5.0.0 [unreleased]

4.0.2 [21 May 2018]

4.0.1 [24 October 2017]

4.0.0 [29 September 2017]

3.0.6 [2 October 2017]

3.0.5 [23 November 2016]

3.0.4 [17 July 2016]

3.0.3 [27 April 2016]

3.0.2 [16 March 2016]

3.0.1 [26 January 2016]

3.0.0 [19 September 2015]

2.1.4 [28 October 2014]

2.1.3 [5 September 2014]

2.1.2 [14 March 2014]

  • Fixed bug where load_valid_templates wasn't called for create action and caused an exception when creating a new page and saving it with a blank title. #2517. Uģis Ozols
  • Fixed bug where adding a link for a translated page via wymeditor it wasn't localised. Also updated the regex for switch_locale to match hyphenated language code, e.g. zh-CN or pt-BR. #2533. Daniel Brooker
  • See full list

2.1.1 [26 November 2013]

  • Fixed menu reordering bug when Refinery::Core.backend_route was set to something different than refinery. #2368. xyz
  • Fixed bug in serializelist.js where we were iterating through object fields instead of the array elements. #2360. Uģis Ozols
  • Bumped selenium-webdriver gem dependency version to ~> 2.34.0.
  • Fixed bug which occurred when trying to save a child page with no default translation. #2379. Jess Brown & Uģis Ozols
  • Upgraded Globalize dependency to ~> 3.0.1. #2462. Chris Salzberg
  • See full list

2.1.0 [5 August 2013]

2.0.11 [unreleased]

2.0.10 [15 March 2013]

2.0.9 [21 November 2012]

  • Allowed extra parameters to be passed when creating image. #1914. tbuyle
  • Added usage instructions to refinerycms executable. #1931. Uģis Ozols & Philip Arndt.
  • Disabled page caching when logged in to prevent caching the sitebar. #1609. Johan Frolich
  • Fixed problems with refinery:engine generator and namespacing. #1888. David J. Brenes
  • Fixed extension/form generator issue when using --pretend option. #1916. Uģis Ozols
  • Fixed new resource insertion in custom extensions which use resource picker. #1948. Marek
  • Fixed save and continue and preview functionality in pages extension when title was changed. #1944. tsemana
  • Fixed html stripping bug when editing pages. #1891. Uģis Ozols
  • Fixed pagination in existing image/resource partial after uploading new image/resource. #1970. Uģis Ozols
  • Added check to extension generator which checks if extension specified by --extension option actually exist. #1967. Uģis Ozols
  • Removed everything that was related to Refinery::Page#invalidate_cached_urls because it was redundant and there already is a code that takes care of deleting cache. #1998. Uģis Ozols
  • See full list

2.0.8 [17 August 2012]

2.0.7 [16 August 2012]

  • Fixed a bug with nested reordering that would shuffle any set with 11 or more entities. #1882. Rob Yurkowski

2.0.6 [6 August 2012]

  • Added Refinery::Page#canonical_slug to allow us to retrieve a consistent slug across multiple translations of a page. Useful for CSS selectors. #1457. Philip Arndt
  • Fixed bug with 404 page not honoring custom view/layout template. #1746. Uģis Ozols
  • Renamed all templates in generators which contained erb to *.rb.erb. #1750. Uģis Ozols
  • Fixed page reorder issue on Ruby 1.8.x. #1585. Uģis Ozols & Philip Arndt.
  • Allowed to override presenters using rake refinery:override. #1790. Kevin Bullock.
  • Fixed issue with saving settings in generated form extension by completely rewriting settings controller. #1817. Uģis Ozols
  • Removed Refinery::Page#title_with_meta in favour of view helpers. #1847. Philip Arndt

2.0.5 [11 June 2012]

  • Now extension/form generators will add all attributes to attr_accessible. #1613. Uģis Ozols
  • Fixed a bug where refinerycms-images was trying to load refinerycms-resources. #1651. Philip Arndt
  • Use new page part names (:body, :side_body) when generating extensions. Uģis Ozols
  • Now extension generator will merge two seeds file in case user generates multiple resources for one extension. #1532. Uģis Ozols
  • Fix refinery:override bug where it won't match js files with more than one extension. #1685. Uģis Ozols and Philip Arndt
  • Now refinerycms-images and refinerycms-resources will inherit the s3_region configuration from refinerycms-core. #1687. Julien Palmas
  • Fixed dashboard bug where it wasn't producing proper links for nested pages. #1696. Philip Arndt
  • Match only &dialog, ?dialog, &width, ?width, &height and ?height in dialog querystrings. #1397. Philip Arndt
  • Added multiple language support (specified by Refinery::I18n.frontend_locales) in Refinery::Page seeds file. #1694. Ole Reifschneider
  • Added Refinery::Page#canonical support which allows multiple translations to have one canonical version. Philip Arndt
  • Usernames are validated case insensitively to ensure true uniqueness. #1703. Philip Arndt
  • Fixed bug with template selector for page where it would always default to parents template. #1710. Glenn Hoppe
  • Fixed and added tests for post-authentication redirect bug where a user would always be redirected to the admin root after successful auth. #1561. Alexander Wenzowski
  • Added session key check for unscoped return_to variable so that the key set by Refinery::Admin::BaseController#store_location? is respected after successful auth. #1728. Alexander Wenzowski
  • Fixed bug where flag icons in page listing couldn't be clicked due to expand/collapse event preventing it. #1741. Uģis Ozols

2.0.4 [14 May 2012]

2.0.3 [2 April 2012]

2.0.2 [15 March 2012]

  • Removed dependencies from refinerycms-testing that were just opinions and not necessary. Pete Higgins
  • Fixed missing Refinery::PagePart positions in seeds. Mark Stuart
  • Fixed issue with Rakefile template that gets generated into extensions. Uģis Ozols
  • Fixed issue where new page parts could not be added to a page. Uģis Ozols
  • Added missing initializer for the Authentication extension. Uģis Ozols
  • See full list

2.0.1 [6 March 2012]

2.0.0 [29 February 2012]

  • Remove jquery_include_tags helper in favor of using jquery from jquery-rails gem. Uģis Ozols
  • Finally removed Page#[] in favour of Page#content_for so instead of @page[:body] it's @page.content_for(:body). Philip Arndt
  • Moved everything under Refinery namespace. wakeless
  • Renamed RefinerySetting to Refinery::Setting. Philip Arndt
  • Added rails g refinery:form generator for form textensions. Philip Arndt
  • Moved /shared/* to /refinery/* instead, including /shared/admin/* to /refinery/admin/* as it makes more sense. Philip Arndt
  • vendor/engines is now vendor/extensions. Philip Arndt
  • Extensions are now generated with testing support built in via a dummy refinery installation. Jamie Winsor
  • Refinery is now mountable at a custom path. Uģis Ozols
  • See full list if you dare.
  • See explanation of changes.

1.0.9 [5 November 2011]

1.0.8 [1 September 2011]

  • refinerycms-core now depends on rails so that users of 1.0.x can be confident of the entire stack being present as before. Philip Arndt
  • No longer requiring autotest as a dependency of refinerycms-testing. Philip Arndt
  • Improved 'wrong rails version' error message on install with a more helpful guide on how to specify a rails version. Philip Arndt
  • See full list

1.0.7 [31 August 2011]

1.0.6 [31 August 2011]

  • Added support for Devise ~> 1.4.3. Philip Arndt
  • Removed dependency on Rails but added dependencies to its components, like activerecord, where they are used. Philip Arndt
  • See full list

1.0.5 [31 August 2011]

  • jQuery UI updated to 1.8.15 from 1.8.9. Uģis Ozols
  • Removed Duostack hosting option from the installer because the platform isn't online anymore. Philip Arndt
  • Fixed non raw output into noscript section of the backend. Philip Arndt
  • will_paginate updated to ~> 3.0.0 now that it has gone final. Uģis Ozols
  • See full list

1.0.4 [11 August 2011]

  • Added support for figuring out dimensions in resized images to image_fu. Philip Arndt and Joe Sak
  • Fixed issues installing Refinery due to lack of permissions to the gem directories. Philip Arndt
  • Added ability to specify a different database host in the bin/refinerycms installer. Philip Arndt
  • Lock will_paginate to 3.0.pre2 in core gemspec. Kris Forbes and Uģis Ozols
  • Patch required_label helper so it would pick up I18n model attribute translations. Uģis Ozols
  • See full list

1.0.3 [23 June 2011]

1.0.2 [23 June 2011]

1.0.1 [21 June 2011]

  • Added -t / --testing option to bin/refinerycms which adds refinerycms-testing support by default when installing. Philip Arndt
  • Set rails dependency to ~> 3.0.9. Philip Arndt
  • Re-enabled the magic s3_backend setting controlled by ENV variables. Philip Arndt
  • bin/refinerycms installer now generates rails using bundle exec so that you can have multiple Rails versions installed and they won't clash. Philip Arndt
  • Fixed problems with rcov and simplecov in Ruby 1.9.2. Joe Sak
  • Make the catch-all pages route for marketable URLs be controlled by the configuration switch. Kyle Wilkinson
  • See full list

1.0.0 [28 May 2011]

  • New ::Refinery::Menu API implemented which speeds up menu generation by many times. Philip Arndt
  • Removed caching from menu because it's so much faster now. Probably in future it will be added to ::Refinery::Menu itself in a transparent manner. Philip Arndt
  • Deprecated Page#[] in favour of Page#content_for e.g. instead of @page[:body] use @page.content_for(:body). Philip Arndt
  • Noisily deprecated many other features that still function in 1.0.0 but won't be present in 1.1.0. Philip Arndt
  • A hidden page can no longer mark the ancestor pages as selected in the menu. Philip Arndt
  • Rcov added to refinerycms-testing gem. Rodrigo Dominguez
  • See full list [22 May 2011]

  • Fixed issue introduced with rake 0.9.0. Philip Arndt
  • Improved menu performance again including update to awesome_nested_set 2.0. Philip Arndt and Mark Haylock
  • Supporting the new Google Analytics 'site speed' feature. David Jones
  • Implemented :translator role which allows a particular user access only to translate pages. Philip Arndt
  • Added support for Dragonfly 0.9.0 which uses the 'fog' gem. Jesper Hvirring Henriksen
  • Updated all refinery/admin.js functions to make use of 'initialised'. Mark Haylock
  • Using SEO form from seo_meta inside pages' advanced options rather than having it duplicated in the Refinery CMS codebase too. Uģis Ozols
  • See full list [03 May 2011]

  • Fixed issue with MySQL2 gem complaining about us being on Rails 3 by specifying '~> 0.2.7' in the Gemfile of a generated application. Philip Arndt
  • /registrations is now /users. Philip Arndt
  • Added Finnish translation. Veeti Paananen
  • Allowed data and data- attributes in WYMeditor tags using HTML view. Philip Arndt
  • See full list [28 April 2011] [22 April 2011] [16 April 2011]

  • Fixed a backward incompatibility. Josef Šimánek
  • Reduced calls to SHOW TABLES by updating friendly_id_globalize3. Philip Arndt
  • Switched /shared/_menu.html.erb and /shared/_menu_branch.html.erb away from render :partial with :collection, speeding up menu 12~15%. Philip Arndt
  • Fixed Refinery.root, Fixed generator templates, Added refinerycms-i18n generator to refinerycms generator if i18n is included. Mark Haylock
  • Bumped Rails dependency to ~> 3.0.7.rc2. Philip Arndt
  • See full list [15 April 2011] [7 April 2011]

  • Improved resource picker. Will Marshall
  • Improved robustness of Page#expire_page_caching for both ActiveSupport::Cache::FileStore and ActiveSupport::Cache::MemoryStore. Jeff Hall
  • Optimised index sizes on MySQL. Ruslan Doroshenko
  • Changed default cache store to :memory_store. Philip Arndt
  • rake db:migrate and rake db:rollback now works consistently when migrations from other engines are in the mix. Vaughn Draughon
  • Re-enable cache when logged in, this avoids slowdown of site when admin logged in. Mark Haylock
  • See full list [1 April 2011]

  • Fixed asset caching of files in public/stylesheets/. Sergio Cambra
  • All dependencies now have an absolute version dependency (e.g. '=' rather than '~>') to prevent Refinery auto-updating. Philip Arndt
  • See full list [31 March 2011]

  • Added refinery.before_inclusion for running extra functionality just before Refinery attaches to Rails. Philip Arndt
  • Renamed refinery.after_inclusion to refinery.after_inclusion to match refinery.before_inclusion. Philip Arndt
  • Moved meta tag responsibility to seo_meta library. Philip Arndt
  • Added HTML5 tag support to WYMeditor. Philip Arndt and Nick Hammond
  • See full list [28 March 2011]

  • Forcing password reset when migrating from older versions of Devise (sigh). Philip Arndt
  • Updated to refinerycms-i18n - please run rails generate refinerycms_i18n. Philip Arndt
  • See full list [27 March 2011]

  • Removed password_salt field from users table and comment out config.encryptor in config/initializers/devise.rb to handle update to devise 1.2.0. Uģis Ozols
  • See full list [24 March 2011]

  • Translated WYMeditor texts to Japanese. Hiro Asari
  • Supporting cucumber-rails 0.4.0. Philip Arndt
  • Added an option to link in the page_title enabling easier breadcrumbs. Sergio Cambra
  • Fixed support for asset_file_path in upcoming Rails 3.1. Philip Arndt
  • Updated copyright notice to include the current year. David Jones
  • Fixed site bar switch link. Philip Arndt
  • Added support for translating Javascript strings. Philip Arndt
  • Added refinery.on_attach for running extra functionality just after Refinery attaches to Rails. Functions similarly to config.to_prepare. Philip Arndt
  • See full list [17 March 2011] [15 March 2011]

  • Added Japanese translation. Hiro Asari
  • Improved menu rendering performance. Philip Arndt
  • Added caching to site menu and pages backend (DISABLED by default). Philip Arndt
  • Added Page#by_title to filter pages results by title using Page::Translation. Philip Arndt
  • Added migration to remove already translated fields from the pages table. Philip Arndt
  • See full list [11 March 2011] [10 March 2011]

  • Added :per_page option to crudify for overriding the number of items to display per page with will_paginate. Josef Šimánek
  • Deprecated rake refinery:update in favour of rails generate refinerycms --update. Philip Arndt
  • Added --skip-db option to bin/refinerycms installer which doesn't automate any database creation/migration and skips the rails generate refinerycms generator. Philip Arndt
  • Exchanged (help) links for the information.png 'refinery icon'. This will happen automatically if you used refinery_help_tag. Philip Arndt
  • Added xhr_paging as an option in crudify which handles the server-side usage of the HTML5 History API. Philip Arndt
  • Looser Bundler dependency (now ~> 1.0). Terence Lee
  • See full list [7 March 2011] [7 March 2011]

  • Added <div class='inner'> to _content_page for better control over CSS for each section. Please see 086abfcae2c83330346e28d1e40004cff8a27720 for what changed if this affects you. Stefan Mielke
  • Menu performance improvements. David Reese
  • Removed --update from bin/refinerycms because it's no longer relevant. Philip Arndt
  • Added support for --ident in the installation task which uses ident authentication at the database level by commenting out the username and password credentials. Philip Arndt
  • Changed the default cache_store to :file_store for better thread safety with passenger. Philip Arndt
  • WYMeditor Internet Explorer improvements. Philip Arndt
  • See full list [24 February 2011] [17 February 2011] [17 February 2011]

  • Removed activesupport requirement from bin/refinerycms. Philip Arndt
  • Fixed an issue in some browsers with a particular jQuery selector. Philip Arndt
  • Modified some existing migrations to behave better when creating new applications. Philip Arndt
  • Fixed -u and -p support for bin/refinerycms. Philip Arndt
  • See full list [15 February 2011]

0.9.9 [27 January 2011]

  • Better, more semantic HTML5. Joe Sak
  • Added role selection for admin/users#edit. Hez Ronningen
  • Fixed WYMeditor bug regarding adding links, helped with persistent testing by Marko Hriberšek. Philip Arndt
  • Better RSpec coverage Joe Sak and Philip Arndt and Uģis Ozols and PeRo ICT Solutions
  • Superusers now get access to all backend tabs by default. Philip Arndt
  • Introduced LOLcat translation (yes, seriously) as an easter egg. Steven Heidel
  • Fixed several missing translations. Johan Bruning
  • Solved several i18n inconsistencies. Jonas Hartmann
  • Made UserPlugin dependent on User which solves a data redundancy proble.m Maarten Hoogendoorn
  • Fixed issue with finding where engines are located on the disk using Plugin::pathname. Lele
  • Add rescue_not_found option to turn on/off 404 rendering. Ryan Bigg
  • Full review of the French translations. Jérémie Horhant
  • Now using mail() to send emails. J. Edward Dewyea
  • Refactored backend HTML & CSS, reduced complexity and added a loading animation when you click Save on forms. Philip Arndt
  • Improved the speed of the menu especially related to scaling through reusing collections rather then revisiting the database. Amanda Wagener
  • Implemented an API for the pages form's tabs. David Jones
  • Use the rails naming convention for translations that contain html markup. Escaping translations not marked as html_safe in the refinery_help_tag helper. Jérémie Horhant
  • Full review of the Italian translations. Mirco Veltri
  • Deprecated /admin in favour of /refinery and put in a message to display to the user when they use it. Philip Arndt
  • Full review of the Russian translations as well as work with articles / genders in grammar. Semyon Perepelitsa
  • Full review of routes and the Latvian translations. Uģis Ozols
  • Implemented better support for rails.js, using standard :method and :confirm link_to options. Semyon Perepelitsa
  • Locked jQuery to 1.4.2 and jQuery UI to 1.8.5, fixed errors with dialogues and tested. Philip Arndt and Phillip Miller and Sam Beam
  • Added multiple file upload for images and resources using HTML5. Philip Arndt
  • Deprecated content_for :head in favour of content_for :meta, content_for :stylesheets and content_for :javascripts. Philip Arndt
  • Improved client-side responsiveness of backend and frontend. Philip Arndt
  • No more RMagick dependency Philip Arndt
  • Added rake refinery:override stylesheet=somefile and rake refinery:override javascript=somefile commands to override stylesheets and javascripts. Oliver Ponder
  • Restructed the project to remove vendor/refinerycms and put all engines in the application root. Kamil K. Lemański
  • Force no resource caching on non-writable file systems (like Heroku). Philip Arndt
  • Refinery can now attach itself to a Rails application simply by including the refinerycms gem in the Gemfile. Philip Arndt
  • Added core support for globalize3 so that pages can be translated into multiple languages. Philip Arndt and Maarten Hoogendoorn
  • Refactored group_by_date into a helper method which is called in the view layer and not in the controller because it is entirely presentation. Philip Arndt
  • Applied HTML5 history pagination to all core engines. Philip Arndt
  • Converted translate calls to use :scope. Uģis Ozols
  • Fixed issues where errors would only show up in English for some models and updated Russian translations. Semyon Perepelitsa
  • Converted to devise for authentication, requiring password resets. Philip Arndt and Uģis Ozols
  • Sped up WYMeditor load times. Philip Arndt
  • Fixed several issues for Internet Explorer. Josef Šimánek
  • Added installation option for Duostack hosting service. Philip Arndt and David E. Chen
  • See full list [21 December 2010] [16 December 2010]

  • Prevented ::Refinery::Setting from accessing its database table before it is created. Philip Arndt
  • Added more options to bin/refinerycms like ability to specify database username and password. Philip Arndt
  • See full list [15 December 2010]

  • Fixed a problem with migration number clashes. Philip Arndt
  • Fixed problems with db:migrate for a new app on Postgres. Jacob Buys
  • Back-ported the changes made to the images dialogue which speed it up significantly. Philip Arndt
  • Sort file names in the refinery_engine generator so attribute types don't get changed before _form.html.erb generation. Phil Spitler
  • Added approximate_ascii setting, defaulted to true, for pages so that characters won't appear strangely in the address bar of some web browsers. Uģis Ozols
  • See full list [3 December 2010] 21 September 2010

  • Fixed an issue with the engine generator that was putting a comma in the wrong place breaking the call to crudify. Maarten Hoogendoorn
  • Made the delete messages consistent. Uģis Ozols
  • zh-CN was overriding en locale in core locale file, fixed. Philip Arndt
  • Changed verbiage from created to added, create to add as it describes it better for things like images. Philip Arndt
  • image_fu no longer gives you the width and height of the image due to performance problems. Philip Arndt and David Jones
  • Implemented a standardised API for the engine generator. The core now includes a standard engine install generator. Engines generate a readme file explaining how to build an engine as a gem. David Jones
  • See full list [17 September 2010]

  • Recursive deletion of page parts. primerano
  • Move around the default pages. Philip Arndt
  • Extraction of windows check to Refinery::WINDOWS. Steven Heidel
  • Updated the changelog for several previous releases. Steven Heidel
  • Made the menu more flexible so that it can be used in many places in your layout without caching over the top of itself. Philip Arndt
  • Added search feature to Refinery Settings. Matt McMahand
  • Ensure that in crudify that we use :per_page properly for will_paginate. Philip Arndt
  • Reduce the number of routes that we respond to in the pages engine as they were unused. Philip Arndt
  • Fixed a case where page links weren't generating properly when inside an engine such as the news engine which made use of params[:id]. Took a lot of perserverance on the part of Hez - thank you very much Hez! Hez Ronningen and Philip Arndt
  • See full list [14 September 2010] [13 September 2010] [9 September 2010]

0.9.8 [30 August 2010] [23 August 2010] [11 August 2010]

  • Smoothed the sortable list in the admin UI. Joe Sak
  • Binding link dialogue URL checker to paste action. Joe Sak
  • Kill hidden overflow on dialogues for smaller browser windows. Joe Sak and Philip Arndt
  • Refactored the parse_branch method to speed up reordering on the server. Joshua Davey
  • Running refinerycms with -v or --version will now output the version number. Steven Heidel
  • Made the core codebase not rely so heavily on @page[:body] by adding Page.default_parts and using .first on that instead. Philip Arndt
  • See full list [07 August 2010]

  • Removed app/controllers/application.rb due to its serious deprecation. Fixed deprecations in how we use acts_as_indexed. Philip Arndt
  • Added passing cucumber features for search for: Uģis Ozols
    • Images
    • Files
    • Inquiries
    • Pages
  • Moved HTML5 enabling script to a partial so that IE always runs it first. Philip Arndt
  • Fixed some invalid HTML. Bo Frederiksen
  • Added Danish translation for WYMeditor. Bo Frederiksen
  • Fixes for Tooltips Philip Arndt
    • Tooltips were not showing in dialogues, they now are.
    • Tooltips would not position properly above links, they now do.
    • The Tooltips' nibs (the arrow) would not sit properly centered above the element if the tooltip had to move for the browser window size, they now do.
  • Lots of fixes for translations. Uģis Ozols
  • Fix XSS vulnerability on page meta information by escaping the relevant fields properly David Jones
  • Ensure that the generator script grabs the first attribute that is a string, not just the first attribute, when choosing the field for Dashboard activity. Joe Sak
  • Updated json-pure to 1.4.5, now using the actual gem Philip Arndt
  • See full list [02 August 2010]

  • Added options to site_bar partial to allow particular components to be disabled (CSS, JS, jQuery or cornering script) so that they don't interfere with these already being included in the theme. Philip Arndt
  • Fixed the schema file as it was invalid somehow. Steven Heidel
  • Made search more consistent and added it to Spam/Ham. Uģis Ozols
  • Fixed a bug with adding new resources. Steven Heidel
  • Fixed a range of issues with translation keys and grammar between different languages. Uģis Ozols
  • See full list [30 July 2010] [23 July 2010] [20 July 2010]

  • Fixed an issue in the plugin generator that saw locales being created with singular_name not the interpreted version. Philip Arndt and Joe Sak
  • Fixed an issue with non-MySQL databases. Lee Irving
  • Refactored versioning and .gitignore file so that both are easier to follow and use. Steven Heidel
  • Added rake refinery:test_all command to run all tests Refinery has. Steven Heidel
  • Fixed deprecation warnings with translate rake tasks. Steven Heidel
  • Bugfixes, some IE compatibility. Philip Arndt
  • Fix syntax errors in existing resource dialog. David Jones
  • Identified and fixed a positioning bug in dialogues Joe Sak and Philip Arndt
  • Fixed issue that was causing Refinery to load in rake tasks twice if they lived under "#{Rails.root}/vendor/plugins". David Jones and Philip Arndt
  • See full list [15 July 2010]

  • Bugfixes, fixed some failing tests. Philip Arndt
  • More pt-BR translation keys translated. Kivanio Barbosa
  • Locked gems using Gemfile.lock. David Jones
  • Changed 'refinery' task to 'refinerycms' as that is our gem's name. Steven Heidel
  • Fixed bug where settings were still considered restricted if NULL. Steven Heidel
  • Ensures that bundler is available before creating an application from a gem. Philip Arndt
  • Application generator (from gem) and application upgrade bin task. (from 0.9.6) is now Ruby 1.9.2 compatible. Philip Arndt
  • bin/refinery-upgrade-from-096-to-097 will no longer allow you to run it if Gemfile is present and thus signifying an upgraded app. Philip Arndt
  • Cleaned up syntax, changed CSS involving dialogues. Philip Arndt
  • See full list [08 July 2010]

  • Wrote an upgrade task for migrating from 0.9.6.x releases of Refinery CMS. Just run refinery-update-096-to-097 inside your application's directory. Philip Arndt
  • Improved code used to include gem rake tasks and script/generate tasks into the Refinery application to fix issue with these tasks not being found. Philip Arndt
  • Fixed a broken migration that would mean pages were missing upon upgrading. Jesper Hvirring Henriksen
  • More pt-BR translation keys translated. Kivanio Barbosa
  • See full list [07 July 2010]

  • Fixed critical issue in the i18n routing pattern that was matching prefixes like /news/ as a locale incorrectly. Philip Arndt
  • See full list [07 July 2010]

  • Falls back to default locale when a translation key can not be located in the current locale, only in production mode. Philip Arndt
  • Fixed issue creating a Refinery site using bin/refinery where directory paths contained spaces. Philip Arndt
  • Fixed issue when using script/generate refinery surrounding the migration incorrectly using the plugin's title. Philip Arndt
  • Added verbose=true option when running rake refinery:update that prints out everything it's doing. Philip Arndt
  • See full list [06 July 2010]

  • Bugfixes with users and roles. Philip Arndt and Amanda Wagener
  • Fixed the rake translate:lost_in_translation LOCALE=en and rake translate:lost_in_translation_all tasks so that they accurately reflect the missing i18n translation keys. Philip Arndt
  • Refactored routing of i18n to allow different default frontend and backend locales. Philip Arndt
  • Added better grammar support for some i18n. Halan Pinheiro
  • Improved output of rake refinery:update task and removed bin/refinery-update-core task. Steven Heidel
  • Set config.ru to run in production RAILS_ENV by default. Philip Arndt
  • See full list [03 July 2010]

  • Bugfixes in the gem installation method process. Philip Arndt
  • Made installing from gem faster. Philip Arndt
  • Provided example files for sqlite3, mysql and postgresql. Philip Arndt
  • Created option for specifying a database adapter (sqlite3, mysql or postgresql) when creating from Gem. Philip Arndt
  • Other bugfixes including UI consistency around signup. Philip Arndt
  • See full list

0.9.7 [02 July 2010] [09 May 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [06 May 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [05 May 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [19 April 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [15 April 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [14 April 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [12 April 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [12 April 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [07 April 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [01 April 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [26 March 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [26 March 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [26 March 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [23 March 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [03 March 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [02 March 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [02 March 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [02 March 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [01 March 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [24 February 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [23 February 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [16 February 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [16 February 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [15 February 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [15 February 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [14 February 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [10 February 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [10 February 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [08 February 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [07 February 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [07 February 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [04 February 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [04 February 2010]

  • Bugfixes.

0.9.6 [04 February 2010]

  • Minor release. [27 January 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [24 January 2010]

  • Bugfixes. [23 December 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [17 December 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [16 December 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [13 December 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [09 December 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [08 December 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [07 December 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [07 December 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [06 December 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [03 December 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [30 November 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [29 November 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [26 November 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [22 November 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [19 November 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [18 November 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [18 November 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [18 November 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [17 November 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [16 November 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [15 November 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [09 November 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [09 November 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [08 November 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [04 November 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [04 November 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [04 November 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [03 November 2009]

  • Bugfixes.

0.9.5 [03 November 2009]

  • Minor release. [29 October 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [19 October 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [19 October 2009]

  • Bugfixes.

0.9.4 [15 October 2009]

  • Minor release.

0.9.3 [11 October 2009]

  • Optimise loading of WYM Editors.
  • Supported more plugins' menu matches. [08 October 2009]

  • Bugfixes. [08 October 2009]

  • Fix bug with using instance_methods vs using methods to detect whether friendly_id is present.

0.9.2 [08 October 2009]

  • Update rails gem requirement to 2.3.4. [07 October 2009]

  • Updated JS libraries and added lots of convenience methods. [05 October 2009]

  • HTML & CSS changes.

0.9.1 [04 October 2009]

  • Bugfixes.
  • Renamed project from Refinery to refinerycms and released as a gem.

0.9 [29 May 2009]

  • Initial public release.