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A string


- min_length: minimum lenght
- max_length: maximum length
- empty_is_nil: an empty string will be replaced with nil
- encode_64: set to true if you want the final value to be base64 encoded representation
- decode_64: set to true if your string is in base64 and you want to convert to plain text
- upcase: set to true to upcase the string
- downcase: set to true to downcase the string
- strip: set to true to remove leading and trailing whitespace
- chomp: set to true to remove trailing linefeed
- capitalize: set to true to upcase the first letter
- hexdigest: valid options: md5, sha1, sha256, sha384, sha512 and nil/false. generate an md5/sha1/etc hexdigest from the value.

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[ :upcase, :downcase, :strip, :chomp, :capitalize ]

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