A budgeting app built on Sinatra. Use it at

The flow

Fill out a form containing your total monthly bills, income, and desired savings. When you use your credit card or the ATM, send an email to [email protected] with the dollar amount. Every midnight, you will receive an email with budgeting metrics for the day.

Take a look at the read email feature to see example budget email scenarios.

Development setup

Install the sum gem for its dependencies:

gem sources -a
sudo gem install winton-sum

Fork the Sum repository on GitHub.

git clone
cd sum

Create your database:

mysql -uroot -e "create database sum;"

Copy and edit the example config files:

cp config/database.example.yml config/database.yml
cp config/mail.example.yml config/mail.yml
mate config/database.yml config/mail.yml

Migrate the database:

rake db:migrate

Start the application with shotgun:



The application consists of a simple form that updates the user table and a non-public-facing action that doubles as a background job. The background action is designed to be curled by cron every minute. It handles email and time-sensitive user updates.

Running the test suite

Sum uses Cucumber, Webrat, and email-spec for functional tests and rspec for unit tests:

rake features
rake spec