YARD ActiveSupport::Concern Plugin

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This is a YARD extension that brings support for modules making use of ActiveSupport::Concern (very frequent in Rails projects). Here's an example of such module:

module M
  extend ActiveSupport::Concern

  included do
    # @!method disabled
    # @!scope class
    # @return [Collection<Model>] Return a scope to get all disabled records
    scope :disabled, -> { where(disabled: true) }

  class_methods do
    # A quick way to get all published records
    # @return [Collection<Model>] Return a scope to get all published records
    def published
      where(published: true)

Because ActiveSupport::Concern moves method/attributes/... definitions inside included or class_methods blocks, YARD cannot document them out of the box. As a result, the docstrings in the above example won't show in the generated documentation.
For many, one workaround has been to move all comments above the included or class_methods blocks. But this decouples the comments from the actual method definitions and hence defeats the purpose of commenting your code.

This plugin is here to set this right and make YARD aware of those nested definitions.


Add the following line to your Gemfile:

gem 'yard-activesupport-concern'

Or install the gem globally:

gem install yard-activesupport-concern

You can then use the plugin using the --plugin activesupport-concern command-line option or by instructing YARD to always load all available plugins: yard config load_plugins true (see the docs)

If you're using a .yardopts file, just add the --plugin activesupport-concern option to it.

That's it!


This plugin is released under the MIT license. Please refer to the LICENSE file.


Please refer to Github's guide to efficiently contribute to this project!