Method: Formula.depends_on

Defined in:

.depends_on(dep) ⇒ Object

The dependencies for this formula. Use strings for the names of other formulae. Homebrew provides some :special Requirements for stuff that needs extra handling (often changing some ENV vars or deciding whether to use the system provided version).

:build means this dependency is only needed during build.

depends_on "cmake" => :build

:test means this dependency is only needed during testing.

depends_on "node" => :test

:recommended dependencies are built by default. But a --without-... option is generated to opt-out.

depends_on "readline" => :recommended

:optional dependencies are NOT built by default unless the auto-generated --with-... option is passed.

depends_on "glib" => :optional

If you need to specify that another formula has to be built with/out certain options (note, no -- needed before the option):

depends_on "zeromq" => "with-pgm"
depends_on "qt" => ["with-qtdbus", "developer"] # Multiple options.
Optional and enforce that "boost" is built with `--with-c++11`.
depends_on "boost" => [:optional, "with-c++11"]
If a dependency is only needed in certain cases:
depends_on "sqlite" if MacOS.version >= :catalina
depends_on xcode: :build # If the formula really needs full Xcode to compile.
depends_on macos: :mojave # Needs at least macOS Mojave (10.14) to run.

It is possible to only depend on something if build.with? or build.without? "another_formula":

depends_on "postgresql" if build.without? "sqlite"

# File 'Library/Homebrew/formula.rb', line 2604

def depends_on(dep)
  specs.each { |spec| spec.depends_on(dep) }