• You must have commit rights to the SSHKit repository.
  • You must have push rights for the sshkit gem on
  • You must be using Ruby >= 2.1.0.

How to release

  1. Run bundle install to make sure that you have all the gems necessary for testing and releasing.
  2. Ensure the tests are passing by running rake test. If functional tests fail, ensure you have Vagrant installed and have started it with vagrant up.
  3. Determine which would be the correct next version number according to semver.
  4. Update the version in ./lib/sshkit/version.rb.
  5. Commit the version.rb change with a message like "Preparing vX.Y.Z"
  6. Run rake release; this will tag, push to GitHub, and publish to
  7. Update the draft release on the GitHub releases page to point to the new tag and publish the release