Multiple projects

As of Cukable version 0.1.2, you can run tests in multiple project directories. For example, you may have two applications that you want to test with Cukable:

  • /home/eric/projects/A: First application you want to test
  • /home/eric/projects/B: Second application you want to test
  • /home/eric/projects/FitNesseRoot: Where your wiki is stored

Projects A and B may have different dependencies, and you want Cukable to mimic the process of running cucumber within each of those directories. If A and B are Rails applications, and you know what's good for you, you're already using bundler to manage each application's gem dependencies, and RVM with two distinct gemsets to keep the projects' dependencies from interfering with one another. This is what Cukable expects that you are doing.

In your wiki pages (either in a Cuke table, or in the accelerate function call), you can pass a third argument (after CUCUMBER_ARGS) that indicates the directory where that test should be executed. For instance, you could have a wiki page with two tests--one for each project:

!| Table: Cuke | | /home/eric/projects/A |
| When I run a test on project A         |
| Then the test should pass              |

!| Table: Cuke | | /home/eric/projects/B   |
| When I run a different test on project B |
| Then the test should pass                |

These two tests will be executed in their respective directories. If the two applications have differing gem dependencies, you should put an .rvmrc file in both the A and B directories, containing the correct rvm command to switch gemsets; if Cukable finds an .rvmrc in a project directory, it will be sourced so that Cucumber runs within the context of that gemset.

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