LaunchDarkly SSE Client for Ruby

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A client for the Server-Sent Events protocol. This implementation runs on a worker thread, and uses the socketry gem to manage a persistent connection. Its primary purpose is to support the LaunchDarkly SDK for Ruby, but it can be used independently.

Parts of this code are based on, but it does not use Celluloid.

Supported Ruby versions

This gem has a minimum Ruby version of 2.2.6, or 9.1.6 for JRuby.

Quick setup

  1. Install the Ruby SDK with gem:
gem install ld-eventsource
  1. Import the code:
require 'ld-eventsource'
  1. Create a new SSE client instance and register your event handler:
sse_client ="http://hostname/resource/path") do |client|
  client.on_event do |event|
    puts "I received an event: #{event.type}, #{}"

For other options available with the Client constructor, see the API documentation.


We welcome questions, suggestions, and pull requests at our Github repository. Pull requests should be done from a fork.