The Live Coding Synth for Everyone.

Sonic Pi is a new kind of musical instrument. Instead of strumming strings or whacking things with sticks - you write code - live.

Sonic Pi has been designed with the aim to find a harmonious balance between three core principles:

  • Simple enough for the 10 year old within you
  • Joyful enough for you to lose yourself through play
  • Powerful enough for your own expressions

Sonic Pi is a complete open source programming environment originally designed to explore and teach programming concepts within schools through the process of creating new sounds.

In addition to being an engaging education resource it has evolved into an extremely powerful and performance-ready live coding instrument suitable for professional artists and DJs.

Whilst Education is a core focus it now sits at the intersection between three core domains:

  • Art - providing the means to express yourself and ask new questions of music and notation
  • Technology - exploring questions related to liveness, time and concurrency in programming languages
  • Education - demonstrating that open play rather than rigid structures increases motivation and engagement in the classroom

Again, finding a balance working to the best benefits of all these domains is the objective.


Sonic Pi has been developed within the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge with kind support from the Raspberry Pi Foundation and the Broadcom Foundation.


Sonic Pi's built in tutorial has been translated into several languages thanks to the awesome work of the following contributors.

- Language Status Maintainer Contributors
:fr: French merged @echevresm, @nicoder, @SergeStinckwich
:de: German merged @hzulla, G. Martin Butz, @hztirf, @mbutz, @wwerner, @st01c
:jp: Japanese merged @keikomachiya
:pl: Polish merged @hopbit @hopbit, @nurkiewicz
:it: Italian in progress @marco-giordano
:ru: Russian in progress @RomanSaveljev, @dcromster
:pt: Portuguese in progress @SiIky
:sp: Spanish in progress @merongivian, @thraex41
:nl: Dutch in progress @DuchessFounder @DuchessFounder, @PrisDiest
:gr: Greek in progress @aspra @aspra

Would you like to contribute a translation too? If so, please take a look at our translation docs to get started. Additionally here you can find translations (i18n) related issues.

Information for developers

Sonic Pi is under active development, and welcomes new contributors: