Module: I18n::Backend::Gettext

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Experimental support for using Gettext po files to store translations.

To use this you can simply include the module to the Simple backend - or whatever other backend you are using.


Now you should be able to include your Gettext translation (*.po) files to the I18n.load_path so they’re loaded to the backend and you can use them as usual:

I18n.load_path += Dir["path/to/locales/*.po"]

Following the Gettext convention this implementation expects that your translation files are named by their locales. E.g. the file en.po would contain the translations for the English locale.

To translate text you must use one of the translate methods provided by I18n::Gettext::Helpers.

include I18n::Gettext::Helpers
puts _("some string")

Without it strings containing periods (“.”) will not be translated.

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