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Move your new shiny yard documentation to a remote location with SFTP!

Getting Started

In order to move your yard documentation to a remote location using SFTP you need to setup a local .yardsftp config file in your projects base directory. Please see the example below:

--- !ruby/hash:SymbolHash
 host: ''
 base_path: '/home/public_html'
 base_folder: 'project_one'
 username: 'username'
 password: 'password'

Once this is all setup hit yard at your command line as you normally would and each file will uploaded via SFTP as they are created. Please note that both the .yardoc and doc directories are uploaded!

.yardsftp config file? Why?

I've added a new .yardsftp so different projects can be uploaded to custom remote locations. I did attempt to add these to the global .yard/config file but there was no way to distinguish custom remote file paths between different projects! Please email if you have a good suggestion!


There are a no tests at present, this project was a proof of concept but these will be done at some point.


I would be more than happy to recieve feedback, please email me at: