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The Error class represents an element, an element used by the Wolfram Alpha API to provide detail when an error of some sort occurs.

This might occur when, for example, the input parameters are not legal in some way, the App ID is incorrect, or an internal error occurs in Wolfram Alpha.

Wolfram Alpha might also fail to process an individual pod, even if the query as a whole succeeds. In such cases, the Pod object would have an Error object that describes the error condition.

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Constructor Details

This class inherits a constructor from Iora::Models::Element

Instance Method Details


Returns the error code.


  • (Integer)

    the error code

# File 'lib/iora/models/error.rb', line 23

has_one :code, Integer


Returns a short message describing the error.


  • (String)

    a short message describing the error.

# File 'lib/iora/models/error.rb', line 19

has_one :message, String, tag: 'msg'