PrintNode-Ruby Gem Version

PrintNode is a cloud printing service which allows you to connect any printer to your applicatino using our PrintNode Client and easy to use JSON API.

This quick start guide covers using the Ruby API Library. There are examples to show how to use the API Library. It assumes that you have a PrintNode account.



  • Ruby 1.9.x or Ruby 2.x.x
  • rubygems

Installing from rubygems

Simply install via gem install printnode with root privileges.

Building and installing from gemspec

Firstly, you need to build the gem via:

gem build printnode.gemspec

Then install it via gem install printnode-x.x.x.gem with root privileges.

Quick Start

Firstly, make sure you require the library when using the code:

require 'printnode'

Then, you can start using the code:

auth ="MyApiKey")
client =

myComputers = client.computers
myPrinters = client.printers


a Ruby yardoc is included in PrintNode-Ruby/doc/ and are also available online.