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Adapter to run a Rails app with any supported Rack handler. By default it will try to load the Rails application in the current directory in the development environment.


root: Root directory of the Rails app
environment: Rails environment to run in (development [default], production or test)
prefix: Set the relative URL root.

Based on Rails adapter

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Modules: Adapter Classes: AdapterNotFound

Constant Summary


Mapping used to guess which adapter to use in Adapter.for. Framework <name> => <file unique to this framework> in order they will be tested. nil for value to never guess. NOTE: If a framework has a file that is not unique, make sure to place it at the end.

  [:rack,    ''],
  [:rails,   'config/environment.rb'],
  [:ramaze,  'start.rb'],
  [:merb,    'config/init.rb'],
  [:file,    nil]