For a more up-to-date version see code-mancers/invoicing!

Ruby Invoicing Framework


This is a framework for generating and displaying invoices (ideal for commercial Rails apps). It allows for flexible business logic; provides tools for tax handling, commission calculation etc. It aims to be both developer-friendly and accountant-friendly.

The Ruby Invoicing Framework is based on ActiveRecord.

Please see the website for an introduction to using Invoicing, and check the API reference for in-depth details.

If you're interested in contributing to the invoicing gem itself, please see the file


  • TODO


  • ActiveRecord >= 2.1

  • Only MySQL and PostgreSQL databases are currently supported


sudo gem install invoicing


So far, the Ruby Invoicing Framework has been tested with ActiveRecord 2.2.2, MySQL 5.0.67 and PostgreSQL 8.3.5. We will be testing it across a wider variety of versions soon.


The Ruby invoicing framework originated as part of the website Bid for Wine, developed by Patrick Dietrich, Conrad Irwin, Michael Arnold and Martin Kleppmann for Ept Computing Ltd. It was extracted from the Bid for Wine codebase and substantially extended by Martin Kleppmann.


Copyright © 2009 Martin Kleppmann, Ept Computing Limited.

This gem is made publicly available under the terms of the MIT license. See LICENSE and/or COPYING for details.