Tools to help with the YaST Trello boards.

  • Make cards for bugs in



From a Git checkout:

sudo zypper install python-bugzilla
bundle install
alias ytrello="bundle exec ytrello"

From Rubygems:

sudo zypper install python-bugzilla
gem install ytrello

From OBS, this selects the appropriate Ruby version:

zypper install -C 'rubygem(ytrello)'


ruby-trello reads the configuration file ~/.config/trello-creds.yml:

touch $F
chmod 700 $F
echo "#" >> $F
echo "TRELLO_DEVELOPER_PUBLIC_KEY: replaceme" >> $F
vi $F

After you fill in the developer key, use this to request an app token, then copy the generated token to the config file.

xdg-open ",write"
echo "TRELLO_MEMBER_TOKEN: replaceme" >>$F
vi $F

For backward compatibility, the environment variables TRELLO_DEVELOPER_PUBLIC_KEY and TRELLO_MEMBER_TOKEN are respected, and even preferred over the configuration file.

bicho and python-bugzilla read ~/.oscrc so if you have used osc it should work already.


  • create
ytrello create $BUG_NUMBER
  • addurl is normally called by create, but in case you want to use it directly, it is straightforward. It will assign the URL field of a bug unless the field is already present.
ytrello addurl 999999
  • check runs some validation checks and reports the found issues:

    • It checks whether the YaST team bugs have a link to a Trello card (in the URL field).
    • It checks that all open YaST team bugs are tracked in Trello (i.e. a card exists).
    • Reports the Trello cards which refer to a closed bug in bugzilla. These cards should be moved to Done or archived if the bug is not valid anymore.

The command supports a simple auto correction mode. In this mode it tries to fix the found issues. Use -a or --auto-correct option to turn it on (by default it is disabled).

Currently these auto correct actions are performed:

  • The missing links from Bugzilla bugs to the Trello cards are added.
  • Missing Trello cards are created

It is recommended to run it in read-only mode first to see the found issues:

  ytrello check

If the reported changes are valid you can fix them by running:

  ytrello check -a