Ruby Interface for SQLite3


This library allows Ruby programs to use the SQLite3 database engine (

Note that this module is only compatible with SQLite 3.6.16 or newer.

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Quick start

For help understanding the SQLite3 Ruby API, please read the FAQ and the full API documentation.

A few key classes whose APIs are often-used are:

  • SQLite3::Database (rdoc)
  • SQLite3::Statement (rdoc)
  • SQLite3::ResultSet (rdoc)

If you have any questions that you feel should be addressed in the FAQ, please send them to the mailing list or open a discussion thread.

require "sqlite3"

# Open a database
db = "test.db"

# Create a table
rows = db.execute <<-SQL
  create table numbers (
    name varchar(30),
    val int

# Execute a few inserts
  "one" => 1,
  "two" => 2,
}.each do |pair|
  db.execute "insert into numbers values ( ?, ? )", pair

# Find a few rows
db.execute( "select * from numbers" ) do |row|
  p row
# => ["one", 1]
#    ["two", 2]

# Create another table with multiple columns
db.execute <<-SQL
  create table students (
    name varchar(50),
    email varchar(50),
    grade varchar(5),
    blog varchar(50)

# Execute inserts with parameter markers
db.execute("INSERT INTO students (name, email, grade, blog)
            VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?)", ["Jane", "[email protected]", "A", ""])

db.execute( "select * from students" ) do |row|
  p row
# => ["Jane", "[email protected]", "A", ""]


Installation or database extensions

If you're having trouble with installation, please first read

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You can file the bug at the github issues page.




This library is licensed under BSD-3-Clause, see LICENSE.


The source code of sqlite is distributed in the "ruby platform" gem. This code is public domain, see LICENSE-DEPENDENCIES for details.