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Every season up to this point has proved the need for continuous writing quality. Game of Thrones season 8 123movies is riddled with gaping storyline flaws and logical leaps, and this season will forever be known as one of the great cinematic failures. In my opinion, the early seasons of Game of Thrones season 8 episode 3 123movies were good, but the later seasons were disappointing. You can see that the authors simply wanted to conclude the series and get on with their lives. While the actors put forth a commendable effort, they were unable to redeem the program from the poor writing. It was chaotic and lacked cohesion. the television program may have been one of the best in history, had it not not for D&D.

Even while this season receives criticism, it features some of the finest setpieces and the finale was really well done in my opinion. It's the one problem with this season; several story arcs felt unfinished. While it has six episodes, it is also rather hurried because of this. In terms of plot, my favorite episode is the third, although I don't really understand the season this year.


I wish there were some way to make time reverse and return everything I've done as a result of viewing this episode, such as rewatching it, speculating on it, or reading up on it. This season destroyed everyone's hopes and dreams as well as the series itself. All that hard work for what? That overwhelming wave of passion that fans from all across the world contributed to? This season, the writers got several errors and irregularities into the screenplay as well as forsaking plots, characters, and even the laws of physics that were already established in prior seasons (sometimes abandoned between episodes). If the authors didn't want to hear any negative feedback, ideas, or suggestions from the actors and crew, then why were they allowing this to happen? If such a huge screw-up were ever investigated, I hope that some day in the future, things that occurred behind the scenes would be uncovered. In such case, I shall at least attempt to forget about this show, although this effort will most likely fail.

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It surely had its moments, and you can expect that from any program of the caliber of Game of Thrones 123movies. Sadly, though, the program's designers hurried to the end of the race and left fans with more questions than it answers following the denouement that is undoubtedly very contentious. My expectations were far too high.

Watching the show in its entirety was the worst letdown of my life. I adore Game of Thrones 123movies so much, I have seen it three times thus far, but for the avoidance of spoilers, I have avoided watching season 8. This season had a hurried atmosphere that is different from past seasons since it didn't give you enough chance to feel and interact with the characters. I hardly had time to experience my three favorite characters' deaths since they were in the middle of something new. Missandei's death was ignored because she was only a minor role. I'm surprised to say the least that all of the show's writers, producers, and stars agreed to allow the series to conclude in this manner. We mustn't overlook the extraordinary heroin she generated in Dany, that they helped her mutate into an even crazier bi-polar percent, causing her emotions to rule her life. To completely trash all she had produced, tearing her down to nothingness. She loses all that had been painstakingly constructed over the course of seven seasons. Hollywood's never-ending parade of sexism continues to astound us. What was gained and lost in their decision to let this strong lady develop and overcome her obstacles and difficulties? He has a pyrotechnician's lust for fire. All women deserve more, as do the males who have been on the receiving end of anything like this. Sure, go ahead and talk about Bran: You're kidding, right? The protagonist (who throughout the entire series has been the least interesting character) gets chosen as the king? So how? Even his closest friends and colleagues didn't know about him, since he had done nothing to merit his success, and he was utterly helpless, dependent on anyone else to help him the whole show. There are no good attributes of kingship. Like many aspects of the show, the death of the white walker king was another letdown. He was an enormous menace from the beginning of the series, but it was a wise option on Aria's part to dispatch him with her newly acquired Valyrian steel sword. I could talk about it for a while, but I will stop there. When it comes to the fans and the characters, they need a remake in which they can move on from this disappointing season and have a realistic finish to one of, but not the most dramatic TV program in the history of the medium.

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