XCPretty TravisCI Formatter

Custom formatter for xcpretty with some syntactic sugar for presentation on TravisCI. Here is some sample output. The "Build", "Clean", and test phase sections are folded separately, though the final completion message and failing tests are presented clearly, for faster scanning.


This formatter is distributed via RubyGems, and depends on a version of xcpretty >= 0.0.7 (when custom formatters were introduced). Run:

gem install xcpretty-travis-formatter


Specify xcpretty-travis-formatter as a custom formatter to xcpretty:


xcodebuild | xcpretty -f `xcpretty-travis-formatter`

How it works

The --formatter option takes a file path as an argument, which is returned by the xcpretty-travis-formatter binary. It must be evaluated before the xcpretty arguments are evaluated, hence the backtick wrapping. The specified file must return a Ruby subclass of XCPretty::Formatter, which will then receive formatter_* method invocations as the build output is parsed.