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The match_affix plugin allows changing the default prefix and suffix used for match patterns. Roda’s default behavior for a match pattern like "albums" is to use the pattern /\A\/(?:albums)(?=\/|\z)/. This prefixes the pattern with / and suffixes it with (?=\/|\z). With the match_affix plugin, you can change the prefix and suffix to use. So if you want to be explicit and require a leading / in patterns, you can set the prefix to "". If you want to consume a trailing slash instead of leaving it, you can set the suffix to (\/|\z).

You set the prefix and suffix to use by passing arguments when loading the plugin:

plugin :match_affix, ""

will load the plugin and use an empty prefix (instead of a slash).

plugin :match_affix, "", /(\/|\z)/

will use an empty prefix and change the suffix to consume a trailing slash.

plugin :match_affix, nil, /(?:\/\z|(?=\/|\z))/

will not modify the prefix and will change the suffix so that it consumes a trailing slash at the end of the path only.

This plugin automatically loads the placeholder_string_matchers plugin.

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Modules: RequestClassMethods, RequestMethods

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.configure(app, prefix, suffix = nil) ⇒ Object

Set the default prefix and suffix to use in match patterns, if a non-nil value is given.

# File 'lib/roda/plugins/match_affix.rb', line 37

def self.configure(app, prefix, suffix=nil)
  app.opts[:match_prefix] = prefix if prefix
  app.opts[:match_suffix] = suffix if suffix

.load_dependencies(app, _prefix, _suffix = nil) ⇒ Object

# File 'lib/roda/plugins/match_affix.rb', line 31

def self.load_dependencies(app, _prefix, _suffix=nil)
  app.plugin :placeholder_string_matchers