Workarea Product Quickview

Product Quickview plugin for the Workarea platform.

This adds a quickview button to product summaries to allows user to open up a modal of the product (on desktop).

Before Installing!!

Require this plugin before all other plugins that provide product templates in your Gemfile, otherwise the quick-viewable template configuration will not be initialized properly.

For example:

source '' do
  gem 'workarea', '~> 3'
  gem 'workarea-product_quickview'
  gem 'workarea-clothing'
  gem 'workarea-package_products'

Getting Started

This gem contains a rails engine that must be mounted onto a host Rails application.

You must have access to a Workarea gems server to use this gem. Add your gems server credentials to Bundler:

bundle config my_username:my_password

Or set the appropriate environment variable in a shell startup file:

export BUNDLE_GEMS__WEBLINC__COM='my_username:my_password'

Then add the gem to your application's Gemfile specifying the source:

# ...
gem 'workarea-product_quickview', source: ''
# ...

Or use a source block:

# ...
source '' do
  gem 'workarea-product_quickview'
# ...

Update your application's bundle.

cd path/to/application

Workarea Platform Documentation

See for Workarea platform documentation.

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