Yarn is a multi-process webserver written in Ruby 1.9 by Jesper Kjeldgaard.


gem install yarn


Usage: yarn [options]
where [options] are:
  --host, -h <s>:   Hostname or IP address of the server (default:
  --port, -p <i>:   Port number to listen on for incomming requests (default: 3000)
  --workers, -w <i>:   Number of worker threads (default: 4)
  --rack, -r <s>:   Rackup file <config.ru> (default: off)
  --log, -l:   Enable logging
  --debug, -d:   Output debug messages
  --version, -v:   Print version and exit
  --help, -e:   Show this message

Todo list

  • Support persistent connections.