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Oauth2ApiClient is small, but powerful client around oauth2 and http-rb to interact with APIs which use oauth2 for authentication with automatic token caching and renewal.

client = Oauth2ApiClient.new(
  base_url: "https://api.example.com/",
  client_id: "the client id",
  client_secret: "the client secret",
  oauth_token_url: "https://auth.example.com/oauth2/token",
  max_token_ttl: 3600, # optional
  cache: Rails.cache # optional

client.post("/orders", json: { address: "..." }).status.success?
client.headers("User-Agent" => "API Client").timeout(read: 5, write: 5).get("/orders").parse
# ...


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'oauth2_api_client'

and then execute

$ bundle

or install it via

$ gem install oauth2_api_client

Reference Docs

The reference docs can be found at http://www.rubydoc.info/github/mrkamel/oauth2_api_client

Semantic Versioning

Oauth2ApiClient is using Semantic Versioning: SemVer


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