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Yet another ruby mpd client.

It does not really provide you some object model for interacting with MPD. Mostly it's just collection of MPD commands with different names.

There's MPD::Connection wrapper over Socket, MPD::ServerResponse - string with some useful methods, MPD::Playlist - verypoor abstraction over song list and MPD::Commands module that contains all implemented commands.

See on rubydoc.


gem 'ruby-mpd-client'


require 'ruby-mpd-client' 'localhost') # :host can be ommited

# to use one connection
conn = 'localhost', port: 6600)
conn.gets # first MPD response is always "OK <version>\n" conn).execute conn).execute

For available commands see MPD::Comands subclasses on


I guess your contribution would be a some command implementation or some models better than MPD::Playlist and MPD::Song. Feel free to create pull requests, issues or contact me.

Link to github repo


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.