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This method sets the Double to have a stub strategy. A stub strategy sets the default state of the Double to expect the method call with any arguments any number of times. The Double's expectations can be changed.

This method can be chained with proxy.


When passed the subject, a DoubleDefinitionCreateBlankSlate is returned. Passing a method with arguments to the proxy will set up expectations that the a call to the subject's method with the arguments will happen, and return the prescribed value.

stub(subject).method_name_1 {return_value_1}
stub(subject).method_name_2(arg_1, arg_2) {return_value_2}

When passed the subject and the method_name, this method returns a stub Double with the method already set.

mock(subject, :method_name_1) {return_value_1}
mock(subject, :method_name_2).with(arg1, arg2) {return_value_2}

stub also takes a block for definitions.

stub(subject) do
  method_name_1 {return_value_1}
  method_name_2(arg_1, arg_2) {return_value_2}

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