WPPlugin is a Ruby command line script to update and manage WordPress plugins. Useful for WordPress installs that are managed in a Git repository.

As of version 0.1, you must run it from your plugins or mu-plugins directory.

Available commands:

  • wpplugin add {plugin} — installs the specified plugin
  • wpplugin remove {plugin} — removes the specified plugin
  • wpplugin update {plugin} — updates a plugin to the latest stable version
  • wpplugin update — updates all plugins to the latest stable version


To install WPPlugin, use RubyGems:

sudo gem install wpplugin

As of version 0.1, you must have the wget and unzip commands available on your system.

License & Copyright

WPPlugin is Copyright Mark Jaquith 2012, and is offered under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2, or any later version.