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This format is used to store scheduled tasks: tasks that will be done later or in a certain context.


require 'import'

simple_format = import('simple-format')


- Buy milk. #errands
- [9:20] Call with Mike.

- Pick up my shoes. #errands

Currently unsupported

  • Labels. Labels allow us to match tasks with named time frames. See #8.
- ADM: Catch up with Eva.

Intentionally unsupported

  • Comments. I want to keep the format simple and the task file small. Every time there was something like comments, the file bloated uncontrollably.
  • Task formatting. Task is a string, it doesn't recognise any structures within. Therefore, anything you can fit in to a line will be the task body. So you can put anything that Pomodoro::Formats::Today supports such as scheduled times and tags.

For more details about the format see parser_spec.rb.