Mconf-web Inline docs

Mconf-Web is the social network in the Mconf webconferencing system. It is currently a fork of VCC, and open source system that can be found here.

You can try out Mconf-Web at our free demo server at

Mconf-web is a web application that connects to a BigBlueButton server instance and allows the users to create and participate in webconferences. It provides functionalities that are (by design) not implemented in the core of BigBlueButton, such as:

  • User authentication;

  • Permission control to access webconference rooms;

  • Follows a social network model (inherited from VCC) with spaces (communities) that have events;

  • Users have their own webconferences that they can share with other members or even invite non-members.

  • Each space also has a webconference room that its members can use to interact;

  • Events can be used to schedule web conferences.

For more details read our wiki.


This project is under the AGPL version 3 license. See LICENSE.


This project is developed as part of Mconf (