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Modules: CellConvenienceMethods, ColorConvenienceClasses, ColorConvenienceMethods, DataType, FontConvenienceMethods, LegacyCell, LegacyWorksheet, OOXMLObjectClassMethods, OOXMLObjectInstanceMethods, RelationshipSupport, WorkbookConvenienceMethods, WorksheetConvenienceMethods Classes: AExtension, AExtensionStorageArea, ActiveX, ActiveXBinary, AdjustHandleList, Alignment, AlternateContent, Authors, AutoFilter, AutoFilterColumn, BinaryImageFile, BodyProperties, BooleanNode, BooleanValue, Border, BorderEdge, Borders, Break, BreakList, CT_AdjPoint2D, CT_AlphaBiLevelEffect, CT_AlphaModulateEffect, CT_AlphaModulateFixedEffect, CT_AlphaOutsetEffect, CT_AlphaReplaceEffect, CT_Backdrop, CT_Bevel, CT_BiLevelEffect, CT_BlendEffect, CT_Blip, CT_BlipFillProperties, CT_BlurEffect, CT_Camera, CT_Color, CT_ColorChangeEffect, CT_ColorMapping, CT_ColorScheme, CT_ColorSchemeAndMapping, CT_ConnectionSite, CT_ConnectionSiteList, CT_DashStop, CT_DashStopList, CT_DefaultShapeDefinition, CT_DuotoneEffect, CT_EffectContainer, CT_EffectList, CT_EffectReference, CT_EffectStyleItem, CT_EffectStyleList, CT_EmbeddedWAVAudioFile, CT_FillEffect, CT_FillOverlayEffect, CT_FillStyleList, CT_FlatText, CT_FontCollection, CT_FontReference, CT_GeomGuideList, CT_GlowEffect, CT_GradientFillProperties, CT_GradientStop, CT_GradientStopList, CT_HSLEffect, CT_HslColor, CT_Hyperlink, CT_InnerShadowEffect, CT_LightRig, CT_LineEndProperties, CT_LineJoinMiterProperties, CT_LineProperties, CT_LineStyleList, CT_LinearShadeProperties, CT_LuminanceEffect, CT_ObjectStyleDefaults, CT_OuterShadowEffect, CT_Path2D, CT_Path2DArcTo, CT_Path2DCubicBezierTo, CT_Path2DList, CT_Path2DQuadBezierTo, CT_Path2DTo, CT_PathShadeProperties, CT_PatternFillProperties, CT_Point3D, CT_PolarAdjustHandle, CT_PresetColor, CT_PresetLineDashProperties, CT_PresetShadowEffect, CT_PresetTextShape, CT_ReflectionEffect, CT_RelativeOffsetEffect, CT_RelativeRect, CT_SRgbColor, CT_ScRgbColor, CT_Scene3D, CT_SchemeColor, CT_Shape3D, CT_ShapeStyle, CT_SoftEdgesEffect, CT_SphereCoords, CT_StretchInfoProperties, CT_StyleMatrix, CT_StyleMatrixReference, CT_SupplementalFont, CT_SystemColor, CT_TextAutonumberBullet, CT_TextBlipBullet, CT_TextCharBullet, CT_TextCharacterProperties, CT_TextFont, CT_TextListStyle, CT_TextNormalAutofit, CT_TextParagraphProperties, CT_TextSpacing, CT_TextTabStop, CT_TextTabStopList, CT_TileInfoProperties, CT_TintEffect, CT_Transform2D, CT_TransformEffect, CT_Vector3D, CT_XYAdjustHandle, CalculationChain, CalculationChainCell, CalculationProperties, Cell, CellExt, CellSmartTag, CellSmartTagProperty, CellSmartTags, CellStyle, CellStyleXFs, CellStyles, CellValue, CellWatch, CellWatches, CellXFs, ChartColorsFile, ChartFile, ChartStyleFile, ChartUserShapesFile, Chartsheet, ChartsheetPageSetup, ChartsheetProperties, ChartsheetProtection, ChartsheetView, ChartsheetViews, Color, ColorFilter, ColorScale, ColorSet, Colors, ColumnRange, ColumnRanges, Comment, CommentList, CommentsFile, ConditionalFormatValue, 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WorkbookView, WorkbookViews, Worksheet, WorksheetDimensions, WorksheetFormatProperties, WorksheetProperties, WorksheetProtection, WorksheetView, WorksheetViews, XF

Constant Summary collapse

ST_PageOrder =
%w{ downThenOver overThenDown }
ST_Orientation =
%w{ default portrait landscape }
ST_CellComments =
%w{ none asDisplayed atEnd }
ST_PrintError =
%w{ displayed blank dash NA }
ST_CfvoType =
%w{ num percent max min formula percentile }
ST_SheetViewType =
%w{ normal pageBreakPreview pageLayout }
ST_PivotAreaType =
%w{ none normal data all origin button topRight }
ST_Axis =
%w{ axisRow axisCol axisPage axisValues }
ST_BorderStyle =
%w{ none thin medium dashed dotted thick double hair
mediumDashed dashDot mediumDashDot dashDotDot slantDashDot }
ST_HorizontalAlignment =
%w{ general left center right fill justify centerContinuous distributed }
ST_VerticalAlignment =
%w{ top center bottom justify distributed }
ST_VectorBaseType =
%w{ variant i1 i2 i4 i8 ui1 ui2 ui4 ui8 r4 r8
lpstr lpwstr bstr date filetime bool cy error clsid cf }
ST_PhoneticType =
%w{ halfwidthKatakana fullwidthKatakana Hiragana noConversion }
ST_PhoneticAlignment =
%w{ noControl left center distributed }
ST_WebSourceType =
%w{ sheet printArea autoFilter range chart pivotTable query label }
ST_CellType =
%w{ b n e s str inlineStr }
ST_GradientType =
%w{ linear path }
ST_PatternType =
%w{ none solid mediumGray darkGray lightGray
darkHorizontal darkVertical darkDown darkUp darkGrid darkTrellis
lightHorizontal lightVertical lightDown lightUp lightGrid lightTrellis
gray125 gray0625 }
ST_Objects =
%w{ all placeholders none }
%w{ userSet never always }
ST_Visibility =
%w{ visible hidden veryHidden }
ST_DateTimeGrouping =
%w{ year month day hour minute second }
ST_CalendarType =
%w{ none gregorian gregorianUs japan taiwan korea hijri thai hebrew
gregorianMeFrench gregorianArabic gregorianXlitEnglish gregorianXlitFrench }
ST_FilterOperator =
%w{ equal lessThan lessThanOrEqual notEqual greaterThanOrEqual greaterThan }
ST_DynamicFilterType =
%w{ null aboveAverage belowAverage tomorrow today yesterday
nextWeek thisWeek lastWeek nextMonth thisMonth lastMonth
nextQuarter thisQuarter lastQuarter nextYear thisYear lastYear
yearToDate Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M7 M8 M9 M10 M11 M12 }
ST_IconSetType =
%w{ 3Arrows 3ArrowsGray 3Flags 3TrafficLights1 3TrafficLights2
3Signs 3Symbols 3Symbols2 4Arrows 4ArrowsGray 4RedToBlack
4Rating 4TrafficLights 5Arrows 5ArrowsGray 5Rating 5Quarters }
ST_SortMethod =
%w{ stroke pinYin none }
ST_SortBy =
%w{ value cellColor fontColor icon }
ST_CellFormulaType =
%w{ normal array dataTable shared }
ST_TargetScreenSize =
%w{ 544x376 640x480 720x512 800x600 1024x768 1152x882
1152x900 1280x1024 1600x1200 1800x1440 1920x1200 }
ST_SmartTagShow =
%w{ all none noIndicator }
ST_CfType =
%w{ expression cellIs colorScale dataBar iconSet top10 uniqueValues
duplicateValues containsText notContainsText beginsWith
endsWith containsBlanks notContainsBlanks containsErrors
notContainsErrors timePeriod aboveAverage }
ST_TimePeriod =
%w{ today yesterday tomorrow last7Days thisMonth
lastMonth nextMonth thisWeek lastWeek nextWeek }
ST_CalcMode =
%w{ manual auto autoNoTable }
ST_RefMode =
%w{ A1 R1C1 }
ST_DvAspect =
ST_OleUpdate =
ST_Pane =
%w{ bottomRight topRight bottomLeft topLeft }
ST_PaneState =
%w{ split frozen frozenSplit }
ST_Comments =
%w{ commNone commIndicator commIndAndComment }
ST_DataValidationType =
%w{ none whole decimal list date time textLength custom }
ST_DataValidationErrorStyle =
%w{ stop warning information }
ST_DataValidationImeMode =
%w{ noControl off on disabled hiragana fullKatakana halfKatakana
fullAlpha halfAlpha fullHangul halfHangul }
ST_DataValidationOperator =
%w{ between notBetween equal notEqual lessThan lessThanOrEqual
greaterThan greaterThanOrEqual }
ST_DataConsolidateFunction =
%w{ average count countNums max min
product stdDev stdDevp sum var varp }
ST_ConditionalFormattingOperator =
%w{ lessThan lessThanOrEqual equal notEqual greaterThanOrEqual greaterThan
between notBetween containsText notContains beginsWith endsWith }
ST_BlackWhiteMode =
%w{ clr auto gray ltGray invGray grayWhite blackGray blackWhite black white hidden }
ST_ShapeType =
%w{ line lineInv triangle rtTriangle rect diamond parallelogram trapezoid
nonIsoscelesTrapezoid pentagon hexagon heptagon octagon decagon dodecagon
star4 star5 star6 star7 star8 star10 star12 star16 star24 star32
roundRect round1Rect round2SameRect round2DiagRect snipRoundRect
snip1Rect snip2SameRect snip2DiagRect plaque ellipse teardrop homePlate chevron
pieWedge pie blockArc donut noSmoking rightArrow leftArrow upArrow downArrow
stripedRightArrow notchedRightArrow bentUpArrow
leftRightArrow upDownArrow leftUpArrow leftRightUpArrow quadArrow
leftArrowCallout rightArrowCallout upArrowCallout downArrowCallout
leftRightArrowCallout upDownArrowCallout quadArrowCallout bentArrow uturnArrow circularArrow
leftCircularArrow leftRightCircularArrow curvedRightArrow
curvedLeftArrow curvedUpArrow curvedDownArrow swooshArrow
cube can lightningBolt heart sun moon smileyFace irregularSeal1 irregularSeal2 foldedCorner
bevel frame halfFrame corner diagStripe chord arc leftBracket rightBracket leftBrace rightBrace
bracketPair bracePair straightConnector1 bentConnector2
bentConnector3 bentConnector4 bentConnector5 curvedConnector2 curvedConnector3
curvedConnector4 curvedConnector5 callout1 callout2 callout3
accentCallout1 accentCallout2 accentCallout3 borderCallout1 borderCallout2 borderCallout3
accentBorderCallout1 accentBorderCallout2 accentBorderCallout3
wedgeRectCallout wedgeRoundRectCallout wedgeEllipseCallout cloudCallout
cloud ribbon ribbon2 ellipseRibbon ellipseRibbon2 leftRightRibbon
verticalScroll horizontalScroll wave doubleWave plus
flowChartProcess flowChartDecision flowChartInputOutput flowChartPredefinedProcess
flowChartInternalStorage flowChartDocument flowChartMultidocument flowChartTerminator
flowChartPreparation flowChartManualInput flowChartManualOperation flowChartConnector
flowChartPunchedCard flowChartPunchedTape flowChartSummingJunction flowChartOr flowChartCollate
flowChartSort flowChartExtract flowChartMerge flowChartOfflineStorage flowChartOnlineStorage
flowChartMagneticTape flowChartMagneticDisk flowChartMagneticDrum flowChartDisplay
flowChartDelay flowChartAlternateProcess flowChartOffpageConnector actionButtonBlank
actionButtonHome actionButtonHelp actionButtonInformation actionButtonForwardNext
actionButtonBackPrevious actionButtonEnd actionButtonBeginning actionButtonReturn
actionButtonDocument actionButtonSound actionButtonMovie gear6 gear9 funnel
mathPlus mathMinus mathMultiply mathDivide mathEqual mathNotEqual
cornerTabs squareTabs plaqueTabs chartX chartStar chartPlus }
ST_SystemColorVal =
%w{ scrollBar background activeCaption inactiveCaption menu window windowFrame menuText
windowText captionText activeBorder inactiveBorder appWorkspace highlight highlightText
btnFace btnShadow grayText btnText inactiveCaptionText btnHighlight 3dDkShadow 3dLight
infoText infoBk hotLight gradientActiveCaption gradientInactiveCaption menuHighlight menuBar }
ST_SchemeColorVal =
%w{ bg1 tx1 bg2 tx2 accent1 accent2 accent3 accent4 accent5 accent6
hlink folHlink phClr dk1 lt1 dk2 lt2 }
ST_PresetColorVal =
%w{ aliceBlue antiqueWhite aqua aquamarine azure beige bisque black blanchedAlmond blue blueViolet
brown burlyWood cadetBlue chartreuse chocolate coral cornflowerBlue cornsilk crimson cyan
dkBlue dkCyan dkGoldenrod dkGray dkGreen dkKhaki dkMagenta dkOliveGreen dkOrange
dkOrchid dkRed dkSalmon dkSeaGreen dkSlateBlue dkSlateGray dkTurquoise dkViolet
deepPink deepSkyBlue dimGray dodgerBlue firebrick floralWhite forestGreen fuchsia
gainsboro ghostWhite gold goldenrod gray green greenYellow honeydew hotPink indianRed
indigo ivory khaki lavender lavenderBlush lawnGreen lemonChiffon ltBlue ltCoral
ltCyan ltGoldenrodYellow ltGray ltGreen ltPink ltSalmon ltSeaGreen ltSkyBlue
ltSlateGray ltSteelBlue ltYellow lime limeGreen linen magenta maroon
medAquamarine medBlue medOrchid medPurple medSeaGreen medSlateBlue medSpringGreen
medTurquoise medVioletRed midnightBlue mintCream mistyRose moccasin navajoWhite
navy oldLace olive oliveDrab orange orangeRed orchid paleGoldenrod paleGreen
paleTurquoise paleVioletRed papayaWhip peachPuff peru pink plum powderBlue purple
red rosyBrown royalBlue saddleBrown salmon sandyBrown seaGreen seaShell sienna
silver skyBlue slateBlue slateGray snow springGreen steelBlue tan teal thistle
tomato turquoise violet wheat white whiteSmoke yellow yellowGreen }
ST_PathFillMode =
%w{ none norm lighten lightenLess darken darkenLess }
ST_TextVertOverflowType =
%w{ overflow ellipsis clip }
ST_TextHorzOverflowType =
%w{ overflow clip }
ST_TextVerticalType =
%w{ horz vert vert270 wordArtVert eaVert mongolianVert wordArtVertRtl }
ST_TextWrappingType =
%w{ none square }
ST_TextAnchoringType =
%w{ t ctr b just dist }
ST_TextShapeType =
%w{ textNoShape textPlain textStop textTriangle textTriangleInverted textChevron
textChevronInverted textRingInside textRingOutside textArchUp textArchDown
textCircle textButton textArchUpPour textArchDownPour textCirclePour textButtonPour
textCurveUp textCurveDown textCanUp textCanDown textWave1 textWave2 textDoubleWave1
textWave4 textInflate textDeflate textInflateBottom textDeflateBottom textInflateTop
textDeflateTop textDeflateInflate textDeflateInflateDeflate textFadeRight
textFadeLeft textFadeUp textFadeDown textSlantUp textSlantDown
textCascadeUp textCascadeDown }
ST_PresetMaterialType =
%w{ legacyMatte legacyPlastic legacyMetal legacyWireframe matte plastic metal
warmMatte translucentPowder powder dkEdge softEdge clear flat softmetal }
ST_BevelPresetType =
%w{ relaxedInset circle slope cross angle softRound convex
coolSlant divot riblet hardEdge artDeco }
ST_LineEndType =
%w{ none triangle stealth diamond oval arrow }
ST_LineEndWidth =
%w{ sm med lg }
ST_LineEndLength =
%w{ sm med lg }
ST_PresetLineDashVal =
%w{ solid dot dash lgDash dashDot lgDashDot lgDashDotDot
sysDash sysDot sysDashDot sysDashDotDot }
ST_TileFlipMode =
%w{ none x y xy }
ST_PathShadeType =
%w{ shape circle rect }
ST_PresetPatternVal =
%w{ pct5 pct10 pct20 pct25 pct30 pct40 pct50 pct60 pct70 pct75 pct80 pct90
horz vert ltHorz ltVert dkHorz dkVert narHorz narVert dashHorz dashVert
cross dnDiag upDiag ltDnDiag ltUpDiag dkDnDiag dkUpDiag
wdDnDiag wdUpDiag dashDnDiag dashUpDiag diagCross smCheck lgCheck
smGrid lgGrid dotGrid smConfetti lgConfetti horzBrick diagBrick
solidDmnd openDmnd dotDmnd plaid sphere weave divot shingle wave trellis zigZag }
ST_RectAlignment =
%w{ tl t tr l ctr r bl b br }
ST_BlipCompression =
%w{ email screen print hqprint none }
ST_ColorSchemeIndex =
%w{ dk1 lt1 dk2 lt2 accent1 accent2 accent3 accent4 accent5 accent6 hlink folHlink }
ST_FontCollectionIndex =
%w{ major minor none }
ST_BlendMode =
%w{ over mult screen darken lighten }
ST_PresetCameraType =
%w{ legacyObliqueTopLeft legacyObliqueTop legacyObliqueTopRight legacyObliqueLeft
legacyObliqueFront legacyObliqueRight legacyObliqueBottomLeft legacyObliqueBottom
legacyObliqueBottomRight legacyPerspectiveTopLeft legacyPerspectiveTop
legacyPerspectiveTopRight legacyPerspectiveLeft legacyPerspectiveFront
legacyPerspectiveRight legacyPerspectiveBottomLeft legacyPerspectiveBottom
legacyPerspectiveBottomRight orthographicFront isometricTopUp isometricTopDown
isometricBottomUp isometricBottomDown isometricLeftUp isometricLeftDown
isometricRightUp isometricRightDown isometricOffAxis1Left isometricOffAxis1Right
isometricOffAxis1Top isometricOffAxis2Left isometricOffAxis2Right isometricOffAxis2Top
isometricOffAxis3Left isometricOffAxis3Right isometricOffAxis3Bottom
isometricOffAxis4Left isometricOffAxis4Right isometricOffAxis4Bottom
obliqueTopLeft obliqueTop obliqueTopRight obliqueLeft obliqueRight obliqueBottomLeft
obliqueBottom obliqueBottomRight perspectiveFront perspectiveLeft perspectiveRight
perspectiveAbove perspectiveBelow perspectiveAboveLeftFacing perspectiveAboveRightFacing
perspectiveContrastingLeftFacing perspectiveContrastingRightFacing
perspectiveHeroicLeftFacing perspectiveHeroicRightFacing
perspectiveHeroicExtremeLeftFacing perspectiveHeroicExtremeRightFacing
perspectiveRelaxed perspectiveRelaxedModerately }
ST_LightRigType =
%w{ legacyFlat1 legacyFlat2 legacyFlat3 legacyFlat4 legacyNormal1 legacyNormal2
legacyNormal3 legacyNormal4 legacyHarsh1 legacyHarsh2 legacyHarsh3 legacyHarsh4
threePt balanced soft harsh flood contrasting morning sunrise sunset chilly
freezing flat twoPt glow brightRoom }
ST_LightRigDirection =
%w{ tl t tr l ctr r bl b br }
ST_EffectContainerType =
%w{ sib tree }
ST_PresetShadowVal =
%w{ shdw1 shdw2 shdw3 shdw4 shdw5 shdw6 shdw7 shdw8 shdw9 shdw10
shdw11 shdw12 shdw13 shdw14 shdw15 shdw16 shdw17 shdw18 shdw19 shdw20 }
ST_TextTabAlignType =
%w{ l ctr r dec }
ST_TextAutonumberScheme =
%w{ alphaLcParenBoth alphaUcParenBoth alphaLcParenR alphaUcParenR
alphaLcPeriod alphaUcPeriod arabicParenBoth arabicParenR arabicPeriod arabicPlain
romanLcParenBoth romanUcParenBoth romanLcParenR romanUcParenR
romanLcPeriod romanUcPeriod circleNumDbPlain circleNumWdBlackPlain
circleNumWdWhitePlain arabicDbPeriod arabicDbPlain ea1ChsPeriod ea1ChsPlain
ea1ChtPeriod ea1ChtPlain ea1JpnChsDbPeriod ea1JpnKorPlain ea1JpnKorPeriod
arabic1Minus arabic2Minus hebrew2Minus thaiAlphaPeriod thaiAlphaParenR
thaiAlphaParenBoth thaiNumPeriod thaiNumParenR thaiNumParenBoth hindiAlphaPeriod
hindiNumPeriod hindiNumParenR hindiAlpha1Period }
ST_TextAlignType =
%w{ l ctr r just justLow dist thaiDist }
ST_TextFontAlignType =
%w{ auto t ctr base b }
ST_LineCap =
%w{ rnd sq flat }
ST_CompoundLine =
%w{ sng dbl thickThin thinThick tri }
ST_PenAlignment =
%w{ ctr in }
ST_TextUnderlineType =
%w{ none words sng dbl heavy dotted dottedHeavy dash dashHeavy dashLong dashLongHeavy
dotDash dotDashHeavy dotDotDash dotDotDashHeavy wavy wavyHeavy wavyDbl }
ST_UnderlineValues =
%w{ single double singleAccounting doubleAccounting none }
ST_TextStrikeType =
%w{ noStrike sngStrike dblStrike }
ST_TextCapsType =
%w{ none small all }
ST_UnsignedIntHex =
ST_UnsignedShortHex =
ST_Xstring =

length = 2

ST_GrowShrinkType =

Query Tables

%w{ insertDelete insertClear overwriteClear }
ST_CredMethod =


%w{ integrated none stored prompt }
ST_ParameterType =
%w{ prompt value cell }
ST_FileType =
%w{ mac win dos }
ST_Qualifier =
%w{ doubleQuote singleQuote none }
ST_ExternalConnectionType =
%w{ general text MDY DMY YMD MYD DYM YDM skip EMD }
ST_HtmlFmt =
%w{ none rtf all }
@@suppress_warnings =

Class Method Summary collapse

Class Method Details

.from_root(path) ⇒ Object

Convert any path passed to absolute path (within the XLSX file).

# File 'lib/rubyXL.rb', line 8

def self.from_root(path)
  return path unless path.absolute?