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Superclass for all Umlaut controllers, to hold default behavior, also hold global configuration. It's a superclass rather than a module, so we can use Rails 3 hieararchical superclass view lookup too if we want, for general umlaut views. And also so local app can over-ride methods here once, and have it apply to all Umlaut controllers. But there's not much magic in here or anything, the common behavior is ordinary methods available to be called, mostly.

This class is copied into the local app – the default implementation does nothing but 'include Umlaut::ControllerBehavior'

You will ordinarily set config here, and can also over-ride methods from Umlaut::ControllerBehavior if desired. Or add additional helpers to over-ride Umlaut helpers if needed.

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Methods included from Umlaut::ControllerBehavior

#default_url_options, #set_locale

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