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Custom automation for installing/uninstalling/upgrading your local machine environment

  • Mac OS X

Nothing! Well thats not entirely true... the dependencies are already available by default on OS X

  • Ruby >= 1.8.7
  • Bash >= 3.2

Quick Usage

  • Create a yuyi_menu file in your home folder (see below for examples)

If you are running yuyi on a brand new machine, you will need to run sudo to install Yuyi to the system installed ruby

  • sudo gem install yuyi

Other you can just install it normally...

  • gem install yuyi

Example Menu

  local: ~/Documents/Rolls
    versions: ['2.0.0-p353']

Make sure to include a colon (:) at the end of each roll name.

If a roll accepts arguments, indent the key/value pairs below the roll name. You will be prompted with roll options when Yuyi runs, and the opportunity to change them before anything is installed.

Then just run yuyi


Use yuyi to install development dependencies

yuyi bundle install

Running Tests
// run guard to watch the source files and automatically run tests when you make changes
bundle exec rake yuyi

// run rspec tests on the yuyi library
bundle exec rake yuyi:test

// run rspec tests on the rolls specified in a given menu
bundle exec rake yuyi:test:rolls

// run rspec tests on the library and the rolld
bundle exec rake yuyi:test:all
Writing Rolls
  • < Yuyu::Roll The roll class needs to inherit from Yuyi::Roll
  • install A block to install a roll
  • uninstall A block to uninstall a roll
  • upgrade A block to upgrade a roll
  • installed? A block to tests if your roll is already installed or not
  • dependencies Declare dependencies (supports multiple arguments) that your roll depends on
  • options A hash of options (and a nested hash of option meta data * see example below *)
available methods
  • title Returns a string of the roll title.
  • options Returns the roll options.
  • run This will run a system command.
    • command A string of the command you wish to run
    • verbose If true, will show formatted output & errors. This is enabled when running yuyi with the -V or --VERBOSE flag
  • command? Returns true or false if a command succeeds or fails. Good for using in the installed? block
  • write_to_file Will add lines of text to a file. Good for using in the install block. Accepts multiple string arguments to be written as separate lines.
  • delete_from_file Will remove lines of text to a file. Good for using in the uninstall block. Accepts multiple string arguments to be written as separate lines.
class MyRoll < Yuyi::Roll
    :version => {
      :description => 'The specific version you would like to install',
      :example => '1.0',  # optional
      :default => '2.0',  # optional
      :required => true   # optional - shows option in red

  dependencies :homebrew, :foo

  install do
    dependencies :hombrew_cask if options[:version] == '2.0' # add dependencies conditionally
    run 'brew install my_roll', :verbose => true

    write_to_file '~/.bash_profile', "# #{title}"

  uninstall do
    run 'brew uninstall my_roll'

    delete_from_file '~/.bash_profile', "# #{title}"

  upgrade do
    run 'brew upgrade my_roll'

  installed? do
    # simply check for a command
    command? 'brew'

    # or check the output of a command
    run('brew list') =~ /myroll/


  • Read from yuyi_menu in pwd
  • New roll generator (use new!)
  • show roll options on list
  • installation summary
  • DOCS!