Sumo Logic Ruby SDK

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Ruby interface to the Sumo Logic REST API.


The Ruby SDK is ported from the Sumo Logic Python SDK.

The following methods are currently implemented:

sumo = access_id, access_key

# Search
r = query [, from, to, time_zone]

r = sumo.search_job query [, from, to, time_zone]

r = sumo.search_job_messages {'id' => search_job_id}, limit, offset

r = sumo.search_job_records {'id' => search_job_id}, limit, offset

r = sumo.search_job_status {'id' => search_job_id}

# Dashboards
r = sumo.dashboards

r = sumo.dashboard dashboard_id

r = sumo.dashboard_data dashboard_id

# Collectors
r = sumo.collectors [limit, offset]

r = sumo.collector collector_id

r = sumo.update_collector collector, etag

r = sumo.delete_collector collector

# Sources
r = sumo.sources collector_id [, limit, offset]

r = sumo.source collector_id, source_id

r = sumo.update_source collector_id, source, etag

r = sumo.delete_source collector_id, source

# Content
r = sumo.create_content path, data

r = sumo.get_content path

r = sumo.delete_content path

Note, for the search methods, the query parameter can be exactly the same query that is entered into the Sumo Logic web console.

Example scripts are located in the scripts directory of the GitHub repo.

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Project Repo

Sumo Logic API Documentation

Sumo Logic Python SDK


Please add your scripts and programs to the scripts folder.

Any reports of problems, comments or suggestions are most welcome.

Please report these on Github


Sumo Logic Ruby SDK is available under an MIT-style license. See LICENSE.txt for details.

Sumo Logic Ruby SDK © 2015-2016 by John Wang