Winnie gem is a command-line tool for interacting with your applications hosted on Winnie Cloud. Gem allows running Ruby commands against your applications.

Installation & Configuration

Winnie gem is available at In order to install it, issue the following command:

gem install winnie

Type below command and enter API key. Your API key can be found at your account page.

winnie auth

Your API key will be validated

Type your Winnie API key
Key: secretapikey
Your winnie API key is OK!


Type winnie help command for usage info.

Available commands:

auth                          Configure your winnie api key
command <command or file>     Run ruby command, a file with commands can be given
list                          List your applications
help                          Show this information

Available options:

-a, --app APP                 Specify app code name
-k, --api-key API-KEY         Specify API key


Command allows you to run ruby commands against your application via script/runner (or 'rails runner' in Rails 3). There are two ways to run commands.

  1. Pass a command as command line parameter:

    winnie command --app code-name Foo.delete_all
  2. Specify a ruby file with commands, it's good for more complicated commands or a set of commands:

    # foo.rb
    puts Foo.outdated.count
    Foo.outdated.each { |f| f.refresh }
    winnie command --app code-name foo.rb


Created and maintained by Ragnarson team, inspired by heroku gem.

Copyright © 2010 Ragnarson. See LICENSE for details.