The win32-service library allows you to control or create MS Windows services.


gem install win32-service


require 'win32/service'

# Iterate over the available services do |service|
  p service

More Documentation

Please see the documentation in the 'doc' directory, or the gem documentation
that was installed when you installed this library as a gem.

Known Issues


Service.delete causes "Unable to delete: The specified service has been
marked for deletion."


This can be caused by one of two things. Either you attempted to delete a
running service without stopping it first, or you have the Services
administrative tool (GUI) open. In the form case, the solution is to first
stop the service if it's running. In the latter, close the Services GUI
admin tool before deleting.


Service.start causes, "The service did not respond to the start or control
request in a timely fashion."


The best way to debug your services is to wrap your entire Daemon subclass
in a begin/end block and send error messages to a file. That should give a
good clue as to the nature of the problem. The most probable culprits are:

* You've tried to require a library that's not in your $LOAD_PATH. Make sure
that your require statements are inside the begin/rescue block so that you can
easily find those mistakes.

* Your have a bad binary path name. Be sure to use an absolute path name for
the binary path name, including the full path to the Ruby interpreter, e.g.
'c:\ruby\bin\ruby' instead of just 'ruby'.

* You've got a syntax error in your code somewhere.

Possible test failures

The 'test_service_start_stop' test in the test_win32_service.rb file may
fail. This will happen if your W32Time service isn't running.

See Also


Future Plans

Pure Ruby Daemon class
Add service_session_change hook
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