winrm-s extends the functionality of the WinRM gem to support the Microsoft Negotiate protocol when authenticating to a remote WinRM endpoint from a Windows system.

This extended functionality is only supported when running on Microsoft Windows. This gem can still be used on other operating systems just like the WinRM gem, but the extended capabilities will not be available.


To install it, run:

gem install winrm-s


winrm-s provides the same interface as the winrm gem -- see winrm documentation for winrm-s usage.

  • To use it, simply require winrm or winrm-s, depending on whether your code is running on Windows. The extended negotiate protocol is only available if you include winrm-s, which will only work on Windows.
  • When you use, be sure to specify the :sspinegotiate parameter, along with a user name in the form domain_name\user_name for the user name in order to make use of negotiate protocol. If the user account is local to the remote system, you can use . for the domain. The example further on demonstrates the negotiate use case.
  • All other use cases enabled by the winrm gem are also supported.


Note the argument value of :sspinegotiate for transport option, and the explicit specification of a domain name, in this case ., in the user name:

if RUBY_PLATFORM =~ /mswin|mingw32|windows/
  require 'winrm-s' # only works on Windows, otherwise use require 'winrm'
  endpoint = http://mywinrmhost:5985/wsman
  winrm =, :sspinegotiate, :user => ".\administrator", :pass => "adminpasswd")
  winrm.cmd('ipconfig /all') do |stdout, stderr|
    STDOUT.print stdout
    STDERR.print stderr


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