Changelog for Spira


  • General updates to bring up to date.


  • Implemented #validate, #validate! (refactored from #save!)
  • Force to_a on query results when constructing to force the promise-like semantics of SPARQL::Client


  • Bumped the version dependency on rdf-isomorphic to 0.3.0
  • Added support for before_create, after_create, before_save, after_save, after_update, before_destroy and after_destroy hooks.
  • Switch RDF.rb dependency to >= instead of ~>


  • Use RDF::URI.intern on URIs generated via base URIs
  • Added a Spira::Types::Native, which will return the RDF::Value for a given predicate directly without any serialization or dserialization.


  • Fix a bug with Spira::Types::Any that prevented blank node objects
  • Added Spira::Resource#copy, #copy!, #copy_resource!, and #rename!
  • Fix a bug with fragment RDF::URI arguments that prevented correct URI construction
  • Added Spira::Resource.project(subject, attributes, &block), which creates a new instance without attempting to perform any base_uri logic on the given subject. This provides a supported API entry point for implementors to create their own domain-specific URI construction.
  • Updating a value to nil will now remove it from the repository on #save!
  • Tweaks to dirty tracking to correctly catch both changed and updated values. All tests pass for the first time with this change.
  • Change gemspec name to work with bundler


  • Remove type checking for repository addition. More power in return for slightly more difficult error messages.
  • Repositories added via klass, *arg are now only instantiated on first use instead of immediately.
  • RDF::URI#as, RDF::Node#as, Resource.for, and Resource#new can now all accept a block, which yields the new instance and saves it after the block.
  • Clarify error message when default repository is not setup
  • Added a weak-reference identity map for each instance. Any circular references in relations will now return the original object instead of querying for a new one.
  • Use a weak-reference identity map when iterating by class.
  • When serializing/unserializing, duck typing (:serialize, :unserialize) is now permitted.


  • Added Resource.[], an alias for Resource.for
  • Resource.each now correctly raises an exception when a repository isn't found


  • Added #exists?, which returns a boolean if an instance exists in the backing store.
  • Added #data, which returns an enumerator of all RDF data for a subject, not just model data.
  • #save! and #update! now return self for chaining
  • Implemented #update and #update!, which allow setting multiple properties at once
  • Existing values not matching a model's defined type will now be deleted on #save!
  • Saving resources will now only update dirty fields
  • Saving resources now removes all existing triples for a given predicate if the field was updated instead of only removing one.
  • Implemented and documented #destroy!, #destroy!(:subject), #destroy!(:object), and #destroy!(:completely). Removed #destroy_resource!
  • has_many collections are now Sets and not Arrays, more accurately reflecting RDF semantics.
  • The Any (default) property type will now work fine with URIs
  • Added ResourceDeclarationError to replace various errors that occur during invalid class declarations via the DSL.
  • Raise an error if a non-URI predicate is given in the DSL
  • Small updates for RDF.rb 0.2.0
  • Implemented dirty field tracking. Resource#dirty?(:name) will now report if a field has not been saved.


  • Relations can now find related classes in modules, either by absolute reference, or by class name if they are in the same namespace.
  • Fix a bug with default_vocabulary in which a '/' was appended to vocabularies ending in '#'
  • Fix a bug with the Decimal type where round-tripping was incorrect
  • Fix some error messages that were missing closing parentheses


  • Added a Decimal type
  • Small updates for RDF.rb 0.2.0 compatibility
  • Add a Spira::Base class that can be inherited from for users who prefer to inherit rather than include.
  • Resource#new returns to the public API as a way to create a resource with a new blank node subject.


  • Bumped promise dependency to 0.1.1 to fix a Ruby 1.9 warning
  • Rework error handling when a repository is not configured; this should always now raise a Spira::NoRepositoryError regardless of what operation was attempted, and the error message was improved as well.
  • A '/' is no longer appended to base URIs ending with a '#'
  • Resources can now take a BNode as a subject. Implemented #node?, #uri, #to_uri, #to_node, and #to_subject in support of this; see the yardocs for exact semantics. RDF::Node is monkey patched with #as, just like RDF::URI, for instantiation. Old code should not break, but if you want to add BNodes, you may be using #uri where you want to now be using #subject.


  • Implemented #each on resource classes, allowing classes with a defined RDF type to be enumerated
  • Fragment URIs are now used as strings, allowing i.e. Integers to be used as the final portion of a URI for classes with a base_uri defined.
  • Added an RDF::URI property type
  • Implemented #to_rdf and #to_uri for increased compatibility with the RDF.rb ecosystem


  • Initial release