e*Xtensions by fine **Quantum for **Standard **Ruby and **3*rd-party libraries

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xqsr3 is a lightweight, low-coupling library of assorted extensions to standard ruby and 3rd-party libraries.

It has no dependencies on any other non-standard library.

It may be pronounced (lamely) as "excusers".

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Components
  4. Project Information


Install via gem as in:

    gem install libclimate-ruby

or add it to your Gemfile.

Use is via specific APIs or groups. For example, in order to use the FrequencyMap class you would require the source file, as in:

require 'xqsr3/containers/frequency_map'

Alternatively, to use all test/unit extensions you would require all relatived via the file:

require 'xqsr3/extensions/test/unit'

which brings in nine extensions.


xqsr3 provides components in the following categories:

  • Array Utilities
  • Command-line Utilities
  • Containers
  • Conversion
  • Diagnostics
  • Hash Utilities
  • IO
  • Quality
  • String Utilities
  • ~~XML Utilities~~ NOTE: The XML components formerly in xqsr3 in versions 0.29-0.30 are now contained in the separate project xqsr3-xml.

and extensions to the following standard library components:

  • Array extensions
  • Enumerable extensions
  • Hash extensions
  • IO extensions
  • Kernel extensions
  • String extensions
  • test/unit extensions


Examples are provided in the examples directory, along with a markdown description for each. A detailed list TOC of them is provided in EXAMPLES.md.

Project Information

Where to get help

GitHub Page

Contribution guidelines

Defect reports, feature requests, and pull requests are welcome on https://github.com/synesissoftware/xqsr3.

Related projects

xqsr3 is a runtime dependency of:

and a development dependency of:


xqsr3 is released under the 3-clause BSD license. See LICENSE for details.