Module: Msf::Encoder::Type

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The type set that encoders can fall within. This classifies the type of output generated by the encoder in terms of the general character set that is used as well as other potential attributes.

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AlphanumUpper =

‘A’ - ‘Z’, ‘0’ - ‘9’

AlphanumMixed =

‘a’ - ‘z’, ‘A’ - ‘Z’, ‘0’ - ‘9’

AlphanumUnicodeUpper =

Unicode-safe ‘A’ - ‘Z’, ‘0’ - ‘9’

AlphanumUnicodeMixed =

Unicode-safe ‘a’ - ‘z’, ‘A’ - ‘Z’, ‘0’ - ‘9’

NonAlpha =

toupper/tolower safe ascii - not ‘a’ - ‘z’, ‘A’ - ‘Z’

NonUpper =

tolower safe ascii - not ‘A’ - ‘Z’ (more flexible than nonalpha)

NonUpperUtf8Safe =

tolower safe ascii UTF8-safe (<= 0x7f only)

NonUpperUnderscoreSafe =

tolower safe underscore safe for CVE-2012-2329 - PHP CGI apache_request_headers bof

Unspecified =

May result in the generation of any characters

Raw =

The raw payload passed to the encoder will be the same as the encoded payload

SingleStaticBit =

Special Single Static Bit encoder

PrintfPHPMagicQuotes =

Special printf(1) via PHP magic_quotes Command Encoder

CmdUnixPerl =

perl encoding.

CmdUnixEcho =

Bourne shell echo encoding.

CmdUnixIFS =

Bourne shell $IFS encoding.

CmdUnixBrace =

Bash brace expansion encoding.