Command line tool for Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) written in Ruby.


  • Convert a Conexp's CXT file and generate a Graphviz DOT file, or a PNG/JPG/EPS image file.

  • Adopt the Ganter algorithm (through its Perl implementation of Fcastone by Uta Priss).


Install the gem:

$sudo gem install rubyfca --source

How to Use

rubyfca [options] <source file> <output file>

<source file>
<output file>
       "", "bar.png", "bar.jpg", or "bar.eps"
       --box, -b:   Use box shaped concept nodes
      --full, -f:   Do not contract concept labels
    --legend, -l:   Print the legend of concept nodes (disabled when using circle node shape) (default: true)
  --coloring, -c:   Color concept nodes (default: true)
  --straight, -s:   Straighten edges (available when output format is either png, jpg, or eps)
      --help, -h:   Show this message


  • Multiple input formats

  • Database connection capability

under construction

Copyright © 2009 Yoichiro Hasebe and Kow Kuroda. See LICENSE for details.