .d\u00E93s2i3r\n.d\u00E93s2ist\n%.d\u00E92s1o2 removed 09/17/92 because wrong for the original JD 500 words test\n.d\u00E93s2o3d\u00E9 .d\u00E92s1\u009C0 % final zero essential to terminate cs\n.d\u00E93s2o3l .d\u00E93s2o3pil .d\u00E93s2orm .d\u00E93s2orp .d\u00E93s2oufr\n.d\u00E93s2p % 1 moved 3 due to .d\u00E92s 09/17/92\n.d\u00E93s2t % 1 moved 3 due to .d\u00E92s 09/17/92\n.d\u00E92s1u2n 3d2hal 3d2houd di2s3cop .di1a2c\u00E9 .di1a2cid .di1ald .di1a2mi\n.di1a2tom .di1e2n .di2s3h .dy2s3 .dy2s1a2 .dy2s1i2\n.dy2s1o2 % missing from nb list\n.dy2s1u2\n% words ending with -dent (df) 22/02/94\n2dent. d\u00E9ca3dent. \u00E93dent. cci3dent. inci3dent. confi3dent. tri3dent.\ndissi3dent. chien3dent. .ar3dent. impu3dent. pru3dent.\n\n% e, phonetic\n.e4 'e4 .\u00EA4 '\u00EA4 .\u00E94 '\u00E94 .\u00E84 '\u00E84\n% e, etymological\n\u00E9d2hi % df-bg 1998/02/07 for r\u00E9dhibitoire\n1\u00E92drie 1\u00E92drique 1\u00E92lectr 1\u00E92l\u00E9ment .en1a2 'en1a2 1\u00E92nerg e2n1i2vr .en1o2\n'en1o2 \u00E9pi2s3cop \u00E9pi3s4cope e2s3cop .eu2r1a2 'eu2r1a2 eu1s2tat extra1\nextra2c extra2i\n\n% f, phonetic\n1fa 1f\u00E2 1fe 1f\u00E9 1f\u00E8 1f\u00EA 4fe. 4fes.\n2fent. % mute syllable: agrafent chauffent (df) 22/02/94\n1fi 1f\u00EE 1f2l 4fle. 4fles.\n2flent. % mute syllable: gonflent (df) 28/02/94\n1fo 1f\u00F4 1f2r 4fre. 4fres.\n2frent. % mute syllable: balafrent (df) 28/02/94\nf1s2 1fu 1f\u00FB 1fy\n% g, phonetic\n1ga 1g\u00E2 1ge 1g\u00E9 1g\u00E8 1g\u00EA 4ge. 4ges. 1g2ha 1g2he 1g2hi 1g2ho 1g2hy 1gi 1g\u00EE\n1g2l 4gle. 4gles. 2glent. % mute syllable: meuglent (df) 28/02/94\n1g2n 'a2g3nat % (df) 16/01/02\n.a2g3nat % (df) 16/01/02\na2g3nos % (df) 16/01/02 (pattern dia2g3n deleted)\nco2g3niti % (df) 16/01/02\n'i2g3n\u00E9 % (df) 16/01/02\n.i2g3n\u00E9 % (df) 16/01/02\n'i2g3ni % (df) 16/01/02\n.i2g3ni % (df) 16/01/02\n.ma2g3nicide % (df) 16/01/02\n.ma2g3nificat % (df) 16/01/02\n.ma2g3num % (df) 16/01/02\no2g3nomoni % (df) 16/01/02\no2g3nosi % (df) 16/01/02\n.pro2g3nath % (df) 16/01/02\npu2g3nable % (df) 16/01/02\npu2g3nac % (df) 16/01/02\n.sta2g3n .syn2g3nath % (df) 16/01/02\nwa2g3n 4gne. 4gnes. 2gnent. % mute syllable: accompagnent (df) 28/02/94\n1go 1g\u00F4 1g2r 4gre. 4gres. 2grent. % mute syllable: immigrent (df) 28/02/94\n1gu 1g\u00FB g1s2 4gue. 4gues. 1gy\n% words ending with -guent (df) 22/02/94\n2guent. .on3guent. 'on3guent.\n% g, etymological\n% words ending with -gent (df) 22/02/94\n2gent. r\u00E93gent. entre3gent. indi3gent. dili3gent. intelli3gent. indul3gent.\ntan3gent. rin3gent. contin3gent. .ar3gent. 'ar3gent. ser3gent. ter3gent.\nr\u00E9sur3gent.\n\n% h, phonetic\n1ha 1h\u00E2 1he 1h\u00E9 1h\u00E8 1h\u00EA 4he. 4hes. 1hi 1h\u00EE 1ho 1h\u00F4 1hu 1h\u00FB 1hy\n% h, etymological\nh\u00E9mi1\u00E9 h\u00E9mo1p2t hypera2 hypere2 hyper\u00E92 hyperi2 hypero2 hypers2 hype4r1\nhyperu2 hypo1a2 hypo1e2 % missing from nb list\nhypo1\u00E92 hypo1i2 hypo1o2 hypo1s2 hypo1u2\n\n% i, phonetic\n.i4 'i4 .\u00EE4 '\u00EE4\n% ill patterns missing from nb list\nil2l cil3l rcil4l ucil4l vacil4l gil3l hil3l lil3l l3lion mil3l mil4let\n\u00E9mil4l semil4l rmil4l armil5l capil3l papil3la papil3le papil3li papil3lom\npupil3l piril3l thril3l cyril3l ibril3l pusil3l .stil3l distil3l instil3l\nfritil3l boutil3l vanil3lin vanil3lis vil3l avil4l chevil4l uevil4l uvil4l\nxil3l\n% end of ill patterns\n\n% i, etymological\ni1algi i1arthr i1\u00E82dre 1informat % missing from nb list\n.in1a2 'in1a2 .in2a3nit 'in2a3nit .in2augur 'in2augur .in1e2 'in1e2 .in1\u00E92\n'in1\u00E92 .in2effab % missing from nb list\n'in2effab .in2\u00E93lucta 'in2\u00E93lucta .in2\u00E93narra 'in2\u00E93narra .in2ept 'in2ept\n.in2er 'in2er .in2exora % missing from nb list\n'in2exora .in1i2 'in1i2 .in2i3miti 'in2i3miti .in2i3q 'in2i3q .in2i3t\n'in2i3t .in1o2 'in1o2 .in2o3cul 'in2o3cul .in2ond 'in2ond .in1s2tab\n'in1s2tab 'inte4r3 .intera2 'intera2 .intere2 'intere2 .inter\u00E92 'inter\u00E92\n.interi2 'interi2 .intero2 'intero2 .inte4r3 .interu2 'interu2 .inters2\n'inters2 .in1u2 'in1u2 .in2uit 'in2uit .in2u3l 'in2u3l io1a2ct i1oxy i1s2tat\n\n% j, phonetic\n1j 2jk 4je. 4jes. 2jent. % mute syllable: gal\u00E8jent (df) 22/02/94\n\n% k, phonetic\n1ka 1k\u00E2 1ke 1k\u00E9 1k\u00E8 1k\u00EA 4ke. 4kes.\n2kent. % mute syllable: jerkent (df) 22/02/94\n1k2h 4kh. .kh4 1ki 1k\u00EE 1ko 1k\u00F4 1k2r 1ku 1k\u00FB 1ky\n\n% l, phonetic\n1la 1l\u00E2 1l\u00E0 1le 1l\u00E9 1l\u00E8 1l\u00EA 4le. 4les. 1li 1l\u00EE 1lo 1l\u00F4 l1s2t 1lu 1l\u00FB 1ly\n\n% l, etymological\nla2w3re\n% words ending with -lent (df) 22/02/94\n2lent. .ta3lent. iva3lent. \u00E9quiva4lent. monova3lent. polyva3lent. re3lent.\n.do3lent. indo3lent. inso3lent. turbu3lent. succu3lent. f\u00E9cu3lent.\ntrucu3lent. opu3lent. corpu3lent. ru3lent. sporu4lent.\n\n% m, phonetic\n1ma 1m\u00E2 1me 1m\u00E9 1m\u00E8 1m\u00EA 4me. 4mes. 1mi 1m\u00EE 1mo 1m\u00F4\n1m\u009C0 % final zero essential to terminate cs\nm1s2 1mu 1m\u00FB 1my\n% m, etymological\n.ma2c3k .macro1s2c .ma2l1a2dres .ma2l1a2dro .ma2l1ais\u00E9 .ma2l1ap .ma2l1a2v\n.ma2l1en .ma2l1int .ma2l1oc .ma2l1o2d .ma2r1x % nb (jbb: ?)\n.m\u00E92g1oh .m\u00E92sa % missing from nb list\n.m\u00E93san % missing from nb list\n.m\u00E92s1es .m\u00E92s1i .m\u00E92s1u2s .m\u00E9ta1s2ta\n% words ending with -ment (df) 22/02/94\n\u00E22ment. da2ment. fa2ment. amalga2ment. cla2ment. ra2ment. temp\u00E9ra3ment.\nta2ment. testa3ment. qua2ment. \u00E82ment. car\u00EA2ment. diaphrag2ment. ryth2ment.\nai2ment. rai3ment. ab\u00EE2ment. \u00E9ci2ment. vidi2ment. subli2ment. \u00E9li2ment.\nreli2ment. mi2ment. ani2ment. veni2ment. ri2ment. d\u00E9tri3ment. nutri3ment.\ninti2ment. esti2ment. l2ment. flam2ment. gram2ment. .gem2ment. om2ment.\n.com3ment. \u00F42ment. slalo2ment. chro2ment. to2ment. ar2ment. .sar3ment.\ner2ment. antifer3ment. .ser3ment. fir2ment. or2ment. as2ment. au2ment.\n\u00E9cu2ment. fu2ment. hu2ment. fichu3ment. llu2ment. plu2ment. bou2ment.\nbru2ment. su2ment. tu2ment. .milli1am 1m2n\u00E9mo 1m2n\u00E8s 1m2n\u00E9si .mono1a2\n.mono1e2 .mono1\u00E92 .mono1i2 .mono1\u00EF2d\u00E9 .mono1o2 .mono1u2 .mono1s2\nmon2t3r\u00E9al % missing from nb list\nmoye2n1\u00E22g\n\n% n, phonetic\n1na 1n\u00E2 1ne 1n\u00E9 1n\u00E8 1n\u00EA 4ne. 4nes. 1ni 1n\u00EE 1no 1n\u00F4\n1n\u009C0 % final zero essential to terminate cs\n1nu 1n\u00FB n1x 1ny\n% n, etymological\n% words ending with -nent (df) 22/02/94\n2nent. % fric-tionnent - syllable muette - bg 27/12/93\nr\u00E9ma3nent. imma3nent. perma3nent. .\u00E9mi3nent. pr\u00E9\u00E9mi3nent. pro\u00E9mi3nent.\nsur\u00E9mi3nent. immi3nent. conti3nent. perti3nent. absti3nent. .no2n1obs\nn3s2at. n3s2ats.\n\n% o, phonetic\n.o4 'o4 '\u00F44 .\u00F44 %'\u00F62 % mjf % deleted 3/1/94 df-bg\n% o, etymological\no2b3long 1octet % missing from nb list\no1d2l o1\u00E82dre o1ioni ombud2s3 omni1s2 o1s2tas o1s2tat o1s2t\u00E9ro o1s2tim\no1s2tom o1s2trad o1s2tratu o1s2triction .oua1ou 'oua1ou .ovi1s2c 'ovi1s2c\noxy1a2\n\n% p, phonetic\n1pa 1p\u00E2 1pe 1p\u00E9 1p\u00E8 1p\u00EA 4pe. 4pes. 1p2h .ph4 4ph. 4phe. 4phes.\n2phent. % mute syllable: triomphent (df) 22/02/94\nph2l 4phle. 4phles. 2phn ph2r 4phre. 4phres. 2phs 2pht 1pi 1p\u00EE 1p2l 4ple.\n4ples. 2plent. % mute syllable: accouplent (df) 28/02/94\n1po 1p\u00F4 1p2r 4pre. 4pres. 2prent. % mute syllable: empourprent (df) 28/02/94\n1pu 1p\u00FB 1py\n% p, etymological\npal\u00E9o1\u00E92 .pa2n1a2f .pa2n1a2m\u00E9 .pa2n1a2ra .pa2n1is .pa2n1o2ph .pa2n1opt\n.pa2r1a2che .pa2r1a2ch\u00E8 .para1s2 .pa2r3h\u00E9\n% words ending with -pent (df) 22/02/94\n2pent. re3pent. .ar3pent. 'ar3pent. ser3pent.\n.pen2ta % pent- or penta- but never pen-ta bg 12/27/93\nper3h p\u00E92nul % p\u00E92n1ul moved back 09/17/92 to JD def.\n.pe4r .per1a2 .per1e2 .per1\u00E92 .per1i2 .per1o2 .per1u2\np\u00E91r2\u00E92q % 2r1 moved 09/17/92 to 1r2(it was a typo)\n.p\u00E9ri1os .p\u00E9ri1s2 .p\u00E9ri2s3s .p\u00E9ri2s3ta .p\u00E9ri1u2 .phalan3s2t photo1s2\n3ph2tal\u00E9 3ph2tis\n% Here is an example of a pb involving phonetic and etymologic patterns 5/94\n% .phyto3ph2 % originaly, but wrong for phy-toph-thora  9/92\n% .phy2topha % for -pharmacie but wrong for phyto-biol.. 5/94\n.pluri1a 1p2n\u00E9 1p2neu po1astre poly1a2 poly1e2 poly1\u00E92 poly1\u00E82 poly1i2\npoly1o2 poly1s2 poly1u2 .pon2tet % JD hypenated it asis 09/17/92, exception\n.pos2t3h .pos2t1in .pos2t1o2 .pos2t3r .post1s2 .pr\u00E91a2\\u00E92a3la % missing from nb list\\u00E92au .pr\u00E91\u00E92 .pr\u00E91e2 .pr\u00E91i2 .pr\u00E91o2 .pr\u00E91u2 .pr\u00E91s2 .pro1\u00E92 .pro1s2c\u00E9\npro2s3tat .prou3d2h 1p2sych .psycho1a2n 1p2t\u00E8r 1p2t\u00E9r .pud1d2l\n\n% q\n1q 4que. 4ques.\n% words ending with -quent (df) 22/02/94\n2quent. \u00E93quent. \u00E9lo3quent. grandilo3quent.\n\n% r, phonetic\n1ra 1r\u00E2 1re 1r\u00E9 1r\u00E8 1r\u00EA 1r2h 4rhe. 4rhes. 1ri 1r\u00EE 1ro 1r\u00F4 1ru 1r\u00FB 1ry\n% r, etymological\nradio1a2 % missing from nb list\n.r\u00E91a2 .r\u00E92a3le .r\u00E92a3lis .r\u00E92a3lit .r\u00E92aux .r\u00E91\u00E92 .r\u00E91e2 .r\u00E92el .r\u00E92er\n.r\u00E92\u00E8r .r\u00E91i2 .r\u00E92i3fi .r\u00E91o2 .re1s2 .re2s3cap\n.re2s3cisi % for res-cision  09/17/92 (missing from nb)\n.re2s3ciso % for res-cisoire 09/17/92(missing from nb)\n.re2s3cou .re2s3cri .re2s3pect .re2s3pir .re2s3plend .re2s3pons .re2s3quil\n.re2s3s .re2s3t .re3s4tab .re3s4tag .re3s4tand .re3s4tat .re3s4t\u00E9n .re3s4t\u00E9r\n.re3s4tim .re3s4tip .re3s4toc .re3s4top .re3s4tr .re4s5trein .re4s5trict\n.re4s5trin .re3s4tu .re3s4ty\n.r\u00E9u2 %.r\u00E91u2 % pattern rejected 12/2/92\n% (don't hyphenate as r\u00E9-union nor r\u00E9u-nion)\n.r\u00E92uss .r\u00E9tro1a2 4re. 4res.\n% words ending with -rent (df) 22/02/94\n2rent. % es-p\u00E8rent - syllable muette - bg 27/12/93\n.pa3rent. appa3rent. transpa3rent. \u00E93rent. tor3rent. cur3rent. 2r3heur\n2r3hydr\n\n% s, phonetic\n1sa 1s\u00E2 .sch4 1s2ch e2s3ch i2s3ch\u00E9 i2s3chia i2s3chio 4sch. 4sche. 4sches.\n2schs 1se 1s\u00E9 1s\u00E8 1s\u00EA 4se. 4ses. .seu2le % jbb\n.sh4 1s2h 4sh. 4she. 4shes. 2shent. % mute syllable: smashent (df) 22/02/94\n2shm 2shr 2shs 1si 1s\u00EE 1so 1s\u00F4 1s\u009C0 % final zero essential to terminate cs\n1su 1s\u00FB 1sy\n% s, etymological\n1s2caph 1s2cl\u00E9r 1s2cop sesqui1a2\n% words ending with -sent (df) 22/02/94\n2sent. % massent - syllable muette - bg 27/12/93\nab3sent. pr\u00E93sent. .res3sent. 2s3hom 1s2lav 1s2lov 1s2patia 1s2perm 1s2por\n1s2ph\u00E8r 1s2ph\u00E9r 1s2piel 1s2piros 1s2tandard 1s2tein st\u00E9r\u00E9o1s2 1s2tigm\n1s2tock 1s2tomos 1s2troph 1s2tructu 1s2tyle .su2b1a2 .su3b2alt .su2b1\u00E92\n.su3b2\u00E93r .su2b1in .su2b3limin .su2b3lin .su2b3lu sub1s2 .su2b1ur supero2\nsupe4r1 supers2 .su2r1a2 su3r2ah .su3r2a3t .su2r1e2 .su3r2eau .su3r2ell\n.su3r2et .su2r1\u00E92 .su2r3h .su2r1i2m .su2r1inf .su2r1int .su2r1of .su2r1ox\n\n% t, phonetic\n1ta 1t\u00E2 1t\u00E0 1te 1t\u00E9 1t\u00E8 1t\u00EA 4te. 4tes. .th4 1t2h 4th. 4the. 4thes.\n2thl % th2l  was wrong for ...ath-lon (jd said 2thl) df 12/27/93\n2thm 2thn th2r 4thre. 4thres. 2ths 1ti 1t\u00EE 1to 1t\u00F4 1t2r 4tre. 4tres.\n2trent. % mute syllable: infiltrent (df) 28/02/94\n1tu 1t\u00FB tung2s3 1ty\n% t, etymological\ntachy1a2 tchin3t2 t\u00E9l\u00E91e2 t\u00E9l\u00E91i2 t\u00E9l\u00E91o2b t\u00E9l\u00E91o2p t\u00E9l\u00E91s2\n% words ending with -tent (df) 22/02/94\n2tent. % mentent - syllable muette - bg 27/12/93\n.la3tent. .pa3tent. comp\u00E93tent. \u00E9ni3tent. m\u00E9con3tent. omnipo3tent.\nventripo3tent. \u00E9quipo3tent. impo3tent. mit3tent.\nthermo1s2 2t3heur tran2s1a2 tran3s2act tran3s2ats tran2s3h tran2s1o2\ntran2s3p tran2s1u2 .tri1a2c .tri1a2n .tri1a2t .tri1o2n t1t2l\n\n% u, phonetic\n.u4 'u4 .\u00FB4 '\u00FB4\n% u, etymological\nuni1o2v uni1a2x u2s3tr\n\n% v, phonetic\n1va 1v\u00E2 1ve 1v\u00E9 1v\u00E8 1v\u00EA 4ve. 4ves. 1vi 1v\u00EE 1vo 1v\u00F4 1v2r 4vre. 4vres.\n2vrent. % mute syllable: recouvrent (df) 28/02/94\n1vu 1v\u00FB 1vy\n\n% v, etymological\nv\u00E9lo1s2ki\n% words ending with -vent (df) 22/02/94\n2vent. conni3vent. .sou3vent. vol2t1amp\n\n% w, phonetic\n1wa 1we 4we. 4wes. 2went. % mute syllable: interviewent (df) 22/02/94\n1wi 1wo 1wu 1w2r\n\n% x\n2xent. % mute syllable:  malaxent (df) 22/02/94\n\n% y, phonetic\n.y4 'y4\n% y, etymological\ny1asth y1s2tom y1algi\n\n% z, phonetic\n1za 1ze 1z\u00E9 1z\u00E8 4ze. 4zes. 1zi 1zo 1zu 1zy\n% z, etymological\n% words ending with -zent (df) 22/02/94\n2zent. privatdo3zent.\n"
GA = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.patterns ".ab4ai .ab6ar .ab5r .ac6ad .ach6ar .ad6aim .ad6am .ae5n .ag6ar .agh4a .ag4\u00F3\n.ag5r .ag6\u00FAi .ai6c5 .ail6te .ain3g4 .ain6te. .ain6t5\u00EDn .air6n\u00ED .ais3 .aist4\n.ais6te. .a\u00ED4 .ala5m6 .al5g6 .allag6 .alm4\u00F3 .al2t5a .al6t5\u00E1 .am6ac .am6\u00E1\n.an2a .ana5c .anach6 .an2\u00E1 .anc6 .an6d\u00F3r .an6dr .an6fa .ang4l .an6i .an6lain\n.an6lan .an6\u00F3 .an6rai .an6sa .an2ta .ar2 .aral4 .aralt3 .ara5m6 .ara5s6\n.ard5 .ar\u00F35 .ar\u00F3c6 .art4 .as6ail .as6aim5 .as6al. .as6am .asa5m6a .asc6ar\n.as6\u00F3 .as6pa. .as2t .ast5ai .ast5a\u00ED .ast3\u00F3 .as6t\u00FA .as4\u00FA .ata6 .at5ar. .at6\u00E1\n.\u00E1il6te. .\u00E1il6t5ea .\u00E1ir5ge .\u00E1ir5g\u00ED .\u00E1ir6s .\u00E1l6t .\u00E1r2a .\u00E1r6m .ba6d .bad3\u00E1\n.bal6b .beo5f .beo5g .beo5id .beo5im .bh4 .bh\u00E15ite. .bh\u00E15it\u00ED .bheo5f\n.bheo5id .bheo5im .bheo5in .bh\u00ED5d\u00EDs .bh\u00ED5mis .bh\u00ED5oda .bh\u00ED5omar .bh\u00ED5te\u00E1\\u00ED5t\u00ED .bhl\u00ED3 .bhreo5f .bhreo5id .bhreo5im .bhreo5in .bhr\u00ED3o .bl\u00ED3 .breo5f\n.breo5id .breo5im .br\u00ED3o .ca4 .cach5 .cacht6 .cad5\u00E1 .ca\u00ED5d .ca\u00ED5g\u00ED .ca\u00ED5m\\u00ED5o .car6t5ar .ch4 .cha4 .chach5 .chad5\u00E1 .cha\u00ED5d .cha\u00ED5g\u00ED .cha\u00ED5m .cha\u00ED5o\n.cha\u00ED5te\u00E1 .cha\u00ED5t\u00ED .chan5\u00E1 .char6t5ar .char6t\u00E1 .ch\u00E1r5ta. .cheil6te. .ch\u00ED6\n.chl\u00F35f .chl\u00F35id .chl\u00F35im .chl\u00F35inn .chna\u00ED3 .chn\u00F35 .ch\u00F3is5 .ci6 .cil6 .c\u00ED6\n.cli6 .clip5 .cl\u00F35f .cl\u00F35id .cl\u00F35im .cna\u00ED3 .cn\u00F35 .da6 .dh2 .dhl\u00ED5d .dhl\u00ED5g\\u00ED5m .dhl\u00ED3o .dh\u00F35ite. .dh\u00F35it\u00ED .dhreach5 .dhreacht6 .dhreo5f .dhreo5id\n.dhreo5im .dhreo5in .dl\u00ED5d .dl\u00ED5g .dl\u00ED5m .dl\u00ED5o .d\u00F35f .d\u00F35id\u00ED .d\u00F35im\n.d\u00F35ite. .d\u00F35it\u00ED .dreach5 .dreo5f .dreo5id .dreo5im .ead1 .ea6g3 .eal4t3\n.earb5 .eas3t\u00F3 .ei6 .eisc3e .eis4il .\u00E9a6b .\u00E9ad6ar .\u00E9a3g6\u00F3 .\u00E9ar5 .\u00E9art6\n.\u00E9i5d6r .\u00E9i5gear .\u00E9im5\u00ED .fa6 .fach3 .feo5f .feo5id\u00ED .feo5im .fhrioch5\n.fhua6fair .fhua6fara .fhua5im. .f\u00ED5d\u00ED .f\u00ED5g .f\u00ED5m .f\u00ED5odh .f\u00ED5onn\n.geal6t5a\u00ED .geat5 .gh2 .ghair5t .ghlae3 .ghr\u00E16n .g\u00F3f5 .ha4 .hab6ai .hab6ar\n.hac6ad .hag6ar .hag4\u00F3 .hail6te .hain3g .hain3t .hain6te. .hair6n\u00ED .hais5ce\n.hais5tea .hais5t6eo .haist6i .hais5tig .ha\u00ED4 .hala5m6 .halm4\u00F3 .hal4t3a\n.hal6t5\u00E1 .han2a .hana5c .hanc6 .han6fa .hang4l .han6\u00F3 .han4ta .har2a .har6\u00E1\n.har6\u00F35 .har\u00F3c6 .hart6 .has6ai .has6al. .has6am .has4ta .hat6\u00E1 .h\u00E16\n.h\u00E1il6te. .h\u00E1il6t5ea .h\u00E1ir5ge .h\u00E1ir5g\u00ED .h\u00E1ir6s .h\u00E1l6t .h\u00E1r4a .h\u00E1r6m .head3\n.heal4t3 .heis6il .h\u00E9ad6ar .h\u00E9a3g6\u00F3 .h\u00E9id4e .h\u00E9i5dea .hib6\u00E9 .him6ire .hios5\n.hiosc6 .hir4 .his4 .hist3 .hit6eo .hit6r .h\u00ED2 .h\u00EDl3 .h\u00EDoch5 .h\u00EDocht6 .hoc4r\n.hod6 .hogh6 .hoir6n5i .hol6ac .hom2 .hor5m .hort4 .h\u00F36 .hua4f .huaf5a\n.huil4e .h\u00FAd4 .ia5it .iat6 .ib6\u00E9 .ibh5 .id2 .il3 .im6ire .in6d5ia .in6id\n.in6\u00EDn .in4\u00EDo .in6\u00EDr .in6ste. .int6e .iom\u00E1in5 .ios3 .iosc6 .iost4 .ir4 .is4\n.ist6 .it6 .\u00EDl3 .\u00EDo6 .\u00EDoch5 .\u00EDocht6 .\u00EDos5 .la4 .lach6t5 .lad5a .lag5\u00E1 .lait5\n.lan5c .lao5n .l\u00E15it\u00ED .leab3\u00F3 .lea6m .leas5 .leat6a\u00ED .leo3c .leoch4 .l\u00E95ann.\n.l\u00E95ig\u00ED .li6 .lib5\u00E9 .lim5 .lint6 .lip5 .l\u00ED5d .l\u00ED5g .l\u00ED5mi .l\u00ED5od .l\u00ED5omar\n.l\u00ED5onn .l\u00ED6t .l\u00EDt5i .l\u00FA2 .mad5a .mair5t\u00ED. .ma\u00ED5d .ma\u00ED5g\u00ED .ma\u00ED5mi .ma\u00ED5od\\u00ED5oma .ma\u00ED5on .ma\u00ED5te\u00E1 .ma\u00ED5t\u00ED .mam5 .man2t .ma6r .mar6l5 .mar6s5ac\n.mar6s5ai .mar5ta .mar5\u00FA .ma6t .mat3\u00E1 .mead5a .meat5\u00E1 .mh2 .mhad5a\n.mhais6te. .mhais6t\u00ED. .mha\u00ED5d .mha\u00ED5g\u00ED .mha\u00ED5mi .mha\u00ED5od .mha\u00ED5oma 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th\u00F3ir6s\u00ED\nth\u00F3s4 thr\u00E15b thr\u00E15inn thr\u00ED3oc thros6 4ths thua5da thua5im thua5itea thuar5\n5thuig 3thur thu5sa 6ti. tia5g 6t5iam t1ib2 tib5\u00E9 tib6\u00E9ar ti1bi t1id4 ti3d\u00E9\nti3di ti3f4 t1ig 5t6ige t3ileo t3il\u00ED 4til\u00EDt t5ilt 4t3i1m4\u00E9 ti5m\u00EDne ti5m\u00EDni\ntin6d5 t3inea t3ini t3in\u00ED tin5t4 tipi5c6 tir4i tis3 t3ist6 tit5ea tit5e\u00E1\n6t5iteo ti5t\u00E9 ti3ti\u00FA t1i\u00FA. t3i\u00FAl 3ti\u00FAn t1\u00ED t\u00ED4f3 t\u00EDg5 3t2\u00EDl1 5t6\u00EDol 5t\u00EDop\n5t\u00EDor t\u00EDo5t6 3t4\u00EDp 5t\u00EDr 6t5\u00EDteas 6t5\u00EDti 2t1l t1m tm4a tm6e tm6i 2t1n2 t5ne\nt5n\u00ED tod5\u00F3 tof5 6toid toin6 toir2n3 tom6a tor2c torch3 tor3p tort5a tos6t3\nt\u00F3ch5 t1\u00F3f 3t\u00F3ip t\u00F3ir6se t\u00F3ir6s\u00ED 3t\u00F3l 3t\u00F3p 1t\u00F3s4 tra6b\u00F3 trac6 6tra5c\u00E1\ntrai6m5 4traip 6tral\u00E1ib t3rar tr\u00E15b tr\u00E15inn t6r\u00E1is t4r\u00E1t tream4 trea3ma\ntriach6 tri3ghn tr\u00ED1r tros6 trost5 3tr\u00F3p t4ru truac4 trua3c\u00E1 tr6\u00FA t6r\u00FAs ts2\nt5sa t6sai tsa6l tsal5a tsal6v5 t1s4ea t6sean tsearbh5 t3seo t3si tsi6m5\ntsi\u00FAn6 tsi\u00FAnt5 t1s\u00ED t3su t3s\u00FA tua5da tua5itea tuar5 tuis3 tu\u00EDo3 tur3b tur3n4\nt5\u00FAid t\u00FA3m6 3t\u00FAs3 t3vi uabh6r ua3chl uad3\u00E1 ua1f2 ua6fa. 6uaid ua3id\u00ED uai5g6\u00E9\nua3ig\u00ED. ua3imid ua3imis ua3inn. uains6 uain5t4 uair3c4\u00ED uairn6 uair5t\u00ED uais1\nuaist2 ua3ite\u00E1 uaith6i5s ua3it\u00ED. uait5s uala5t ualath6 ual3g4 ua3lu ua3mar\nuamh6ar ua3mh\u00E9 uana5l6 5uanla ua5n\u00F3s uar3g4 uart4 uar5tai uar5ta\u00ED. uar5tan\nub1a ub5\u00E1 ubh1 uc1a uch1a uch3\u00E1 uch3\u00F3 uch3r uc5l uc3r uc3s uc5\u00FA ud1 uf1\nuga5d\u00E1 ug3l uic6i5s uid1 uif\u00E95 6uig3 uil3p ui4m uim3p uin5c uins3i\u00FA uin3t4\nuint5\u00ED uin6t\u00EDn ui6p5 uir5b4 uirbh6 uir3c4\u00ED 4uire uirn6 6uirs uirs3t uir3t\nuirt4\u00ED ui6s uis3cr uis5t uit3\u00E9 uit3s u\u00ED3b u\u00ED3d u\u00ED1g u\u00ED5l6e u\u00ED1m u\u00ED1od u\u00EDo3d\u00F3\nu\u00ED3oma u\u00ED3onn u\u00ED3\u00F3 u\u00ED5te\u00E1 u\u00EDth6 u\u00ED5t\u00ED ul1a ul3\u00E1 ul3g4 ul3m4 ul3\u00F3 ul5p6\nul6t5as ul4tr um1a umh1 ump1 un5a un3\u00E1 unc1a un5e ung1 un5ga3l un3g4ar un5g\u00E1\nun3o un1\u00F3 un6sa. un6s5a\u00ED un3\u00FA un\u00FAd4 u\u00F33t6 up1 4ur1a urach3 ur6ag ur3\u00E1\nurca3m4 urch4 ur3d6\u00FA urg5\u00F3i ur5g\u00F3n ur3i ur6l3\u00E1l ur3m4 6urn ur3\u00F3 ur3p urscar6\nurscart5 ur3t4 ur5u ur3\u00FA 6us. usc5ai usc3l us3cr ust5ac ust5ail us4t3al\nus3t\u00F3 us5tu ust5\u00FAn ut5a u6t5\u00E1 ut3e uth1 uthan5t ut3\u00F3 uz3a \u00FA5an \u00FA1\u00E1 \u00FA4\u00E1il.\n\u00FAb1 \u00FAba5d\u00E1 \u00FAbail4 \u00FAb4h \u00FAbh5a \u00FAc1a \u00FAca3b \u00FAcas4t \u00FAch1a \u00FA1ch2\u00E1 \u00FA3che \u00FA3ch\u00ED\n\u00FAch5l \u00FAch5\u00F3g \u00FA5chr \u00FAcht4\u00F3 \u00FAc1l \u00FAc1\u00F3 \u00FAc1r \u00FAc4r\u00E1 \u00FAd1 \u00FA6d\u00F3 \u00FAd5r \u00FAd5\u00FA \u00FA1f \u00FA6f\u00F3\n\u00FA1gh \u00FAg1r 4\u00FAid \u00FA3id\u00EDs \u00FA3ig\u00ED 6\u00FAile 6\u00FAili \u00FAil4t3 \u00FA3imi \u00FAint4 \u00FAirt3 \u00FAir2t\u00E9\n\u00FAisc3 \u00FAis3c4\u00E9 \u00FA5itear \u00FA3ite\u00E1. \u00FAithi5s \u00FA6it\u00EDn \u00FAits3e\u00E1 \u00FAl1 \u00FA3l4ag \u00FA4l5ag\u00E1 \u00FAlc4\n\u00FA5l6e \u00FAl6\u00E9im \u00FA3l4i 6\u00FAlr \u00FAlt4 \u00FA3l4ua \u00FAl5\u00FA \u00FAl\u00FA5l \u00FA1mh \u00FAmh3ac \u00FA4mhn \u00FA4mh3\u00FA \u00FAn5a\n\u00FAn3\u00E1 \u00FAng5\u00E1 \u00FAng5u 6\u00FAnl 4\u00FA1nn \u00FAn3o \u00FAn1\u00F3 \u00FAn3t2 \u00FAp1 \u00FA6p5a \u00FApa5t6 \u00FA5p6r \u00FAr1 \u00FAra3b\n\u00FArabh4 \u00FAra3d\u00E1 \u00FAran6 \u00FAr6ana \u00FAr5\u00F3 \u00FArt4 \u00FA3r6u \u00FAr4\u00FA \u00FA5r\u00FAi \u00FAs4air \u00FAs2\u00E1 \u00FAs5\u00E1n \u00FAsc1\n\u00FA4sh3l \u00FA3s4m \u00FAs3\u00F3 \u00FA3s4p\u00E9 \u00FA3sto \u00FAst3\u00F3 \u00FAs6t3r \u00FAs3\u00FA \u00FAt3a \u00FA6t1\u00E1 \u00FAth1 \u00FA3tho \u00FAt5\u00F3g\n\u00FAt1r \u00FA5\u00FAi \u00FA5\u00FAl v1a vach6 vac3s4 v4ad vais5 vaisc6 var5 vard6 3v4at v1\u00E1 vean6\nveant5 vear3 vearn6 3v4ei veil5b v3eo v\u00E9ar6 v\u00E9is5 v\u00E9ist6 5v6ial 3v4ini vios5\nvir5 virg6 v6\u00EDc v3la 3vol4 volt3 vu\u00EDt5 x3ac x5ai x5a\u00ED\n"

    # See the web page cited above for descriptions of these ambiguities.
    # These cover capitalized versions, *including* eclipsed capitals
    # 2004-01-25:  46 of them coming from 23 classes modulo
    # lenition/eclipsis
  lang.exceptions "bhrachta\u00ED mbrachta\u00ED ch\u00E1int\u00ED gc\u00E1int\u00ED cheilt\u00ED gceilt\u00ED chist\u00ED gcist\u00ED choirt\u00ED\ngcoirt\u00ED chreata\u00ED gcreata\u00ED dhoirte\u00E1 dhoirtear dhoirt\u00ED doirtear ndoirte\u00E1\nndoirtear ndoirt\u00ED bhfuadar fhuadar bhfuafar fhuafar fuafar ghaist\u00ED ngaist\u00ED\nghealta\u00ED ngealta\u00ED ghorta\u00ED ngorta\u00ED haist\u00ED l\u00E9amar luadar meata\u00ED mheata\u00ED\nr\u00E9alta\u00ED r\u00EDfear s\u00E1dar sh\u00E1dar s\u00E1imis sh\u00E1imis s\u00E1fa\u00ED sh\u00E1fa\u00ED spealta dtiom-\u00E1int\u00ED\nthiom-\u00E1int\u00ED\n"
ID = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.patterns "a1 e1 i1 o1 u1 % allow hyphens after vowels\n2b1d 2b1j 2b1k 2b1n 2b1s 2b1t 2c1k 2c1n 2d1k 2d1n 2d1p 2f1d 2f1k 2f1n 2f1t\n2g1g 2g1k 2g1n 2h1k 2h1l 2h1m 2h1n 2h1w 2j1k 2j1n 2k1b 2k1k 2k1m 2k1n 2k1r\n2k1s 2k1t 2l1b 2l1f 2l1g 2l1h 2l1k 2l1m 2l1n 2l1s 2l1t 2l1q 2m1b 2m1k 2m1l\n2m1m 2m1n 2m1p 2m1r 2m1s 2n1c 2n1d 2n1f 2n1j 2n1k 2n1n 2n1p 2n1s 2n1t 2n1v\n2p1k 2p1n 2p1p 2p1r 2p1t 2r1b 2r1c 2r1f 2r1g 2r1h 2r1j 2r1k 2r1l 2r1m 2r1n\n2r1p 2r1r 2r1s 2r1t 2r1w 2r1y 2s1b 2s1k 2s1l 2s1m 2s1n 2s1p 2s1r 2s1s 2s1t\n2s1w 2t1k 2t1l 2t1n 2t1t 2w1t\n% two consonant groups to be hyphenated between the consonants\n2ng1g 2ng1h 2ng1k 2ng1n 2ng1s % three consonant groups\n2n3s2t % kon-stan-ta\n.be2r3 .te2r3 .me2ng3 .pe2r3 % prefixes\n2ng. 2ny. % don't hyphenate -ng and -ny at the end of word\ni2o1n % in-ter-na-sio-nal\na2ir % ber-air\n1ba1ga2i % se-ba-gai-ma-na\n2b1an. 2c1an. 2d1an. 2f1an. 2g1an. 2h1an. 2j1an. 2k1an. 2l1an. 2m1an.\n2ng1an. 2n1an. 2p1an. 2r1an. 2s1an. 2t1an. 2v1an. 2z1an. 3an. % suffix -an\n.a2ta2u % atau-pan\n.ta3ng4an. .le3ng4an. .ja3ng4an. .ma3ng4an. .pa3ng4an. .ri3ng4an. .de3ng4an.\n% Don't overload the exception list...\n"

    # Exeptions to the above rules, specially words beginning in ber... and
    # ter..
  lang.exceptions "be-ra-be be-ra-hi be-rak be-ran-da be-ran-dal be-rang be-ra-ngas-an\nbe-rang-sang be-ra-ngus be-ra-ni be-ran-tak-an be-ran-tam be-ran-tas\nbe-ra-pa be-ras be-ren-deng be-re-ngut be-re-rot be-res be-re-wok be-ri\nbe-ri-ngas be-ri-sik be-ri-ta be-rok be-ron-dong be-ron-tak be-ru-du be-ruk\nbe-run-tun peng-eks-por peng-im-por te-ra te-rang te-ras te-ra-si te-ra-tai\nte-ra-wang te-ra-weh te-ri-ak te-ri-gu te-rik te-ri-ma te-ri-pang te-ro-bos\nte-ro-bos-an te-ro-mol te-rom-pah te-rom-pet te-ro-pong te-ro-wong-an\nte-ru-buk te-ru-na te-rus te-ru-si\n"
LA = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.patterns "2'2 .ab2s3 .a2b3l .anti1 .anti3m2n .ca4p3s .circu2m1 .co2n1iun .di2s3cine\n.e2x1 .o2b3 % .o2b3l .o2b3r .o2b3s\n.para1i .para1u .pre1i .pro1i .su2b3lu .su2b3r 2s3que. 2s3dem. 3p2sic 3p2neu\n\u00E61 \u009C1 a1ia a1ie a1io a1iu ae1a ae1o ae1u e1iu io1i o1ia o1ie o1io o1iu\nuo3u % quousque\n1b 2bb 2bd b2l 2bm 2bn b2r 2bt 2bs 2b. 1c 2cc c2h2 c2l 2cm 2cn 2cq c2r 2cs\n2ct 2cz 2c. 1d 2dd 2dg 2dm d2r 2ds 2dv 2d. 1f 2ff f2l 2fn f2r 2ft 2f. 1g 2gg\n2gd 2gf g2l 2gm g2n g2r 2gs 2gv 2g. 1h 2hp 2ht 2h. 1j 1k 2kk k2h2 1l 2lb 2lc\n2ld 2lf l3f2t 2lg 2lk 2ll 2lm 2ln 2lp 2lq 2lr 2ls 2lt 2lv 2l. 1m 2mm 2mb 2mp\n2ml 2mn 2mq 2mr 2mv 2m. 1n 2nb 2nc 2nd 2nf 2ng 2nl 2nm 2nn 2np 2nq 2nr 2ns\nn2s3m n2s3f 2nt 2nv 2nx 2n. 1p p2h p2l 2pn 2pp p2r 2ps 2pt 2pz 2php 2pht 2p.\n1qu2 1r 2rb 2rc 2rd 2rf 2rg r2h 2rl 2rm 2rn 2rp 2rq 2rr 2rs 2rt 2rv 2rz 2r.\n1s2 2s3ph 2s3s 2stb 2stc 2std 2stf 2stg 2st3l 2stm 2stn 2stp 2stq 2sts 2stt\n2stv 2s. 2st. 1t 2tb 2tc 2td 2tf 2tg t2h t2l t2r 2tm 2tn 2tp 2tq 2tt 2tv 2t.\n1v v2l v2r 2vv 1x 2xt 2xx 2x. 1z 2z.\n% For medieval Latin\na1ua a1ue a1ui a1uo a1uu e1ua e1ue e1ui e1uo e1uu i1ua i1ue i1ui i1uo i1uu\no1ua o1ue o1ui o1uo o1uu u1ua u1ue u1ui u1uo u1uu a2l1ua a2l1ue a2l1ui\na2l1uo a2l1uu e2l1ua e2l1ue e2l1ui e2l1uo e2l1uu i2l1ua i2l1ue i2l1ui i2l1uo\ni2l1uu o2l1ua o2l1ue o2l1ui o2l1uo o2l1uu u2l1ua u2l1ue u2l1ui u2l1uo u2l1uu\na2m1ua a2m1ue a2m1ui a2m1uo a2m1uu e2m1ua e2m1ue e2m1ui e2m1uo e2m1uu i2m1ua\ni2m1ue i2m1ui i2m1uo i2m1uu o2m1ua o2m1ue o2m1ui o2m1uo o2m1uu u2m1ua u2m1ue\nu2m1ui u2m1uo u2m1uu a2n1ua a2n1ue a2n1ui a2n1uo a2n1uu e2n1ua e2n1ue e2n1ui\ne2n1uo e2n1uu i2n1ua i2n1ue i2n1ui i2n1uo i2n1uu o2n1ua o2n1ue o2n1ui o2n1uo\no2n1uu u2n1ua u2n1ue u2n1ui u2n1uo u2n1uu a2r1ua a2r1ue a2r1ui a2r1uo a2r1uu\ne2r1ua e2r1ue e2r1ui e2r1uo e2r1uu i2r1ua i2r1ue i2r1ui i2r1uo i2r1uu o2r1ua\no2r1ue o2r1ui o2r1uo o2r1uu u2r1ua u2r1ue u2r1ui u2r1uo u2r1uu\n"
NL = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.patterns ".a4 .aan5 .aarts5 .aat5 .ab5l .acht5end .ac5re .adi5 .af3 .af5l .af5s\n.aftu5re .al3ee .al3f .alk4 .al5ko .alko5v .al5ma .al3om .al4st .ana3s\n.an3d2 .an3en .an3gl .an5th .ar5d .ar5tr .as5h .as5l .as3t .as5tra .as3u\n.at4a .ave5n .b4 .be3la .be5ra .be5ri .bos1 .c4 .coo5 .co3ro .cus5 .d4\n.daar5 .da4gi .dag5r .da2k .dan2 .debe4 .de2k .dek5l .dek5s .den4k5r .de5od\n.de3ro .de5sta .di4a .die4p .di3o .doet3 .do3v .du4w .e4 .ede2 .edel5a .ed3w\n.ee4n .eer5ste .eest3 .eesto4 .eet3 .ei3l .ei5sc .ei3sp .ei5t .el4s5 .en5s\n.en5th .ep4a .ere5s .er2f .erf3l .er3in .ert4 .erts3 .es3 .es5c .es5pe\n.es5tr .eten4 .et4h .ets5te. .eu3 .eus5 .\u00E92 .f4 .fel4s .g4 .gaat5 .gang5s\n.gea5v .ge3l4a .ge5le .gelo5v .ge3n4a .gena5z .ge5ne .ge5no .ge3ra .ge5r4e\n.ge5r4o .gerst5a .ge3s .ge5sk .ge5ta .ge5tj .ge5to .gid4 .go4m .goot3 .h2\n.handels5 .her5in .hits5t .ho4lo .houd5s .i4 .ide5o .ij4s .ijs5l .ijs3p\n.ijs3t .ik3 .in1 .in5d4 .in3g4 .in5gr .ink2 .in5kr .in5kw .in3s4 .in5sl\n.in5st .in5ta .is5c .j4 .jor5 .k4 .ka3d .ka5g .ka4taa .kerk5l .kerk5r\n.kerk5u .ker5sten .ke4s .koot5 .ko5pe .kop5l .ko3v .kun2 .l4 .laat5ste\n.le4b5 .leg3o .le4g3r .leid5st .len4s3 .le5r4 .le4s3 .le5th .lin5d .lof5\n.loot3 .lo4s1 .lu3e .lui5t4j .lu4s .m4 .ma5d .ma5\u00EF .meel5d .me5la .me5ni\n.merk5l .me2s .me4st .met5ee .mij4n5i .moot3 .mor5sten .mo4s .n4 .naat5\n.na3d .na3n .na3s4 .nee5s .ne2p .nep3a .ne4s .ne5te .ne4t3j .neu4t5j\n.nie4t5j .noot5 .nos5t .no5v .o4 .oe4r5 .oe4s5 .oeve4 .ol3f .om1 .omme3\n.on3a .on3d .onde4r .on1e .on5g .on3i .on5k .on1o .ono5v .on2t3 .on4tee\n.on4ter .ont5s .ooi5tj .oot5jes .op5ee .opi5 .op5l .op3r .op5s .org4 .os5\n.ove4 .p4 .pee5tj .peri5 .pers5te. .piet5j .pits5te. .poort5j .po4st .puit4\n.pui5tj .pu2t .r4 .raads5le .ran4d .rand5a .re4men .ren4o .reno5v .re5o\n.rie4t3 .rij5sp .ring5s4 .roe5tj .ro4l .ro4st .ro4t3h .ro5v .s4 .sap3 .sa5v\n.sci3 .see3 .seks5te .se5re .set3 .se5v .side3 .ski3s4 .sneu3 .sno2 .so2k3\n.song5 .spoor5tj .st4 .ste4m .t4 .taart5j .tan4da .te4a .te4f .tek2 .te3le\n.ten5ac .te3no .ten4t5j .te3ra .ter4p5a .ter5s .te4s .ti2n .tin3a .tin3e\n.toe5pr .to4lo .to4p .to5v .tri3s4 .ts4 .tsa3 .tuit5j .ty2r .u4 .ui2 .ui5s\n.uit1 .uit4je .uke5 .ur4a .vaat5j .ven4t5j .ve4r3 .ves5p .vet3j .vie4r\n.vol5s .w4 .wals5te. .wee4ko .wee4t3 .we4l3 .wen4s5t .west5r .win4s .xe3 .y2\n.z4 .zes5 .zit5 .zooi5 4a. a4a4 4aad aad1a aad1o aad1r aad5sap aaf5a 4aag\naag1a aag3e aag3o aag5r aags4 aag3sa aag5so aag3sp aai3l aak1a aak3e2 aak1o\naak5r aak3sp aal5a2 aal1e aal5f4o aalfo5l aal1i aal5k aal5m aal1o2 aal3sl\naal5so aal5spe aal5ste aal1u aam1a aam3o aam4sta aam4ste aan1a 5aandee\naand4r aan1e2 aan5g aan5i 3aanj aan5k4 3aann aan3o aan3sp aans4po aant4\n3aanta 3aanv aap1a aap3i aap3o2 aap3r aar3a aar4d5as aar3e4 aar1i 4aarn\naar1o2 aar5spel aar4t5on aarts5l aar3u aas3e aas3i 4aast aas5tr aat3a aat5e\naat3h aat3i aat1o aat5r abak4s5 aba4l abat4s ab5eun ab3ijz a2bon aboot4j\nabot4j 2abr ab3ru 4ac. a3cal a3car 4ace ace3st 4ach. a3cha 2a1che 4a1chi\nach3l a1cho a3chr 4achs ach5tec a1chu achuut5 4ack ac3kl 2acl 2a3co 2acr\nac5res 4acta 4acu 4ad. a5da. ad3ac ada2d ada4l ada2r3 adas5 2add a5de. ad3ei\nade5re a5des a3det a5deta ad3e4te 2adh 4ad4i adi3al adi4oc adi4od 4adk 2adl\n4ado. a3doo 2adp ad3rei a3d4ri ad3rol 2ads ad5se ad3so ad1s4t ad5sta ad3ui\nad3w 2ady 4ae aege4 ae5k4 a3e2p ae3r ae2s3 ae4s5t a3eu a2\u00EB a4\u00EBr 4afa af3aa\na2f3ac af4as af4at afd4i afd2r af5d4w 4afe afee4 4afi af3l 4afo a5fo. a2foe\nafon4d af3op af5org af1r af3s4 afs2c af5se 3afsl 3afsp aft4a af5tr af3ui\n2afy 4ag. ag1a2d ag3af ag3a2m ag3ar ag3di a5ge. agee5t 4a5gen. ager4s ag3ex\na4gil ag3ind a4g3ins agi5ot 4ag1l ag3of a4g3or ag4o3v a2gr ag4ra ag5rap\nag3ru ag3sl ag4sle ag5slu ags2p ag3spe ag3spi ag1st ag3sta ag5str 2agt agu5a\na2g3ui ag3u4r a2g3uu 2ah 4a1ha 4a5he ahe5ri a1hi ah3l a3ho ah5r ah5t2 a3hu\na3hy ai5a2 ai4dr ai1e a1ij ai5k ail3m ai2lo a2in aio4 ai3ov ai3s4 ai5sc\nai4s5l ai5sn ai1so ai1st ai5tj ai3tr aiu4 a\u00EFn4 a\u00EFns5 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xo3no x4op xo3s4\nx1p xpre2 xpres5 x3r x3so x3sp x1t x2tak xtie2 x3w xy3 y1a ya3s4 ya4s5p y3at\nyba2l3 yber4t3 y1c ycho3 y3co y1d4 ydi3a y5dr ydro3 y1e yes3 y3\u00E9s y3\u00E8 y1f\ny1g ygu2 y1h y1i y4in y5is yksge4 y3la yl3al y3le y4l3et y3lo ylo3l ym2f5l\nym5pa y3na yn3er y3no yn1t y1o y3on y3os yo3t y1p y3p4h ypo3 ypot4 yp3s\nyp5si y1r y3r4e y5ri ys3 y1s4a y3s4c y5s4e yse5t y3s4f y3s4h ys4i y3s4o\ny3s4p ys5pl ys4ta ys5tr y3sy y1t yt3hu yto3 y2tof ytop4 yu5a y3ui y3u2r\nyvari5 y1w4 1z 4z. zaar5t za3f2 zags4t za2k3a zak3r zan2d zand5a4 zan3di\nzan4dr zang3s za3po za3s4 4zb 4zc 4zd z4e zee3k zeel5d zee3r4o zeero5v\nzeer5s zee3s4 ze5ge zeg4sl zei3sp ze5k zel5dr ze3lem zel2f1 zel4so zen4d3a\nze4nin zen5k zen3o4 zen4og ze3non ze4r3a ze3ro zer2s zer4s5e ze4s3 ze5sch\nzes5e zes5l ze5ste ze2t3a ze2t3h ze4ti ze2t3j ze2t3r zeve2 zeven3 4zf 4zg\n2z3h z2i ziek3l zie4k3o ziek3w ziel4s zie5sl 3zif zi2g5a zij5kl zij3po\nzij5s4 zik2w zi4n3a4 zings3 zin4k3l zin4s zins3t zins5ta zin5str zi3o5 zipi3\nzi4t zit3e zit3j zit3u4 4z3k 4z3l 4zm zodi5 zoet3j zoet5ste zo3f2 zoi4 zo5ie\nzo3la zome4 zo2na zon3sf zon5ta zooi5tj zo1p zor4g3a zor4gl zor4gr zo2t\nzot3h zo3tr zo3v 4z3p 4z3r 2zs 4z5t zui4d3i zui4dr zus3 2zv z4w zwets5te.\n5zy 2z3z zz3in zz3or z4z5w\n"

  lang.exceptions "aan-dachts-trek-ker aan-dachts-trek-kers acht-en-der acht-en-ders\nacht-en-der-tig acht-en-der-tig-ste be-heers-ta-ken be-scherm-en-gel\nbe-scherm-en-ge-len be-stuurs-la-gen be-stuurs-ta-ken bij-stands-trek-ker\nbij-stands-trek-kers bui-ten-an-ten-ne bui-ten-an-ten-nes don-der-aal\nhan-dels-taal her-e-nen ket-ting-ste-ken lands-taal meest-al\nmi-nis-ters-por-te-feuil-le mi-nis-ters-por-te-feuil-les ont-hoof-din-gen\npa-ling-ste-ken rechts-taal schil-ders-ta-lent sou-ve-niertje\nsou-ve-niertjes spie-gel-ei ver-en-gels-te ver-hol-lands-te ver-in-lands-te\nver-kinds-te ver-ne-der-lands-te ver-rechts-te ver-steeds-te wals-te\nwa-ter-staats-in-ge-ni-eur wa-ter-staats-in-ge-ni-eurs\n"
SV = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.patterns ".a4b .ab5i .ab5ol .ab3r .ac3 .a4d .a3dr .ad3s .a5g4ra .a5gre .a5kl .a5le\n.al4pr .a3lu .am4br .amp3l .a5mu .and4rar .a2n5es .ang4er .an5go .an5s .ap1p\n.as2k .a3sket .as4t .a5sten .a3sti .a5ta .at3t .au3st .a4val .av3s4 .b4\n.bak5s .ben5s .bild3s .bo2k .bort1 .cis4 .cy5klop .d4 .d\u00E4r3 .ek1v .e3l4a\n.e2l5in .en5st .e4n\u00E4 .e2r3i .e2s .e5skad .es3kal .es5kap .es4t .e5strad\n.e3tr .evan5 .ex3 .f4 .feb3r .fram3 .fres5 .f\u00E5gel3 .f\u00F6r1a .f\u00F6r1en .g2 .gu4l\u00E4\n.gus3 .he2m .hu5sa .ib4 .ik4 .im3p .i2n1 .i4na .in3d .in4ger .ink2 .in3s2\n.in3t .is5ka .i3so .k4 .kans4k .ko5li .kort5s .kring3 .krings2 .k\u00F6p5s .l2\n.lak5r .lek5tr .lu2st .m2 .mas2ke .ma5skeri .me4re .minis4 .mj\u00F6lk5s .mon2s\n.m\u00E5n3s .m\u00E54st .m\u00E4n5sko .m\u00F6rk5r .n4 .ner1 .no4n .n\u00F6d5r .oc1ku .ok3t .o3kv\n.o2ma .o2mo .om3s4 .o3mu .on4k .o3o .ord3s .o5sc .o1s4k .o3sl .o3stra .o3sv\n.o3tr .o1u .p4 .papp5s .pa3ste .pa5sti .pi5sti .pres2s .pub3lika .r2 .re4gr\n.re2ste .runs4 .rym2d .r\u00F6ve5 .s4 .sa2k .seg3r .si5o .sj\u00F61 .sk4 .skott3s\n.slut3s .st4 .sta2m .sten3s .string4 .sup3p .t4 .ta3bl .ta4k .tak5l .tes3ta\n.tig3r .til4l .ti3o .topp5s .tred2s .tre3s .tr\u00E45k .u3k .ult5r .ung2e .up2\n.u4ra .ur3s .u2t1 .u4ta .u5trer .ut5s .v2 .var4t .vatten3 .ved5s .v\u00E42g\n.v\u00E4g3s .x2 .y2a .y4e .\u00E5ng3 .\u00E5r4s5 .\u00E53st .\u00E5ter1 .\u00E43ro .\u00F63ro a2b ab4bu a5be\nabel4s abe2s ab1l ab3la ab3ort ab5ric ab3rio ab4sc ab4sk a5bu ac4kes ac4kis\nack3sk ack3u4p a5dag a5dek a5del ad5ep ad3j ad3op a5dran a3dre 1adres ad3ril\nad3ru ad2s a5ed af4fo 3aff\u00E4 1af3ri af4tor a1ga aga4ra a1ge a2ge. ag1gr ag1l\nag5ord ag3ro a4gur a4hj aib4 a3iv a1j a3ka a4kart a5ke a1ki ak3n a1ko ak5ram\nakri5s ak3rob ak4sta 1aktig ak3tri a1ku a5kvari ak3ve a5k\u00E5r ak5\u00E5t 4ak\u00F6 a1la\nal5adm ali2br a2lin a5lin. a3line al3ins ali5stik a4lj alk3ak al2kv al4k\u00E4\nall3st al3l\u00E5 alms4k a1lo al5ort als5pa al3tr al4tu al4t\u00E4 a1lu alu5s alv3s\na1ly a4maf am4i am4pr am1s am3\u00E5t a3m\u00F6 ana4bo an3alf an3ark an3c anci5 an5dak\nandel2s an4dun an4d\u00E4n a4nef ang4es an3gi an1gr aniu4 ank3r ano2i a4nok a4nop\nan5sce ansis3t an4sj ans5ku ans3li ans3par an1st an4sto an4sty 1ansvar an4tj\nan4tre a1nu a5ny a3n\u00F6 a1o a1pe a2pe. ape4n3 a1pi ap4lan apo3str 1appara\napps4k ap3ric ap3rif a5pris ap2s ap3se aps5l aps3p apu5s a5py a5p\u00E4 2ara\na4rann a4rarv 1arb 4arbi 2arbo 4arbr ar3dr ard5st a4rend arg5si 2arh a1ri\na4rigen ar3ka ark3lan ar5kr 4arl 4arn. ar4nal a1ro a2rob 4arp ar2sa ar5skal\narsk5l ar2sv ar4tro arts5p ar4tur 4aru a4rur a5rus ar4v\u00E4g a3ry a3r\u00E4 2asa\nasbe4 a1sc as2h asis5t as3kis a2sko a4skr as3ku as5l as3pa as3pig as2sk\nas2s5op as2sp as2st ass5up as3ta a5stard as5ter as5tiker asti5o as3to as4tr\nast5rak a5stral ast3rol as5t\u00F6r a3su a4sul a4sund as2ut as3v a1sy a2s5\u00E5 a2s\u00F6\na1t ata5ra a5te ati5\u00F6 a4tj a2tr a3tral 4atrar a4t3re at3ria a3tric at3rie\na5trik a3tris a3t4ro a4tro. at4ska 1attac at2tak at4tj at4tos att3s a4tung\n2au au5b au2t5a 3autom aut5s 2a1va a4vart 1avg 2a1vi av3r 4a3v\u00E4 a5\u00E5 1b2 3ba\nba4di ba4do bad3s4 bak5l ba4ko ba4ku bank5l bas4ta ba5stu 4bb b4bak b4batt\nbbb4 bb3l bb4ler b4b3r bb4so 4b3d 3be be3d4r be5e be1k 4beld be5lu be3ly\nbe3l\u00E5 be5l\u00F6 beng4 be3n\u00E5 be1r\u00F6 be1s be3sl bes5s be4sta be4ste be5su be3tr\nbe3tv be3u 4bex 2b3f 2b5h 3bi bi3d4 4binv bis3ko bi5skv b3je b3k b5lar b5lat\nble4mo b5len 5blera 3bles 5blid 3blikr 3bliks 4b3m 2b3n 3bo bo4gr bo2kl\nbo1mu 5bon bors5te bor4ti bort3r borts2 bort3sl bo1s bo4sc boy5 4b3p 2b5raf\n4brar 2b5rati 3brik. b3rika 3brike 3briks b5rik\u00F6 bru4st 3bry 3br\u00F6 4b3s b5sce\nbs3ch b4slan b4sof b4sp bst4 b4stj 4b3t 3bu bund4s bus2st b3v 3by by5r 3b\u00E5\nb\u00E5ng3 b\u00E5t2s 3b\u00E4 3b\u00F6 b\u00F6r2s c2 5cap c3c 1c4e cens3t 3centr ceu4s 4ch. 3chau\n3chef 5choc 4cht ch\u00E4s3 ch\u00F6r4 1ci ci4lu cim2 cipp4 4ck c3ka c3ke c3ki ck5j\nck1l ck5lis ck3n c3ko c4kordn ck3org c4kort ck3r ck4re ck3sla ckus2 ck3va\nck3ve ck3v\u00E4 ck5\u00E4 ck3\u00F6 cle2a co2a co4m 4cr cros2 4cs 1cy 1d 3da 5da. 4dadr\ndags3 2dak 5dako da3li 5dam da3m\u00E5 4dand. 4d1ap 4darb 4dart da4tr dat5t 4dax\n2db 4dc dcen3 2dd ddd4 ddi4s d3dj d4dos dd3ra dd3re dd3ri d3dr\u00E4 dd2s dds3v\n3d2e de1k4 4deko 4deld del2sa dels5ti de5lut d4en denti5\u00F6 den2to de3pr 5der\nder1k de2ro de5rol der5sti de4ru de2s de3se de3sp des3ti d4et de3tr 4dex\n2d1f df\u00F63ra 2d1g d3gl 2d5h 3di dias4 di5el di2gr di3ka di5ku 4dinf din3g4o\n4dinr 4dins 2dinsp 4dint di1o di4od di3sc di4sj dis3ko dis1kr dis1p dis5to\ndis3tra di4tre 2dj d3jor djup5p 3djur 2d3k2 4d5l 2d1m 2d1n 3do d2ol do5lo\n4domr dom2sk 5don do4pak 4d5ord 4dori 4dort d5ost do3y 2d1p 2d2r2 d3rad\n3d4rag d3rand d5rarb d5rassera d5ratu 3drej d3ren 5dres d3ret d4ric 3drif\nd3rig 4d5rik d3rin 3d4riv d5roc 3dropp d3ror 4drot drotts3 d3r\u00E4kn 3dr\u00E4kt\n5dr\u00E4n d3r\u00E4t d5r\u00F6d 4ds d2s1an d2se ds5enh d4sf d2si ds3ins d2sj dsk2 d3skef\nds4ken d3ski ds3kl ds5kn ds1l ds4lot ds4mo d4sm\u00E5 ds5n\u00E5 d2so ds3pl ds3s4\nds3tal d5stat ds4te dste4a d5stig ds3tin ds5tro d2su ds1v d2s\u00F6 2d3t 3du\ndub3ble 4dup du1s du2sc du4ste du5s\u00F6 4dut du4vu 2d1v d3vr 2d3w 3dy dy4kan\ndy4ro 4dz 5d\u00E5g 2d\u00E5s 4d\u00E5t 4d\u00E4g d\u00E42r 3d\u00F6 d\u00F6ds1 4d\u00F6g 4d\u00F6p d5\u00F6st d\u00E94 e1a e2ake\ne4am 4eb e2br eb3ril 4ec e3ch echiff5 ecis4 e3co e2d e4dans edd4r edi4u ed3j\ne5dral ed1sk ed2sko ed3s2l edso4 e3d\u00E5 e1e e2ed e4ei ee2k5 e4en. e4ene e1f\nef4s 3efte e1g e3ga e3ge ege2l eg1l eg2ler e3glera e5gleri e4gran eg5rat\neg3rin e5gru egs3 e5g\u00E5 eig2 ei5gn e3ik e1in ei5sh e1isk e1jo e3ju e3j\u00E4 e5j\u00F6\ne3ka e1ki e1kl ek3lat ek4le ek3n e1ko ekord5s ek3orr ek4ret. ek5ro e1ku\ne1kve ek5vis e1ky e1k\u00E4 e1la el1akt el4arb 3eld. eleb3r elekt3ri el4fra\neli5ku el3k4 el3li ell3s el3l\u00E4 e1lo e4lob el3p el2si el5ug e5luv 2e1l\u00E4 e1m\ne5mat e5mis emon1s em5ort emp5le en5art e2nav en4ce e4ned e4nek ene3r\u00F6 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fa4st fa4t\u00F6 4fav 4f3b f3d 3fe 4fef fe2l fes5ta fe3sto 4fex\n2f1f fff4 ff3l ff3n f3fo ff3r ffs4 f3f\u00E4 ff\u00F65re f3g2 f5h 3fi fi2br fib5rig\nfi3li fin5sm fi3skal fisk3r fi2ti 2f3k 1fl flo4da 4f3m fma4 1fo 4fof fol2\nfolk1 2f5om fo2na for4mo fost3r 4f3p fra2m fram5p f4rer 5freri fre4s f4ri.\nfri5sp 5frit fros5ta fru5str fr\u00E5n5 2f3s fs2k f4sl f4sm f4sn f4sp f4st f4sv\n2ft f3ta f4taf f4tak f4tap f4tarm fte4r f4tex f3ti f4tin f3to f4t3r ft2sa\nft4set ft2s5i ft4sj fts4t fts5v\u00E4 ft5t ft1v 3fu furs5te fu5ru fu3tu 4fv 5fy\nfy4ma f\u00E53t\u00F6 1f\u00E4 f\u00E4s5ti 3f\u00F6 f\u00F62ra f\u00F62ren f\u00F62ri f\u00F6r3k f\u00F6r3sm f\u00F6r3su f\u00F6rt4\nf\u00F6r1\u00F6 ga5br 3g2ag 4gakt 3g2al gall3s ga5l\u00E4 ga4no 2garb 4garm ga2ro 4gart\nga4st ga4su 5g2ati gaus4 g4av g5avsn 4gax 2gb 2gd g3d4r ge2a ge5b4 2gef\n2ge4j g2eli 3gelis gel5st gel5y 3gel\u00E4 gel5\u00E4n g4em ge4nap gen5g 3g2eni 3genj\n4genm genom5 gen4sa g4ense 1g2ent 4genv ge5ny 3gen\u00E4 ge2o 1g2era 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4g\u00F6g g\u00F65ro 2g5\u00F6rt 1h ha3bl\nha5ge ha4li hal4so halv3\u00E5 ham4st handels3 hands4l han5g2a ha5ra ha4sc ha4sp\nhasp5l has3t hav2 havs3 h5c 4hd he4at he4fr he4l\u00E4 hets1 hets3t hets3v h3g\nh2i 4hir his2sk hi4t hj\u00E4l3s h1k 2hl h4le 2hm 4hn h2na h2nit ho5nu hop5plo\nhop3s hos3p hos5ti 4how h3p h5ru h1s 2ht hu2s hust5r hyg5r hys4t hys5ta\nhy3ster h\u00E5rd5s4 h\u00E4ll2 h\u00E4lls1 h\u00E4lso3 h\u00E44ri h\u00E44s h\u00E44var h2\u00F6 h\u00F62g h\u00F65gen h\u00F6g5r\nh\u00F6rn5s h\u00F64s h\u00F6st5r i1a ia3fr ia3g ia4lu ia4sk ia3tr i2b3l i5bril i3ca i4ce.\ni5cha ic4kord ick3u4 i5co i2d iden3s id4ge i4dom id1r id3ro id2s ids3v i4dun\ni3d\u00E5 i4d\u00F6 2i1e ifes4 i5fn i1fr 3ifr\u00E5n i1g 4igan i2geb ig5ej ig1l ig3no i3i\ni4kart i1ki i3klo ik5l\u00E4n ik3n i1ko ik3re i5krob ik5rof ik5ros ik5s2h ik5skor\ni3kul i3kum ik5u4t ik1v i3ky i3k\u00E5 i3k\u00F6 i1la il4dan i2lin il1j\u00F6 il5k il5lak\nil4lik ill3s2 3illu il5l\u00E4r il2min i1lo il2tj i3lu ilufts5 i4lup i5l\u00E4 im2b3r\nim5sm im4so i1mu i5m\u00E5 i3m\u00E4 i5m\u00F6 i4nau ind5sk\u00E4 ind5sti 1indu in4ga in4ge.\ning4es. ing5is in5glas ings5te i3ni i4nif in5j in5kve 1inneh 5inre 1inri\n3inr\u00E4 in4sem in3skr\u00E4 in3sl ins4m in3sn 1inspe 5inspeln in5spr 3instink\n3instru in4st\u00E5 in5te 1intr in4tra int3s i1nu i4nun in3ym i1n\u00E4 i5oc i1og i3ok\nio4kr i1ol io5li i5om ion2 i3ono ions3 i1op i1or i1os i1ot i1pe i1pi ipos4\nip5pi i3ra i4res i1ri irk5l i1ro iro3p i1ru i5sce isel4 is2h i2sk is5kep\nisk5na is3kopa is3ku is4kun is3ky i5slam is3l\u00E4n is3m is3n i2s3p is4pri is3sa\nis3se iss5n is4s3tr iss3t\u00E4 i1stal i1stans ist5att is5ten. i1stent is4tes\nis3tig is5ting is5tor. is5tore ist5ro ist\u00E54 is5v i3sy i4s\u00E5 i1t it5c i4tei\ni4tex i4tj it5ran i5trin i3tris it2t5op it4t3r it4tu i2t5\u00E5 4i1u i1va i2vak\ni1vi i4vin iv3r iv2s i1v\u00E5 ix2t ix5tu i1\u00F6 1ja 3jakt. 4jarb jas5p 2jb 2jd jd3r\njd4sty j4du 1je je2a 5jef je5sta 2j1f 4j3g 4jh 1ji 4jin 4jk j4kl j3ko 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uti3\u00F6 ut3j\n3utj\u00E4m utlands3 u1to u3top uto5s ut3r ut4rer ut4ro ut5rop 1utru 2utsid ut3sl\n3utsl\u00E4 2utt utt4j ut1v 3utvec u5ty ut3\u00F6v u5u 2u1v u2vak u4vj u4v\u00E4 u5\u00E5 u3\u00F6\nva5dro 1vagn 2v1akti val3k val4li val4st 5valv 5vama 4vand. 4vanp van4st\nvan5tr 5vap 2varb va4res va4ri. 4vark var2s vart5r va1ru vas5ti 5vattn 4vau\n4vav 5vavi 2vb4 2v1c 2v3d4 1ve 5vec ve2k ve3ke 4veld vensk3\u00E4 5ventera ve3ny\nve5n\u00F6 4vep ver5g 3verk ves4 ve2s5p ve1st 3veta 3vete vet5sa vett5s 2v1f 2v1g\n2vh v4i vi4c vid3s vild3s vil4t 3vind. ving3s4 3vinkl vi2no 5vinst. 5vinste\nvi5ny 3vis. vi5sa vis5h vis5ko vi4st vis3ta vi2tr vi4var 4vjo 2v3k2 2v1l\n2v1m vm\u00F6rk4 2v1n4 1vo 4vok. 2vom 4vord 2vorg vos4 2v1p 2v2r 5vrak 3vrera\nv3ru 2vs v4sc v1s2k v2skri vs4mi v3sni v2so v1st vs4te vs5tr\u00E5 v5styc vs3v\u00E5\nv2s\u00F6 2v1t vu4d1 v1und 4v5up 4vut 2v1v 3vy 5v\u00E5ld v\u00E5ngs3 3v\u00E5rd 4v\u00E5ri v\u00E53ru\n3v\u00E4g v\u00E4gg5s v\u00E44l v\u00E4ll4s3 3v\u00E4nl 3v\u00E4rde v\u00E44ril 4v\u00E4rj 5v\u00E4rk 3v\u00E4rld 2v\u00E4t 3v\u00E4x\n4v\u00F6g 4v\u00F6p 3v\u00F6r 1wa we2 w2h whi2 wi2e w4na x1 xan5d4 xem3pla xis4 xk2 xli4\nxs4 xti2 x4t\u00E5 2y y1a y4bris yb4s y2d y4da y5dan y4do yd3r yds4 y4du y4d\u00F6 y1e\ny1ga y1ge ygg3r yg4g\u00E5 ygs4p y1i y1ki y5klist yk5lon yk3n y1ko y1la yl4gj\ny3li yl5k yl5l\u00E4 y1lo yl4tr ym2fl ym4for y3m\u00E5 yng3r ynk5l yn4sa yns4t y3or\ny5ou y1pe y5po yp3ri yre4s y1ri yr4ku yrk5v y1ro yrs4k yr5st yr5tu y1r\u00E53\ny5scho ys2st ys3ta ys3ti ys4tik. yst3ra y2tak y4te. y4tea y1to ytt3r yt5v\ny3va y3vi y3v\u00E4 y5w y5\u00E5 1za 1ze ze4ro 1zi 1zo zo4nal 4zp z5s 3zu z4zin \u00E51a\n\u00E53dj \u00E5ds4l \u00E51e \u00E51f \u00E51ga \u00E51ge \u00E5ge2l \u00E5g3l \u00E5g3s4k \u00E5g3st \u00E5g\u00E54 \u00E53i \u00E51ki 5\u00E5klag\n\u00E5k4str\u00E4 \u00E51la 1\u00E5lder \u00E52lin \u00E5l3k \u00E5ll4sp \u00E5l2s5e \u00E5l3st \u00E51l\u00E4 \u00E51m \u00E5man4s \u00E5nd4r\n\u00E5n4du \u00E5ns4t \u00E5ns4v \u00E53o \u00E51p \u00E52pl \u00E55pla \u00E54p\u00F6 \u00E5r4do \u00E5rd4ra \u00E5rd2s \u00E5rd4s3t \u00E54rel\n\u00E51ri \u00E55ror 5\u00E5rsav \u00E5r5s2li \u00E5r2sv \u00E5r5\u00F6 \u00E5s4ke \u00E5s3n \u00E5ss4 \u00E5s4skr \u00E5s4t \u00E5te2 \u00E5t3ri\n\u00E53tr\u00E5 \u00E5t2sj \u00E5tt5s \u00E51v \u00E41a \u00E42b 2\u00E4c \u00E4ck5v \u00E42d \u00E4dd3s \u00E4d4du \u00E4de4s \u00E4d3r \u00E4d5se\n\u00E4d3st \u00E43e \u00E41ga \u00E41ge \u00E4g4go \u00E4g1l \u00E4g3r \u00E4g4re \u00E4g3se \u00E43i \u00E45jo 4\u00E4k \u00E41ki \u00E4k3n \u00E4k3r\n\u00E41la \u00E4l4pap \u00E4l4seg \u00E4ls5kog \u00E4l4slu \u00E4l2t3r \u00E4l2tu \u00E4l4vin \u00E4mp3l 4\u00E4ndligh \u00E4nd3r\n\u00E4nd1st \u00E4ng5r \u00E4nni3s \u00E4nn3s \u00E44no \u00E4ns1l \u00E4n4st \u00E4ns5te \u00E4n4sv \u00E4n2t3r \u00E43pe \u00E4pp3l\n\u00E44pr \u00E4p4st \u00E44rap \u00E4r2bre \u00E4rg5l \u00E4r4gr \u00E41ri \u00E4rib4 \u00E4r4k\u00E4 \u00E4r4nis \u00E4rn3st \u00E4r2n\u00E5\n\u00E4r4n\u00F6 \u00E4r5ob \u00E45rol \u00E43rop \u00E45ror \u00E45ros \u00E4r2si \u00E4r4sko \u00E4r2so \u00E4r4sp \u00E4r2sv \u00E4r4tand\n\u00E4r2tr \u00E4rt3s 4\u00E4s \u00E4s3pa \u00E4s5pi \u00E4s4sk \u00E4s4sp \u00E4s3ta \u00E4st3r \u00E44st\u00E4 \u00E44s\u00E5 2\u00E4t \u00E43to\n\u00E45tre \u00E4t4s3k \u00E4t5te \u00E4t4top \u00E4tt3r \u00E4t4tu \u00E4t4tv \u00E41va \u00E42vak \u00E43vi \u00E45vu \u00F61a \u00F62d\n\u00F64dak \u00F64dal \u00F64darv \u00F6de4s5 \u00F64dis \u00F6d3ra \u00F6d2s \u00F6d3se \u00F64du \u00F64d\u00F6 \u00F61e \u00F61ga \u00F6g5ak\n\u00F65gar 1\u00F6gd \u00F61ge \u00F65ger \u00F6gg4 \u00F6g1l \u00F6g2n \u00F6gn3e 1\u00F6go \u00F6g3si \u00F6g3sk \u00F61i \u00F63jo \u00F6j4sv\n\u00F64karm \u00F61ki \u00F6k3n \u00F6k2s \u00F6k3sl \u00F61la \u00F6l4kv \u00F6l4k\u00F6 \u00F6l2p \u00F65l\u00E4 \u00F6man4 \u00F6m2kl \u00F64nal\n\u00F62nom \u00F6ns3ke \u00F6n4so \u00F6nst3r \u00F63pe \u00F64pel \u00F63pi \u00F6p5li \u00F65plo 1\u00F6ppn \u00F64pr \u00F63rande\n\u00F63ras \u00F64rask \u00F6rb4 \u00F6r3d4r \u00F6r1eni \u00F63res \u00F64restr \u00F63ret \u00F6r5evig \u00F6r3g \u00F61ri \u00F65rig\n\u00F63ring \u00F6r3int \u00F6r5ir \u00F6r5iv \u00F6r4kal \u00F6r1k2l \u00F6r5kli \u00F6r4nis \u00F6r3ol \u00F6r1or \u00F6r2p5la\n\u00F6r1s2k \u00F6r3sl \u00F6r4sl\u00E4 \u00F6r5te \u00F6rt5s \u00F6r1u \u00F6r3vr \u00F6r3y \u00F6r1\u00E4 \u00F6r\u00F64d \u00F62sak \u00F6s3n \u00F6s4sj\n\u00F6s2sk \u00F6s4sp \u00F6s3ta \u00F6st3v \u00F62tak \u00F6ts5ko \u00F6t4st \u00F61v \u00F6ve4 \u00F6ver1 5\u00F6vere \u00F62vj \u00F6v3ra\n\u00F6v3ri \u00F6v4sk \u00E93e\n"
HSB = do |lang|
    lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.patterns "% \u011B\n8\u011B\n% \u0144\n8\u01445 \u01446\u010D3 \u01447\u010D4a \u01447\u010D4e \u01447\u010D4i \u01447\u010D4u \u01447\u010D4o\n% \u00F3\n8\u00F3\n% \u0161\n3\u01612\u0107\n% \u017A\n8\u017A\n% \u0159\n1k8\u01598 1p8\u01598 1t8\u01598\n% da\u0142se mustry\na3b2a a3b2e a3b2\u011B a3b2i a3b2o a3b2u a3b2y a3b2j a3b2r a3b2l a3b2\u0142 a3c2a\na3c2e a3c2o a3c2u a3c2y a3c2i a3ch2a a3ch2e a3ch2o a3ch2u a3ch2y a3ch2i\na3\u01072a a3\u01072e a3\u01072i a3\u01072o a3\u01072u a3\u010D2a a3\u010D2e a3\u010D2\u011B a3\u010D2i a3\u010D2o a3\u010D2u a3d2a\na3d2e a3d2i a3d2o a3d2u a3d2y a3d2\u017A2a a3d2\u017A2e a3d2\u017A2\u011B a3d2\u017A2i a3d2\u017A2o\na3d2\u017A2u a3d2\u017A2y a3dl2 a3dr2 a3f2a a3f2e a3f2y a3f2o a3f2u a3f2i a3f2l a3f2r2\na1g2r2 a1g2l2 a1g2a a1g2e a1g2\u011B a1g2o a1g2u a1g2i a1h2a a1h2e a1h2\u011B a1h2o\na1h2u a1h2i aj1 a1j2a a1j2e a1j2\u011B a1j2i a1j2o a1j2u a1k2a a1k2e a1k2i a1k2u\na1k2o a1k2r a1k2l a3\u01422a a3\u01422e a3\u01422o a3\u01422u a3\u01422y a\u01421 a3l2a a3l2e a3l2\u011B a3l2o\na3l2u a3l2i a3l2y a3m2a a3m2o a3m2u a3m2i a3m2e a3m2\u011B a3m2y a3m2j a3n2a\na3n2e a3n2\u011B a3n2i a3n2o a3n2u a3n2y a3n2j a3p2a a3p2e a3p2\u011B a3p2i a3p2o\na3p2u a3p2y a3p2j a3p2l a3p2r a3r2a a3r2e a3r2\u011B a3r2i a3r2o a3r2u a3r2y\na3r2j a3s2a a3s2e a3s2i a3s2o a3s2u a3s2y as1pek1t a3s2t a3\u01612a a3\u01612e a3\u01612\u011B\na3\u01612i a3\u01612o a3\u01612u a3\u01612y a3\u01612tap a\u01611 a3t2a a3t2e a3t2i a3t2o a3t2u a3t2y\na3t2r a3t2l a3w2a a3w2e a3w2\u011B a3w2i a2w1n a3w2o a3w2u a3w2y a3w2j a3z2a\na3z2e a3z2\u011B a3z2i a3z2o a3z2u a3z2y a3\u017E2a a3\u017E2e a3\u017E2\u011B a3\u017E2i a3\u017E2o a3\u017E2u a2\u017E1\n%% e\ne3b2a e3b2e e3b2i e3b2o e3b2u e3b2y e3b2j e3b2r e3b2\u0142 e3b2l e3c2a e3c2e\ne3c2o e3c2u e3c2y e3c2i e3ch2a e3ch2e e3ch2o e3ch2u e3ch2i e3\u01072a e3\u01072e e3\u01072i\ne3\u01072o e3\u01072u e3\u010D2a e3\u010D2e e3\u010D2i e3\u010D2o e3\u010D2u e3d2a e3d2e e3d2i e3d2o e3d2u\ne3d2y e3d2\u017A2a e3d2\u017A2e 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u3r2j u3s2a u3s2e u3s2i\nu3s2o u3s2u u3s2y u3s2t u3\u01612a u3\u01612e u3\u01612i u3\u01612o u3\u01612u u3\u01612y u3\u01612tap u\u01611\nu3t2a u3t2e u3t2i u3t2o u3t2u u3t2y u3t2r u3t2l u3w2a u3w2e u3w2i u2w1n\nu3w2o u3w2u u3w2y u3w2j u3z2a u3z2e u3z2i u3z2o u3z2u u3z2y u3\u017E2a u3\u017E2e\nu3\u017E2i u3\u017E2o u3\u017E2u u2\u017E1\n%% y\ny3b2a y3b2e y3b2i y3b2o y3b2u y3b2y y3b2j y3b2r y3b2l y3c2a y3c2e y3c2o\ny3c2u y3c2y y3\u01072a y3\u01072e y3\u01072i y3\u01072o y3\u01072u y3\u010D2a y3\u010D2e y3\u010D2i y3\u010D2o y3\u010D2u\ny3d2a y3d2e y3d2i y3d2o y3d2u y3d2y y3d2\u017A2a y3d2\u017A2e y3d2\u017A2i y3d2\u017A2o y3d2\u017A2u\ny3d2\u017A2y y3dl2 y3dr2 y3f2a y3f2e y3f2y y3f2o y3f2u y3f2i y3f2l y3f2r2 y1g2r2\ny1g2l2 y1g2a y1g2e y1g2o y1g2u y1g2i y1h2a y1h2o y1h2u y1h2i yj1 y1j2a y1j2e\ny1j2i y1j2o y1j2u y1k2a y1k2e y1k2i y1k2u y1k2o y1k2r y1k2l y1\u01422a y1\u01422e\ny1\u01422o y1\u01422u y1\u01422y y\u01421 y1l2a y1l2e y1l2o y1l2u y1l2i y3m2a y3m2o y3m2u y3m2i\ny3m2e y3m2y y3m2j y3n2a y3n2e y3n2i y3n2o y3n2u y3n2y y3n2j y3p2a y3p2e\ny3p2i y3p2o y3p2u y3p2y y3p2j y3p2l y3p2r y3r2a y3r2e y3r2i y3r2o y3r2u\ny3r2y y3r2j y3s2a y3s2e y3s2i y3s2o y3s2u y3s2y y3s2t y3\u01612a y3\u01612e y3\u01612i\ny3\u01612o y3\u01612u y3\u01612y y3\u01612tap y\u01611 y3t2a y3t2e y3t2i y3t2o y3t2u y3t2y y3t2r\ny3t2l y3w2a y3w2e y3w2i y3w2o y3w2u y3w2y y3w2j y3z2a y3z2e y3z2i y3z2o\ny3z2u y3z2y y3\u017E2a y3\u017E2e y3\u017E2i y3\u017E2o y3\u017E2u y2\u017E1\n% konsonanty\n.a8b7itu1r .a8b7itu8r1n b1b b1ce b1cy b1\u0107 b1\u010D b1d .bjez1 .bje1z2e b2j b1h\nb1k b1m b1n b1p b1s b1t b1w b1z b1\u017E 1ca 1ce 1co 1cu c2h .ch2c ch1\u0107 ch1n \u010D1n\nd1bpo4d3 4de\u0144 d1n o\u01421d2nj do1s1po do1z2na do2z3na. nje1do3z4na. im1ple 1h2d\n1h2lad 2h1ny 2h1nu. 2h1nje 1h2romad .nje1z2hromad 1ka k1c 1ku 1ki k1n\nk2nys1k 1ko ko8n7ju3g ko8n7jun8k1 ko8n7urb k1s k1t k2tu. kuz1\u0142 kuz1l 2k2st.\n3\u01422ha .bo4\u01423h .do4\u01423h .do4\u01423ho3 .po4\u01423h l1n 3\u01422\u017E .do4\u0142\u017E1n .po4\u01423\u017E l1g l1z\nm1n 3m2ru. 3m2rje 3m2r\u011B m1s mys1l na1 .na4d1 .nje1na4d1 .na4d2e\u0144\n.nje1na4d2e\u0144 .na4d2e\u0161 .nje1na4d2e\u0161 2n1d 1ni. n4j 1nja. 1nje. .nje1 n1t n2t1n\nnuh1l p4j po1 po4d3 po4d4e1 po2m1h po2m\u0144 praw1 p\u0159e1 p\u0159e4d3 p\u0159e5d4a p\u0159e5d4o\np\u0159e5d4i p\u0159e5d4u p\u0159e5d4rast p\u0159e5d4ras\u0107 p\u0159e4d4e3 r1b ser2b1 ser3b2a ser3b2e\nser3b2o ser3b2i ser3b2y r1\u0107 r1\u010D r1d r1f r2d\u017A. r4j r1m r1n r1p r1w ro2z1\nro2z2e1 s1\u0107 si1gna1l m2la2s3ka z1mor3s3ka pra2s3ka plu2s3ka \u0107i2s3ka\nwrje2s3ka 1s2k2i. 1s2k2a. 1s2k2e. 1s2k2eho. 1s2k2eje. 1s2k2ej. 1s2k2aj.\n1s2k2emu. 1s2k2u. 1s2k2im. 1s2k2imaj. 1s2k2eju. 1s2k2imi. 1s2k2i2ch. 1s2c2y.\n1s2c2e. s1n s2tat1n 4st1n 2n1stw 1\u01612to. 1\u01612li. 1\u01612\u0142e. 1\u01612\u0142a. 1\u01612\u0142oj. 1\u01612o\u0142.\n1\u01612\u0142aj. 1\u01612\u0142ej. \u01611 1\u01618a 1\u01618e 1\u01618\u011B 1\u01618i 1\u01618o 1\u01618u a2\u01611nj t1d t1k \u011B2t3n t1m\nt1n t1p w4j .wje1le3 w4n1st .wo4b2e wo4b3jas1n wo4b3je\u0107 wo4b3jed1n wo4b3j\u011B\nwo4b3jim .nje1wo4b2e1 .wo4te3 .njewo4te3 wo1zna .wu1 wu1s2nu wu1s2n2j2e\nwu1s2ny .za1 .za2\u0144 .za2w1k .za2w3da ze1z2na z1nak iz1na. iz1ny. iz1nu.\niz1nje. iz1no 2z1p 2z1s\n"

  lang.exceptions "War-sza-wa do-zna njej-sym njej-sy nje-je njej-sm\u00F3j njej-staj njej-stej\nnjej-smy njej-s\u0107e njej-su p\u017Aede p\u017Ae-derje tkalc nje\u0144d\u017A ze-tnu ze-tnje\u0161\nze-tnje ze-tnje-m\u00F3j ze-tnje-taj ze-tnje-tej ze-tnje-my ze-tnje-\u0107e wote-tnu\nwote-tnje\u0161 wote-tnje wote-tnje-m\u00F3j wote-tnje-taj wote-tnje-tej wote-tnje-my\nwote-tnje-\u0107e wo-dnjo wo-snje tak-rjec\n"
HU1 = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.isocode = 'hu'
  lang.patterns "% 1C(s/z/y)V   (V <> y)\n%  1C(f/h/s/z)y  occurs at the end of names, so I added some of them\n1ba 1b\u00E1 1be 1b\u00E9 1bi 1b\u00ED 1bo 1b\u00F3 1b\u00F6 1b\u0151 1bu 1b\u00FA 1b\u00FC 1b\u0171u 1ca 1c\u00E1 1ce 1c\u00E9 1ci\n1c\u00ED 1co 1c\u00F3 1c\u00F6 1c\u0151 1cu 1c\u00FA 1c\u00FC 1c\u0171u 1csa 1cs\u00E1 1cse 1cs\u00E9 1csi 1cs\u00ED 1cso 1cs\u00F3\n1cs\u00F6 1cs\u0151 1csu 1cs\u00FA 1cs\u00FC 1cs\u0171u 1csy 1cha 1ch\u00E1 1che 1ch\u00E9 1chi 1ch\u00ED 1cho 1ch\u00F3\n1ch\u00F6 1ch\u0151 1chu 1ch\u00FA 1ch\u00FC 1ch\u0171u\n% cz =  c or cs in old Hungarian orthography\n% c+z ritka \u00F6sszetett szavakban\n1cza 1cz\u00E1 1cze 1cz\u00E9 1czi 1cz\u00ED 1czo 1cz\u00F3 1cz\u00F6 1cz\u0151 1czu 1cz\u00FA 1cz\u00FC 1cz\u0171u 1czy\n1da 1d\u00E1 1de 1d\u00E9 1di 1d\u00ED 1do 1d\u00F3 1d\u00F6 1d\u0151 1du 1d\u00FA 1d\u00FC 1d\u0171u 1dza 1dz\u00E1 1dze 1dz\u00E9\n1dzi 1dz\u00ED 1dzo 1dz\u00F3 1dz\u00F6 1dz\u0151 1dzu 1dz\u00FA 1dz\u00FC 1dz\u0171u 1dzsa 1dzs\u00E1 1dzse 1dzs\u00E9\n1dzsi 1dzs\u00ED 1dzso 1dzs\u00F3 1dzs\u00F6 1dzs\u0151 1dzsu 1dzs\u00FA 1dzs\u00FC 1dzs\u0171u 1fa 1f\u00E1 1fe 1f\u00E9\n1fi 1f\u00ED 1fo 1f\u00F3 1f\u00F6 1f\u0151 1fu 1f\u00FA 1f\u00FC 1f\u0171u 1ffy 1ga 1g\u00E1 1ge 1g\u00E9 1gi 1g\u00ED 1go 1g\u00F3\n1g\u00F6 1g\u0151 1gu 1g\u00FA 1g\u00FC 1g\u0171u 1gya 1gy\u00E1 1gye 1gy\u00E9 1gyi 1gy\u00ED 1gyo 1gy\u00F3 1gy\u00F6 1gy\u0151\n1gyu 1gy\u00FA 1gy\u00FC 1gy\u0171u 1ha 1h\u00E1 1he 1h\u00E9 1hi 1h\u00ED 1ho 1h\u00F3 1h\u00F6 1h\u0151 1hu 1h\u00FA 1h\u00FC 1h\u0171u\n1ja 1j\u00E1 1je 1j\u00E9 1ji 1j\u00ED 1jo 1j\u00F3 1j\u00F6 1j\u0151 1ju 1j\u00FA 1j\u00FC 1j\u0171u 1ka 1k\u00E1 1ke 1k\u00E9 1ki\n1k\u00ED 1ko 1k\u00F3 1k\u00F6 1k\u0151 1ku 1k\u00FA 1k\u00FC 1k\u0171u\n1ky % Pilinszky\n1la 1l\u00E1 1le 1l\u00E9 1li 1l\u00ED 1lo 1l\u00F3 1l\u00F6 1l\u0151 1lu 1l\u00FA 1l\u00FC 1l\u0171u 1lya 1ly\u00E1 1lye 1ly\u00E9\n1lyi 1ly\u00ED 1lyo 1ly\u00F3 1ly\u00F6 1ly\u0151 1lyu 1ly\u00FA 1ly\u00FC 1ly\u0171u 1ma 1m\u00E1 1me 1m\u00E9 1mi 1m\u00ED\n1mo 1m\u00F3 1m\u00F6 1m\u0151 1mu 1m\u00FA 1m\u00FC 1m\u0171u 1na 1n\u00E1 1ne 1n\u00E9 1ni 1n\u00ED 1no 1n\u00F3 1n\u00F6 1n\u0151 1nu\n1n\u00FA 1n\u00FC 1n\u0171u 1nya 1ny\u00E1 1nye 1ny\u00E9 1nyi 1ny\u00ED 1nyo 1ny\u00F3 1ny\u00F6 1ny\u0151 1nyu 1ny\u00FA 1ny\u00FC\n1ny\u0171u 1pa 1p\u00E1 1pe 1p\u00E9 1pi 1p\u00ED 1po 1p\u00F3 1p\u00F6 1p\u0151 1pu 1p\u00FA 1p\u00FC 1p\u0171u 1qa 1q\u00E1 1qe 1q\u00E9\n1qi 1q\u00ED 1qo 1q\u00F3 1q\u00F6 1q\u0151 1qu2 1q\u00FA 1q\u00FC 1q\u0171u 1ra 1r\u00E1 1re 1r\u00E9 1ri 1r\u00ED 1ro 1r\u00F3 1r\u00F6\n1r\u0151 1ru 1r\u00FA 1r\u00FC 1r\u0171u 1ry 1sa 1s\u00E1 1se 1s\u00E9 1si 1s\u00ED 1so 1s\u00F3 1s\u00F6 1s\u0151 1su 1s\u00FA 1s\u00FC\n1s\u0171u 1sza 1sz\u00E1 1sze 1sz\u00E9 1szi 1sz\u00ED 1szo 1sz\u00F3 1sz\u00F6 1sz\u0151 1szu 1sz\u00FA 1sz\u00FC 1sz\u0171u\n1ta 1t\u00E1 1te 1t\u00E9 1ti 1t\u00ED 1to 1t\u00F3 1t\u00F6 1t\u0151 1tu 1t\u00FA 1t\u00FC 1t\u0171u 1tya 1ty\u00E1 1tye 1ty\u00E9\n1tyi 1ty\u00ED 1tyo 1ty\u00F3 1ty\u00F6 1ty\u0151 1tyu 1ty\u00FA 1ty\u00FC 1ty\u0171u 1va 1v\u00E1 1ve 1v\u00E9 1vi 1v\u00ED\n1vo 1v\u00F3 1v\u00F6 1v\u0151 1vu 1v\u00FA 1v\u00FC 1v\u0171u 1wa 1w\u00E1 1we 1w\u00E9 1wi 1w\u00ED 1wo 1w\u00F3 1w\u00F6 1w\u0151 1wu\n1w\u00FA 1w\u00FC 1w\u0171u 1xa 1x\u00E1 1xe 1x\u00E9 1xi 1x\u00ED 1xo 1x\u00F3 1x\u00F6 1x\u0151 1xu 1x\u00FA 1x\u00FC 1x\u0171u 1za 1z\u00E1\n1ze 1z\u00E9 1zi 1z\u00ED 1zo 1z\u00F3 1z\u00F6 1z\u0151 1zu 1z\u00FA 1z\u00FC 1z\u0171u 1zsa 1zs\u00E1 1zse 1zs\u00E9 1zsi\n1zs\u00ED 1zso 1zs\u00F3 1zs\u00F6 1zs\u0151 1zsu 1zs\u00FA 1zs\u00FC 1zs\u0171u\n% V1V\na1a a1\u00E1 a1e a1\u00E9 a1i a1\u00ED a1o a1\u00F3 a1\u00F6 a1\u0151 a1u a1\u00FA a1\u00FC a1\u0171u \u00E11a \u00E11\u00E1 \u00E11e \u00E11\u00E9 \u00E11i\n\u00E11\u00ED \u00E11o \u00E11\u00F3 \u00E11\u00F6 \u00E11\u0151 \u00E11u \u00E11\u00FA \u00E11\u00FC \u00E11\u0171u e1a e1\u00E1 e1e e1\u00E9 e1i e1\u00ED e1o e1\u00F3 e1\u00F6 e1\u0151\ne1u e1\u00FA e1\u00FC e1\u0171u \u00E91a \u00E91\u00E1 \u00E91e \u00E91\u00E9 \u00E91i \u00E91\u00ED \u00E91o \u00E91\u00F3 \u00E91\u00F6 \u00E91\u0151 \u00E91u \u00E91\u00FA \u00E91\u00FC \u00E91\u0171u i1a\ni1\u00E1 i1e i1\u00E9 i1i i1\u00ED i1o i1\u00F3 i1\u00F6 i1\u0151 i1u i1\u00FA i1\u00FC i1\u0171u \u00ED1a \u00ED1\u00E1 \u00ED1e \u00ED1\u00E9 \u00ED1i \u00ED1\u00ED\n\u00ED1o \u00ED1\u00F3 \u00ED1\u00F6 \u00ED1\u0151 \u00ED1u \u00ED1\u00FA \u00ED1\u00FC \u00ED1\u0171u o1a o1\u00E1 o1e o1\u00E9 o1i o1\u00ED o1o o1\u00F3 o1\u00F6 o1\u0151 o1u\no1\u00FA o1\u00FC o1\u0171u \u00F31a \u00F31\u00E1 \u00F31e \u00F31\u00E9 \u00F31i \u00F31\u00ED \u00F31o \u00F31\u00F3 \u00F31\u00F6 \u00F31\u0151 \u00F31u \u00F31\u00FA \u00F31\u00FC \u00F31\u0171u \u00F61a \u00F61\u00E1\n\u00F61e \u00F61\u00E9 \u00F61i \u00F61\u00ED \u00F61o \u00F61\u00F3 \u00F61\u00F6 \u00F61\u0151 \u00F61u \u00F61\u00FA \u00F61\u00FC \u00F61\u0171u \u01511a \u01511\u00E1 \u01511e \u01511\u00E9 \u01511i \u01511\u00ED \u01511o\n\u01511\u00F3 \u01511\u00F6 \u01511\u0151 \u01511u \u01511\u00FA \u01511\u00FC \u01511\u0171u u1a u1\u00E1 u1e u1\u00E9 u1i u1\u00ED u1o u1\u00F3 u1\u00F6 u1\u0151 u1u u1\u00FA\nu1\u00FC u1\u0171u \u00FA1a \u00FA1\u00E1 \u00FA1e \u00FA1\u00E9 \u00FA1i \u00FA1\u00ED \u00FA1o \u00FA1\u00F3 \u00FA1\u00F6 \u00FA1\u0151 \u00FA1u \u00FA1\u00FA \u00FA1\u00FC \u00FA1\u0171u \u00FC1a \u00FC1\u00E1 \u00FC1e\n\u00FC1\u00E9 \u00FC1i \u00FC1\u00ED \u00FC1o \u00FC1\u00F3 \u00FC1\u00F6 \u00FC1\u0151 \u00FC1u \u00FC1\u00FA \u00FC1\u00FC \u00FC1\u0171u \u0171u1a \u0171u1\u00E1 \u0171u1e \u0171u1\u00E9 \u0171u1i \u0171u1\u00ED \u0171u1o \u0171u1\u00F3\n\u0171u1\u00F6 \u0171u1\u0151 \u0171u1u \u0171u1\u00FA \u0171u1\u00FC \u0171u1\u0171u\n% Kett\u00F6s m\u00E1ssalhangz\u00F3k\n% Digraphic Consonants: c/d/s/z 2 h/s/z  -- exceptions later\nc2h c2s c2z % old Hung\n%d2zs\nd2z s2z z2s\n%       .CC-CV not allowed\n1ch2r 1ph2r .sp2\n%.st2 below\n.sz2\n% Hossz\u00FA kett\u00F6s m\u00E1ssalhangz\u00F3k\n% Long (double) Consonants:  -- exceptions later\ns2sz c2cs z2zs d2dz g2gy l2ly n2ny t2ty\n%  all exceptions (mainly composita/pounds) in a single series\nabla2k1\u00FCveg ac\u00E92l1i \u00E1d\u00E12z3s\u00E1g ad\u00F3ss\u00E12g1 agr\u00E12r1 agy1\u00E92r1elmesz agyo2n1\u00FCt\nakara2t1er\u0151 al\u00E1b2b1is .ala2p1a .ala2p1\u00E1r .ala2p1\u00E9r .ala2p1i .ala2p1okm\n.ala2p1\u00F6tl \u00E12l1alrc a2l1eln\u00F6k a2l1ezredes a2l1isp\u00E1n alkotm\u00E12ny1e .\u00E1lla2m1a\n.\u00E1lla2m1e .\u00E1lla2m1\u00E9rd .\u00E1lla2m1ig .\u00E1lla2t1\u00E1ll .\u00E1lla2t1eg\u00E9sz .\u00E1lla2t1id\n.\u00E1lla2t1orv .\u00E1lla2t1\u00F6v .\u00E1lla2t1\u00E9rt anna2k1idej\u00E9n anti1k2lerik .\u00E12r1aj\u00E1n\n.\u00E12r1alak .\u00E1ra2m1e .ara2ny1al .ara2ny1\u00E1s .ara2ny1\u00E9r. .ara2ny1\u00E9rc .ara2ny1\u00E9re\n.ara2ny1\u00E9rt\u00E9k .ara2ny1e .ara2ny1\u00F3 \u00E1r1ap\u00E1ly \u00E1r1d2r\u00E1g .\u00E12r1e \u00E12r1emel .\u00E13r2end\n.\u00E12r1in \u00E1sv\u00E12ny1olaj .\u00E1t1 .\u00E1t2al\u00E1 .\u00E1t2all .\u00E1t2ok 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saro2k1abl saro2k1\u00FCl\nsa2s1orr .sa2s3sze sa2s3szeg .sa2v1\u00E1ll\n1s2ch % to do a favour the German % but: H\u00E4s-chen\nseg\u00E92d1a seg\u00E92d1er\u0151 seg\u00E92d1esz seg\u00E92d1ige seg\u00E92d1orv seg\u00E92ly1a seg\u00E92ly1\u00E1\nseg\u00E92ly1egy sert\u00E92s1o sert\u00E92s1\u00F3 sert\u00E92s3zs\u00EDr sike2r1emb sike2r1\u00E9l s\u00ED2k1idom\ns\u00ED2n1aut s\u00ED2r1\u00E1s\u00F3 s\u00ED2r1eml s\u00ED2r1irat sisa2k1ellen s2kalp s2kand\u00E1l s2kicc\n.sk2r s2lukk s2makkol s2mirgli s\u00F3go2r1aszz so2k1\u00E9rtel so2k1\u00E9vi so2k1ist\nso2k1oldal sonk\u00E12s3zsem so2r1\u00E1ll so2r1emel sor2s1\u00FCld s\u00F62r1iv\u00F3 s\u00F6r\u00F62s1\u00FCveg\nspanyo2l1orsz\u00E1g s2pecial s2peci\u00E1l s2p\u00E9kel s4pekul\u00E1l s2picc s2picl s2p\u00F3rol\nspor2t1\u00E1g spor2t1e spor2t1\u00E9let spor2t1orv spor2t1\u00F6lt\u00F6 spor2t1\u0151r\u00FCl spor2t1\u00FCnn\n.sp2r s2r\u00F3fol s4tagn\u00E1l s4tatiszt\u00E1l s4teriliz\u00E1l st\u00EDlu2s1\u00E9rz 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teny\u00E92sz1\u00E1ll\nteny\u00E92sz1id\u0151 tere2m1\u0151r tere2p1ism tere2p1akad t\u00E92r1\u00E9rz t\u00E92r1isz term\u00E92ny1\u00E1r\nterm\u00E92s1ered term\u00E9sze2t1\u00E1tala term\u00E9sze2t1ell term\u00E9sze2t1im ter2v1el\u0151ir\nter2v1oszt tes2t1alk tes2t1\u00E1pol tes2t1edz tes2t1\u0151r tet2t1er\u0151 texti2l1any\ntexti2l1\u00E1r texti2l1ipar 1thy\u00E11ny1 % Bat-thy\u00E1-ny ld. MHSz^{10} p.103\nt\u00EDfu2sz1olt t\u00EDpu2s1\u00E1ru t\u00EDpu2s1eb\u00E9d tisztele2t1ad tisztess\u00E92g1\u00E9rz tisz2t1\u00FAj\ntize2n1 .t\u00ED2z1 .t\u00ED3z2en .t\u00ED3z2es t\u00ED2z3szer toalet2t1aszt toro2ny1\u00F3ra\ntoro2ny1ugr 2t1orsz\u00E1g % Horv\u00E1t, N\u00E9met\ntor2z3sz\u00FCl tov\u00E1b2b1ad tov\u00E1b2b1\u00E1ll t\u00F6b2b1\u00E9v t\u00F6b2b1ezer t\u00F6b2b1oldal t\u0151k\u00E92s1\u00E1ll\nt\u0151k\u00E92s1oszt t\u00F6l2gy1erd t\u00F6me2g1er\u0151 t\u00F6me2g3gy t\u00F6r\u00F62k1orsz\u00E1g t\u00F6r\u00F62k1\u00FCl\nt\u00F6rt\u00E9ne2t1\u00EDr t\u00F6rv\u00E92ny1alk t\u00F6rv\u00E92ny1ell t\u00F6rv\u00E92ny1er t\u00F6r2zs1\u0151rm t\u00F6r2zs3sz\u00E1m\nt2raccsol t2r\u00E1gya t2r\u00E1gy\u00E1z t2rakto2r1\u00E1llo t2rancs\u00EDr t2ranszform .tran2z1\nt2rappol t2r\u00E9csel t4r\u00E9f\u00E1l t2rombit .t2r\u00F3n t2r\u00F32n1\u00F6r\u00F6k t2r\u00F32n1ut tud\u00E12s3szomj\ntuda2t1alatt tudom\u00E12ny1egy t\u00FA2l1ad t\u00FA2l1\u00E1rad t\u00FA2l1\u00E9l t\u00FA2l1\u00E9r t\u00FA2l1er\u0151\nt\u00FA2l1expo t\u00FA2l1old t\u00FA2l1\u00F3r t\u0171u2z1\u00E1ll t\u00FCz\u00E92r1ezr t\u0171u2z1olt t\u0171u2z1\u0151r .t\u0171u2z3sz\nty\u00FA2k1\u00F3l .ugya2n1 \u00FAgy1annyi \u00FAgy1is \u00FAjon2c1\u00E1ll\u00EDt ujs\u00E12g1\u00E1r \u00FAjs\u00E12g1\u00EDr \u00FAr1assz\nut\u00E12n3nyom utas3sz\u00E1ll ut\u00E1sz3sz\u00E1z \u00FAt1el\u00E1g \u00FAt1\u00E9p\u00EDt \u00FAt1ir\u00E1ny \u00FCgy\u00E9sz3s\u00E9g\n\u00FCg2y1int \u00FCg2y1ir \u00FCg2y1oszt .\u00FCk1a .\u00FCk1u \u00FCl\u00E9s3szak .\u0171ur1\u00E1llom \u00FCve2g1a \u00FCve2g1\u00E1\n\u00FCve2g1ed \u00FCve2g3gy \u00FCve2g1ipa \u00FCze2m1anyag \u00FCzle2t1emb \u00FCzle2t1\u00E9v va2d1\u00E1ll\nva2d1alm vad\u00E12sz1e vad\u00E1sz3zs va2d1emb va2d1evez va2d1ideg v\u00E12d1irat\nvadona2t1 va2d1\u0151r v\u00E12gy1\u00E1lom va2gy1is vagyo2n1ad vagyo2n1\u00E1tr vagyo2n1\u00FCgy\nva2k1\u00EDr vall\u00E12s1alap vall\u00E12s1ell vall\u00E12s1okt vall\u00E1s3sz v\u00E12m1\u0151r v\u00E1ndo2r1\u00FAt\nvar\u00E12zs1er var\u00E12zs1i var\u00E12zs3sz v\u00E1ro2s1aty v\u00E1ro2s1\u00E9p\u00EDt v\u00E1ro2s3sz v\u00E12r1\u0151r\nv\u00E12r1\u00FAr va2s1\u00E1gy va2s1aj va2s1akar va2s1\u00E1r va3s2\u00E1rn va2s1ed va2s1eg va2s1\u00E9rc\nva2s1esz va2s1olv .va2s1\u00F6 .vas3sz va2s1utas va2s1\u00FAt vas\u00FA2t1\u00E1ll v\u00E92d1er\u0151\nv\u00E92g1akar v\u00E92g1\u00E1ll v\u00E92g1el v\u00E93g2el\u00E1that v\u00E92g1eredm\u00E9ny v\u00E92g1\u00E9rv .v\u00E9gi2g1\n.v\u00E92g1\u00ED .v\u00E92g1\u00F3 v\u00E92g1\u00F6ssz ve2gy1elem ve2gy1\u00E9rt ve2gy1ipar v\u00E92n1assz\nvend\u00E92g1\u00E1gy vend\u00E92g1old v\u00E92n1emb .v\u00E92r1ad .v\u00E92r1al v\u00E92r1\u00E1ldoz v\u00E92r1\u00E1ram\nv\u00E92r1\u00E12t1\u00F6ml .v\u00E92r1eb v\u00E92r1ed\u00E9ny v\u00E92r1ell\u00E1t v\u00E9re2s3sz\u00E1j v\u00E92r1ont .v\u00E92r1\u00F6\nverse2ny1aut\u00F3 verse2ny1ist verse2ny1\u00FA verse2ny1u ver2s1\u00EDr ver2s3szak\nv\u00E92sz3s\u00EDp v\u00E9te2l1\u00E1r vez\u00E92r1elv vez\u00E92r1eszme vez\u00E92r1evez vez\u00E92r1ezr\nvez\u00E92r1iga vez\u00E92r1\u0151rn via2sz3s\u00E1rg v\u00ED2g1oper vil\u00E12g1egy vil\u00E12g1\u00E9g\u00E9s\nvil\u00E12g1irod vil\u00E12g1ismer vil\u00E12g1ural vil\u00E12g1\u0171ur villamos3sz\u00E9k villa2ny1\u00E1ram\n.villa2ny1e villa2ny1\u00E9g\u0151 villa2ny1\u0151ra villa2ny1oszlop vir\u00E12g1\u00E1gy vir\u00E12g1\u00E1lv\nvir\u00E12g1\u00E1r vir\u00E12g1erd viszon2t1elad vissz1\u00E9r vissz1eres vit\u00E92z3s\u00E9g v\u00ED2z1\u00E1ll\n.v\u00ED2z1\u00E1t v\u00ED2z1ell\u00E1t\u00E1s v\u00ED2z1elnyel\u0151 v\u00ED2z1elvezet v\u00ED2z1\u00E9p\u00EDt v\u00ED2z1es\u00E9s\nv\u00ED2z1iszony .v\u00ED2z3s %.v\u00ED2z3sz\nvona2t1\u00E9rk vona2t1ind v\u00F6r\u00F62s1\u0151r wat2t1 z\u00E1po2r1es\u0151 z\u00E12r1\u00F3ra z\u00E1szl\u00F32s1\u00FAr\nz1k2raksz % kriksz1k2raksz\nzu2g1\u00EDr zu2g1ir\u00E1sz zu2g1utca .zu2g1\u00FC zs\u00E12k1utca zse2b1atlasz .zsi2b1\u00E1r\nzsili2p1\u0151r zs\u00ED2r1alkohol zs\u00ED2r1ell\u00E1t zsolt\u00E12r1\u00EDr\n"
HU2 = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.isocode 'hu'
  lang.patterns ".a2 .ad\u00E1s1s .ae1 .agyon1 .al1eg .al1e2m .al1e2s .al1\u00E9r .al1is .al1os .arc1c\n.ar2c3ho .atmo1 .az1a2 .az1\u00E1m .aze2 .\u00E12 .\u00E1l1a2 .\u00E1l1e .\u00E1l1\u00E92 .\u00E1l1i .\u00E1l1ok\n.\u00E1re2 .\u00E1r1em .\u00E1r2nyo .\u00E1ro2 .\u00E1r1os .\u00E1r1s2 .\u00E1t1ad. .\u00E1t1ada .\u00E1t1\u00E12 .\u00E1t1e2\n.\u00E1t1\u00E92 .\u00E1t1i2 .\u00E1to2 .\u00E1t1ol .\u00E1t1or .\u00E1t1os .\u00E1t1\u00F62 .b2 .ba2l1e2g .ba1ts .b\u00E11th\n.be2cs\u00E9 .bei2 .be1k2 .bi2o .bo2rit .bu2sz\u00E1 .c2 .cle2 .cs2 .cs\u0151da2rab. .d2\n.da2i .di1kr .e2 .eb1u2 .egy1a .egy1\u00FC2l .el1a2d .el1a2k .el1an .ela2s\n.el1ass .el1aszo .el\u00E12 .el1\u00E1l .el1\u00E1s .el1\u00E1z .el1e2gyek .el1ejt .el1emel\n.el1eng .el1e2p .el1e2r .el1e2se .el1e2s\u00E9s .el1e2si .el1esn .el1ess .el1est\n.el1esv .el1esz .el1\u00E9kt .el1\u00E9le .el\u00E92n .el1\u00E9ne .el1\u00E9r. .el1\u00E92re .el1\u00E9rt\n.el1\u00E9rv .el1id .el1in .el1ir .eli2s .el1iss .el1isz .el1itta .el1\u00EDt .elo2k\n.el1ok\u00E1 .el1os .el\u00F62 .el1\u00F6li .el1\u00F6l\u0151 .el1\u00F6lt. .el\u0151i2 .el1t2 .el1u2 .el\u00FC2\n.el1\u00FCl. .el1\u00FCli .el1\u00FClt .el1\u00FClv .es1er .et2h .ex1el .ez1e2l .\u00E92 .\u00E9g\u00E9s1s\n.\u00E9g1o .\u00E9k1a2 .\u00E9k1i .\u00E9n1\u00E1 .\u00E9n1el .\u00E9pe2 .\u00E9p1es .\u00E9r2csi .\u00E9r1el .\u00E9t1\u00E9 .f2\n.fa2jeg .fe2len .fe2lev .fe2l\u00E9k .fe2l\u00FCl. .f\u00E92l\u00E9r .f\u00E92l\u00E9v .f\u00E92m\u00E1 .f\u00F62l\u00FCl. .g2\n.ga2z1em .g\u00E92n\u00E1 .gi1g2 .h2 .ha2d1e2 .hale2 .ha2lev .ha2l1\u00E9s .h\u00E12li .h\u00E1ncs1\n.h\u00E12tus .he2i .horo1s .i2 .in2d3z .io2n\u00E1 .\u00ED2 .\u00EDr\u00E1sk\u00E9sz1 .j2 .jazz1 .je2gy1\u00E1\n.k2 .ka2ring .k\u00E9s1s .k\u00E92t1a2 .k\u00E92t\u00E1 .ki\u00E12 .ki\u00E92 .ki1g2 .kr2 .l2 .la2pa\n.le2g1 .le3g2esle2g1 .le3g2esle3g2esle2g1 .leg\u00E92nyem .le3gy .le2n\u00E1 .le1t2r\n.l\u00E92ta .li2o1 .liszt1\u00E1 .l\u00F3k\u00E9sz1 .l\u00F31s2 .l\u0151e2 .ly1o .m2 .malo2 .m\u00E12r1is\n.me2g1\u00E1 .me2g1e2s .me2g1\u00E92 .me2gis .me2g\u0151 .me2i .m\u00E92szi .mu2e .n2 .na2gya\n.na2gy\u00E1 .na2p1e .na1t .nerc1 .ne2um .n\u00E92p\u00ED .ny2l .o2 .ok1a2d .ok1ir .\u00F32 .\u00F3\u00E92\n.\u00F3f2 .\u00F62 .\u00F6n1\u00E1 .\u00F6n1k2 .\u00F6n3n .\u00F6ssz1\u00E1 .\u00F6te2 .\u00F6t1el .\u00F6z\u00F62n1\u00F6 .\u01512 .\u0151r1an .\u0151s1a2\n.\u0151s1e2r .\u0151s1\u00ED2 .\u0151z3s .p2 .pa2i .pais1 .pe2r1a2 .p\u00E92k1 .ph2 .pier2 .po2re .q2\n.r2 .ra2big .r\u00E1t2 .re2\u00E1r .ren2d1\u01512 .ru2ma .s2 .sa2li .sc2 .sk2 .so2ki .so1ny\n.so2r\u00E1l .sp2 .st2 .sto2 .su2r .sz2 .sza2k\u00E9r .sze2sz\u00E1 .sz\u00E92t .szk2 .sz\u00F3d\u00E1s1\n.szt2 .t2 .ta2ni .ta2nos .ta2ur .t\u00E12v1i2ratoz\u00E1 .te2j1\u00E1 .t\u00E92nyi .t\u00E92r\u00E1 .to2k\u00E9\n.t\u00F62k1\u00E9lv .t\u00F6lcs\u00E9res1 .t\u0171z3s .u2 .utas1s .\u00FA2 .\u00FAr1a .\u00FAr1ist .\u00FAt1a2 .\u00FAt1e .\u00FC2\n.\u00FCk1 .\u01712 .\u0171r1i .v2 .va2d1al .va2gyi .vasas1s .va2sol .v\u00E92g1o .w2 .x2 .y2 .z2\n.ze2i .zs2 2a. 2a1a aa2d aa2j aa2k aa2l a2am aa2n aa2p aa2u aa2v aa2z 2a1\u00E1\na\u00E12b a\u00E12gak a\u00E12gy a2\u00E1l. a2\u00E1ln a\u00E12p a\u00E12r a\u00E12s a\u00E12t1 a\u00E1ta2 aba2de 2aban 2abar\n2ab\u00E1j 2ab\u00E1z 2abes 2abir 2abiz 2abom abos3s 2ab\u0151 2ab\u00FA a2b1\u00FC a2ce. ace2l\nac1ele ac\u00E92l1e a2c1\u00E9p ac1\u00E9re a2ch\u00E1 ac3hoz 2ac\u00ED ac3s\u00E1g a2c3s\u00FC ac3sz ada2le\nada2li ada2l1\u00FA a2dap ad1apr ada2t1e2 ad1\u00E1g a2d\u00E1s\u00FA ad2del a2d1e2g ade2i\n1a2dek ad1e2le ad1el\u0151 ad1elv ade2n ad1ene ade2s ad1es\u00E9 adet2 ad1e2v ad\u00E92ke\na2d1\u00E9p a2d1\u00E92v ad1ide adi2o1g2 ad1\u00EDz a2d1orz\u00E1 1a2d\u00F3d ad1\u00F62l ad2r\u00F3t adu2r\nad1ura 2ad\u00FA 2a1e ae2b ae2c ae2d\u00E9 aeg\u00E9sz1 a2ei ae2k ae2l1a2 ae2le ae2l1o\nae2l\u0151 ae2me ae2p ae2re aero1s aerosz2 ae2r\u0151 ae2se ae2s\u00E9 ae2si ae2s\u0151 ae2v\nae2z 2a1\u00E9 a\u00E92g a\u00E92h a\u00E92k a\u00E92l a\u00E92n a\u00E92p a\u00E92r a\u00E92v 2afajn 2afe afe2li 2af\u00E9s\n2afi 2af\u0151 af2re 2af\u00FC a2g1a2j ag1any ag1arc ag\u00E1n1n ag\u00E12ny\u00E9 a2g\u00E1r. ag1\u00E1t1a\nag1ed\u00E9 a2g1eg ag1elm ag1elt ag1elv a2gem ag1emb a2g1ev a2g1\u00E92g a2g1\u00E92l\nag1\u00E9p\u00ED 1agg. ag3gye a1g2h\u00F3 agi2g ag1ig\u00E9 a2g1i2p a2g1\u00EDr agli2 ago2na 2agor\na2g1ors ag1\u00F3r\u00E1 a2g1\u00F6t a1g2raf a2gut ag1uta ag1u2t\u00E1 a2g1\u00FAt a2g1\u00FC2 a2gyad\nagy1a2d\u00F3 a2gyag agy1agy agy1ala agy1alk agy1any a2gy\u00E1l agy1\u00E1ri a2gy\u00E1t agy1el\na2gy1em a2gy1en a2gyep agy1er\u0151 a2gy1es a2gy1ez a2gy\u00E9r agy1\u00E9re a2gy\u00E9t a2gyic\na2gyim a2gy1ip a2gyir agy1is. agy1ist a2gyoko a2gyokt agyo2r agy1oro 2ahar\n2ahe 1ahh 2ahi 2ah\u00ED aho2l1i 2ahu a1i a2ia. ai2bo 2ai2de ai2d\u0151 ai2e 2aig2\nai2gaz\u00EDt\u00F3 ai2g\u00E9 a2ign ai2j ai2k1as ai2k1e2 ai2ma. 2ai2m\u00E1 ai2nal ai2nas 2aing\n2aint ai2o 2ai2p ai2ram ai2r\u00E1 ai2rod ai2zo 2a1\u00ED2 a2j1al aja2n aj1ana 2aje\na2j1e2d aj1eg\u00E9 a2j1elm aj1e2l\u0151 a2j1em a2j1er a2j\u00E9g a2j1\u00E9k a2j1ir 1ajk\u00FAa\na2j1ola aj1old aj1\u00FCl aj2ze aj2z\u00ED aj2zs\u00ED a2k1akn a2k1alk ak1ann 2akap aka2s1\u00FC\n2akav ak\u00E1s1s 2ake a2k1eg ak1els ak1emb a2k1e2r\u0151 ak\u00E92k a2k1\u00E9ke 2ak\u00E9p ak1\u00E9p\u00ED\n2ak\u00E9rd a2k1\u00E92ret ak1\u00E9rtel a2k1\u00E9rt\u0151 2ak\u00E9s a1kh\u00F3 aki\u00E12 2akin a2k1i2p ak1iro\nak1is. aki2s1a ak1isk ak1ism ak1izm 2ak\u00ED ak2k\u00F3r ak2lei ak2l\u00E9s ak2lin\na2k1o2ly a2k1orv 2ak\u00F6 a2k1\u00F6rv ak1\u0151r. 2akr\u00E9 2akri ak2rit a1k2ru ak1ug 2akut\n2ak\u00FA ak1\u00FAtr 2ak\u00FC ak1\u00FCl\u00E9 a2k1\u00FC2v 2akv al1abl alag1g ala2gol ala2j1e2 1alak\u00ED\n1a2lakok 1a2lak\u00FA a2lany ala2nye ala2p1a2 ala2p\u00E1r 1a2lapi 1a2lap\u00ED alap1p\na2l\u00E1f al1\u00E1g. al1\u00E12ga al1\u00E1gg al1\u00E12gi al1\u00E1gk al1\u00E12go 1al\u00E1\u00ED 2al\u00E1n a2l\u00E1p a2le.\nal1eln al1elt al1eml al1eny al1e2r\u0151 al1esp a2l1est ale2sz al1ez a2l\u00E9b\na2l1\u00E92ne al1\u00E9rz a2l1\u00E92te 1alf\u00F6 alg2 al1gr al1ido a2l1ikr ali\u00F32ra a2l1ir\u00E1\nal1isk al1isp al1itt al1\u00ED2r\u00E1 1aljb 1alji 1aljn 1aljz al2l1aj 1alm\u00E1d 1alm\u00E1k\nalm\u00E1s1s 2alogizm aloi2do 2alok al1ola alo2mit alo2m1o2k 2alor alos1s\na2l1oszt 2al\u00F3gi\u00E1 2al\u00F3gu al\u00F3k\u00E9sz1 a2l1\u00F6n a2l1\u00F6s al2t1el al1\u00FAr. al1\u00FAri al1\u00FAtr\na2l1\u00FC2 1alv\u00F3 a2ly\u00E1l a2ly1e am1a2d\u00F3 2amag am1akk am1app a2m1arc am1arr\nama2ter ama2tin 2am\u00E1 a2m1\u00E1rj am2b1eg am2b1\u0151 a2me. ame2g1\u00E1 a2m1el\u00E1 a2m1e2l1o\nam1els am1elt a2m1erd 1a2meri a2m1e2r\u0151 a2m1\u00E9rd am1fr a2mim a2m1i2r\u00E1 amise2\namis3s am1\u00EDr 2amod amos3s a2m1\u00F32r a2m1\u00F62 a2m\u0151 am1\u0151r am1\u0151s am1p2h 2amun 2amut\na2m1\u00FC2 2am\u0171 a2nah an1akk an1alj an1any ana2sze a2n1az an\u00E1s1s an2ce. ancs1es\nan2cs\u0151 an2dolv an1eb a2ner a2nes anet1o ane2u a2n1e2z 2an\u00E9 an\u00E92v an1\u00E9vb\nan1\u00E9ve an1\u00E9vn an2gad an2g1em an2g\u00ED an2g1or an2g1osz an2g1\u00F6s 1anim an2k1a2k\nank1ala an2kau an2k1el an2k1\u00E9k. ank1osz an2k1u2 an2k\u00FC ano1g2 an1old an1onn\nan1ott an1\u00F3r\u00E1 2an\u00F6 an1\u00F62t ansz1\u00E1l an2sz1u2 an2tau a2n\u00FC any1ala 1a2ny\u00E1d\na2ny\u00E1m. a2ny1\u00E12rak 2anye a2ny1ed a2ny1em any1es\u0151 any\u00E92 any1\u00E9h any1\u00E9k any1\u00E9r\na2nyif a2nyig anyigaz1 a2nyim 2anyo a2nyor a2ny1osz any1\u00F32r a2ny\u00F6 a2ny\u0151\nanzo2 2a1o ao2la a2olo ao2ro 2a1\u00F3 a2\u00F3b a2\u00F3c a2\u00F3f a\u00F32l a\u00F32ra a\u00F32r\u00E1 a\u00F32ri\n2a1\u00F62 2a1\u01512 apa2cs1i ap1a2da 1a2pai 1a2pak\u00E9 ap1a2la ap1alk apa2t\u00E9r 1a2p\u00E1d\n1a2p\u00E1\u00E9 a2p1\u00E1g 1a2p\u00E1i a2p\u00E1ll a2p1\u00E1ru a2p\u00E1ta 2ape a2p1e2g ape2i ape2l ap1ele\nap1elg ap1elj ap1el\u0151 ap1elv a2p1em ape2n ap1ene ap1eny ape2s ap1ese ap1f2\na2p1ide api2g ap1ige a2p1i2r\u00E1 a2p1ist a2p1\u00EDn 2apl a2p1ola ap1ope apos3s\nap1\u00F6s ap1\u00F6t ap2r\u00E9m a1p2r\u00E9s 1apr\u00ED ap1szt ap1t2 ap1udv ap1ut\u00E1 ar1ajt ara2nye\nar1ar\u00E1 a2r1\u00E1g. a2r1\u00E12ga ar\u00E12g\u00E1b ar\u00E12g\u00E1n ar\u00E12g\u00E1r ar\u00E12g\u00E1t ar\u00E12g\u00E1v a2r1\u00E1gb\na2r1\u00E1gg a2r1\u00E1gi a2r1\u00E12go a2r1\u00E1gr a2r1\u00E1gt ar1\u00E12guk ar1\u00E12gun ar1\u00E12gy a2r1\u00E1ll\nar\u00E12ny\u00E9 ar2car ar2ced ar2ces ar2c\u00F6 arc3sor 1arc\u00FA ar2d\u00E9l 2are ar1e2dz are2l\nar1elh ar1elo a2r1e2m aren2d1\u0151 a2r1er a2r1e2v ar1\u00E92ne a2r1\u00E92r ar\u00E92z1 ar1gh\nargon1n a2r1i2d a2r1iga ar1ingb a2r1inge a2rizma. a2rizm\u00E1n a2rizo ar1khe\nar2k1\u01512 ar2k1u2s 2aro arog2r aro2mis a2r1or 2ar\u00F3 a2r1\u00F32r\u00E1 a2r1\u00F62l a2r1\u01512\nar1s2h ar1th\u00E1 arto1g2r\u00E1 art1old ar2t1\u01512r ar1ty 2aru a2r1\u00FC a2r1\u01712 ar2v1\u00E9r\na1ry a2s1a2g 2asaj as1a2kar 2asal a2s1alk as1alm asa2n a2s1ant a2s1any\nas1apr a2s1\u00E1l as1\u00E1ru 2as\u00E1v 2ase as1e2d as1e2k as1ell as1emb as1e2s as1ez\nas1\u00E9he as1\u00E9k. a2s1\u00E92l as1\u00E9tv a2s1\u00E92v asi2d as1ide a2s1i2p as1isk as1izo\n2as\u00EDk as1old 2asor as1ord as1osz as1\u00F3r\u00E1 as1\u00F62k as1\u00F6n as1\u00F6s 2asp as1sy\nas3szab astil2 2ast\u00ED as1urn a2s1u2t a2s1\u00FA2t 2as\u00FC as1\u00FCn a2s1\u00FCr as1\u00FCs a2s1\u00FC2v\n2as\u0171 a2sz1ad asz1\u00E1g. a2sz\u00E1rad 2aszeg 2aszek asz1e2l\u0151 a2sz1\u00E9v a2szid 2aszk\u00F3\nasz2k\u00F3p asz1ors asz1\u00F6n asz2t1\u00E9s asz2t1\u00EDv 2asz\u00FC 1aszz at1abl 2atak 2atan\n2atar ata2r\u00E1n a2t1arc ata2tom a2t1\u00E1g 2at\u00E1l at\u00E12nal 2at\u00E1r a2t1\u00E12ram a2t1\u00E1tl\na2t1\u00E1tv at\u00E12v1i2 at\u00E12v1\u00ED2 2ate a2t1ef at1e2g\u00E9 at1e2gye ate2led at1e2lem\nat1elh at1elm at1elv at1elz at1emb at1eml at1epo at1e2tet at1e2ve a2t1e2z\n2at\u00E9 at1\u00E9he a2t1\u00E92le a2t1\u00E9p a2t1\u00E9rz at1\u00E9v. 2at1f2 at2h\u00E9 at2h\u00F3n atig2 a2t1iga\nat1i2g\u00E9 a2t1inf ati2n\u00F3 at1iro a2t1isk 2atn a2t1ob ato1g2 ato2me at1opt 2ator\nat1orsz a2t1orv atos3s atosz2 ato1szf 2at\u00F3 a2t1\u00F32r\u00E1 at\u00F32ri\u00E1 at\u00F31sz 2at\u00F6\na2t1\u00F6s at1\u00F62ve at1\u00F62v\u00F6 at2s\u00E1n att\u00F32 at2t\u00F3r at1tre at1tr\u00E9 2atu a2t1uj 1atyj\na1tyl 2atz a1u au2de au2ga aug2h au2go au1k2r au1ly 2aur a2us. au2tal a2ut\u00F3.\nau2zs a1\u00FA a\u00FA2r1 a\u00FA2s 2a1\u00FC2 a1\u01712 av1anh avara2n ava2s1as ava2sze 2av\u00E1 2avi\navi2cse av\u00EDz1 2ay a1ya a1y\u00E1 a1ye 2aza aza2teg aza\u00FA2 az1\u00E1ll az1\u00E1lt az\u00E1s1s\naz2du 2aze az1e2le az1elj az1el\u0151 aze2o az1\u00E9v az1i2d azo2n1\u00E1 2az\u00F3 az1\u00F3ta\naz1p2 az3s\u00E1g az3st a2zs\u00FA a2z3s\u00FC az1ut az1\u00FAj 2\u00E1. \u00E11a2 \u00E11\u00E12 \u00E1b1\u00E1ll \u00E1b2b1a2d\n\u00E1b2b1\u00E92 \u00E1b2bis \u00E1b2bol \u00E1b2bos \u00E1b2b1ot \u00E1b2b\u00F6 \u00E1b2b\u00FA \u00E1be2l1a \u00E1be2l\u00E9r \u00E12b1el\u0151\n\u00E12b1e2m \u00E12b1e2n \u00E12b1\u00E9r \u00E12b1ikr \u00E12b1in 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e2n1\u00E1b en1\u00E1ll e2n1\u00E1r. e2n1\u00E1ra en1\u00E12ro en1\u00E1zt en2c3h enci2ah enc3sze\nen2d1ell en2dza en1elm e2n1em\u00E9 ene1p2 2ener\u00E1 1e2nerg ene2t1o e2n1eze\ne2n1\u00E92ra eng\u00E9s3s eng1g 2eni eni2g en1ig\u00E9 e2n1ip en1ira e2n1ism e2n1\u00EDv enk\u00E92t\nen1k2r en2n\u00FCl en1old en1\u00F32r en1\u00F6l e2n1\u00F62t ensas3 en2sel en1ste ent1a2ny\nentes1s en2tev ent1\u00E9rt en1uc en1ud enu2t e2n1\u00FA 2enw e2ny1ag en3ya2n eny1as\ne2nyau enyeres1 e2ny1\u00F32 eny1us en2zed e1o e2oc eo2da e2odi eo1g2r\u00E1 e2oh\ne2oka e2o1k2l e2oko eo1k2r eo2ly e2om\u00E9 eona2 eo2n1ar e2on\u00E1 eont2 eon1tr\neo1p2 eo2pe eorgi2\u00E1 e2os. eo2so eosz2f e2ov e2oz e1\u00F3 e2\u00F3f e2\u00F3m e1\u00F6 e\u00F62l e\u00F62m\ne\u00F62v e\u00F62z e1\u01512 epa2d ep1ado ep1aka ep1a2la ep1asz e2p1\u00E1g ep1elo e2perf ep2ha\nep2ho ep2lan ep2las e2pos ep2rav ep2rio ep2tol er1abl er1a2da er1adm er1ajk\ner1akc e2r1akk e2r1a2la er1alk er1ana er1ann er1a2pa er1ap\u00E1 era2r er1ara\ner1ass 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es1\u00ED2r\u00E1\nes1k es2kat 1esk\u00FC e1s2lat es2m\u00E1r es1ol e2s1os e2s\u0151c e2s\u0151e es3sz\u00F6 esta2l\nest1ala es2t1\u00E1ll es2t1\u00E12p es2tim es2t\u00ED es2top es2t\u0151r es1tr\u00E1 e1s2tu es2t\u00FA\nes1\u00FA2s es1\u00FAt es1\u00FC2ve e1sy es3zac e2sz1ad esza2k\u00E9 e2sz\u00E1rp e2szev e2sz\u00E9g\nesz1\u00E92les esz1iz e1sz2k\u00F3 es3zse eszta2 esz2t1al esz2t1an esz2t\u00E1r esz2t1\u00F6\ne2t1a2d eta1g2r e2t1aj et1akt et1a2la et1alk e2t1ant eta2nya eta2ny\u00E1 et1a2r\u00E1\netas2 et1ass et1\u00E1g. et1\u00E12ga et1\u00E1gn et1\u00E1ll et\u00E12ru e2t1\u00E12t1a et1\u00E1tl ete\u00E12\nete2l1eg ete2n\u00E1 e2t1ene ete2sz\u00E1 et\u00E92k\u00E1 et\u00E92kel et\u00E92ko e2t1\u00E9rt\u00E9 e2t1\u00E9rz\net\u00E9s3s et\u00E92t1\u00E9 et1\u00E9v. et1\u00E92vet et1\u00E92v\u00E9b et1\u00E92v\u00E9t et1\u00E9vh e2t1i2d eti2g\ne2t1iga e2t1ig\u00E9 e2t1ill e2tim et1inf e2t1iri e2t1iro et1\u00EDr\u00E1 et1\u00ED2v et1okm\net1okt eto2na e2t1\u00F6s et1\u0151r. 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fen2n\u00E1 fen2t\u00ED 1f\u00E9 f\u00E92k\u00E1\nf\u00E9ko2 f\u00E92k\u00FA f\u00E92l1a f\u00E92l1\u00E1 f\u00E92leg f\u00E9le2m f\u00E9l1eme f\u00E92l1esz f\u00E92l1ez f\u00E92lir\nf\u00E92l1is f\u00E92l1o f\u00E92l\u00F3 f\u00E92l\u00F6 f\u00E92lu f\u00E92l\u00FA f\u00E9ma2 f\u00E92mat f\u00E92med f\u00E92mel f\u00E92m\u00E9t\nf\u00E92ny1e2l f\u00E92ny1i f\u00E92ny\u00ED 2f\u00E9r\u00E1 1f2fy 1fi fi2ah fia2la fi2ap fi2asz fi2av\nfie2 fi2l1el fina2 fi2n1ag fi2nid fint2 fi2n1u2 fi\u00F32ki fi1sc fist2 fi2t1\u00E92\nfi2tor 1f\u00ED f1k2 fki2 fkis1 f2l\u00F3 f2l\u00FA fme2 1fo fog1g fo2g1or fo2g1os fo2n1au\nfo2n\u00E1t fond2 fon1dr fo2nel fo2n1in fo2n\u00FC fo2r1il foto1s 1f\u00F3 1f\u00F6 f\u00F6le2 f\u00F62leg\nf\u00F6l1el f\u00F62len f\u00F62l1esk f\u00F62l1et f\u00F62l\u00E9k f\u00F62l\u00ED 1f\u0151 f\u0151e2 f\u0151\u00E92 f\u0151i2 f\u01512r1\u00FC2 f\u01511tr\nf\u0151u2 f\u0151\u00FA2 fra1s f2ric 1f2r\u00F6 fs2 f1st ft1aj ft1ak 1fu fus3sz fu2sz1ol 1f\u00FA 1f\u00FC\nf\u00FC2lo f\u00FCl1t2 f\u00FC2mi f1\u00FC2t\u00E9 f1\u00FC2t\u0151 1f\u0171 1fy 1ga ga2a g1a2b\u00E1l 2g1abl 2gabr\n2g1a2c\u00E9 ga2de gae2 ga2gi ga2kad 2g1a2lap 2g1a2l\u00E1m g1alb g2ali 2g1alk 3g2all\n2g1als ga2lul gan2cse gan1d2 2gank 2g1a2nya ga2ny\u00E1 ga2ny\u00F3 ga\u00F32 ga2pa. 2g1apj\nga2pol 2g1a2p\u00F3 2g1app ga2se ga2s\u00E9 ga2s1i ga2su ga2sz\u00E1g g2at gata2r gat1ar\u00E1\nga2t1eu ga2tim ga2ut ga2vat 2gazg 2gaz\u00EDt. 2gaz\u00EDta 2gaz\u00EDt\u00E1 2gaz\u00EDt\u00F3k 2gaz\u00EDt\u00F3n\n2gazs 1g\u00E1 2g1\u00E12b\u00E9 2g\u00E1br 3g2\u00E1ci g\u00E12d\u00E1 2g1\u00E12f g\u00E12gy g1\u00E12h\u00ED 3g2\u00E1li g1\u00E1llh\ng1\u00E1ll\u00ED g1\u00E1lls g1\u00E1llu 2g1\u00E1llv 2g1\u00E12m\u00ED g\u00E1na2 g\u00E12nad g\u00E12nal g\u00E12nap g\u00E12nau\ng\u00E12n1e2 g\u00E12n\u00E9n g\u00E12n1\u00E9r g\u00E12nin g\u00E12n1\u00F3 g\u00E12n\u00FA g\u00E12nye g\u00E12ny1\u00FAt. 2g1\u00E12p 2g1\u00E12rad\ng1\u00E12rak g\u00E12ral g1\u00E12ram g\u00E12r1as g\u00E12r1\u00E1l g\u00E12r\u00E1r g\u00E12r1e g\u00E12riz g\u00E12r\u00F6 g\u00E12ru\ng\u00E12r1\u00FAt g\u00E12san g\u00E12s1e2 g\u00E1s\u00E92 g\u00E1si2 g\u00E12sir g\u00E12sze g\u00E12sz\u00E9 g\u00E12s3z\u00F6 g\u00E12ta2l\ng\u00E12t\u00E9 2g\u00E1tk 3g2\u00E1tl\u00F3 3g2\u00E1to g\u00E12t1os 2g\u00E1tr 3g2\u00E1tu 2g1\u00E12t\u00FC 2g1\u00E1tv g\u00E12z1ad\ng\u00E12z1al g\u00E12z1a2t g\u00E12z1e2 g\u00E1zi2 g\u00E12z1ip g\u00E12z1\u00F32r g\u00E1zs2 g\u00E1z3s\u00E9 g\u00E12zsu 2g1\u00E12zu\ng1b2 g1d2r 1ge gea2 ge\u00E12r 2geb\u00E9 ge2cet 2g1e2d\u00E9n 2g1e2dz 2g1eff ge2g\u00E9 geg\u00E9sz1\nge2gye ge2he g2ek. 3g2el. 2g1e2l1a2 ge2leg ge2lej gel1eng ge2lev ge2l\u00E9g\n3g2el\u00E9s 2g1elh\u00E1 3g2elhe 3g2eli. 3gelik gel1ism ge2l1\u00ED2 3gelj. 2g1elj\u00E1\n3g2elne 3geln\u00E9 3g2elni g1elny 2g1e2l1o ge2l\u00F6 3g2el\u0151. ge2l\u0151bb 3gel\u0151b\u00E9 3g2el\u0151h\n3g2el\u0151j 3g2el\u0151k. 3g2el\u0151ket 3gel\u0151kh 3gel\u0151kk 3gel\u0151k\u00F6 3gel\u0151kr ge2l\u0151l 3g2el\u0151m\n3g2el\u0151n. 3gel\u0151ne ge2l\u0151re 3gel\u0151r\u0151 ge2l\u0151s 3gel\u0151t. 2g1el\u0151te 3g2el\u0151v ge2l\u0151z\n2g1elp g1els\u0151 3g2elt. 3geltek 3geltes 3geltet. 3geltete 3geltet\u00E9 3gelteti\n3geltetn 2g1elt\u00E9r 2g1elto ge2lu ge2l\u00FCl 2g1elv\u00E1 2g1elvez 2g1elvo 2g1elz\n3g2em. 2g1ember 2g1e2mel ge2m\u00E9s 2g1eml ge2na genci2as g2end 3gener\u00E1 2g1enge\nge2n1is 2g1enn\u00E9k 2g1enni. 2g1ennie 2g1enyh 2g1enyv ge2of ge2o1g2 ge2ol\u00F3\nge2om ge2o1s ge2ral ge2r1a2n ge2r1\u00E1g ge2r1\u00E12r g1e2rej ge2r1ekk\u00E9 ge2riz\nge2r1os ge2r\u00F6 2g1e2r\u0151 ge2r\u0171 3g2es. ge1sc ge2sem ge2sett 2g1e2s\u00E9s 2g1e2sik\n2gesk\u00FC 2g1e2s\u0151 ge2s\u00FA 2gesze ge2sz\u00E9 ge2szik 2g1eszl 2g1eszm 2g1eszn 2g1e2sz\u00FC\nge2sz\u0171 g2et. ge2ter 2g1e2tete 2g1e2tetn 2g1e2tette. ge2t1or ge2ur 2g1e2ve\n2g1e2v\u00E9 2g1e2v\u0151 1g\u00E9 g\u00E92ber 2g1\u00E9br g\u00E92da g\u00E92d1e2l g\u00E92d1esz g\u00E92d\u00E9 g\u00E92d\u00ED g\u00E92d1o\ng\u00E92g\u00FC g\u00E92hes g\u00E92led g\u00E92let g\u00E92l\u00E9n g\u00E92li. 2g1\u00E9ls g\u00E92lya g\u00E92ly\u00E1 g\u00E92lyeg g\u00E9na2\ng\u00E92nat g\u00E9n\u00E12 g\u00E92n1\u00E1r g\u00E92n\u00E1t g\u00E92n1el g\u00E92nit g\u00E92nyemb g\u00E92nyeme g\u00E92nyir g\u00E92p1a\ng\u00E92p\u00E1 3g2\u00E9pe g\u00E92peg g\u00E92pir g\u00E92p\u00ED g\u00E92po g\u00E92p\u00FCl g\u00E92r1\u00E1 2g\u00E9rd g1\u00E92red g\u00E92reg\n2g\u00E9rh g1\u00E92rin 2g\u00E9rj 2g\u00E9rk 2g\u00E9rl g1\u00E9rle 2g\u00E9rs 2g\u00E9rte 2g\u00E9rt\u00E9 g1\u00E9rth g1\u00E9rti\ng1\u00E9rtj g1\u00E9rts g1\u00E9rtt g1\u00E9rtv g\u00E92ru g\u00E92r\u00FA 2g\u00E9rv 2g1\u00E9rz g\u00E92s\u00E1 g\u00E92sel g\u00E92so\ng\u00E92sza 2g\u00E9szs 2g1\u00E92te 2g1\u00E9v. g1f2 gfe2li g1g2ra g2gy g3gy\u00E1r g3gy\u00E9r g3gyi\ng3gy\u00F3 g3gy\u00F6 g3gy\u0151 g3gyu ggy1\u00FClt g3gy\u0171 1g2h\u00E9k 1ghy 1gi gi2abo gi2ac gi2ad\ngi2af gi2ag gi2ah gi2ako gi2am gi2ap gi2ar gi2asze gi2aszi gi2aszo gi2ata\ngi2av 3g2i\u00E1 3g2id\u00E1 2g1i2de 2g1i2d\u00E9 gi2d\u0151 gie2r gi1fl 2g1igaz gig1\u00E1r gig1e2s\ngig1\u00E9l gi2g\u00E9n gig3g gi2gi gi2g1o gi2g\u00F6 gi2g1u 2g1i2gy 2gihl gii2 2g1ikr\n2g1i2m\u00E1 2g1i2mi 2g1imp 2g1ind 2g1inf 2g1inn 2gino 2gint. 2g1inte 2g1int\u00E9\n2g1inti 2g1int\u0151 2g1inv 3g2io gi2or 2g1i2r\u00E1 2giro gi2rod giro1s 2g1irt g1isc\n2g1isk 2g1ism 2g1iss 2g1iste 3g2iti 2gittam 2gittasodh 2gittasodi 2gittasodn\n2gittasu gius3s gi2v\u00F3 2gizg 2g1i2zo 2g1izz 1g\u00ED 2g1\u00EDg 2g1\u00EDj 2g1\u00ED2n g\u00ED2ra\ng\u00ED2r\u00E1 g\u00ED2ro g\u00ED2r\u00F3 2g1\u00ED2z g1k2 gki2s1a g2lio gl\u00F3a2 gme2g1\u00E1 1g2nac 1g2n\u00E1b\ng2n1e2l gnes3s gn1ing 1gnore 1go go2e go1g2r goi2 goka2 gok1ad 2g1o2k\u00E1\n2g1o2laj g1olc 2g1olda go2lin go2l\u00F3r 2golvas 2g1o2lyo go2m1as 2g1oml g2on\n3gon\u00E1 gonc3s go2nye go2pe g2oro gosz2k\u00F3 go1t2h 1g\u00F3 3g\u00F3. g\u00F32ce g\u00F32ch 2g\u00F3r\u00E1\ng\u00F32r\u00E1k g\u00F32r\u00E1t g\u00F3s3s g\u00F32t\u00ED g1\u00F3v. g1\u00F32vo g1\u00F32v\u00F3 1g\u00F6 2g\u00F6b 2g1\u00F62le g1\u00F62li g1\u00F6ls\n3g\u00F6mb g1\u00F6ml 3g2\u00F6ng g1\u00F6nt 3g\u00F6rb g\u00F6r2cso 3g\u00F6rd\u00ED 3g\u00F6rd\u00FC g1\u00F62re 3g\u00F6rg 3g\u00F6rn\ng1\u00F62r\u00FC g\u00F62s1\u00E92 2g1\u00F6ssz 2g1\u00F62v 1g\u0151 g\u01512g1\u0151 2g1\u01512ri 2g1\u0151rj 2g1\u0151rl 2g1\u01512r\u00F6\n2g1\u01512r\u00FC 2g1\u0151rz g\u01512s1\u00FC2 g1\u0151sz\u00ED g1\u0151sz\u00FC g\u0151\u00FC2 g\u01512z1e2k g\u01512zel g\u01512zsu g1p2\n1g2raf\u00E1 1grafik g2ra1p 1g2r\u00E1f. gr\u00E12fe 1gr\u00E1fia 1gr\u00E1fi\u00E1i 1gr\u00E1fi\u00E1n 1gr\u00E1fi\u00E1t\n1gr\u00E1fu gr\u00E12l1e2 gr\u00E12rip gr\u00E1s1s g2r\u00EDz g2r\u00F3f gs2 g1sk g1sp2 g1st2 gsz\u00E1z1 gszt2\ng1t2 gt\u00E12v1i2 gt\u00EDz1 1gu 3g2ub 2gu2g 3gugg gu2il gu2in 2g1uj gu2na gu2no\n3gur\u00ED 3g2uru gu2sab gu2s1\u00ED2 gu2sol gus3s gu2tak gu2tam gu2tat gu2to 2g1u2t\u00F3\n1g\u00FA g1\u00FAg 2g1\u00FA2j g\u00FA2nyi g\u00FA2te g\u00FA2t\u00E9 g1\u00FAth g1\u00FA2ti g1\u00FAtj g1\u00FAtn g1\u00FA2to g1\u00FAtr\ng1\u00FAtt 1g\u00FC 2g1\u00FCd 2g\u00FCg 2g1\u00FCld g\u00FC2lik 2g1\u00FCnn 2g\u00FCr g\u00FC2re g\u00FC2r\u00FC 2g1\u00FCs 2g1\u00FC2t\n2g1\u00FC2v 2g\u00FCz g\u00FC2ze 1g\u0171 2g1\u0171r. 2g1\u01712z gv\u00ED2z1 g1w g2y 1gya gy1ac\u00E9 gy1a2d\u00E1\ngy1adm 2gy1a2j gya2lap gyan1ab gy1ann gy1a2nya 2gy1apa 2gyapi 2gyap\u00F3 2gyapu\ngya2r1\u00F32 2gyaty 2gyazo 1gy\u00E1 2gy\u00E1br 2gy\u00E1g gy1\u00E1ll gy1\u00E1lm gy1\u00E12lo gy\u00E12ma\ngy\u00E12ria 2gy\u00E1ru 2gy\u00E1ta gy1\u00E1tl 1gye 3gyec 2gyed\u00FCn 2gyela 2gyelemz 2gyel\u0151g\n2gyelt\u00E1 gy1emel gy1eml 2gyerd gye2r\u0151s gye2seg 2gy1ev 2gyezres 1gy\u00E9 gy1\u00E9le\n2gy\u00E9p gy1\u00E9rd gy1\u00E9rte gy1\u00E9rt\u00E9 gy1\u00E9rz 1gyi 2gyid\u0151 gy1iga 2gy1i2g\u00E9 2gyind\n2gy1ing gy1i2ra gy1ir\u00E1 2gy1iro 2gyist gy1ita 2gyiv\u00F3 1gy\u00ED 2gy1\u00ED2r 2gy\u00EDv gy1k2\n1gyo 2gy1old 2gyolvad 2gyolvas 2gyope 1gy\u00F3 gy1\u00F3r\u00E1 gy1\u00F3ri 1gy\u00F6 2gy\u00F6nt 1gy\u0151\n2gy\u0151r 3gy\u0151z gy1pr gys2 gy1st 1gyu 2gy1ud gy1ug 2gyuj 2gyura 2gyur\u00E1 1gy\u00FA\n2gy\u00FAt 1gy\u00FC 2gy\u00FCt 2gy1\u00FCz 1gy\u0171 3gy\u0171r gza2te 1ha ha2b1ol ha2d1\u00E1l ha2d1os ha2dur\nha2d1\u00FA ha2is ha2je 2h1akl ha2kol ha1k2r hal1\u00E1p ha2leb ha2l1e2l ha2len\nha2l1es hal1ev\u0151 ha2l\u00E9t ha2l1iv ha2l\u00ED ha2lol ha2l1\u0151 ham1b ha2m1osz han2ch\nhan2c3s han2g1e2 han2gut 2hani ha2ny\u00E1 ha\u00F32 ha1p2r ha2r\u00E1l har\u00E1n2 harc1c\nhar2ce har2c3h har2cso harc3sz ha2r1ist hart2 hasi2 ha2sim ha2sol ha2s1\u01712\nha2t1em ha2tev ha2t1\u00E92v ha2t1old ha2t1\u00F6k 1h\u00E1 2h1\u00E1cs. 2h1\u00E12csi 2h\u00E1ji 2h\u00E1jn\n2h\u00E1jo 2h\u00E1jt h\u00E12ly\u00FA h\u00E12m1i h\u00E12nyin h\u00E12ral h\u00E1ro2ma h\u00E12s\u00E1 h\u00E12t1e2 h\u00E12t1ol\nh\u00E12t1or h\u00E1tu2s h\u00E1t1usz h\u00E12zab h\u00E12z1a2d\u00F3 h\u00E12z1e2 h\u00E1z3sz 1h\u00E4 1he he2ad 3heg\nhe2gy1a he2gyo he2gy\u00F3 2he2id he2io 2hela 2hen\u00F3 he2od he2ol he2r\u00E1t 2heu he2za\nhe2z\u00E1 2hezn 1h\u00E9 h\u00E92m1 h\u00E92nan h\u00E92n1is h\u00E91p2 h\u00E92rab h\u00E92rar h\u00E92r1eg h\u00E92r1ep\nh\u00E92tal h\u00E92t\u00E1 h\u00E9te2 h\u00E92t1es h\u00E92t1ez h\u00E92t1\u00E92 h\u00E92t\u00F3 h\u00E92z1\u00E1 h\u00E92z1e2 h\u00E92z1o2\nh\u00E92zs 1hi 2hia hi2af hi2am hi2as 2hila 2hio hi2re hi1sc hi2se hi2t1\u00E1\nhi2t1elv hi2t1o hi2t\u00FA 1h\u00ED 3h\u00EDd h\u00ED2de h\u00ED2d\u00ED h\u00ED2ga h\u00ED2mi h\u00ED2r1a2 h\u00ED2r1o h\u00ED2r\u00F6\nh1k2 h2m1\u00E9 h2mi hno1g 1ho 2hob ho2gy1i hola2 ho2lad ho2l1\u00E1t hol2d1al ho2le\nho2l1iv ho2n1al ho2nav ho2n1\u00E1l ho2nis ho2n\u00FC ho2o 2hory 2hosb 2hosi 2hosz\nho1szk 2how 1h\u00F3 h\u00F3a2 h\u00F32c3sa h\u00F32dz h\u00F31kr 2h\u00F3nr 1h\u00F6 h\u00F6k\u00F61 1h\u0151 h\u0151e2 h\u01512s1er\nh\u0151s3s h1p2 h2ri h2r\u00FC hs2 h1sc hsz2l h1t2r 1hu hu2i hu2me 2husi huszon1 3h\u00FA\nh\u00FA2re h\u00FA2r1\u00E9 h\u00FA2se h\u00FAs3sz\u00E9 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i2n1el 2inen 2iner ine2ta 1infl 1infr 1ingad\n1ingec in1g2r\u00E1 in1ido in2kaj in2k\u00E1l in1old ino2m\u00E1 in1\u00F32ra in1\u00F6l in1\u00F6s in1sh\nin1s2k 1insp int1\u00E9tk in2t1in in1tr\u00E9 in2t1\u00FA2 in\u00FA2 in1\u00FAt i1o ioe2 i2of io1g2r\u00E1\nio2ik i2oka io2k\u00E1 io1kh io2laj i2ol\u00F3 iono1sz2 ion1s2 io1ny iop2 io2pe io1ps\nio2so io1sz2f io1t2 i2ov io2xidd i1\u00F3 i2\u00F3di i\u00F31f2 i\u00F31g2 i2\u00F3ha i\u00F32k\u00E1r i\u00F32kir\ni\u00F3kos1 i2\u00F3l\u00E1 i2\u00F3lo i\u00F32r\u00E1k i2\u00F3ri i2\u00F3s\u00E1 i\u00F31spe i1\u00F62 i1\u0151 i\u01512r 1i2par. ipa2r\u00E1g\nipa2r1e i2pari ipa2ris i2paro ipe2rak i1p2h ip2lak i1plexe i1p2l\u00E9 2ipo ippa2\nip2p1ad ippo1l ip2ri ip2rop ip2sz1a ip2sz\u00E1 ip2sz\u00F6 iqu2 1i2rati 1iratoz.\n1iratozi ir\u00E12g1\u00E1l ir\u00E12ny\u00E12ra ir\u00E12nye 2ires i2rew irgonc1 2irob iros3s ir2s1a\nir2s1\u00E12 1irt\u00F3 ir2t\u00FC is1abl i2s1a2d i2s1a2g is1a2la is1alk isa2n is1ang\nis1ant is1any isa2p is1apa 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j\u00F32l1es\u0151 j\u00F32l1i j\u00F32l\u00F6 2j\u00F3r\u00E1r j\u00F32s1e2 j\u00F3s3s j\u00F32t\u00E1l 1j\u00F6 j1\u00F6nt 1j\u0151 j1\u0151r\n2j1\u01512s\u00F6 j1p2 jra1s j1s2p jsza2k\u00E9 jt1akn jt1akt jt1alk jt1aut jt1\u00E1ll j2t1\u00E12ru\njt1\u00E12t1a2 j2t1e2gy j2teleme jt1elt j2t1\u00E92le j2t1\u00E9r j2t1id j2t1i2r j2t1i2z\njt1osz j1t2r\u00E1 jtu2 1ju jugo1 ju2hak 1j\u00FA 1j\u00FC j1\u00FCg j\u00FC2l 2j1\u00FC2r j1\u00FC2t\u00E9 j1\u00FC2t\u0151\n2j1\u00FC2v 2j1\u00FC2z 1j\u0171 j2z1a2k j2z1a2ny j2z1as jz1es j2z1is jz1k2 jz3s\u00EDn jz3sor\njz3sz 1ka 2k1abl 2kac\u00E9 ka2ch ka2dom 2kad\u00F3k kae2 kag2 ka1gr ka2i\u00E1 kakas3s\n2k1alg kan\u00E1lis1 2kang 2k1a2nyag ka2\u00F3v 2kap\u00E1d ka1pr\u00E9 2k1a2ras 2karc\u00FA ka2r\u00E9n\nka2rig kar1ing. ka2r\u00F6 ka2sem kas\u00E92 ka2s\u00E9h ka2sor kas\u00F32 ka2s1\u00F3r kas\u00FC2l ka2tab\nka2uto ka2vat kaz\u00E12 1k\u00E1 k\u00E12csin k\u00E12c3sor 2k1\u00E12g k\u00E12l1e 2k1\u00E1llam. 2k1\u00E1llamr\nk\u00E12nye 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ye2d\u00E1 ye2d1\u00F32 ye2d1u\nye2g1a2 ye2g\u00E1 ye2g1el yeg\u00E9sz1 yeg1g y1egy. ye2gyen ye2gyes y1egyl y1e2l1a2\ny1elc y1e2lemz yeletes1 y1elha ye2l1o y1e2l\u0151g y1elr y1elt\u00E1 ye2man ye2mas\nye2mat y1ember ye2mel ye2m1er ye2m1es ye2na ye2n1\u00E12 ye2ner yenes1s ye2n1\u00E92l\nye2ni ye2n1o y1e2po yereg1g y1e2rej y1e2r\u0151r ye2r\u0151v yers1s yesa2 ye2s1al\nye2s1\u00E1 yes1egy yesi2 ye2s1\u00ED2r ye2s\u00FA y1eszm ye2s3z\u00F6 yes3zs yesz2t1\u00E9k ye2sz\u0171\nye2t1\u00E9r y1e2ve y1e2v\u00E9 y1e2v\u0151 y1e2zer yezernyolc1 y1\u00E92ber y\u00E92g y1\u00E9gb y1\u00E9ge\ny1\u00E9hes y\u00E92let y1\u00E9lm y\u00E92p\u00ED y1\u00E92p\u00FC y\u00E92rak y\u00E9r1\u00E1ra y1\u00E9rde y\u00E92r1el y\u00E92ri y\u00E92rol\ny1\u00E9rt\u00E9k y1\u00E9rze y1\u00E9rz\u00E9 y\u00E92sza y\u00E92sz\u00E1 y1\u00E9tk y1\u00E92t\u0171 y1\u00E9v. y1\u00E9vb y1\u00E92vek y\u00E92ven\ny1\u00E92ves y1\u00E92vet y1\u00E92vi y1\u00E9vn y1\u00E9vr y1\u00E9vv y1f2l y1f2r yha2d y2h1ad\u00F3 y1icc\ny1i2de y1i2do y1i2d\u0151 y1ifj y1i2gaz yi1k2ri y1i2m\u00E1 y1imp yi2nas y1ind y1inf\ny1inge y1i2par yi2ram y1i2rat. y1i2r\u00E1n y1i2r\u00E1s y1i2rod y1irt y1ish y1isk\ny1ism y1isn yi2tal y1i2v\u00F3 y\u00ED2le y\u00ED2r\u00F3\u00E9 y\u00ED2r\u00F3i y\u00ED2r\u00F3n y\u00ED2r\u00F3r y\u00ED2r\u00F3t y1\u00ED2v\nyki2s1a y1k2l yk\u00F6z\u00E92 yk\u00F62z1\u00E9l yk1uj yme2g ymeg1\u00E1 yo2gi yoki2 y1o2k1ir\ny1o2kos y1o2koz y1okt\u00E1 yo2laj y1old\u00E1 yo2m1e yo2m1ol yo2n1e yon\u00E92 yo2n\u00E9h\nyo2nis yo2niz yo2n1\u00ED yon3n yon1s yo2n\u00FC y1o2pe y1orm y1orom y1orr\u00FA yo2se\nyos3s yo2s\u00FA y1oszt y\u00F32gya y\u00F32gy1e2 y\u00F32gy\u00E9 y\u00F32gyi y1\u00F32lo y\u00F32rai y\u00F32r\u00E1j y\u00F32r\u00E1k\ny\u00F32r\u00E1n y\u00F32r\u00E1s y\u00F32r\u00E1t y\u00F32ri\u00E1 y\u00F3s3s y\u00F32s1\u00FC y1\u00F6b y\u00F62k\u00E9s y1\u00F6nt y\u00F62r1i y1\u00F62t\u00F6d\ny1\u00F6tv y\u00F62z\u00F6n y\u0151e2 y1\u0151rl y1\u0151rr y1\u0151rs y1\u0151rz ypen3 yp2re 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zem1id ze2m1iz zenci2a zene2tel zen2tan zen2t1est zen2t\u00ED\nzeo2m ze\u00F62 ze2per ze1ph ze1p2r ze2rad ze2raj ze2ran ze2r1ar ze2r1as zer1\u00E1ra\nze2red\u0151 zere2g zer1egg ze2r1egy zer1ejt 2zerej\u00FC ze2r1\u00E9l ze2r1ill ze2r1ip\nze2ris 2zerj ze2ror 2z1e2r\u0151 zer1s ze2r1u2 ze2set ze2sit ze2s\u0151 2z1est\u00E9 zes1ut\nze2s\u00FCv zesz1\u00E1r. ze2sz\u00E9le ze2szip 2zeszk zes3zs ze2t1any ze2t\u00E1l ze2t\u00E1t\nze2t1ell ze2telm ze2t\u00E9rte ze2t\u00ED zetme2 zetmeg1 ze2tok ze2t1\u00F32r ze2ty z1e2ur\n2zev ze2vez z1e2vol ze2v\u0151 ze2zer 2z1ezre. 2zezred 2zezrei. 2zezreir 2zezreit\n2zezreiv 2zezrek 2zezrel 2zezres 2zezret 1z\u00E9 z\u00E92dal z\u00E92d1elem z\u00E92d1\u00E9s z\u00E92dz\n2z\u00E9g z1\u00E92ge z\u00E92hes 2z1\u00E9hs z1\u00E9js z\u00E92kin z\u00E92lak z\u00E92l1\u00E12 2z\u00E92lel z\u00E9l1elt\nz\u00E92lene z\u00E92l1e2r 2z\u00E9let. 2z1\u00E92letb 2z1\u00E92lete 2z1\u00E92let\u00E9 2z1\u00E92leti 2z1\u00E92letr\nz\u00E92lir z\u00E92lo z\u00E92lu 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zi2\u00F3c zi2\u00F3p z1i2par zi1p2l zi1p2r\nz1i2rat 2z1i2r\u00E1 zi2rod zi2sal zi2seg zise2l zis1ele z1isko 2z1ism zi2sor\nzis3szi 2z1iste zi2tut zi\u00FA2 2z1i2v\u00F3 2zizm zi2zom 2zizz 1z\u00ED z\u00ED2n1\u00E1l z\u00ED2n\u00E1r\nz\u00ED2n1o z\u00ED2nu z1\u00ED2r\u00F3 z\u00EDt\u00E9s3s z\u00ED2val z\u00ED2viz 2z1\u00ED2z z1kh zki\u00E12 zkie2 z2k1ing\nzk2le z1k2lin z1k2lu zkon2t\u00E1r z2kopi z2k\u00F3pi\u00E1 z2k\u00F3pr z1k2ra z1k2ru z1k2val\nzle2ta zle2t\u00E1 zle2t1emb zle2ter zle2t1o z2log zme2g1\u00E1 z2nob 1zo zoki2 zok1ir\nzo2koz 2z1o2laj 2z1oll zo2mag 2zomh 2zomv 2zomz zo2naj zo2n1\u00E1ll zo2ner zon\u00E92\nzo2n\u00E9v zon2tel zon2tol zo2nyan zo2nye zo1phi zo2ran zo2rar zo2r1as 2zorg\nz1orke z1orr. z1orr\u00FA z1orvo 2z1o2x 1z\u00F3 z\u00F3\u00E12 z\u00F31dre z\u00F31p2 z1\u00F32rai z1\u00F32ras\nz\u00F32ta. z\u00F32t1\u00E9rt z\u00F31t2h z\u00F31t2r z\u00F3zat1\u00E1t 1z\u00F6 z\u00F6g1\u00E9rt z\u00F62g1\u00F6l 3z\u00F6lde z\u00F6l2din\nz1\u00F6lel z\u00F62les 2z\u00F6ne 2z\u00F6n\u00F6 2z1\u00F6tv 2z\u00F6v 2z1\u00F62z 1z\u0151 z\u01511dr z\u0151e2r z\u0151ren2 z\u0151rend1\nz\u01512ro 2z\u0151rs 2z\u0151rz z\u0151u2 zpen3 z1p2l z1p2ro z1p2r\u00F3 zre2d3z zren2d1\u0151 z2s 1zsa\n2zsaj zs1a2la 2zs1amu z3sapk 1zs\u00E1 2zs\u00E1g z3s\u00E1g. z3s\u00E1ga z3s\u00E1g\u00E1 z3s\u00E1gt zs\u00E12r\u00E1\n1zse z3sej 1zs\u00E9 2z3s\u00E9g 2zs1\u00E9p zs1\u00E9rv 1zsi 2zsir zs1iro 2zs1ita 1zs\u00ED z3s\u00EDk\n2z3s\u00EDp 1zso 2zsor zs1orv 1zs\u00F3 1zs\u00F6 1zs\u0151 zsp2 zs3s zst2 z3s2t\u00ED 1zsu 1zs\u00FA\nz3s\u00FAl 1zs\u00FC zs1\u00FCg zs1\u00FC2t\u00E9 1zs\u0171 zsz2 z3sza z3sz\u00E1 z3szeg z3szek z3szem zs3zen\nz3szere z3sz\u00E9 z3sz\u00ED z3szo z3sz\u00F3 z3sz\u0151 zszt2 z3szu z3sz\u00FC z3sz\u0171 zt1a2d\u00F3 zt1ap\u00E1\nz2t1arc zt1assz z2t\u00E1ld zt1\u00E12ram z2t\u00E1tj z2t\u00E1tu zt\u00E12v1i2 z2t1elo z2t1emb z2tep\nz2tered z2tesem z2t1\u00E92g z2t1\u00E92le z2t1\u00E9rt\u00E9 zt2hen ztia2 z2t1id zti2g z2t1ig\u00E9\nz2t1i2p z2t1ir\u00E1 z2t1ir\u00E9 z2t1\u00ED2r zto1g2 zto2n1 zto2ris z2torit zto1szk zt\u00F31dr\nzt2r\u00E1j z1t2r\u00E9 z2t\u00FAj z2t1\u00FAt zt\u00FCl1l z2t1\u00FCt 1zu zu2b1a 3zubb zu2b1i zu1c2\nzu2g1\u00E1r zu2g\u00ED z1ugr zu2gu 2z1uj zule2 zu2l1esi z1urn zu2s\u00F3 2zut z1u2ta\nz1u2t\u00E1 z1u2t\u00F3 3zuz 1z\u00FA 2z\u00FAj z1\u00FA2jo z1\u00FAjs 2z\u00FAt z1\u00FAth z1\u00FAtj z1\u00FA2to z1\u00FAts 3z\u00FAz\n1z\u00FC 2z1\u00FCd 2z\u00FCg z\u00FC2ni z\u00FCrk\u00E9s1 2z\u00FCs 2z\u00FCt z1\u00FC2t\u00E9 z1\u00FC2t\u0151 z1\u00FC2v 2z\u00FCz z\u00FC2zem z1\u00FCzl\n1z\u0171 z\u01712csi z\u01712k1a z\u01712za z\u01712z\u00E9r z1\u01712z\u0151 zz1\u00E1ll z2zs2 z3zs\u00ED zz3st\n"
DE1 = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.isocode = 'de'
  lang.patterns ".aa6l .ab3a4s .ab3ei .abi2 .ab3it .ab1l .ab1r .ab3u .ad3o4r .alti6 .ana3c\n.an5alg .an1e\n.ang8s2t1 % .ang8s (des einzige Wort, das mit angs... beginnt !)\n.an1s .ap1p .ar6sc .ar6ta .ar6tei .as2z .au2f1 .au2s3 .be5erb .be3na\n.ber6t5r .bie6r5 .bim6s5t .brot3 .bru6s .ch6 .che6f5 .da8c .da2r .dar5in\n.dar5u .den6ka .de5r6en .des6pe .de8spo .de3sz .dia3s4 .dien4 .dy2s1 .ehren5\n.eine6 .ei6n5eh .ei8nen .ein5sa .en6der .en6d5r .en3k4 .en8ta8 .en8tei\n.en4t3r .epo1 .er6ban .er6b5ei .er6bla .er6d5um .er3ei .er5er .er3in .er3o4b\n.erwi5s .es1p .es8t1l .es8t1n % .es8t\n.ex1a2 .ex3em .fal6sc .fe6st5a .flu4g3 .furch8 .ga6ner .ge3n4a .ge5r\u00F6 .ges6\n.halb5 .halbe6 .hal6br .haup4 .hau4t .heima6 .he4r3e .her6za .he5x .hin3\n.hir8sc .ho4c .hu3sa .hy5o .ibe5 .ima6ge .in1 .ini6 .is5chi .jagd5 .kal6k5o\n.ka6ph .ki4e .kop6f3 .kraf6 .k\u00FC5ra .lab6br .liie6 .lo6s5k .l\u00F64s3t .ma5d\n.mi2t1 .no6th .no6top .obe8ri .ob1l .obs2 .ob6st5e .or3c .ort6s5e .ost3a\n.oste8r .pe4re .pe3ts .ph6 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\u00E4h5ri \u00E4h1ru \u00E41hu \u00E4h1w 6\u00E4i \u00E41isc \u00E46ische \u00E45ism \u00E45j \u00E41k \u00E4l1c \u00E41le\n\u00E48lei \u00E4l6schl \u00E4mi1e \u00E4m8n \u00E4m8s \u00E45na 5\u00E4nderu \u00E4ne5i8 \u00E4ng3l \u00E4nk5l \u00E41no \u00E4n6s5c\n\u00E41pa \u00E4p6s5c 3\u00E4q \u00E4r1c \u00E41re \u00E4re8m 5\u00E4rgern \u00E4r6gl \u00E41ri 3\u00E4rmel \u00E41ro \u00E4rt6s5 \u00E41ru\n3\u00E4rztl \u00E45r\u00F6 \u00E46s5chen \u00E4sen8s \u00E4s1th \u00E4ta8b \u00E41te \u00E4teri4 \u00E4ter5it \u00E46thy \u00E41ti 3\u00E4tk\n\u00E41to \u00E4t8schl \u00E4ts1p \u00E45tu \u00E4ub1l \u00E4u1e 1\u00E4ug \u00E4u8ga \u00E4u5i \u00E41um. \u00E41us. 1\u00E4u\u00DF \u00E41z \u00F61b\n\u00F61che \u00F65chi \u00F6ch8s2tei % \u00F6ch8stei\n\u00F6ch8str \u00F6cht6 5\u00F66dem 5\u00F6ffn \u00F61he \u00F6h1l8 \u00F6h1re \u00F61hu \u00F61is \u00F61ke 1\u00F62ko 1\u00F6l. \u00F6l6k5l\n\u00F6l8pl \u00F61mu \u00F65na \u00F6nig6s3 \u00F61no \u00F65o6t \u00F6pf3l \u00F6p6s5c \u00F61re \u00F6r8gli \u00F61ri \u00F6r8tr \u00F61ru\n5\u00F6sterr \u00F61te \u00F65th \u00F61ti \u00F61tu \u00F61v \u00F61w \u00F6we8 \u00F62z \u00FCb6e2 3\u00FC4ber1 \u00FCb1l \u00FCb1r 5\u00FC2bu\n\u00FC1che \u00FC1chi \u00FC8ch3l \u00FCch6s5c \u00FC8ck \u00FCck1a \u00FCck5ers \u00FCd1a2 \u00FC6deu \u00FCdi8t \u00FC2d1o4 \u00FCd5s6\n\u00FCge4l5a \u00FCg1l \u00FCh5a \u00FC1he \u00FC8heh \u00FC6h5erk \u00FCh1le \u00FCh1re \u00FCh1ru \u00FC1hu \u00FCh1w \u00FC3k \u00FC1le\n\u00FCl4l5a \u00FCl8lo \u00FCl4ps \u00FCl6s5c \u00FC1lu \u00FCn8da \u00FCn8fei \u00FCnk5l \u00FCn8za \u00FCn6zw \u00FC5pi \u00FC1re\n\u00FC8rei \u00FCr8fl \u00FCr8fr \u00FCr8geng \u00FC1ri \u00FC1ro \u00FCr8sta % \u00FCr8ster\n\u00FC1ru \u00FCse8n \u00FC8sta \u00FC8stes % \u00FC6s5tete\n\u00FC3ta \u00FC1te \u00FC1ti \u00FCt8tr \u00FC1tu \u00FCt8zei \u00FC1v \u00DF1a8 5\u00DFa. \u00DF8as \u00DF1b8 \u00DF1c \u00DF1d 1\u00DFe \u00DF5ec\n8\u00DFe8g 8\u00DFe8h 2\u00DF1ei 8\u00DFem \u00DF1f8 \u00DF1g \u00DF1h 1\u00DFi \u00DF1k \u00DF1l \u00DF1m % \u00DFmana8 % ueberfluessig ?\n\u00DF1n \u00DF1o \u00DF1p8 \u00DF5q \u00DF1r \u00DF1s2 \u00DFst8 \u00DF1ta \u00DF1te \u00DFt3hei \u00DF1ti \u00DF5to \u00DF1tr 1\u00DFu8 6\u00DF5um\n\u00DF1v \u00DF1w \u00DF1z % st\n2s1ta. i2s1tal 2s1tani 2s1tan. fe2s1ta ta2s1ta % R30\nte2s1ta nd2ste ve2ste 3s2tec 4s3techn 3s2teg 3s2teh 3s2tein 3s2teig 3s2teif\n3s2tell 3s2telz a4s3tel 3s2temm 3s2temp 3s2tep s3s2ter t3s2tern 3s2teue\n6s4teuro bs2ti te2s3ti ve2sti 3s2tic % 3s2tiefel\n3s2tieb 3s2tieg % 3s2tiel s.o.\n3s2tif 3s2til 3s2tim 3s2tink 3s2titu a2s1to gu2s1to % R28\nku2s1to % R28\ni2s1tol i2s1tor ve2s1to 2s1tung 2s7tus o2s1tul % R27\n% eszet\naus3s4 ens3s4 gs3s4 .mis2s1 s2s1b8 % ss1b8 %\u00DF1b8\n% \u00DF1c\ns2s3chen s2s3d % \u00DF1d\ns2s5ec % \u00DF5ec\n% 8sse8g % 8\u00DFe8g\n% 8sse8h % 8\u00DFe8h\n2s2s1ei % 2\u00DF1ei\ns2s3f % ss1f % \u00DF1f8\ns2s1g % ss1g % \u00DF1g\ns2s3h %\u00DF1h\ns2s3k % \u00DF1k\ns2s3l % \u00DF1l\ns2s3m % \u00DF1m\n% ssmana8 % \u00DFmana8 % ueberfluessig ?\ns2s3n % \u00DF1n\ns2s3p8 % \u00DF1p8\ns2s5q % \u00DF5q\ns2s3r % \u00DF1r\ns2s3s2 % \u00DF1s2\nsss2t8 % \u00DFst8\n% \u00DF1ta %\n% \u00DF1te\nas2s3te is2s3te us2s3te \u00FCs2s3te s2st3hei % \u00DFt3hei\ns2s3ti % \u00DF1ti\ns2s1to % \u00DF5to\ns2s1tr % \u00DF1tr\n% aber: ...s-sung\n6ss5um % 6\u00DF5um\ns2s3v % \u00DF1v\ns2s3w % \u00DF1w\ns2s3z % ss1z \u00DF1z\n% ck\n1cker. 1ckert 1ckad 1cke. 1ckel 1cken 4ck1ent 1ckere 1ckern 1ckeru 1ckie\n1ckig 1ckun\n"
# -----------------------------------------------------------------
# =============== Additional Documentation ===============
# Necessary Settings in TeX macro files:
# --------------------------------------
# \lefthyphenmin, \righthyphenmin:
#   Both parameters must be set to 2.
# \lccode <char>:
#   To get correct hyphenation points within words containing
#   umlauts or \ss, it's necessary to assign values > 0 to the
#   appropriate \lccode <char> positions.
# These changes are _not_ done when reading this file and have to
# be included in the language switching mechanism as is done in,
# for example, `german.sty' (\lccode change for ^^Y = \ss in OT1,
# \left-/\righthyphenmin settings).
# Entstehung und Grundsaetze dieser Trennmuster
# ---------------------------------------------
# Diese Trennmuster fuer die neue deutsche Rechtschreibung
# entstanden durch manuelle Ueberarbeitung der Muster fuer die
# traditionellen Schreibregeln.
# Die jetzt erlaubten Trennstellen nach dem ersten Buchstaben
# eines Wort(stamm)es *** fehlen ***.  (Obwohl solche Trennungen
# haesslich sind, k”nnten sie in schmalen Spalten den Blocksatz
# erleichterm.  Ihre Implementierung wuerde erfordern, die
# Trennmuster von Grund auf neu zu berechnen.)
# Wo die neue Rechtschreibung sowohl die "traditionelle", also
# etymologisch richtige Trennung, als auch eine Trennung nach
# Sprechsilben erlaubt, wird weiterhin "traditionell" getrennt.
# (Beachte:  In Woertern lateinischen Ursprungs wird "str" jetzt
# als "s-tr" getrennt, ausser natuerlich am Anfang eines Wortstamms:
# "Demons-tration", "Aus-tralien" usw., aber "de-struktiv".)
# Versionsgeschichte
# -------------------
# 1998-02-15  beta 19  gnhyph01.tex
# 1998-02-24  beta 20
# 1998-04-28       21
# 1998-05-28       22
# 1998-08-23       26
# 1999-03-08       28  Umbenennung `gnhyph01' in `dehyphn',
#                      korrigierte Makros aus `dehypht',
#                      Lockerung des Copyright auf die Bedingungen
#                      der `LaTeX Project Public License'
# 2001-05-07       31
## \CharacterTable
##  {Upper-case    \A\B\C\D\E\F\G\H\I\J\K\L\M\N\O\P\Q\R\S\T\U\V\W\X\Y\Z
##   Lower-case    \a\b\c\d\e\f\g\h\i\j\k\l\m\n\o\p\q\r\s\t\u\v\w\x\y\z
##   Digits        \0\1\2\3\4\5\6\7\8\9
##   Exclamation   \!     Double quote  \"     Hash (number) \#
##   Dollar        \$     Percent       \%     Ampersand     \&
##   Acute accent  \'     Left paren    \(     Right paren   \)
##   Asterisk      \*     Plus          \+     Comma         \,
##   Minus         \-     Point         \.     Solidus       \/
##   Colon         \:     Semicolon     \;     Less than     \<
##   Equals        \=     Greater than  \>     Question mark \?
##   Commercial at \@     Left bracket  \[     Backslash     \\
##   Right bracket \]     Circumflex    \^     Underscore    \_
##   Grave accent  \`     Left brace    \{     Vertical bar  \|
##   Right brace   \}     Tilde         \~}
## End of file `dehyphn.tex'.
DE2 = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.isocode = 'de'
  lang.patterns ".aa6l .ab3a4s .ab3ei .abi2 .ab3it .ab1l .ab1r .ab3u .ad3o4r .alti6 .ana3c\n.an5alg .an1e .ang8s .an1s .ap1p .ar6sc .ar6ta .ar6tei .as2z .au2f1 .au2s3\n.be5erb .be3na .ber6t5r .bie6r5 .bim6s5t .brot3 .bru6s .ch6 .che6f5 .da8c\n.da2r .dar5in .dar5u .den6ka .de5r6en .des6pe .de8spo .de3sz .dia3s4 .dien4\n.dy2s1 .ehren5 .eine6 .ei6n5eh .ei8nen .ein5sa .en6der .en6d5r .en3k4\n.en8ta8 .en8tei .en4t3r .epo1 .er6ban .er6b5ei .er6bla .er6d5um .er3ei\n.er5er .er3in .er3o4b .erwi5s .es1p .es8t .ex1a2 .ex3em .fal6sc .fe6st5a\n.flu4g3 .furch8 .ga6ner .ge3n4a .ge5r\u00F6 .ges6 .halb5 .halbe6 .hal6br .haup4\n.hau4t .heima6 .he4r3e .her6za .he5x .hin3 .hir8sc .ho4c .hu3sa .hy5o .ibe5\n.ima6ge .in1 .ini6 .is5chi .jagd5 .kal6k5o .ka6ph .ki4e .kop6f3 .kraf6\n.k\u00FC5ra .lab6br .liie6 .lo6s5k .l\u00F64s3t .ma5d .mi2t1 .no6th .no6top .obe8ri\n.ob1l .obs2 .ob6st5e .or3c .ort6s5e .ost3a .oste8r .pe4re .pe3ts .ph6\n.po8str .rau4m3 .re5an .ro8q .ru5the .r\u00FC5be .r\u00FC8stet .sch8 .se6e .se5n6h\n.se5ra .si2e .spi6ke .st4 .sy2n .tages5 .tan6kl .ta8th .te6e .te8str .to6der\n.to8nin .to6we .um1 .umpf4 .un1 .une6 .unge5n .ur1c .ur5en .ve6rin .vora8\n.wah6l5 .we8ges .wo6r .wor3a .wun4s .zi4e .zuch8 .\u00E4nde8re .\u00F6ch8 aa1c aa2gr\naal5e aa6r5a a5arti aa2s1t aat2s 6aba ab3art 1abdr 6abel aben6dr ab5erk\nab5err ab5esse 1abf 1abg 1abh\u00E4 ab1ir 1abko a1bl ab1la 5ablag a6bla\u00DF ab4ler\nab1lu a8bl\u00E4 5a6bl\u00F6 abma5c 1abn ab1ra ab1re 5a6brec ab1ro ab1s ab8sk abs2z\n3abtei ab1ur 1abw 5abze 5abzu ab1\u00E4n ab\u00E4u8 a4ce.  a5chal ach5art ach5au a1che\na8chent ach6er.  a6ch5erf a1chi ach1l ach3m ach5n a1cho ach3re a1chu ach1w\na1chy ach5\u00E4f ack1o acks6t ack5sta a1d 8ad.  a6d5ac ad3ant ad8ar 5addi a8dein\nade5o8 adi5en 1adj 1adle ad1op a2dre 3adres adt1 1adv a6d\u00E4 a1e2d ae1r a1er.\n1aero 8afa a3fal af1an a5far a5fat af1au a6fentl a2f1ex af1fr af5rau af1re\n1afri af6tent af6tra aft5re a6f5um 8af\u00E4 ag5abe 5a4gent ag8er ages5e 1aggr\nag5las ag1lo a1gn ag2ne 1agog a6g5und a1ha a1he ah5ein a4h3erh a1hi ahl1a\nah1le ah4m3ar ahn1a a5ho ahra6 ahr5ab ah1re ah8rei ahren8s ahre4s3 ahr8ti\nah1ru a1hu ah8\u00F6 ai3d2s ai1e aif6 a3inse ai4re. a5isch.  ais8e a3ismu ais6n\naiso6 a1j 1akad a4kade a1ke a1ki 1akko 5akro1 a5lal al5ans 3al8arm al8beb\nal8berw alb5la 3album al1c a1le a6l5e6be a4l3ein a8lel a8lerb a8lerh a6lert\n5a6l5eth 1algi al4gli al3int al4lab al8lan al4l3ar alle3g a1lo a4l5ob\nal6schm al4the altist5 al4t3re 8a1lu alu5i a6lur alu3ta a1l\u00E4 a6mate 8ame.\n5a6meise am6m5ei am6mum am2n ampf3a am6schw am2ta a1mu a1m\u00E4 a3nac a1nad\nanadi5e an3ako an3alp 3analy an3ame an3ara a1nas an5asti a1nat anat5s\nan8dent ande4s3 an1ec an5eis an1e2k 4aner. a6n5erd a8nerf a6n5erke 1anfa\n5anfert 1anf\u00E4 3angab 5angebo an3gli ang6lis an2gn 3angri ang5t6 5anh\u00E4 ani5g\nani4ka an5i8on an1kl an6kno an4kro 1anl anma5c anmar4 3annah anne4s3 a1no\n5a6n1o2d 5a6n3oma 5a6nord 1anr an1sa 5anschl an4soz an1st 5anstal an1s2z\n5antenn an1th 5anw\u00E4 a5ny 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8\u00DFe8h 2\u00DF1ei 8\u00DFem \u00DF1f8 \u00DF1g \u00DF1h 1\u00DFi \u00DF1k \u00DF1l \u00DF1m \u00DFmana8 \u00DF1n \u00DF1o\n\u00DF1p8 \u00DF5q \u00DF1r \u00DF1s2 \u00DFst8 \u00DF1ta \u00DF1te \u00DFt3hei \u00DF1ti \u00DF5to \u00DF1tr 1\u00DFu8 6\u00DF5um \u00DF1v \u00DF1w\n\u00DF1z\n"
# -----------------------------------------------------------------
# =============== Additional Documentation ===============
# Older Versions of German Hyphenation Patterns:
# ----------------------------------------------
# All older versions of `ghyphen.tex' distributed as
#       ghyphen.tex/germhyph.tex   as of 1986/11/01
#       ghyphen.min/ghyphen.max    as of 1988/10/10
#       ghyphen3.tex               as of 1990/09/27 & 1991/02/13
#       ghyph31.tex                as of 1994/02/13
# are out of date and it is recommended to replace them
# with the new version `dehypht.tex' as of 1999/03/03.
# If you are using `ghyphen.min' (a minor version of `ghyphen')
# because of limited trie memory space, try this version and if
# the space is exceeded get a newer TeX implementation with
# larger or configurable trie memory sizes.
# Trie Memory Requirements/Space for Hyphenation Patterns:
# --------------------------------------------------------
# To load this set of german hyphenation patterns the parameters
# of TeX has to have at least these values:
# TeX 3.x:
#    IniTeX:    trie_size >= 9733    trie_op_size >= 207
#    VirTeX:    trie_size >= 8375    trie_op_size >= 207
# TeX 2.x:
#    IniTeX:    trie_size >= 8675    trie_op_size >= 198
#    VirTeX:    trie_size >= 7560    trie_op_size >= 198
# If you want to load more than one set of hyphenation patterns
# (in TeX 3.x), the parameters have to be set to a value larger
# than or equal to the sum of all required values for each set.
# Setting Trie Memory Parameters:
# -------------------------------
# Some implementations allow the user to change the default value
# of a set of the internal TeX parameters including the trie memory
# size parameter specifying the used memory for the hyphenation
# patterns.
# Web2c 7.x (Source), teTeX 0.9 (Unix, Amiga), fpTeX (Win32)
# and newer:
#   The used memory size of the true is usually set high enough.
#   If needed set the size of the trie using the keyword `trie_size'
#   in the configuration file `texmf/web2c/texmf.cnf'.  For details
#   see the included documentation.
# emTeX (OS/2, MS-DOS, Windows 3.x/9x/NT):
#   You can set the used memory size of the trie using the
#   `-mt<number>' option on the command line or in the
#   TEXOPTIONS environment variable.
# PasTeX (Amiga):
#   The values for the parameters can be set using the keywords
#   `triesize', `itriesize' and `trieopsize' in the configuration
#   file.
# others (binaries only):
#   See the documentation of the implementation if it is possible
#   and how to change these values without recompilation.
# others (with sources)
#   If the trie memory is too small, you have to recompile TeX
#   using larger values for `trie_size' and `trie_op_size'.
#   Modify the change file `' and recompile TeX.
#   For details see the documentation included in the sources.
# Necessary Settings in TeX macro files:
# --------------------------------------
# \lefthyphenmin, \righthyphenmin:
#   You can set both parameters to 2.
# \lccode <char>:
#   To get correct hyphenation points within words containing
#   umlauts or \ss, it's necessary to assign values > 0 to the
#   appropriate \lccode <char> positions.
# These changes are _not_ done when reading this file and have to
# be included in the language switching mechanism as is done in,
# for example, `german.sty' (\lccode change for ^^Y = \ss in OT1,
# \left-/\righthyphenmin settings).
## \CharacterTable
##  {Upper-case    \A\B\C\D\E\F\G\H\I\J\K\L\M\N\O\P\Q\R\S\T\U\V\W\X\Y\Z
##   Lower-case    \a\b\c\d\e\f\g\h\i\j\k\l\m\n\o\p\q\r\s\t\u\v\w\x\y\z
##   Digits        \0\1\2\3\4\5\6\7\8\9
##   Exclamation   \!     Double quote  \"     Hash (number) \#
##   Dollar        \$     Percent       \%     Ampersand     \&
##   Acute accent  \'     Left paren    \(     Right paren   \)
##   Asterisk      \*     Plus          \+     Comma         \,
##   Minus         \-     Point         \.     Solidus       \/
##   Colon         \:     Semicolon     \;     Less than     \<
##   Equals        \=     Greater than  \>     Question mark \?
##   Commercial at \@     Left bracket  \[     Backslash     \\
##   Right bracket \]     Circumflex    \^     Underscore    \_
##   Grave accent  \`     Left brace    \{     Vertical bar  \|
##   Right brace   \}     Tilde         \~}
## End of file `dehypht.tex'.
NO1 = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.isocode = 'no'
  lang.patterns ".ae3 .ak3k2l .ak3k2r .an1d2ra .an3k .an1s .anti1k2l .anti1k6r .anti1k4v2\n.anti1p .be5la .be1t .bi4tr .der3i .der4iv .de2s1to .diagno5 .di4s3 .ek2s1k\n.ek4s5p .er1in .er1ob .for4st .hove4d3 .hoveds2 .il4t1r .nabo1 .om1 .ove4\n.pro1g6r .pro5k2l .pro1sp .re4in .re4u .sinn4s1t .si4s3te .sk6 .stat4s5\n.st4r .s\u00E53 .s\u00E55re .til3 .unn3s2l .ve4l1e4g .ve4l1e4t .yt5r .\u00F8v3r .\u00F8y4e a1a\na2b1av ab1le a2b1re 3abst ade5la 5adg ad2op ads2k ad1st a1e ae4der ae2ne.\na1fj a4f3le a4gef a4gi ag5in ag3l\u00F8 ag5si a4gy a3h a1ikk a1ing a1isk a1ism\na1ist a3j a1k a3ka a4kad a2kb a2k1d a3ke a2kf a2kh a4kk a2kl a2kn a3kr\nak2rel ak3s2m a4kt 3akti a3la a4l1ad alder4s5 a1le a1li a4l3ins a2l1i2so\nal3k al4kn 4alkv all2s5kap a1lo a2lomr a2l1oms al1sa al5si al1st a3lu a1ly\na1l\u00E6 1a2manu am4pa 3a4naly an3erk an5g2rep an5g2rip ang2s3e ang3s4et\nang3s4ik angs3in ang3som an1ion an1i2so an4k5r an5si 1ansku an1s2t an1sv\na3nu 3anv a5o ao2pe a5pe a3pi a5po ap3p4lau ap3p4li ap3p2re ap3p2ro a1ra\nar5av 1arb a1re a2rea 3arg a1ri 1arkiv a3ro ar3so ar1st a1ry a1r\u00E5 a3sa a1si\na3so as4s5kr as4t3ro a1ta1 a2t1aks a1te a5t2e5g a1ti a1to ato5v a3tr a4t1re\nat1s4pr a1tu a3t\u00F8 a1t\u00E5 a4u4v aue4r a5va a1ve av1b 3avg a1vi 1a2vis. 1a2vise\n3a4v1l av3r av1s4 av1v a5v\u00E6 a3z 1ba ba4k1 ba4k2e ba5k2er ba5k2u ba4ti 4b1b\nb2b1h b2b1k b2b1l b2b1m b2b1t 4bd 1be be1dra be1driv be1dro be1k be3kj be3ro\nbe5ru be3s2 bes4p be4s3te1 be5s4te2m. be5s4te2mm be5s4te2mt be1tr 1bi b1j\nblom4st3r 1bl\u00E51 4b1n 1bo bo4gr bo3ra bo5re bor2t5r 1br4 1bruk2s1 bry5som\nbr\u00F8d3 4bs b1si b1s4k b3so b1st b5t 3bu bu4s5tr 4b1uts b5w 1by by3s 5b\u00E6 1b\u00F8\n1b\u00E5 1ce 1ci ci3e4s1 3da d5anta 4d1art da4s 5dat 4d3av d1b d2b1k 4d1d d2d1b\nd2d1f d2dh d2d1p d2d1r d2d4s1 d2d1t d2dv d2d1\u00E5r 3de de5d ded4ren 4de4lem\nde2n1om de4n1un der5eri de4r1etter de4rig de4s3ill d1f 2d5g4 d3h 1di di2ale\ndi2alo di1e dig5sti di3l di4ll 2d1int di5s4i dis4k3l dis5t6r d3j d1k d1l d1m\n4d1n 3do dom2s3l do1o 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\u00E52d3s4n \u00E52d3s4p \u00E52d4s5r \u00E52d1t \u00E52d1v\n\u00E51e \u00E5e2ne. \u00E5e4r \u00E5g3l\u00F8 \u00E55h \u00E51i \u00E51ke \u00E51kj \u00E53l \u00E54lb \u00E54lf \u00E54lg \u00E54lr \u00E54lt \u00E54l1\u00F8\n\u00E51pe \u00E51ra \u00E53re \u00E5r2s1 \u00E5r4s2j \u00E5r4s5k \u00E5r4s5p \u00E5r2s5t \u00E5r4s5v \u00E53t\n"
NO2 = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.isocode = 'no'
  lang.patterns ".a4 .an6e .ann6 .an3s .ar6n .ask6 .att6 .av7s .b4 .bund6 .d2 .de6r5 .di6ri\n.e2 .e6d .eft2 .ei6e .ell6 .el6se. .ent6e .erk5l .es6k .ett6 .eu3 .ev6e .f6e\n.g2 .gel6 .g6i .h\u00E5nd5 .i4 .i7a .ik6 .il6le .ing6e .inn6e .inn5s .is7k .iv6\n.k2 .l2 .m2 .mann6s .m6e .mekl7 .mis5 .m\u00E56li .m\u00E56te. .n2 .nest6e .o2 .o6b\n.o6l .ot6 .p2 .pl6 .r2 .r6e .ri6k .s4 .sk6 .s6l6 .st4 .t4 .tas7 .teo7\n.test7e .t6i .til3 .tog7 .to6m .tr6 .u3a .ue2 .u2k .undr6e .u5o .u6t .ut7re\n.v2 .v6e .y2 .y6d .y6t .\u00E66r .\u00E6r6e .\u00F84 .\u00F8k6t .\u00E52 .\u00E5pn5i .\u00E5r6e aa6s6 5aas. a2b\nabl6 a2d ad3r a1e ae6l a2f agd6 ag3l agn6 ag3r a2h a5he ais6 a7jo 6ake ak2er\na5ki a3la ald6 a6lek a7let all6er al6lin al6sa als6e al6to al6van a1ly a6me.\na6mek a6na 5analy a7nat andr6et an6et an7kl ano7 ans6t 6ant a3nu a3pa a1pi\nap5pl ap3r aps5 a1ra arakt6 1arbe a1ri ar5ig a6rig. a6rio arr6 ar6sl ar6st\nas6kel as6sp ast7in a1ta a3tor at3r ats7e at6sj a1tu at7v aust6 a1ve a6vt\n1b2 3ba ba6ko ba7na 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\u00E51e \u00E5p2e \u00E52r1 \u00E5rd5e 5\u00E5rsa\n\u00E5r6sl \u00E56se \u00E5s6s6\n"
EN_UK = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.patterns ".ab4i .ab3ol .ace4 .acet3 .ach4 .ac5tiva .ad4din .ad3e .ad3o .ae5d .aer3i\n.af3f .af3t .ag4a .ag5n .air3 .al5im .al1k .al3le .am5ar .ama5te .am2i\n.am3pe .am3ph .an1 .ana3b .ana3s .and2 .an5da .an4el .an4en .an4gl .an4on.\n.an3s .ant3a .an3ti3 .ant4ic .an4t5o .any5 .aph5or .ap4i .ar5ab .ar5ap\n.ar4ci .ar5d .ar4e .ari4 .ar4ise .ar4isi .ar5sen .art5icl .as1 .as4q .as5sib\n.at5ar .ateli4 .at5omise .at5omiz .at3r .at3t .au3b .au3g4u .aur4e5 .aus5\n.authen5 .av4 .av5era .bap5tism .barri5c .bas4i .ba5sic .be3di .be3lo\n.be5r4a .be5sm .bi4er .blaz5o .bo3lo .bos5om .boun4d .bov4 .bra5ch .bre2\n.burn5i .ca3de .ca4gin .cam5i .cam3o .can1 .can5ta .ca5pitu .car4i .cas5ual\n.ca4ti .cen5so .cen5tena .cent5ri .cer4i .ch4 .cit4a .clem5e .clima5to\n.co5it .co3pa .cop5ro .co3ru .co3si .co5ter .cotyle5 .cri5tici .custom5\n.dav5 .dea5co .de5lec .del5eg .de3li .deli5r .de1m .de5nit .de3no .der2\n.de3ra .de5res .de3ri .de5scrib .de5serv .de5signe .de5sir .de5sis .de5spoi\n.determ5i .de3ve .de4w .di4al. .dia3s .di4at .din4a .dio5c .do2 .do4e\n.domest5 .du4al. .du4c .dys3 .east5 .echin5 .eco3 .ec3t .ed5em .ed4it.\n.ed4iti .eg4 .ei3d .ei5r .el3ev3 .el2i .elu5s .em3b .em5in .emp4 .em5py .en1\n.en5c .en4ded .en3s .ent2 .en5ta .eos5 .epi1 .epi3d .er2a .er5em5 .er4i4\n.er4o2 .eros4 .erot3 .er4ri .es1 .escal5 .es3p .es3t .etern5 .eth3e .eu1\n.eur4 .eval3 .evol5ut .ew4 .ex1 .ex3a .eye3 .fal4le .far4i .fec5unda .fen4d\n.feoff5 .fi2 .fi5lia .fil5tr .fin5ess .fin3g .fi5n4it .fis4c5 .fo3c .fran5ch\n.fu5ga .ga4m .gam5et .gen4et .ge5neti .gen5ia .ge3ro .glor5io .gnost4 .go3no\n.gos3 .hab2 .ha5bili .hama5 .han4de .hast5i .he4i .hem5a .hi2 .hi3b .ho2l\n.ho5rol .hov3 .hy3lo .ico3s .idi2 .ig3 .ig1n .il4i .im5b .in1 .in3d .in3e2\n.in2i .in3o .in3t .invest5i .ir3r .is4c .is4li .is4o .iso5m .ka5ro .ki4e\n.kin3e .lab4o .la4me .lam5enta .lan5i .lash4e .le4m .len5ti .le2p .lep5r\n.les5son .le5van .librar5 .lig3a .li3o .li4ons .li4p .loc3a .lo4gia .lo2p\n.loph3 .lous5i .lov5er .lub3 .lyo3 .mac5u .mal5ad5 .ma5lin .mar5ti .math5\n.me5lodio .ment4 .men5ta .me5rid .me5rin .met4er .mi4e .mi3gr .min5ue .mirk4\n.mis1 .mi5to .mo3bi .mo5lec .mon3a .mor5ti .mu3ni .mu3si .musi5co .myth3\n.na5k .nari4 .nast4 .nas5ti .nec3t .ni4c .ni5tro .no4c .nom3o .nos3t .no5tic\n.nucle5 .obed5 .ob3el .ob3l .od4 .oed5 .oe5so .of5t .oi4 .ol4d .ome2 .om5el\n.on4ce .on4e .op2i .opt5a .or1 .or4at4 .ora5tori .or5che .or3d .ore4 .or3eo\n.or4i .orner4 .or2o .os1 .osi4 .oth5 .out1 .ov4 .pal5i .para5dis .par5af\n.para5t .pa5ta .pa4tio .pec3t4 .pecu3 .ped3e .pend4 .pen5de .pep3t .peri5n\n.perse5c .pe5titi .ph2 .phe5nom .phon4i .pi2e .pi3la .plast4 .plic4 .plica4\n.plos4 .po3la .po5lite .po2p .pop5l .po5sitio .pos5si .pro5bat .pur4r\n.put4te .ra5cem .ran5gi .re3ca .ref5ere .re5gar .re1i .re5lin .re1m .re5o\n.res5ci .re5sen .re5spo .re5stat .re5store .re5str .re3ta .re5u .re3w .rib5a\n.rin4 .rit2 .rol4la .ros3a .sa2 .sac5r .sal4i .sa5lin .salt5er .sanc5 .sap5a\n.sa3vo .sci3e .sea3s .sect4 .sec5to .se3gr .sen3t .se1q .ser4ie .ses1\n.sev5era .sh2 .si5gno .sis3 .st4 .stat4o .stra5to .string5i .su5da .sulph5a\n.sul3t .tact4i .tac5tic .ta4m .tamar5 .tar5o .tect4 .tel5a .tell5e .te4m\n.te5ra5t .ter4p .th4 .tho4 .thol4 .ti2 .til4 .ti5ni .tit4is .tor1 .tran4c\n.tri5bal .tri3d .trin4a .tri5sti .tro4ph .troph5o .tro4v .tular5 .turb4\n.turi4 .tu5te .tu3to .ul4l .ulti5mat .un5ce .un5ch .un3d2 .under5 .un3e\n.un3g .uni3c .uni3o .un3k4 .un5s .un3t4 .un5u .up1 .up3l .ura4 .ur5eth .ur4o\n.va5led .ve2 .vec5 .ve5lo .vent5il .ver4ie .ver3n .vic5to .vi2s .vis3i\n.vi5so .vo1c .vo5lut .wine5s .xy3l .za5r a4a 1ab 2ab. 2aba ab5are abay4 2abb\nab5ber 2abe4 ab3erd ab3err a3bet ab1ic a3bie 2abin 4abio abi5on ab3ita\nab4itu ab3la abli4 4abolic ab3om ab3ota 3about ab1r 2abs. ab1ul abu4lo\nab3use ab3usi 2aby ac2a ac5abl ac3al 5acanth ac5ard a5cat ach5al a5chini\nach5ism achro4 ach5ur 2aci a4cic aci4ers acif4 4acit ack5a ac3li 4aco. aco3d\nac5onr 4acos 4acou ac1r ac3ry act5ate act5ile ac2to act5ory ac2t5r ac5uat\na5dai ada3v 4adee ad5eni ad4ha ad3ica a5dif 4adil adi4op adi4p adis4i a3diti\n3adju 5admit a2do 4adoe 4adoi ad3ol a3dos ad1ow ad1r adram4 4a2du ad3ula\nad3um 4ady ae5a ae4cit aeco3 4aed aed5is ae5g ae3on ae5p aerody5 ae4s ae5si\naes3t aet4a aeth4 aet4or. aev3a 4af. 4afe af5ta a4fu ag4ari 4ageri a5ghe\na5gia agi4as 4agino 4agl agli4 4ag1n ag3oni agor4a ag5ot a2gr ag3ri agru5\n2ah a1h2a ahar2 aha5ra a1he ah4n a5hoo 2ai2 4ai. ai3a a1ic aid4a aid5er aig2\nai5gu ail3er ail3o aim5er ain5ders ai5nea a3ing. ain3i ain5o aint5er air5a\nair5p air3s ais1i a5ism 2a1j a4ju 2ak akel4 ak5u al5abl alact4 a1lae al5ais\nala3ma al5ance al3at a5lav alc3at al3ch ald5ri 2ale a3lec aleg4 ale5ma\nal5ende a1leo a2let al3ibr ali4ci al5ics al1id al3if 5alig al1in a5lini\nalin5o al5ipe al5ipot 4alis. 4aliu 4alk alk5ie al4lab al4lag alli5an allig4\nal4lish a5loe al3ogr a3lom a3loo al1or al4orim alos4 a4lou al3ous a5low\nal5pen al3ph al5tati al3tie alu3b al5ued al3ues a5lumnia al1va al5ver alv5u\n2a1ly4 a5lyn 2a2m a5mad ama4g aman5d a5marine a3mas. am1at a5m4atic am5atu\nam4bin 3ambu am5elo a3men amen4d am3era am5erl am1i ami2c am5ica amic5r\n3amid a3mili am5ily amini4f am5iniz aminos4 a5mis. a4mium. a3mon amor5a\namort3 am5ose am2p am5peri amphi5g amp3li ampo5l am3ul amyl5 a2n an2a a5nadi\nan3ae an3age ana5k an3ali an3arc a5nast an4con an3d4at and5au and5eer an5del\nan5dif and5ist an5dit an4doni an4ea an5eer an3ell anel5li an3eu an3gan\nangov4 an4gur 4anh an3ic ani3f an5ifo 4anig an5ion anis5te 4anity 4aniu\nan5no 4anny an1o an2oe an3oma anor3 an2os an5ot an2s an3sc an4sco ans3il\nan4sur an2t2a ant5abl an3tal an5tam an2te 1anth an4thi 3anthr 4antic an4tie\nan4ting ant4iv an4tone ant4r an4tus an5tym an3ul an3um. an5ums a3nur a5nut\nan2y an5ya a5nyi 2ao aol3i 5aow 2ap 4ap. 4apa a1pac ap3al ap5aro ape5li\na5peu aph5em aph3i aph5ol aphyl3 ap1i ap5icu ap3in ap4ine a5pir a3plan ap5li\napo5str apo3th a2pr ap5ron 4aps apt5at apu5lar a5pun a4q a5qui a2r 4arabi\nara5bo aract4i ara2g ar3age ar4aged ar5agi ar3ago a3raj ar3all ara3m aran4g\naran5te ar5apa ar1at a3rau ara3v ar3ba arb5et ar4bid ar4bl arb3li ar4bul\nar5chet arch5o ar5dina ar4done ar3en aren5d ar5ett ar3ev5 ar5gh ar3gu ar3h\nar1i ar5iff ar4ill a5ri5net ar5ini a5rishi arm3er ar5mit ar3nal ar3nis ar3od\nar5oid aro4mas aro4n a5roti a5rouc ar3ox arp5ers ar4pu 2arr ar2rh ar2s\nars5al ar3so art5at ar2th arth4e arth3r ar5tiz 2aru ar3um ar5un4 a3ryo a5ryt\nar5z as1a as4af asan2 2asc as5con as5cot as2cr as2e as3ect 4ased asep4\nash5ay ash5il as5ily as3in a5sio a3sit as5iv ask5er aski4 as4la as4lo 2aso\nas5och a4soned as5or as3ph ass2 assa5gi ass5ibl as4sil assit5 2asta as4tat\nas4tia as3tis as4tit 4asto2 as3tra as4tri as1u as4un as5ur 2a2ta 4atabi\na5talis atam4 ata3p atar3a ata3s ata3t4 at3eau at3ech at5eer a5tel. ate5le\nat5enat at3ent 4ater at3era at5ernis at5erniz 4atess at5et 4a2th ath3a\na3then ath5erin ath5ero ath5ete ath3i ath3od a5thon ath5r 4a3tia ati2c\nat5icis ati5cit at5iciz a2tif a4t1i4l a4tim a2t3in 4atina at5ing 4at4is.\nat1it atit3u atitud5i 4atiu at4ivi a5tiviz a2to 5at5od 4atog 2atol 4aton\na3too a4tops a5torian a4tory atos4 a5toz 2a2tr at3ra a4tre 5at5ress at1ri\natric5u at3ron at5rou at4tag 2a2tu at1ul atu4m at3ura at3urg 4a2ty 2au2 4au.\naub5i 4auc au5cer auc3o aud5er audic4 aul3i aul4t aul5ted ault5er ault5i\nau3ma aun2 aun5chie aun3d aun4dre au5reo aur4o au5ror 4aus. aus5er aus5p\naus4ted aut3ar aut3er au3th 2av av4ab ava4g av3age ava5la av5alr av5ant\nav5ar avas3 av3end av3ern av3ig aviol4 av1is aw5er. aw5ers aw1i aw5nie aw5y\na4x ax2id 4ay ay5la ay3m ayn4 ays2 ay5si ay5sta ayth4 2az2 az3ar aze4 az5ee\nazyg4 azz4l 2ba. ba5bir 3back baen4 bag4a 5bah ba4i bal3a balm5i ba5lon\nbal5u bam4a ban4a ba5nan b4ane 5bang b4aniti b4ans ba4p1 5barb bar4d bardi4\nbar4n ba5rom bar3on 5bars 1bas bas4te ba4th4 3batic ba5tio bat5on battle5\n2b1b2 b4bata b3bli b4bone b1c2 bcord4 2b1d bdeac5 bde4b bdi4v b2e 4be. 3bea\n4beas be3ca 3becu 2bed be3da bed5el bed2i be4do be5dra be4du 5bee 3bef be3go\nbe5gr be3gu 1bel be3la 2bele be3lit bel4t be3m ben4d bend5a bend5er be1ne\nbe5nig be5nu 4beo be3q 2bere berga5m berl4 5berr ber5s b5ertin be1s2 2bes.\nbe3sl be3tr be3w 2b1f bfa4 4b1h b4ha 2bi. 1bia bi4b1 bicen5 3b2id bid5i b4ie\nbi4ers bif4 bi4fid. bi5ga bigu3 b1il b2ile 5biles 3b2ill 4bim bimet5 5bina\n5bin4d bind3e bin5et bin5i4 1bi2o bio3l bio5m bi3ou bip4 bi5q bir4 bi3re4\nbi5rus b2is 5bism bis4o bisul5 3bitua 4bity bi5ve b1j 4b5k4 2bl2 5blac blag4\nb3lan 5blast bla5tu blem5at 3bler 5blesp 4blik blim3a bli3o bli2q b3lis 4bly\n2b1m bment4 bmi4 4b1n bo2 4bo. 3boa bo5am 5bob bod5i bo5h 2boid 4boke bol4e\n4boled bol3i bol4t 3bon bon4c bon4e bon4ie boni4f bon4sp 1boo b3orat bor3d\nbor5ee bor5et 3bori bor5ic bor5io bor4n bot3an 5boti boun5ti 3bour bous4\nbow2 bow3s 4boxy 5boy br4 3brach 4bral bram4 b2ran bran4d 4bre. b4reas\n4b2res brev5et b2rid 5brief bring5 bri4os b5rist b4roa bro4ma bros4 brum4\n4bry. 4b1s2 b3sc bscon4 bsen4 bserv5an b5si bsin4 bso2 bsol3e bso3lu b4stac\nbstupe5 2b1t b5tlet 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tou4f 5tour t3ous 4tov\nto3war t3p tr2 tra4co 4tradd 4traist tra5q trarch4 tra5ven tra5vers trav5est\n3tray 4tre. 4tred tre4mo tren4 trend5i tre5pr tres4s 4trew t5ricl 3tricu\nt2rie tri5fli trifu5ga 2tril tri3li tri3me t2rit 4trix t4rod tro5f 5troop\ntro4pha tro3sp t2rot t5roto tro1v 3troy t4ruc tru3i 2t4ry trys4 4t1s t2sc\nts4h ts2i t4sil tstay4 2t1t4 tta4 t3tab t5tan t5tas t3ted t4tere t5terer\nt5test t3ti tti3tu ttitud4 ttitu5di t3tler t3tli t5toi t5tor t3tos tt5s\nt4tupe t2ty 4tu. tu1a tu4al5li tuari4 tu4bin tu5bu tu5den tud5ie tu5en 4tuf\ntu1i tu4is 2tum. 3tumi 4tums 3tun tun4a tu4ne tun5it tup5let tup5lic tu5rac\nt4uran turb3a tur4d turf5i 5turit tur4n 5tur5o 1tut 4tut4iv t1w t3wa4 t2wi\ntwi5li t3wit t3wo twon4 4ty. ty4a 5tych ty4let tyl5i ty5mi 1typ 3type 1tyr1\n2tz2 t5zia t5zie 2ua2 ua3ci u2ag ua5h u1al ua5lu uan4o uant5is uant5it uar3a\nuar2d uar3i uari4n uar5ters uar4t5i ua5tern uba4 ub5bly u1b2i u4bicu ub3lin\nub5lo ub3ra 4uc u1c2a uccen5 u4cend u4ch u5chr uc3l u4com uco5t uc2tr uc3ub\nuc5ul u5cum u5dac ud1al ud4e ud5ep u4der udev4 ud4g udi4cin ud3ied u5dinis\nudi3o u5ditio u2do u5doi ud5on u5dor ueb4 u4ed uen4o uen4ter uer3a ues4s\nuest5rat ues5tri ue4t uf2 3ufa u3fl u4fo uft4 uga4c ug5lif ug2ni u4go ug3ul\nug3ura uhem3 2ui2 ui3al u2ic uicent5 uid5o uil4a uild5er ui3lib uil4t uinc5u\nuin4s uint4 uin4ta ui5pr uis3er uis4t uisti4 uit5er ui5val5 ui3vo u2iz 4ul.\nu1la u4lab 4ulac ul5ard u5lat ul4bo ul3ca ul4ch 5ulche 5ulchre 4ulea u5lee\nu1len4 4ulenci u5lent ulet4 ul4ev ul2fa ul2i ul4ia u3line ul3ing ul5ish\nu5liti u5lity 4ull ul4lat ul4l5ib ul4lis ul4lit ul3m u1lo u5lom ulph3i\nulph3o ulp5ing ul4po 2uls ul3sif u1lu ul1v4 u1ma um3am umar4 u5mas um4bar.\num2bi umen4t u1mi u4mic u2m5if umi4fy umi5lia umin4ar u4mined u4m3ing u4mora\nu4mos um2p um4pa ump3er ump5li umpt4 ump5te u1mu umu4lo un1 u4n3a4 un5ab\nunabu4 un4ae un4as. un2ce un4dal un3ded unde4t undeter5m undi4c un4die un3do\nun4dus u3n2er unho5li un2i u1nic un4ie un3in un4ine uni5p uni3so un3ist\nuni1v un3iz unk5eri un5ket un3kn 2unn un4nag un5o un5r un3s4 un5sh un2ti\nuntil4 unu4 un3us uo3de uodent4 u5oros u3os uo5tatio u1ou 2up u1pat u1pe\nu5pee uper3 u1ph u5pid up3ing u4po u5pol u2pr upre4 u5quet u4r ur1a 4ura.\nura4ci 4urae ura2g 4uranti uras5 urb5ing ur2c urc3a ur5den. ur5deni ur5die\nur4du ur3ea ur5ee ur1er ur3ers ur1e2t ur3ett ur2f ur3fa ur1i u5ri5cu ur4ie.\nur5ifie uril4 ur4ili ur5ion uri4os. url5er ur5lie url5ing ur1m4 urn3al\nurn3er urn5s ur1o uro4d ur5o4m ur5ot uroti4 urpen5t urph4 ur2s urs5al urs5er\nur3sh urs3or ur5ta ur1te ur5tes urth2 ur3the urti4 ur1u ur4va u3sad us3ag\nus3al us4ap us3at 2usc us4can ush5a us5ian usil5 u4s1in usk5er us1p us4pa\nuss4e 4ust us3tac us5tan ust4ic us5tici ust5ig ust3il us1to4 us1tr us4tre\nusur4e us5uri u3tane utch4e ut5eni u5teo u4tere ut2i u3tie ut3ing u5tini\nu3tio ut5ism ut3ist 5u5tiz ut3le utli4 ut2o u4to5s u4t1ra uts2 ut5sm ut4tone\nu3tu u4tul uu4 uv2 u4va uve2 uven3 uv5eri u5vin ux2o uy4a uy5er 4va. 2v3ab\n5vac va1ca va5ceo vacu1 v4ad 3vag3a va4ge 4vaged vager4 vag5r v1al. 1vale\nvali2 va5lie val4ise 5valu 5val4v vam4i va5mo 5vann vanta4 4vantl var4is\n4vase vas5el5 v5a4so vast3a v4at. 5vatee vat4ina 4vatu 2ve. vect4 ve3g 3vei\n2vel vel3at 4vele v3eler ve5line v1ell v4ella vel5ler vel3li vel5opi ven4al\nven4do ve1ne ve5nia vent5o ven4tr 4venu v5en5ue 5ve3o 5verb verde5v 4v4ere4\nver5ea ver3ei v5erie ver3m4 ver4ne 5verse 4ves. 4vi. 5vialit vi4atr vi1b4\nvic2 vi4ca vi5cari vice3r 5vict2 5vicu 5vider vign3 vi4l vil3i 3vili4a\nv5ilise v5ilize vil5lin vim4 5vime 2v1in vin4ac 3vinci vin2e 5vinit v5iniz\nvint4 vin5ta 3vi1o viol3 vi5om 5vi3p vire4 vi5rid vir3u 5visecti 5visio\nv3ism 2v5ist vi2t vit2a vi3tal vi5tel v5itie vit1r vi3tu v3ity viv5al viv5or\nvi5zo 1vo 2vo. vo2l vo5litio vol4ubi volv4 4von vo5rac 3vorc 4vore 3voro\nvo3tar 2vow vr4 v5ra4 v5ri v5ro vrot4 4vs v3ure 2vv2 v5ver v5vi 4vy 4wab\nwag3o wais4 w3al. wall5er w3als wan5gli wank5er war5ded ward5er ward5r war4f\nwar4te war5thi wass4 was4t wa1te wav4ine w1b4 w4bon w5c w5die w3dr we4b w4ed\n3weed 5wei weight5i weir4 wel3i weliz4 wel4izi wel4li went4 wes4 west3\nw5est. w5f wh2 w5hid wi2 wid4e wi5er will5in wim2p win2e wing5er win4tr\n3w4ise with5eri w3la wl1er wl1i wl4ie w1m 1wo wol4 wol5ver 3wom won2t word5i\nwotch4 woun4 wp5in wra4 ws5ing w5ster wt4 w5te w3to wy2 wz4 x1a x4ach x4ade\nx2ag x3agg xa5met x3ami xan5d xano4 x2as xas5p x3c4 xcav3 xcor5 xe4 x1ec\nxec3r xe5cutio xecut5o xe2d x5edl x5edn x5eg x1em x3en xen4op x3er xer4g\nxer3o x1h xhort4a x1i x3ia. x4ias xi4c x5ige xim3a x4ime ximet4 x3io xi4p\nx4it. x4its x1o x4ode x5om xo4mat xo4n x4os xotrop4 x3p xpel4 xpo5n2 xpoun4\nx1s2 x1t2 x4ted xtens5o xter3i xter4m3 xtern3 x4th xti4 xtra5d xtra3v xtre4\nxu4o x1ur xur4b x5us x5w xx4 xys4 xy3t y1a2 y5ac 1y2ar 3yard yas4i 4y1b yb2i\nyca5m y5chede ych5is y3cho y4chose yc1l yclam4 y4coli y4coll ycom4 y2cos\ny1d4 yda4 yder4 ydro5s y4drou y3ee yel5o y3en y1er y3est. yes5te y5ett y5f\ny1g ygi2 ygi5a y3gl ygo4i y1h y1i y3in yle2 ylin5de yllab5i yl3os yl5ou\ny1me4 y3men y5met y5mia ym5in ymot4 ym4pha yn1 ynago4 ynand5 yn5ap4 yn5ast\nyn4ci ynd4 yn2e yn3er yng4 yn4gol yni4c yn4y y1o2 yo3d yo4gis youn4 young5\n2yp yp5al yper3 y5pere y4peri y4pero y4pet y2ph yph4e yph3i y4p1i yp1n ypo1\ny4pox y2pr yp5ri yp4si yp5syf ypt3a y5pu y3rag yr3at yr3ic y5rig yr3is\nyr3i4t yr5olo yr4r yr4s yr5u 4y2s ys5ag ys5at y3s2c y3sh ys1ic ys3in ysi4o\nyso5 ys4so ys1t ys4to y3u yv4 y3w yz5er yzy4 z1a1 2za. za4bi za2i z4as za4te\nzd4 zeb4 ze4d zen4a z5eng zer5a z3et4 z1i zib5 5zic4 z2ie zi5m zin4c3i z3ing\nzing5i z4is 3zlem z3ler z3li 4zo. 5zoa zo3an 3zoo2 zo3ol zo3on zo5op zo5oti\nzo5p zot2 z5s 5zum 4zy. zz2 z3zar z5zas z3zie zzo3 z5zot\n"

  lang.exceptions "% Do NOT make any alterations to this list! --- DW\nuni-ver-sity uni-ver-sit-ies how-ever ma-nu-script ma-nu-scripts\nre-ci-pro-city through-out some-thing\n"
EN_US = do |lang|
  lang.encoding "UTF-8"
  lang.patterns ".ach4 .ad4der .af1t .al3t .am5at .an3te .an5c .ang4 .ani5m .ant4 .anti5s\n.ar4tie .ar4ty .ar5s .as1p .as1s .as3c .aster5 .atom5 .au1d .av4i .awn4\n.ba4g .ba5na .bas4e .be3sm .be5ra .be5sto .ber4 .bri2 .but4ti .ca4t .cam4pe\n.can5c .capa5b .car5ol .ce4la .ch4 .chill5i .ci2 .cit5r .co3e .co4r .con5gr\n.cor5ner .de3o .de3ra .de3ri .de4moi .de5riva .des4c .dictio5 .do4t .dri5v4\n.driv4 .du4c .dumb5 .earth5 .eas3i .eb4 .eer4 .eg2 .el3em .el5d .en3g .en3s\n.enam3 .eq5ui5t .er4ri .es3 .eth1y6l1 .eu3 .eu4ler .ev2 .ever5si5b .eye5\n.fes3 .for5mer .ga2 .ga4s1om1 .ga4som .ge2 .ge4ome .ge5og .ge5ot1 .gen3t4\n.gi4b .gi5a .go4r .han5k .hand5i .he2 .he3mo1 .he3p6a .he3roe .hero5i .hes3\n.het3 .hi3b .hi3er .hon3o .hon5ey .hov5 .id4l .idol3 .im3m .im5pin .in1\n.in2k .in3ci .in3s .in5u2t .ine2 .ir5r .is4i .ju3r .kil2n3i .kil2ni\n.ko6r1te1 .ko6rte .la4cy .la4m .lat5er .lath5 .le2 .le6ice .le6ices .leg5e\n.len4 .lep5 .lev1 .li2n .li3o .li4g .li4t .lig5a .mag5a5 .mal5o .man5a\n.mar5ti .me2 .me4ga1l .me4gal .me5ter .mer3c .met4ala .mi1s4ers .mim5i2c1\n.mimi4cr .mis1 .mis4ers .mist5i .mo3ro .mon3e .mu5ta .muta5b .ne6o3f .ni4c\n.noe1th .non1e2m .od2 .odd5 .of5te .or1d .or3c .or3t .or5ato .os3 .os4tl\n.oth3 .out3 .pe5te .pe5tit .ped5al .pi2t .pi4e .pio5n .poly1s .post1am\n.pre1am .pre3m .ra4c .ran4t .ratio5na .rav5en1o .re1e4c .re5mit .re5stat\n.ree2 .ree4c .res2 .ri4g .rit5u .ro4q .ros5t .row5d .ru4d .sci3e .se2n\n.se5rie .self5 .sell5 .sem4ic .sem6is4 .semi5 .semid6 .semip4 .semir4\n.semiv4\n.sh2\n.si2 .sing4 .sph6in1 .spin1o .st4 .sta5bl .sy2 .ta4 .ta5pes1tr .te3legr .te4\n.ten5an .th2 .ti2 .til4 .tim5o5 .tin5k .ting4 .to2q .to4p .to6pog .ton4a\n.top5i .tou5s .trib5ut .un1a .un1e .un3at5t .un3ce .un3u .un5err5 .un5k\n.un5o .under5 .up3 .ure3 .us5a .ve5ra .ven4de .vi2c3ar .vi4car .we2b1l\n.wil5i .ye4 1bat 1bel 1bil 1c4l4 1ca 1cen 1ci 1co 1cu2r1ance 1cus 1cy 1d2a\n1d4i3a 1den 1di1v 1dina 1dio 1do 1dr 1du 1e6p3i3neph1 1eff 1exp 1fa 1fi 1fo\n1fy 1g2nac 1ga 1gen 1geo 1gi4a 1gle 1go 1gr 1gy 1head 1hous 1je 1k2no\n1ke6ling 1kee 1ki5netic 1kovian 1l4ine 1le1noid 1lec3ta6b 1lent 1lum5bia.\n1lunk3er 1lut 1ly 1ma 1men 1mo 1mu 1na 1nen 1nes 1nou 1o1gis 1ogy 1p2l2\n1p4or 1pa 1phy 1pole. 1pos 1prema3c 1room 1s2pacin 1s2tamp 1sci2utt 1sio\n1sis 1siv 1so 1stor1ab 1su 1sync 1syth3i2 1ta 1tee 1tent 1teo 1teri 1tia\n1tim 1tio 1tiv 1tiz 1to 1tra 1tu 1ty 1va 1verely. 1wo2 1zo 2a2r 2adi 2ale\n2ang 2b1b 2b3if 2b5s2 2bf 2bt 2c1it 2c1t 2c5ah 2ce. 2cen4e 2ch 2cim 2cin\n2cog 2d1ed 2d1lead 2d1li2e 2d1s2 2d3a4b 2d3alone 2d3lo 2d5of 2dag 2de. 2dly\n2e1b 2e2da 2erb 2ere. 2ero 2ess 2estr 2f3ic. 2f3s 2fed 2fin 2ft 2g1o4n3i1za\n2g5y3n 2gam 2ge. 2ged 2gue 2h1n 2i1a 2i1no 2ici 2id 2ie4 2ig 2ilit 2in.\n2in4th 2ine 2ini 2inn 2ins 2int. 2io 2ip 2is. 2is1c 2ite 2ith 2itio 2iv 2l1b\n2l1n2 2l1s2 2l1w 2l3h 2ld 2lf 2lm 2lout 2lp 2lys4 2mab 2mah 2med 2mes 2mh\n2n1a2b 2n1s2 2ne. 2ne1ski 2ned 2nes. 2nest 2ogyn 2ok 2ond 2oph 2p1s2 2p1t\n2p2ed 2p3k2 2p3n 2que. 2r2ed 2rab 2re. 2s1ab 2s1in 2s1m 2s3g 2s5peo 2sh.\n2spa 2sper 2ss 2st. 2t1b 2t1ed 2t1f 2t1in 2t1n2 2t3i4an. 2t3up. 2tab 2taw\n2th. 2ths 2ti2b 2tig 2tl 2tof 2trim 2tyl 2ui2 2us 2v1a4b 2vil 2wac 2z1i 2ze\n3agog 3alyz 3analy 3away 3bet 3bi3tio 3bie 3bit5ua 3bod 3boo 3butio 3c4ut\n3cei 3cell 3cenc 3cent 3cep 3cessi 3chemi 3chit 3cho2 3cia 3cili 3cinat\n3cultu 3cun 3dat 3demic 3di1methy 3dict 3did 3dine. 3dle. 3dled 3dles. 3do.\n3do5word 3dos 3dox 3efit 3fich 3fluor 3fu 3g4in. 3g4o4g 3gali 3gir 3giz 3glo\n3go. 3guard 3gun 3gus 3hear 3hol4e 3hood 3isf 3ka. 3l4eri 3land 3lenc 3lerg\n3less 3ley 3lidi 3ligh 3lik 3lo. 3logic 3logu 3lyg1a1mi 3ment 3mesti\n3mi3da5b 3milia 3milita 3mind 3mous 3mum 3n4ia 3naut 3neo 3netic 3nitio 3noe\n3nomic 3noun 3nu3it 3nu4n 3ogniz 3oncil 3opera 3orrh 3pare 3pay 3pe4a 3pede\n3pedi 3phiz 3phob 3phone 3pi1o 3piec 3plan 3press 3pseu2d 3pseu4d 3quer\n3quet 3ra4m5e1triz 3rab1o1loi 3raphy 3rimo 3s2og1a1my 3s2pace 3s4cie 3s4on.\n3sanc 3sect 3ship 3side. 3sitio 3slova1kia 3som 3spher 3store 3syl 3sync\n3ta. 3tel. 3tenan 3tenc 3tend 3ter1gei 3teu 3tex 3thet 3tien 3tine. 3tini\n3tise 3tle. 3tled 3tles. 3tro1le1um 3trop1o5les 3trop1o5lis 3tum 3ture 3tus\n3ufa 3vat 3verse 3viv 3vok 3volv 3wise 3yar4 3ysis 4a2ci 4ab. 4abr 4adu\n4ag4l 4ageu 4aldi 4allic 4alm 4alys 4ama 4and 4anto 4ao 4aphi 4as. 4ath\n4ati. 4b1d 4b1m 4b1ora 4b3h 4b3n 4b5w 4be. 4be2d 4be5m 4bes4 4bp 4brit 4buta\n4c3reta 4c3s2 4c5utiv 4cag4 4calo 4casy 4cativ 4ced. 4ceden 4ceni 4cesa 4ch.\n4ch1in 4ch3ab 4ched 4chs. 4cier 4cii 4cipe 4cipic 4cista 4cisti 4clar 4clic\n4corb 4cutr 4d1f 4d1n4 4d3alone 4d5la 4d5lu 4d5out 4daf 4dary 4dativ 4dato\n4dee. 4dey 4dlead 4dless 4dli4e 4drai 4drow 4dry 4duct. 4ducts 4dup 4ed3d\n4edi 4edo 4egal 4ella 4en3z 4enn 4eno 4enthes 4erand 4erati. 4erene 4erit\n4ernit 4ertl 4eru 4es2to 4esh 4etn 4eu 4f1f 4f3ical 4f5b 4f5p 4fa4ma 4fag\n4fato 4fd 4fe. 4feca 4fh 4ficate 4fics 4fily 4fm 4fn 4fug 4futa 4g1g2\n4g1lish 4g3o3na 4gano 4gativ 4gaz 4gely 4geno 4geny 4geto 4go4niza 4grada\n4graphy 4gray 4gress. 4grit 4gu4t 4h1l4 4h1m 4h1s2 4h5p 4hk 4hr4 4i1cr\n4i2tic 4i5i4 4i5w 4ian4t 4ianc 4icam 4icar 4iceo 4ich 4if. 4ific. 4ift 4igi\n4ik 4iln 4imet 4imit 4inav 4ind 4inga 4inge 4ingi 4ingo 4ingu 4ink 4inl 4iny\n4io. 4ir 4is1s 4is4k 4ise 4isms 4istral 4ita. 4ita5m 4itia 4itis 4iton 4itt\n4itz. 4iy 4izar 4jestie 4jesty 4k1s2 4kley 4kly 4l1c2 4l1g4 4l1r 4l4i4l\n4l4iq 4lateli 4lativ 4lav 4len. 4leye 4lics 4lict. 4lj 4lof 4lov 4lt 4lup\n4lya 4lyb 4m1b 4m1f 4m1l 4m1n 4m1p 4m1s2 4m3r 4m5c 4mald 4map 4matiza 4me.\n4med. 4mene 4mith 4mk 4mocr 4mok 4mora. 4mt 4mup 4mw 4n1b4 4n1h4 4n1l 4n1n2\n4n3o2d 4n5i4an. 4nac. 4nalt 4nare 4nene 4neski 4nesp 4nesw 4nian. 4nk2 4nog\n4nop 4nosc 4nz 4o5ria 4oa 4operag 4oscopi 4oth 4p1b 4p1m 4p1p 4pe. 4pf 4pg\n4ph. 4phs 4plig 4raril 4rh. 4rhal 4rici 4rs2 4s1er. 4s3f 4s4ed 4s5b 4s5d\n4scei 4scopy 4se. 4seme 4senc 4sentd 4sentl 4servo 4shw 4signa 4sily 4ske\n4sov 4spio 4spot 4st3w 4stry 4sv 4swo 4syc 4t1d 4t1g 4t1m 4t1p 4t1s2 4t1wa\n4t3t2 4taci 4taf4 4talk 4tarc 4tare 4tatic 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  lang.exceptions "% Do NOT make any alterations to this list! --- DEK\nas-so-ciate as-so-ciates dec-li-na-tion oblig-a-tory phil-an-thropic present\npresents project projects reci-procity re-cog-ni-zance ref-or-ma-tion\nret-ri-bu-tion ta-ble\n"

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Constructor Details

#initialize(language = nil) {|_self| ... } ⇒ Language

Creates a new language implementation. If a language object is provided, the default values will be set from the provided language. An exception will be thrown if a value is provided for language that is not an instance of Text::Hyphen::Language.


  • (_self)

Yield Parameters:

# File 'lib/text/hyphen/language.rb', line 143

def initialize(language = nil)
  if language.nil?
    self.encoding DEFAULT_ENCODING
    self.patterns ""
    self.exceptions ""
    self.left = 2
    self.right = 2
    self.isocode = nil
  elsif language.kind_of? Text::Hyphen::Language
    self.encoding language.encoding
    self.patterns language.instance_variable_get(:@pattern_text)
    self.exceptions language.instance_variable_get(:@exception_text)
    self.left = language.left
    self.right = language.right
    self.isocode = language.isocode
    raise "Languages can only be created from descendants of Text::Hyphen::Language."

  yield self if block_given?

Instance Attribute Details


The ISO language code for this language. Generally only used when there are multiple hyphenation tables available for a language.

# File 'lib/text/hyphen/language.rb', line 137

def isocode


No fewer than this number of letters will show up to the left of the hyphen for this language. The default value for this value is 2.

# File 'lib/text/hyphen/language.rb', line 130

def left


No fewer than this number of letters will show up to the right of the hyphen for this language. The default value for this value is 2.

# File 'lib/text/hyphen/language.rb', line 133

def right

Class Method Details

.aliases_for(mapping) ⇒ Object

Creates language constant aliases for the language.

# File 'lib/text/hyphen/language.rb', line 166

def self.aliases_for(mapping)
  mapping.each do |language, alias_names|
    unless const_defined? language
      warn "Aliases not created for #{language}; it has not been defined."
    language = const_get(language)

    [ alias_names ].flatten.each do |alias_name|
      next if const_defined? alias_name
      const_set(alias_name, language)

Instance Method Details


Patterns that match either the beginning or end of a word.

# File 'lib/text/hyphen/language.rb', line 43

def both

#encoding(enc = nil) ⇒ Object

The encoding of the hyphenation definitions. The text to be compared must be of the same type.

# File 'lib/text/hyphen/language.rb', line 37

def encoding(enc = nil)
  return @encoding if enc.nil?
  @encoding = enc

#exceptions(exc = nil) ⇒ Object

Exceptions to the hyphenation patterns.

# File 'lib/text/hyphen/language.rb', line 112

def exceptions(exc = nil)
  return @exceptions if exc.nil?

  @exception_text = exc.dup
  @exceptions = {}

  @exception_text.split.each do |word|
    tag   = word.gsub(DASH_RE,'')
    value = "0" + word.gsub(EXCEPTION_DASH0_RE, '0').gsub(EXCEPTION_DASH1_RE, '1')
    value.gsub!(EXCEPTION_NONUM_RE, '0')
    @exceptions[tag] = value.scan(self.scan_re).map { |c| c.to_i }



Patterns that hyphenate mid-word.

# File 'lib/text/hyphen/language.rb', line 58

def hyphen

#patterns(pats = nil) ⇒ Object

The hyphenation patterns for this language.

# File 'lib/text/hyphen/language.rb', line 63

def patterns(pats = nil)
  return @patterns if pats.nil?

  @pattern_text = pats.dup

  @patterns = {
    :both   => {}, 
    :start  => {},
    :stop   => {},
    :hyphen => {}

  plist = @pattern_text.split($/).map { |ln| ln.gsub(%r{%.*$}, '') }
  plist.each do |line|
    line.split.each do |word|
      next if word.empty?

      start = stop = false

      start = true if word.sub!(WORD_START_RE, '')
      stop  = true if word.sub!(WORD_END_RE, '')

      # Insert zeroes and start with some digit
      word.gsub!(ZERO_INSERT_RE) { "#{$1}0" }
      word.gsub!(ZERO_START_RE, "0")

      # This assumes that the pattern lists are already in lowercase
      # form only.
      tag   = word.gsub(DIGIT_RE, '')
      value = word.gsub(NONDIGIT_RE, '')

      if start and stop
        set = :both
      elsif start
        set = :start
      elsif stop
        set = :stop
        set = :hyphen

      @patterns[set][tag] = value



The character scan regular expression to use.

# File 'lib/text/hyphen/language.rb', line 28

def scan_re #:nodoc:
  if RUBY_VERSION < '1.9.1'
    return %r{.}u if @encoding =~ /utf-?8/i
  return %r{.}


Patterns that match the beginning of a word.

# File 'lib/text/hyphen/language.rb', line 48

def start


Patterns that match the end of a word.

# File 'lib/text/hyphen/language.rb', line 53

def stop