Class: OrigenTesters::SmartestBasedTester::Base::TestMethods::DcTml

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  continuity:        {
    pinlist:               [:string, '@'],
    test_current:          [:current, 10.uA],
    settling_time:         [:time,],
    measurement_mode:      [:string, 'PPMUpar', %w(PPMUpar ProgLoad)],
    polarity:              [:string, 'SPOL', %w(SPOL BPOL)],
    precharge_to_zero_vol: [:string, 'ON', %w(ON OFF)],
    test_name:             [:string, 'passVolt_mv'],
    output:                [:string, 'None', %w(None ReportUI ShowFailOnly)]
  dps_connectivity:  {
    dps_pins:  [:string, '@'],
    test_name: [:string, 'DPS_ForceSense'],
    output:    [:string, 'None', %w(None ReportUI ShowFailOnly)]
  dps_status:        {
    dps_pins:         [:string, '@'],
    constant_current: [:string, 'OFF', %w(ON OFF)],
    unregulated:      [:string, 'OFF', %w(ON OFF)],
    over_voltage:     [:string, 'OFF', %w(ON OFF)],
    over_power_temp:  [:string, 'OFF', %w(ON OFF)],
    test_name:        [:string, 'DPS_Status'],
    output:           [:string, 'None', %w(None ReportUI ShowFailOnly)]
  dvm:               {
    class_name:    'DVM',
    pinlist:       [:string, '@'],
    settling_time: [:time, 0],
    measure_mode:  [:string, 'PPMUpar', %w(PPMUpar ProgLoad)],
    test_name:     [:string, 'passVoltageLimit_mV'],
    output:        [:string, 'None', %w(None ReportUI ShowFailOnly)]
  general_pmu:       {
    class_name:        'GeneralPMU',
    pinlist:           [:string, '@'],
    force_mode:        [:string, 'VOLT', %w(VOLT CURR)],
    force_value:       [:force_mode, 3800.mV],
    spmu_clamp:        [:force_modeb, 0],
    precharge:         [:string, 'OFF', %w(ON OFF)],
    precharge_voltage: [:voltage, 0],
    settling_time:     [:time, 0],
    tester_state:      [:string, 'CONNECTED', %w(CONNECTED DISCONNECTED UNCHANGED)],
    termination:       [:string, 'OFF', %w(ON OFF)],
    measure_mode:      [:string, 'PPMUpar', %w(PPMUpar PPMUser SPMUser)],
    relay_switch_mode: [:string, 'DEFAULT(BBM)', ['DEFAULT(BBM)', 'BBM', 'MBB', 'PARALLEL']],
    ppmu_clamp_low:    [:voltage, 0],
    ppmu_clamp_high:   [:voltage, 0],
    output:            [:string, 'None', %w(None ReportUI ShowFailOnly)],
    test_name:         [:string, 'passLimit_uA_mV']
  high_z:            {
    pinlist:           [:string, '@'],
    force_voltage:     [:voltage, 2500.mV],
    settling_time:     [:time, 0],
    relay_switch_mode: [:string, 'DEFAULT(BBM)', ['DEFAULT(BBM)', 'BBM', 'MBB', 'PARALLEL']],
    test_name:         [:string, 'passCurrent_uA'],
    output:            [:string, 'None', %w(None ReportUI ShowFailOnly)]
  leakage:           {
    pinlist:                         [:string, '@'],
    measure:                         [:string, 'BOTH', %w(BOTH LOW HIGH)],
    force_voltage_low:               [:voltage, 400.mV],
    force_voltage_high:              [:voltage, 3800.mV],
    spmu_clamp_current_low:          [:current, 0],
    spmu_clamp_current_high:         [:current, 0],
    ppmu_pre_charge:                 [:string, 'ON', %w(ON OFF)],
    precharge_voltage_low:           [:voltage, 0],
    precharge_voltage_high:          [:voltage, 0],
    settling_time_low:               [:time, 0],
    settling_time_high:              [:time, 0],
    pre_function:                    [:string, 'NO', %w(NO ALL ToStopVEC ToStopCYC)],
    control_test_num_off_functional: [:string, 'NO', %w(NO ALL ToStopVEC ToStopCYC)],
    stop_cyc_vec_low:                [:integer, 0],
    stop_cyc_vec_high:               [:integer, 0],
    measure_mode:                    [:string, 'PPMUpar', %w(PPMUpar PPMUser SPMUser)],
    relay_switch_mode:               [:string, 'DEFAULT(BBM)', ['DEFAULT(BBM)', 'BBM', 'MBB', 'PARALLEL']],
    test_name:                       [:string, '(passCurrentLow_uA,passCurrentHigh_uA)'],
    output:                          [:string, 'None', %w(None ReportUI ShowFailOnly)]
  operating_current: {
    dps_pins:    [:string, '@'],
    samples:     [:integer, 4],
    delay_time:  [:time, 0],
    termination: [:string, 'OFF', %w(ON OFF)],
    test_name:   [:string, 'passCurrLimit_uA'],
    output:      [:string, 'None', %w(None ReportUI ShowFailOnly)]
  output_dc:         {
    class_name:              'OutputDC',
    pinlist:                 [:string, ''],
    mode:                    [:string, 'PROGRAMLOAD', %w(PROGRAMLOAD, PPMU SPMU PPMUTERM SPMUTERM)],
    measure_level:           [:string, 'BOTH', %(BOTH LOW HIGH)],
    force_current_low:       [:current, 0],
    force_current_high:      [:current, 0],
    max_pass_low:            [:voltage, 0],
    min_pass_low:            [:voltage, 0],
    max_pass_high:           [:voltage, 0],
    min_pass_high:           [:voltage, 0],
    settling_time_low:       [:time, 0],
    settling_time_high:      [:time, 0],
    spmu_clamp_voltage_low:  [:voltage, 0],
    spmu_clamp_voltage_high: [:voltage, 0],
    vector_range:            [:string, ''],
    test_name:               [:string, '(OutputDC_LowLevel[V],OutputDC_HighLevel[V])'],
    output:                  [:string, 'None', %w(None ReportUI ShowFailOnly)]
  production_iddq:   {
    dps_pins:                       [:string, 'Vee'],
    disconnect_pins:                [:string, ''],
    settling_time:                  [:time, 0],
    stop_mode:                      [:string, 'ToStopVEC', %w(ToStopVEC ToStopCYC)],
    str_stop_vec_cyc_num:           [:string, ''],
    samples:                        [:integer, 16],
    check_functional:               [:string, 'ON', %w(ON OFF)],
    control_test_num_of_functional: [:string, 'OFF', %w(ON OFF)],
    ganged_mode:                    [:string, 'OFF', %w(ON OFF)],
    test_name:                      [:string, 'passCurrLimit_uA'],
    output:                         [:string, 'None', %w(None ReportUI ShowFailOnly)]
  standby_current:   {
    dps_pins:      [:string, '@'],
    samples:       [:integer, 16],
    termination:   [:string, 'OFF', %w(ON OFF)],
    settling_time: [:time, 0],
    test_name:     [:string, 'passCurrLimit_uA'],
    output:        [:string, 'None', %w(None ReportUI ShowFailOnly)]

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# File 'lib/origen_testers/smartest_based_tester/base/test_methods/dc_tml.rb', line 136

def dc_test


# File 'lib/origen_testers/smartest_based_tester/base/test_methods/dc_tml.rb', line 140

def klass