xmlresume2x: converts an xml resume to various output formats

Copyright (c) 2004 Thomas Leitner


The "XML Resume Library" at xmlresume.sourceforge.net provides a way for storing one's resume data in a consistent way. The XML r?sum? can be transformed to various output formats, including text, HTML and PDF by utilizing XSLT.

I came across the European Curriculum Vitae format at www.cedefop.eu.int/transparency/cv.asp which provides a standard for CVs in Europe. Nicola Vitacolonna has used this information to provide a LaTeX class - europecv (www.ctan.org/tex-archive/help/Catalogue/entries/europecv.html) - which (nearly) conforms to this standard. As the XML R?sum? Library does not have a converter for this, I wrote this program to convert an XML r?sum? to a LaTeX file which uses the europecv class.

During the development process I realized that it would be useful to add support for other output formats. Therefore I changed the conversion process to use configuration files so that this program can be used to transform a r?sum? to any output format.


No Ruby dependencies but if you want to convert the resulting LaTeX file to a PDF file, you need to have LaTeX and the europecv class installed.


$ ruby setup.rb config
$ ruby setup.rb setup
$ ruby setup.rb install

Or you could use Rake and substitute the above commands with this:

$ rake install

Or you could use the RPA way:

$ rpa install xmlresume2x

Or you could use the RubyGem way:

$ gem install xmlresume2x


The documentation is located in the "doc/output" directory and has to be generated with webgen (webgen.rubyforge.org) by issuing the command rake doc. If you do not want to do this, you can still view the whole documentation for the latest version at xmlresume2x.rubyforge.org.


Example files are provided in the "testfiles" directory.


Author: Thomas Leitner