Project Home

You can find info about the xmpp4r project and how to contribute at the project home page:


If you need to ask questions, or want feedback on proposed changes please feel free to ask them on the '[email protected]' mailing list. You can join or view archives of the mailing list at:


If you are having a problem and would like to report it to the mailing list please include a protocol dump which can be enabled in your code with:

Jabber::debug = true


Lucas Nussbaum <[email protected]>
Stephan Maka <[email protected]>
Kirill A. Shutemov <[email protected]>
Glenn Rempe <[email protected]>
Jacob Burkhart <[email protected]>
Yuki Mitsui
Peter Schrammel
Vojtech Vobr
Andreas Wiese
Chris Zelenak
Matthew Wood
Sam Ruby
Tim Carey-Smith
Scott Lillibridge
Joshua Sierles
Ripta Pasay <[email protected]>
Seth Fitzsimmons

Source Code

The source for xmpp4r is managed using the Git SCM and can be found in our GitHub.com project page:



There are a number of ways that you can install xmpp4r depending on your needs and the methods you prefer.

Install over the network using RubyGems

You can install the current release of the xmpp4r library from a stable release gem on RubyForge using RubyGems:

sudo gem install xmpp4r

Install over the network using a Debian package

You can install the current release of the xmpp4r library from a stable release copy on your .deb friendly linux system (e.g. Debian or Ubuntu) using apt:

sudo apt-get install libxmpp4r-ruby

Install from local source code (Developers Only)

If you have a local Git clone of the source repository or a tarball you can install xmpp4r using several methods. First you'll need to get a local copy.

Clone the Git repository (recommended):

git clone git://github.com/ln/xmpp4r.git

OR download a stable release tarball from:


OR download a snapshot of the latest source in .tar.gz format from:


Install : Using Rake

# Show all available rake tasks
cd xmpp4r/
rake -T

# Package up the gem file and install it
rake gem:install

Install : Using setup.rb

This will install a copy of the library in your Ruby path and does not require RubyGems to be installed.

cd xmpp4r/


XMPP4R is released under the Ruby license (see the LICENSE file), which is compatible with the GNU GPL (see the COPYING file) via an explicit dual-licensing clause.