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Queueing method types

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Invalid state.


Queue discipline where all traffic is queued under a set of many lists, with the specific list chosen based on a hash of the connection information, such that traffic from the same connection will always be queued in the same list. Traffic is dequeued from the set of the lists in a round-robin fashion. The net effect is that fairness of dequeueing is achieved such that one connection can not “hog” the queue at the exclusion of another..


Queue discipline where all traffic is queued under a set of five lists based on the Type of Service ( ToS ) field of the traffic. Four of the lists correspond to the 4 possible ToS values of Minimum delay, Maximum throughput, Maximum reliability and Minimum cost. The fifth list represents traffic with no ToS setting. These lists are processed in such a fashion as to preserve the meaning of the ToS field as much as possible. For example, a Minimum cost packet might yield dequeuing to a Minimum delay packet..