xunlei gem

lixian.vip.xunlei.com utility script for Mac OS X users


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This is a browser script for lixian.vip.xunlei.com. It drives Google Chrome with chromedriver to do automation tasks for you, so please make sure you have Google Chrome installed first.

It can automatically dump task file names and urls as well as browser cookies, so that it can delegate to wget to download files for you.

Compatible with Ruby version 1.8.7 and 1.9+

WARNING: it stores your USERNAME and PASSWORD for lixian.vip.xunlei.com as PLAINTEXT at ~/.xunlei/credentials.yml There's not much we can do though.


# you might need to use sudo
gem install xunlei


Dump all tasks from web and store them at ~/.xunlei/all_tasks.yml:

xunlei dump_tasks

Download files as described in ~/.xunlei/all_tasks.yml via wget:

xunlei download

Download files according to pattern in file names

xunlei download --only matrix
xunlei download --except bourne

Add ed2k or magnet link as new task

xunlei add ed2k_or_magment_link

Add all ed2k or magnet links on given web page as new tasks

xunlei add_page http://page_with_a_chunk_load_of_links/

Pass --help to see more tasks and options

xunlei --help


Thanks following wonderful people for contributing to this project:



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