2013-08-19 project generator now support --template and --orm options you can see available options with nyara help new 2013-08-17 remove config option app_files, add options watch and watch_assets 2013-08-17 use un-converted class names in Config.map 2013-08-17 integrate with linner 2013-08-16 use thor for nyara commands 2013-08-15 (developers) migrated to git subtree, you don't need to hand-update submodules anymore 2013-07-18 add automatic reloader for development mode 2013-07-13 add bin script nyara 2013-07-10 add before filter 2013-07-06 add worker signal management 2013-07-05 add static file controller Config: remove setter helpers, add path helers 2013-07-03 add multipart request parsing 2013-07-01 add flash helper 2013-06-30 add Nyara::Test::Response for test to parse response 2013-06-27 compatibility fixes for versions of GCC and Ruby 2013-06-26 patch TCPSocket so client libraries in Ruby won't stuck add sleep helper 2013-06-22 add changes and copying