Do not install :-) or you may lose your data. This is early alpha release.

If you're brave enough, try:

$ sudo gem install ramaze datamapper do_sqlite3
$ sudo gem install yhara-lifelog

How to use

$ lifelog \[options]


  • --config PATH : from where configuration is loaded (default: ~/.lifelog.rb)
  • --db PATH : where sqlite3 database is put
  • --port N : port of server
  • --version : show version
  • --help : show information of options
  • --from-001 : if you are using VERSION=0.0.1, use this option for first time

then open http://localhost:7012/ in your browser.

Config file

Config file is put in ~/.lifelog.rb by default (you can specify its path by --config option).

It's just a Ruby script file, so you can write any code to change behavior of application.