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.override_methods(target_module, override_methods_module, feature_name, method_names) ⇒ Object

This is Fortitude’s way of maintaining compatibility both with Ruby < 2.0 (no support for Module#prepend) and Ruby 2.0 and later (alias_method_chain is deprecated). Here’s how it works:

  • For a method 'foo' that you want to override using a 'feature name' of bar, you define a method called 'foo_uniwith_bar' – but not in the target module or class (containing the method to be overridden); rather, it must be in a separate Module, and, importantly, not one that you have already Module#include'd into the target module or class. This method has the same signature as the original, except that it also takes, as a first parameter, a #call'able object (typically a Proc or lambda) that represents the original, un-overridden method. You use this, instead of calling 'foo_without_bar' or 'super', in order to invoke the original method.

  • You then call Fortitude::MethodOverriding.override_methods. target_module is the module containing the method you want to override, override_methods_module is the module containing your overriding method ('foo_uniwith_bar'), feature_name is the name of the feature you're using ('bar'), and method_names is an Array of Symbols, each of which is the name of a method you want to override (e.g., 'foo').

This class then performs the appropriate logic to use 'alias_method_chain' or Module#prepend appropriately.

One exception: using Module#prepend seems to cause Fortitude all kinds of problems with JRuby (as of this writing, the latest version of JRuby). In particular, you get things like a java.lang.BootstrapMethodError at “require at org/jruby/”, and various java.lang.StackOverflowErrors that seem to make no sense at all – and if you use alias_method_chain instead, everything seems to work perfectly. As a result, we currently fall back to using alias_method_chain on JRuby. (You only get deprecation warnings with this when running with Rails 5, which is not yet supported by JRuby anyway, at least as of this writing.)

# File 'lib/fortitude/support/method_overriding.rb', line 27

def override_methods(target_module, override_methods_module, feature_name, method_names)
  if RUBY_VERSION =~ /^2\./ && (! ((RUBY_ENGINE || '').to_s.downcase.strip == 'jruby'))
    override_methods_using_prepend(target_module, override_methods_module, feature_name, method_names)
    override_methods_using_alias_method_chain(target_module, override_methods_module, feature_name, method_names)